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You Mark Curtis & the Corbyn cult are IMO dangerous idiots if you downplay this.
A Muslim Brotherhood salute is a Muslim Brotherhood salute - be it Egypt, Syria or Turkey. If a Westerner flashed this salute it shows either support for the MB and its vision - or UTTER STUPIDITY.
That Cameron's UK together with Obama's USA have made a pact with "political Islam" is a story that Syria has felt for 7 bloody years ... and if "commentators" of the Western "pro-Syria space" are now downplaying the MB - I feel vindicated for NEVER having supported them before.
To my mind such antics make Corbyn feel more and more dangerous for the Middle East. Like many of the Pseudo-Left (which is IMO what Labour is) that call themselves "pro-Palestine" but constantly stab the Resistance and Palestinians in the back by attacking Hezbollah and Syria.
I remember that it was another hero of the Pseudo-Left - Obama - who kick-started the West's (first covert then overt) war against Syria. Obama - like Corby - was swept into power a a "Hope & Change" kinda guy. No "hope" - no "change" - he helped to destroy Libya, Syria & Yemen.
IMO ... an alliance of the West with "political Islam" is at the heart of the wars in/against Libya and Syria and the horrible upheaval in Egypt ... and if Corbyn was cosying up to "political Islam" a few years ago - he was right on trend (not now though)
... in fact @RaynerSkyNews's answer-tweet underlines my point on snakes among Palestine's political elites ... and the fact that both the West and Israel love and use them whenever it goes against Hezbollah, Syria and other Resistance members - like Palestine's LEFT ... get real!
... if you are British, think you are on the "left", consider yourselves to be "pro-Palestine", perhaps even "pro-Syria", at a pinch "pro-Iran" ... then this photo of Corbyn carelessly flashing a Muslim Brotherhood salute should AT LEAST make you THINK.
Go on, ask or debate me.
... another attempt at defending Corbyn's Muslim Brotherhood salute - re-tweeted by "analsyst" Mark Curtis (supported by many of the "pro-Syria space"):
It shows Malala with Tawakkol Karman a "journalist" active in Yemen's "Arab Spring" that kinda lead to the current brutal war.
... also the defence of Corbyn by "Electronic Intifada" characters needs to be taken with a pinch of salt - considering the stance this "pro-Palestine" organisation took/takes on the attacks by the West against Syria and the REAL Resistance ...
... I said it before: I don't care who is Britain's PM. Corbyn might be OK domestically: less keen on killing the NHS or on austerity. (But don't hold your breath. No matter how good - a manifesto isn't law as soon a party has won.)
My issues are with Corbyn & the Middle East.
... and just a little reminder of why - especially after BREXIT - a UK under a possible Prime Minister #Corbyn won't be THAT "independent" in its views on things like ... uhm ... say ... Iran, Syria, Palestine/Israel ... or ... well ... ANYTHING really TRUMP's USA cares about ...
... another reason why I don't trust British Labour - including under Corbyn - on the Middle East and in particular on Syria ... this is "Guardian columnist" Owen Jones - clearly a big time Corbyn fan ... and self-declared "Socialist" 🙄

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Aug 24, 2018
... believe me Mr. Malaise Forever ... peace in Syria is for the majority not "ugly" ... you in the USA please pick your "ugly" presidents and we in the Global South pick ours - deal?
... yes ... your Excellency ... I would love to see your exalted colleague OBAMA in front of a stern world judge for the crime of kick-starting the USA's covert/overt war against Syria that has cost maybe 500 000 lives ... THAT would be so "healing" - believe me ...
Thank you Mr. "Christ might come this afternoon"
I realise that your USA works hard at de facto balkanising Syria using the "Kurds" meme.
I also realise that TRUMP's official USA doesn't see much al-Qaeda in Idlib and tends to call even the most in-your-face jihadis "opposition."
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Aug 23, 2018
Syria's "rebels" operate in a partly lawless zone.
For example:
This lady alleges rape (to do so is very brave). It seems the accused might be a commander known as Abu al-'Amsha in the 'Suleyman-Shah Brigade' which might be supported by NATO-member Turkey.
We can safely assume that the crime of rape is being committed by both sides in Syria's war and indeed there is a UN "report" on this - which was immediately turned on its head as basis to blame almost exclusively the "regime" - the same "meme" as used to smear Gaddafi's Libya.
... here for example a very powerful piece of - IMO - propaganda, using the "rape meme" to smear Syria's government ALONE (and the fact that only on side is being accused is the basis of me calling it "propaganda") ... it is hard to argue against "witness statements" ...
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Aug 22, 2018
... while a hysterical Western "pro-Syria space" paints alomst every "rebel" or "White Helmet" as "al-Qaeda",
... there IS undoubtedly a presence of al-Qaeda in Idlib - the Americans say so themselves.
What "al-Qaeda" means - well - judge for yourselves:
What deals (if any) could Russia make with USA on being allowed to fight al-Qaeda in this part of Syria? What arrangements were made between Turkey and USA? Al-Qaeda sits in Idlib and Syria's al-Qaeda is defined as such by the Security Council of the UN.
... objectively speaking ... there are other rebel groups in Syria's Idlib and parts of Aleppo that might deserve the label "terrorist" but appear to enjoy Turkey's protection.
What arrangements were made between USA and Turkey - Turkey and Russia?
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Aug 22, 2018
A man who bombed Syria over chocolate cake. A man who bombed Syria a 2nd time - maybe to detract from domestic politics. This man TRUMP is now facing a parliamentary election in the USA with much mud-slinging that might affect his political future. Will this man bomb Syria again?
... TRUMP's "advisor" Bolton: "US to act 'very strongly' if Syria uses chemical weapons in Idlib" ... chocolate cake anyone?
"Forbidden weapons" screams of Syria's "rebel" PR often start with "cluster bombs" (a sophisticated weapon of an "evil regime") or "barrel bombs" (a primitive weapon of a "crumbling regime") - culminating with "chemical weapons." Is it chocolate-cake-time?
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Aug 22, 2018
By supporting "revolution", @PeterTatchell has IMO not helped Syria's LGBT community - on the contrary. I once had a brief conversation about this with him before. It is very telling that for an "activist" claiming to "talk to Syrians" - he showed IMO no interest in talking more.
IMO remarkable how Peter Tatchell manages to stick his nose into every country where the USA calls the government a "regime" ... from Syria, to Iran, to Venezuela - a string of attacks that forms IMO a telling picture if we compare it with the list of countries he never mentions.
I like to know why @PeterTatchell feels he's "helping" Syria and I like to know if he ever talked to Syrians of less conventional views on life what they make of the "revolution" he - it seems - feels strongly about. I can assure him that I'm capable of making up my own mind.
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Aug 21, 2018
... @Jonathan_K_Cook - has won a "Prize for Journalism" - nice - so this gentleman - seemingly accepted by a "pro-Syria space" - knows how to use words ... words like "dictator."
Now I'm sure I'll be told by his fans that he wrote much that is "pro-Syria."
So let me explain ...
IMO - half the problem for people like me fighting the concentrated Western media war against Syria - with a narrative that IMO sold Western voters a concept of "humanitarian arming of rebels" - was the fact that even reasonable voices NEVER DARED to challenge the "dictator" meme
... instead we have until THIS DAY very prominent, widely admired "pro-Syria" characters - calling themselves "analyst" or "journalist" - who have made sure that they can't be called "Assad-supporter" ... they are anyway - but the "insurance" hides in their timelines and blogs.
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