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WH counsel has cooperated EXTENSIVELY with Mueller’s Obstruction inquiry

CU:”I found that as early as 1984 Donald Trump's properties were being used to launder money for the RU mafia"

Trump's bid for Sydney AU casino 30 years ago rejected due to 'mafia connections’

Laundering RU mob 💰became the means & the pattern through which Trump became rich again

“It’s a federal crime §1513 if anyone retaliates against someone for providing truthful info to LE,”. “So Trump is getting closer and closer to really dangerous ground here.”

US Navy Captain & 2 Chief Petty Officers latest to be Indicted in int’l Navy bribary & Frau

📌USNavy in Barrel #FatLeonard

PapaD’s' wife is trying to scrap her husband's plea deal w/Mueller, and is part of a concerted RW effort to discredit the Mueller probe.

Maria Butina, Russian gun-rights advocate charged in Mueller probe, moved to EDVA jail

Mueller Probe Doesn’t Need to Shut Down Before Midterms, Officials Say🤗

Uncle Jr. Giuliani says will ‘unload’ on Mueller if probe lasts longer. #MobThreat

Did you know Michael Cohen has a brother? Meet Bryan Cohen.

Meet Michael Cohen’s brother, Bryan. He’s an Elliman executive with a $7M connection to Ukraine

Trump admin to pull back funding for Syria reconstruction efforts: ‘other’ countries will pitch in instead.

Trump is moving to slash funds for Inspector General offices (nonpartisan government watchdogs) at Treasury, State, DHS, USDA, EPA, IRS, and TARP

Former intel officials bite back after Trump goes after Brennan’s clearance. He stirred up an angry hornet’s nest.🐝

DOJ guidelines don’t bar indictments in period before election

Trump attends Hamptons fundraiser hosted by hot dog magnate
"Packing the Genovese Meat"

The 45 Admin keeps losing environmental court cases

Booming Economy is not felt by most voters as prices rise

Lawyer: “What the courts are saying is we’re going to enforce the laws that Congress wrote & this administration is breaking environmental laws & needs to stop."

At Austrian foreign minister’s wedding, Putin brings the music, the flowers and the controversy

Tough talks, no agreements at Merkel, Putin meeting near Berlin

States Rush to Rein In Prescription Costs, and Drug Companies Fight Back

Austria’s far-right ordered a raid on its own intelligence service.

Now our allies are freezing the country (Austria) out.
The WH counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, has cooperated extensively in the special counsel investigation, sharing detailed accounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry into whether President Trump obstructed justice, including obscure instances.
A former top executive with the Malaysian investment fund 1MDB and a senior lawyer at the fund who worked with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are among six people targeted in a Swiss criminal probe into the multibillion-dollar scandal.

"I found that as early as 1984 Donald Trump's properties were being used to launder money for the Russian mafia"

"This was the pattern through which Trump became rich again"

There are no safe spaces in Trump’s America & there is no better evidence of this today than the battle lines being drawn between the occupant of the WH & those who have led U.S. intelligence agencies in GOP & DEM admins dating back decades.

The worst corruption scandal in Navy history reached new heights as fed GJ announced bribery and fraud charges against three retired sailors, including an officer who allegedly took part in a wild two-day party with prostitutes in Tokyo that cost $75,000.
‼️SC Robert Mueller doesn’t have to shut down his Russia investigation in the weeks before November’s congressional elections despite claims by Trump’s lawyers that he faces a Sept. 1 deadline, according to current and former U.S. officials.
US Navy Captain (Retired) David Williams Haas was indicted by a fed GJ on charges that he rec’d at least $145k in bribes from foreign defense contractor Leonard Francis, who plied him with parties at luxurious hotels, prostitutes, top-shelf booze & food.
‼️Excellent Thread‼️

Re: emerging #FatLeonard scandal enveloping the US Navy.
The FBI has been told about a cyberattack on the campaign of David Min, a Democratic congressional candidate who lost in his California primary.

This is the second DEM candidate targeted by a cyber attack.
“It’s a federal crime -- §1513 if anyone wants to look it up -- to retaliate against someone for providing truthful information to law enforcement,” he said. “So Trump is getting closer and closer to really dangerous ground here.”



