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I spent the day listening to #ArethaFranklin and getting emotional more often than I expected.

I have always loved Aretha Franklin. I even loved the eras that other fans would've preferred to pretend did not exist.

In tribute here are my favorite

"Don't trouble the water..."

My mom used to sing this song to me whenever I was upset as a child, which was often. Elvis performed her favorite version.

I loved the original, but for me it's Aretha rendition and it's incredible vocal arrangement .


#Aretha was an instrument of the gods.

When she sang it looked both effortless and all consuming.

Like Tina, when Aretha covered a song the original often receded from your consciousness.

"Spanish Harlem" is Aretha's song.


I have to listen to #ChainOfFools alone because it's impossible not to move when I hear it and I am very much the rhythmless white boy you would expect from a far.

I hope for future that no matter what happens to humanity that the tapes survive.


"Who's Zoomin' Who?" was Aretha's thirty third album and the title track was the second single released from the album.

While "Freeway of Love" was the biggest hit from the collection this was my favorite


While most lists of her greatest songs will ignore Aretha's post-Atlantic career, they do so at their loss.

I Knew You We're Waiting (For Me) is one of most moving, exuberant, and joyful vocal collaborations in pop history.

"I still believed..."


I have no doubt that this song will top most lists of #Aretha's greatest records, and rightly.

It is one of the most incredible vocal performances in the history of the genre.

There will never be another...

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman


Only Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Caesar had voices so obviously suited for gospel music.

This collaboration with Mavis Staples takes me to church, and in all the right ways.

Oh Happy Day/The Lord's Prayer


Until You Come Back To Me ( That's What I'm Gonna Do) is one of the most restrained and whimsical vocal performances from the first half of Franklin's career. I adore it.

This song finds its way onto every road trip mix I produce.



I love everything about "You're All I Need To Get By."

Love like this here.

Sending future hip-hop artists some cues she references herself and others throughout.

It is one of the most confident vocal performances of #ArethaFranklin 's career.

I learned of #ArethaFranklin's death via a tweet by @yashar. I did not react well.

I gravitated to two songs immediately, first the opening entry of this list, and then this lesser known album track from 1986's "Aretha."

"An angel cries in the sky..."

I don't know why, but this song just "feels me with the spirit" as my dear friend Betty used to call it when she'd take me to her church and I'd see her FEEL it.

#ArethaFranklin giving a man hell is everything

"You know that you lie."

Don't Play That Song For Me ( You Lie)
#ArethaFranklin held to a successful formula for album production throughout the second half of her career.

The single.
The ballad.
The spiritual.
The duet.

Aretha often confounded her famous collaborators, but still they come.

"Ever-changing Times"

When I was 15 and got my learner's permit to drive I used to steal my brothers car in the middle of the night and drive to the beach near our house along Lake Michigan.

"Another Night" was often my company

No words.


#ArethaFranklin's cover of The Beatles "Let It Be" is a raucous, moving, and altogether surprisingly restrained effort.

I just love it.

John is said to have love this version too.

"In my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me..."

I could do this all night and all day and still not tell you all of the songs and all of the ways that #ArethaFranklin moved me.

I'm not great with death.
Lacking any religious beliefs, except that religion is bullcocky I accept that there is no place we go after this.
With an us to dust and then to the stars belief system I do not take the losses of beloved figures well.

And this one smarts.

I'm going to finish this playlist with two of Franklin's most explicitly feminist recordings.

They were recorded over 20 years apart.
"Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" was actually written by Lennox & Stewart for Tina Turner, but when Tina was unable to clear her schedule an impatient Stewart approached #ArethaFranklin who was working on her own album & agreed.


At the end we come full circle. #ArethaFranklin was simply a giant. One of the most famous and influential women to ever live, in this or any era.

With worldwide album sales over 75 million she is one the best selling music artists ever.
#ArethaFranklin won many awards over the course of a career that spanned six decades. These included 17 Grammy's, 3 American Music Awards, and in 1994 she was awarded the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors.

Aretha Franklin died yesterday at 76, leaving a legacy of true greatness.
I end this thread with the song most associated with #ArethaFranklin and her immense legend.

