@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden This could take a while and I'm quite busy, but here goes
1. Donald Tusk, said, “Western political civilisation will be destroyed if the UK voted 'Leave'.” [Bild, 13 June 2016] I may be wrong but I think it is safe to say western political civilisation has not been destroyed.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 2.Punishment Budget. George Osborne [15 June 2016] predicted £30bn tax rises and IMMEDIATE spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 3.Brexit would cost every household £4,300. UK Treasury [18 April 2016] predicted that every household would lose between £2,600 and £5,200 a year following Brexit. Their (& IMF) latest prediction now confirms that even on WTO status the losses would be maybe a £100 or so
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 4.Treasury ran some spreadsheets &said UK would suffer massive decline in GDP then leaked them to Buzzfeed. They now show Brexit will improve UK’s growth & to cap it all, it transpires that the Civil Servants ‘inadvertently’ input the wrong figures in the first place
More ......
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 5. UK Universities will plummet in world status (with figures) Assertion made by many in academic community, incl Prof Michael Arthur. On being interrogated by Commons Brexit Committee he admitted that they'd “Plucked the figure out of the air” & that they had no basis in fact
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 6a.Voters didn’t realise that Brexit would mean leaving Customs Union and Single Market. This is funny as David Cameron said Brexit would mean leaving CU & SM. #GeorgeOsborne #JeremyCorbyn #BorisJohnson #NigelFarage all said Brexit would mean leaving CU & SM ... all on YouTube
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 6b.#NickClegg said it … then lied and said he hadn’t. (Just think, Nick Clegg telling a porky … who would have thought it?) Even the government’s own £9 million propaganda ‘Project Fear’ leaflet said Brexit would mean leaving CU & SM So who didn’t know? HOW didn’t they know?
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 7.The Treasury, Osbourne, et al suggested there would be an immediate year-long ‘Brexit recession’. Immediate loss of up to 820,000 jobs &debt rising to £78 billion. There has been no recession & OECD now believes UK economy will continue growing. #MarkCarney is now"optimistic"
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 8a. UK wld collapse as world trading power. France is world’s 5th largest economy &Britain is 6th According to Centre for Economics and Business Research’s annual World Economic League Table for 2018, India will move to 5th but the UK will overtake France to remain 6th
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 8b. Over 40 countries have now declared they want a trade deal with the UK.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 9.France moved to 5th because of the postRef devaluing of £ Remainers now claim devaluation was result of vote. Yet Bank of England & IMF were asserting in 2015 that £ was 15% overvalued & due for rebabalancing So vote was not the cause of the slump in value, it was the excuse
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 10. Another fictitious figure banded about was that about 3 million people in the UK will lose their jobs. However, in July 2017 the claimant count fell by 8,600 to 763,600, despite a predicted rise of 9,500. It has continued to fall and is now down to 4%
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 11.Nick Clegg [April 2016] described claim of EU plans to create an army as "A dangerous fantasy." Barely 3 months after Referendum, Juncker proposed an EU Army, which now appears to have got the go ahead. Will we see another Nick Clegg apology video?
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 12.Just a VOTE would cause companies to leave the UK in droves No sign of this. In fact, since the vote, international motor manufacturers have invested BILLIONS in the UK. Although it is possible that they haven’t heard the result of the referendum yet.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 13.Remainers told us that the UK would lose “10s of 1000s” of banking jobs suggesting, eg, that Deutsche Bank would transfer 4,000 jobs from London But 12 January 2018 the CEO of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan, said it would be no more than ‘hundreds’. Oops, another lie exposed.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 14. Collapse of UK as World Centre of Banking. CEO of Barclays said London’s financial hub is going to be absolutely fine post-Brexit.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 15. I love this one:

David Cameron [12 June 2016] said he wouldn't resign as Prime Minister if he lost the Referendum vote.