Trump's bid for Sydney casino 30 years ago rejected due to 'mafia connections’

Cabinet documents reveal police warned NSW government about approving a 1986-87 plan to build city’s first casino in Darling Harbor
Despite or rather because of all the rampant corruption permeating the Trump Admin:

Trump is moving to slash funds for Inspector General offices — nonpartisan government watchdogs — at Treasury, State, DHS, USDA, EPA, IRS, and TARP
Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, as well as Iran and a gas pipeline project that has drawn U.S. ire during tough talks outside Berlin that ended with no clearcut progress.
‼️Oldie But Goodie‼️

Trump’s Russian Laundromat
How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House.

H/T @r2no2
The State Department will pull back funding it had allocated to rebuild parts of Syria once held by the Islamic State, saying Friday that other countries will now provide $230 million in planned spending.
A new survey of nearly 10k Americans shows that the strong economy is rallying GOP & maybe swaying some independents. But many voters are not feeling the benefits of robust growth, & the tax break for the wealthy looks likely to hurt GOP at the polls.
Maria Butina charged with attempting to infiltrate the NRA and other American political groups as a covert agent for the Russian Federation has been moved from the D.C. jail to the Alexandria jail, her attorney and jail officials said Saturday.
Meet the Special Counsel Team: So Careful They Won’t Even Disclose Their Shake Shack Orders


Austria’s far-right ordered a raid on its own intelligence service.

Now our allies are freezing the country out.

📌This happened in February
States around the country are clamping down on pharmaceutical companies, forcing them to disclose and justify price increases, but the drug manufacturers are fighting back, challenging the state laws as a violation of their constitutional rights.
‼️Oldie But Goodie‼️

When Patton Rolled Tanks Over Veterans in Washington, D.C.

The White House wanted thousands of angry former soldiers gone

The Trump administration keeps losing environmental court cases
Lawyer: “What the courts are saying is we’re going to enforce the laws that Congress wrote, and this administration is breaking those laws and needs to stop."
The wife of George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser on Trump's campaign, is trying to scrap her husband's plea deal with Mueller and is attempting as part of a larger effort by Trump's allies to discredit Mueller and the Russia investigation.
PapaD’s (📌first) Indictment:

H/T @pleasesaveour

Frum on Russia probe: Many secrets, no mysteries


Exclusive: Papadopoulos Met Numerous Times with Greek Leader with Substantial Ties to the Kremlin’s 2016 US Interference Campaign

Trump’s blatant dog whistle in support of horrific & indefensible hate speech allowed on Gab.

Free speech doesn't require companies to host the type of filth (hate speech encouraging violence & genocide) we see on Gab. cc @Microsoft @Azure


Director Jack Bryan chronicles Russia's decades-long effort to influence global politics through covert methods, including a series of money-laundering schemes that trace directly back to Trump

H/T @ManchuCandidate
Trump participated in a roundtable with high-dollar donors before delivering remarks at a luncheon in Southampton hosted by Howard Lorber, a NY RE exec who is Chairman of Douglas Elliman Realty & Nathan's Famous, the hot dog chain.


Trump’s Attacks on Comey Collide With Reality

The president’s allies were looking for vindication—but were led astray by their reliance on a closed information system.

h/r @ManchuCandidate
‼️Excellent Thread‼️

Re: Michael Cohen’s brother Bryan

Meet Michael Cohen’s brother, Bryan. He’s an Elliman executive with a $7M connection to Ukraine

H/T @modernhomesla

The Architect of the Radical Right
How the Nobel Prize–winning economist James M. Buchanan shaped today’s antigovernment politics

📌Note: Notice how the Far R & Far L (Snowdon/Winner) are both ‘anti - government?

HorseShoe Theory. 🐴👠
‼️Oldie But Goodie‼️

Married to the Mob: Investigative Journalist Craig Unger on What Trump Owes the Russian Mafia

🎥Interview vid included.

H/T @ManchuCandidate

Anniversary of the ratification of the 18th Amendment

The RU trolls on social media have weaponized hopelessness & despair.

Ignore, block & roll when you encounter a Debbie or David Downer.

Trolls are out in force now as Mueller’s legal tsunami draws near.

It is imperative we honor Michelle Obama’s wise words: Hope is necessary.
Walk in love

Today we can choose to walk in love & acceptance of our differences or we can choose to walk in hate, anger & strife.

We all have the same free will to choose wisely.

Love & life blooms where planted.