The song is an Otis Redding cover, but few would say so.

This song IS #Aretha.

It has been a feminist anthem for 51 years.



• • •

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More from @frodofied

Oct 7, 2018
Finally slept.

For a few days when I'd sleep I was either having nightmares about #Kavanaugh or, and this was a first, having nightmares about having nightmares about #Kavanaugh.

My poor puppies didn't know what the hell was going on...


When people invoke platitudes like this it is usually done in order to being hope, to assert the positive aspects of what's ahead.

Not today.

There is nothing positive about this. We played the Super Bowl and we lost, but there is no rematch.

Worse, one of the players for the other team is suddenly a fucking umpire and wants to review the tapes of all previous games and change some of the calls made by other, better umpires from games we had already won in the past.

It doesn't make sense.

None of it.

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Oct 7, 2018
I won't be lectured about majorities or electoral politics on the day #BrettKavanaugh was confirmed to #SCOTUS with the help of a goddamned Democrat.

I don't care where he's from or the demographics of his state. I don't care about any of that bullshit.

He deserves some fire under his feet on the day he voted FOR a fucking lying racist rapist who is probably going to overturn ROE v. WADE and a host of other important pieces of legislation.

He could have called in sick.

He could have abstained.

He could have stood on the Senate floor and said "I am casting this vote because my constituents have asked me to and I am their representative, but I personally strongly oppose this nominee, and support Professor Ford.

Instead he basically endorsed Collins speech.

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Oct 6, 2018
Let it be our promise to every future life that is destroyed, changed, or affected by a Justice #Kavanaugh that we will make it a priority to see Sasse, Manchin, and Collins suffer for their vote today.

They must lose their Senate seats, and be reminded everyday why.


If we can't manage to focus long enough to carry through on our threats to our elected leaders who betray us then there will never be a reason to fear us. There will never be a reason to reconsider a decision or vote.

And maybe no mistake, @SenatorCollins must be made an example of, if only because so much focus was placed on her and her decision making process.

But also because of that poisonous victim blaming/ shaming speech she delivered yesterday.


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Oct 5, 2018
There is no way to sugarcoat how bad things just got, and if there was, we shouldn't. This is a loss that will haunt this nation for decades.

The confirmation of #BrettKavanaugh has managed to confirm more than just a man, for many, its confirmed our worst fears.

It has confirmed that the @GOP is the most corrupt ruling party at the federal level in our nation's history. That they will do anything and everything to protect itself, including putting the survival of our Republic itself at risk.

Its confirmed that the real decisions are made before the questions are even formally presented, and that they really do not care what our opinions of those decisions will be.

And it has also confirmed that Donald Trump has a lot more power than we imagined.

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Oct 3, 2018
If you want to live in a nation that is "led" by a man who would mock someone who was the victim of a violent sexual assault then we are very different people.

Trump's behavior today was that of a playground bully. They were the words that a bully utters and then laughs.

The bully imagines, and may even hear, the world laughing with him, but the chuckles are only from his hangers-on and those hoping to impress the bully.

The rest of the world only turns its head to look away. They hope that someone, anyone, will intervene.

They almost always get away with it, though, bullies.

And Trump will likely get away with this, like always.

#ChristineBlaseyFord passed a lie detector test on the day of her grandmother's funeral. No one non-partisan or credible has questioned her credibility.

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Oct 2, 2018
They told us @HillaryClinton was just as bad as @realDonaldTrump.

Hell, @SusanSarandon said she was worse.

She should really never open her mouth about politics again, ever.


U.S. to partners of U.N. LGBTQ staff: Get married, or get out… via @NBCNews
That anyone ever fell for that ridiculous lie is beyond disgraceful.

Even if Clinton were guilty of the types of corruption they claimed she was she would still not be comparable in this way to Donald Trump.

Not even close.

But she's clearly not.

As the nation braces itself for the @GOP's latest betrayal in the runup to the #BrettKavanaugh confirmation vote, it is becoming clearer that even those we once believed retained some recognizably moral standards, simply don't.

@SenatorCollins, @lisamurkowski--we see you.

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