I think #DavidCameron was a Remainer. I know it was definitey a lie
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 16.Cameron claimed the UK could manage its immigration policy while inside the EU. Yet even Remainers are now insisting that any Brexit deal must include control of immigration. Surely that’s an admission that we cannot control EU immigration now and that Cameron was lying.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 17a.Remainers claim that the Brexit debate was fair and BBC, etc impartial. 26 January 2018 OfCom revealed tof all guests talking about EU on Radio 4 Today programme over 10 year period 05 to 15, only 132 (3.2%) of 4,275 guests were pro-Brexit.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 17b.Since vote to leave, just 6.5% of speakers have been pro-Brexit. On BBC's flagship discussion programme: Question Time, The Institute of Economic Affairs found that from June 2016 until December 2017 just 87 (31%) of the 281 panellists were in favour of Brexit.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 18.Unis claimed leaving would result in loss of Horizon2020 funding though Hammond, has guaranteed it True some EU orgs withholding funds from some UK unis but no excuse for this other than punishment because UK is still paying in, & identical funding going on 1950s-70s
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 19.On #BBCQT Robert (Lord) Winston said Brexit would lead to the end of Euratom: the European nuclear safety and research watchdog. Yet this was created in 1956 long time before creation of the EU. There is no reason why Brexit should lead to its dissolution or force UK out
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 20. #ProjectFear said “Parts of the north of England and Wales depend upon EU subsidies & would be in dire straits without this." Yet for every £ UK pays EU, they return just 30p. Not ONE SINGLE PENNY comes to the UK from the EU that did not come from the UK in the first place
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 21. Farmers would lose their EU subsidies. This is the same story as the item above. The EU does NOT subsidise UK farmers. UK pays EU and EU then gives a very small proportion of that money to UK farmers. So the fact is that the UK subsidises UK farmers.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 22. Brexit Bus Lie. UK gives the EU a gross contribution of £350 million a week. This is usually touted as a lie, but stems from Remain campaigners being unable (or mendaciously unwilling) to tell the difference between the words "gross" and "net"
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 23a.“Let’s fund the NHS instead” is purported to be both a ‘promise’ and a ‘lie.’ A promise despite the fact that any rational person would read those words as a SUGGESTION. & a lie because it has not been done yet, although we are actually still IN the EU (and therefore still
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 23b ... paying into the EU) so have not released the money to fund anything. Only those intent on twisting the truth would see a ‘promise’ in it. Doing so therefore counts as another Remainer lie.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 24a. We need to stay in EU because NHS needs the staff. I have table showing NHS employs 1,103,520 staff of which 131,642 came from 101 countries. But only 26 of them were EU countries (no staff from Luxemburg!) The other 75 countries supply 56% of the overseas staff ...
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 24b. Or, to put it another way, the EU provides just 5.3% of all NHS staff. But if we’re employing staff from all over the world now, what’s to stop us doing the same ‘post-Brexit.’ In fact, the NHS TREATS a greater percentage of foreigners than it EMPLOYS
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 25. UK needs immigrants from EU. Similar to the argument for NHS but stretches wider. Giving any EU citizen automatic rights to residence, work and benefits in UK actually excludes often better qualified or more deserving citizens from all the other countries of the world.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 26a. EU has kept us safe from attack. With no independent army, no weapons & no EU controlled nuclear deterrent (whatever you think of it) there is absolutely no basis for this. Any first year student of politics will tell you that there was little or no chance of war in Europe
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 26b. all the time 65% of the world’s military power rested with the USA and Britain. Many will dispute the figure of 65% citing the power of the USSR but from figures released since the end of the Cold War it has become apparent that the USSR never came closer than halfway
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 26c. towards matching the USA in military power. And if their assertions were true, why are EU countries still pumping so much into NATO? Unless, of course, they realise their own lie and accept that it is NATO that has kept us safe – not the EU
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 27a. EU has prevented war in Europe. In a speech before #EURef David Cameron [9 May 2016] spoke about the "serried rows of white headstones" War would inflict upon us if Brexit occurred.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 27b. Without us EU will continue to exist so if it’s the EU that’s prevent European war, what will change? Or is he suggesting that the EU will invade an independent UK?
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 28. Brexit will weaken intelligence sharing. Every single intelligence sharing treaty in world is bi-lateral. There is no single EU treaty on sharing intelligence. A treaty made between, say, UK & France will be totally unaffected by Brexit unless either party wants it to be
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 29a. Remainers tell us the cost of all foodstuffs will rocket postBrexit. There are few more blatant lies than this. To protect inefficient (mainly French) farmers the EU imposes punitive duties on certain foodstuffs. Some of this protectionism is just too stupid for words,
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 29b. Eg 40% duty on bananas imported from Commonwealth countries. Presumably to protect embryo EU banana farms! These ludicrous EU penalties actually do nothing but punish the poorest farmers in the world (mainly in Asia, South America and Africa)
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 29c. by making their cheap food a lot more expensive. Food prices will actually FALL as soon as we can organise FTAs with producer countries.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 30. Animals in the fields. Because of high duties on British meat, the EU would stop importing it so British farmers would stop farming it and there would no more baa-lambs or moo-cows in the fields. This would also destroy our tourist industry.

