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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
#Nasrallah: Brothers and sisters, May you be blessed on this historic day that changed many equations in the region. Nasrallah thanks everyone who participated in this victory including the civil society in Lebanon and the Arab world. Special thanks to Iran & Syria.
#Nasrallah: we insist on celebrating this victory as we insist on celebrating in Hermel next month the first anniversary of the second liberation (victory over the Takfiris in Lebanon). We will be victorious very soon in this great Takfiri war against us.
#Nasrallah: Both wars, #Israel's & the #Takfiris' have similar objectives.
#Nasrallah: #Israel's July war was initiated by GW Bush and when we were victorious, they came uo with a new plan, the plan we have been facing with the #Takfiris in #Syria. The objective is the destruction of the Resistance.
#Nasrallah: All these wars are being made for the benefit of #Israel
#Nasrallah: between 2006 and 2018, #Israel has been rebuilding itself under the light of its 2006 defeat, studying, reconsidering, hiding behind walls, even expressing its fears of the domestic impact of a prolonged war with the Resistance.
#Nasrallah: Few days ago, an IDF officer said Hezbollah is the strongest army in the ME after the Israeli army. I do not agree with this, we are not an army, however this expresses how Israel considers us now.
#Nasrallah: The Resistance in Lebanon today, because of its weapons, experience, and faith, is stronger than any other army .
#Nasrallah: Twelve years and Israel had been threatening us with a war without doing so, while watching us becoming stronger. I say to this officer: Hezbollah today is stronger than the Israeli army.
#Nasrallah: we are today stronger in faith and determination, more than at any other time.
#Nasrallah: The qualities that led us to the 2006 victory are now stronger than ever.
#Nasrallah: #Israel wanted the US and European armies on our borders (different nationalities in Nasrallah's own expression), for its own protection, but it failed.
#Nasrallah: Israel had high hopes during the war in #Syria. It sought to destroy the Syrian army, change the regime and bring about an obedient friendly gov in Damascus that will relinquish the Golan.
#Nasrallah: Israel even hoped that Trump would recognize the Golan as its territory, but Trump won't, he is now standing as other western govs, afraid of the return of jihadis, after the victory of the Syrian army. So Israel now is demanding that Iran leaves Syria.
#Nasrallah: Israel is now the great loser from the outcome of the war in #Syria and it wants to impose conditions? The losers can't impose conditions.
#Nasrallah: There is a great pressure from the #US today on the Lebanese gov to agree on land and maritime borders to the satisfaction of Israel. Israel, the loser in Syria, can't impose conditions.
#Nasrallah: Even in #Gaza, Israel is in trouble. They don't know what to do with Gaza. Gaza, the besieged, #Gaza the hungry... Why ? Because Gaza is resisting.
#Nasrallah: Since Trump came to power, and Mohammad Bin Salman took control in #Saudi, Israel wants to impose its own conditions on Palestinians.
#Nasrallah: The reality today is that #Trump's deal of the century has failed. I am more careful about this but I think this deal is facing serious obstacles because of the resistance of Palestinians.
#Nasrallah: Beyond the resistance of palestinians, the circle of the resistance is victorious in Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. But what is crucial in the defeat of Trump's plan is the retreat of #Saudi influence and plans everywhere in the region.
#Nasrallah: As the blood of our children in Lebanon didn't go to waste but produced victory in 2006, so it will be the case for #Saudi in #Yemen.
#Nasrallah on #Saudi retreat: it is happening not only in the region but in the world, look at what happened with Canada. They reacted to Canada's tweet abt the intervention in their affairs while they have detained a constitutionally elected Lebanese PM & intervened everywhere.
#Nasrallah on #Saudi retreat: Look at what happened in Malaysia where #Saudi centre for fighting extremism was closed.
#Nasrallah: The #Saudi are in retreat everywhere.
#Nasrallah on #Israel now: what happened in 2006 and what happened during the last 7 years in #Syria was a plan to serve Israel's interests and this plan has now failed. US wars in the region did not produce results but defeats.
#Nasrallah: The US-Saudi coalition failed in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Syria and will fail in Yemen. No one should threaten us with wars, we are ready and we will be victorious.
#Nasrallah: Iran stood with Iraq, with Syria, with Lebanon, with Gaza, so they want to go after Iran but they can't go to war against it, so they go for sanctions and pressure.
#Nasrallah: Today on August 14, on the twelveth anniversary of the 2006 victory, the US & Israel are hoping that the Iranian regime will collapse, but this is wishful thinking.
#Nasrallah: May I remind you that the whole world said that the Iran Islamic revoltuion will fail within 6 month, when everybody was against it and with Saddam? And it didn't. #Iran is under sanctions since the Islamic revolution.
#Nasrallah: Those who wish that sanctions and pressure will bring Iran to US compliance and regime change are stupid. Sanctions won't change the determination and the will of the Iranian nation and people.
#Nasrallah: What is the lesson of the 2006 victory? We were strong and we are becoming stronger. And America who has failed in its plans is less strong now to wage the wars it waged in the past and lost, ad so is #Israel.
#Nasrallah on #Lebanon: now we have security. Let's continue our dialogue to form a new gov, but if someone inside is betting on a change in the regional outlook to form the gov, let him wait, but we won't wait for very long because we are the victorious party.
#Nasrallah on #Lebanon: Lebanon is not an island in the region and the region has seen the failure of the US plan.
#Nasrallah is now discussing internal Lebanese affairs and I am sorry that I have to leave the trasncript here. Other things to do. Hope you enjoyed!
1/ #Nasrallah advanced some ideas that I have been defending on this timeline.
That Israel wanted to draw, literally, the US & Europe in its fight against the Resistance. This opportunity presented itself in the Israeli then the tripartite agression on Syria after Duma.
2/ That Israel is now weaker than ever before and relies heavily on its western allies.
3/ That the Resistance is victorious by merely defeating the plans of its enemies.
4/ The idea that the Resistance can be victorious by merely defeating the plans of its enemies is worthy of more thought. @cbraceNL asked me on this TL if Nasrallah wasn't premature in stating that #Yemen is already victorious against #Saudis...
5/ The answer is yes if you only consider victory in the classical sense, to win something you are contesting. But the Resistance is not contesting anything, it is waging an imposed war.
6/ So the answer is that it isn't premature to declare #Yemen victorious against #Saudis because Saudis' actions to subdue Yemen and impose their diktat has been failing for the last three years simply because Yemen resisted.
7/ So it is in the Resistance's political theology that if the actions of the others against it fail because of the mere fact of resisting these actions, then the Resistance is victorious. And this is how we should interpret the 2006 victory.
8/ Viewed this way, the paradigm of the Resistance contains victory, because as long as there is resistance, the goal of the actions against it could not be achieved, therefore leading to failure. It follows from this that the mere existence of the Resistance makes it victorious.
9/ This is why #Nasrallah is telling Palestinians that as long as they won't accept #Trump's deal of the century, this deal will fail. Palestinians don't have to initiate actions, they just have to refuse this deal, and by refusing it, it will fail.
10/ This idea of the Resistance is taken from the Arabic word 'Sumud', which means opposing in the long term, every day, in every action. Although Sumud is more associated with non violent resistance, it is his permanence in time that is important here.
11/ And so, in the end, #Nasrallah is right, by its uncompromising stance and its unrelentless wars against the Resistance, #Israel is actually nourishing this Resistance and making it stronger.
Not « end of Israel war », Lebanon & Hezbollah victory. Can’t you just say it as it is?

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