No, really!
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 31.Remainers maintain that, after Brexit, UK airlines would not be able to fly in and out of EU airports (unlike USA, China, etc, etc.)
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 32a. Remainers have constantly floated tale that Russian intelligence services interfered in the EU referendum by ‘bombarding’ social media with anti-EU propaganda. But when this claim was investigated they found: Twitter had one Russian account that bought six adverts.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 32b. Google found no paid Russian activity. Facebook said Russia spent a total of 73p on adverts that reached 200 people. An account accused by one pro-Remain outlet of being a Russian troll turned out to be a run by a security guard in Glasgow.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 33a. Blue passports. Those who would have us as a vassal state of the EUSSR are telling us that the new (potentially blue) UK passports will cost £500 million pounds to implement. In case they hadn’t noticed we are required to replace every UK passport every ten years.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 33b. (Presumably, once we leave the EU will have to replace our EU passports.) While it is true that the cost of replacing all our passports will be half a billion pounds this is the cost of renewing the contract with the company that will administer the replacement all our
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 33c. passports. The colour is immaterial and the cost inescapable even if we remained in the EU! An example of ‘fake news’ or, as I prefer to put it ‘institutional lying.’
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 34a. EU is democratic. In which case, so was the USSR. It is true that European Parliament is elected by Proportional Representation with the number of MEPs somewhat depending on the population of the country (although Malta, with 0.1% of the population, has 6 MEPs
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 34b. whereas UK, with 12.3% of EU pop has 73 MEPs … do the sums!) But anyway all laws are actually made by Council of Ministers in which each country has 1 vote (<4%). So each Maltese citizen has 123 times the ‘voting leverage’ of a UK voter. How’s that ‘democratic’?
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 35. EU is good for jobs.

In a list of countries in the developed world with the worst employment rates, 4 of the top 5 are in the EU. Youth unemployment in some areas is higher than FIFTY PERCENT!

That’s good?
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 36a. EU is a success. This is probably the biggest lie of all. In 1973 Britain joined the EEC There were 6 countries and they managed 33% of the world’s trade. In 1993 the EEC morphed into the EU without any discussion or input from the people of Britain.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 36b. In 2016 Britain voted to leave the EU. By then there were 28 members but they had only 14% of world trade … of which the UK had 3.5%. This means that when Britain leaves there will be 27 countries with less than 12% of world trade.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 36c. There are various predictions on how many countries there will be by 2030, depending on whether Germany and France (principally) continue to finance the edifice, but the best estimates for share of world trade by then is 8%
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 36d. There is no way that, by any rational measure, this can be called ‘a success’.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 37a. “We haven’t left yet!” Present the list above to any Remainer &they will respond to many items that “We haven’t suffered the promised collapse of trade, economy and civilisation because we are still in the EU.”
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 37b. Actually, if one reviews most of the Project Fear claims, they insisted that much of the deprivations would commence immediately upon the vote to leave – so here we have another lie. & the funny thing is that the same people who use this excuse still demand
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 37c. fulfilment of the Fund the NHS ‘promise’ – even though we are still actually paying the money into the fiscal compost heap of the EU. We could call this a ‘two-way lie’ whereby they ‘forget’ we’re still IN to support one lie & ‘remember’ we’re IN to support another
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden So there you have it. Sorry for the long thread but you did ask ....!!!!

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