Together we can achieve the impossible #United


We will emerge on the other side stronger and more awe inspiring than ever.

Thank you for standing with us during these dark, scary & challenging times.

The light shining more brightly every day now as the Trump end time draws so close..

#TeamPatriot #USVIA
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Sleep well #TeamPatriot #USVIA

Time for some #PAM!!


#PAM #PAMFTW #Fauvism

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Oct 10, 2018
‼️F O C U S‼️

📌Trump campaign conspired w/ IS, RU, CH, SA & UAE to win 2016 elex

📌Alfa bank/TT/Spectrum H server -> CA

📌Trump Fam’s massive tax fraud & debt

📌RU troll farm in RU burned down last night

📌Cooperating witnesses

📌Cohen’s trip to Prague story abt to break
‼️F O C U S‼️

Haley Resignation was a distraction.

👉🏼The move allowed the president to maintain control of the news cycle.

The Mueller Inv Is Bigger Than Rosenstein

Even if he got fired, a replacement dead set on shutting down the inv wd find it nearly impossible to pull off.
‼️F O C U S‼️

.Interpol officer found dead in Yekaterinburg

“Based on the speculation I've seen on TV, Trump will fire Jeff Sessions, who will be replaced by Lindsey Graham, who will be replaced by Nikki Haley, who will be replaced by Ivanka Trump.”
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Oct 9, 2018

The servers at TT & Alfa Bank, Spectrum Health & Heartland PS, were communicating via DNS look ups, sharing packet data.

‘GOP, Trump & Rick Gates are reportedly directly implicated in espionage against the US 2016 primary/Pres elex via help from a foreign power.’

Rick Gates, the indicted Trump campaign official and Manafort aide & GOP Operative sought proposals from Psy Group an Israeli intelligence firm to run a coordinated disinfo campaign against US voters to help Trump win the primary & general elections.


Initially Psy-Group offered a social media manipulation campaign which included fake social media profiles that would attack Ted Cruz and discredit him the eyes of GOP Party delegates, who was at the time Trump’s main competitor for the GOP nomination.
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Oct 8, 2018
🌪Wierdness Incoming🌪

Prepare for things to get really weird.

Trump Tower/Alfa Bank story is incoming

With regard to Kavanaugh, rumor has it he will be “The first Supreme Court Justice to go to prison. Another historic first on the way for Team Treason.”
#Kasowitz 💰#SIGINT

The former dean of Yale LS is shocked by Kav’s raw & savage partisan turn.

DC Circuit sent complaints abt Kav’s testimony to CJ Roberts

At issue Kav’s answers about his work in the Bush adm, & his lack of judicial temperament re his partisan comments about DEMs

Under scrutiny are Kav’s involvement in Memogate, GWB adm post the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01; USA Patriot Act inclusive of various domestic surveillance programs, airport screening programs & other privacy-related subjects.

Kav Is Sworn In post Confirmation Vote
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Oct 6, 2018

📌China, Russia (Trump -Exxon)

📌Goal: The Northern Sea Route (which is a key template of Moscow’s Arctic strategies) as an “important component” of

The POLAR SILK ROAD is considered as “part of an ambitious strategy to change China’s (and Russia’s) land and sea connections to Europe and the world.”
THE POLAR SILK ROAD is an important component of China's Belt and Road (B&R) initiative, in terms of an ambitious strategy to change China's land and sea connections to Europe and the world.
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Oct 6, 2018
🌏Trump’s Indonesia Project🌎



Trump Indonesia project latest stop on China’s Belt and Road

H/T @weRtroydavis
A billion-dollar Indonesian real estate development with ties to U.S. President Donald Trump has become the latest project in China’s globe-spanning Belt and Road infrastructure project — just as Washington and Beijing are tussling over trade.
A subsidiary of Chinese state-owned construction firm Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) signed a deal with Indonesia’s MNC Land to build a theme park outside Jakarta as part of the ambitious project
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Oct 6, 2018

Rumor has it Kav has even more secrets he would like to keep hidden, some of which are likely to be revealed when the time is right. 🤗#FBI #Memogate, #Kasowitz, 💰& more. Oh my! All is not lost.🤗

💣NY AG Sues Trump's Charitable Foundation for Political Activities

Not one Republican has signed on to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Not. One.

Senator Leahy Compiled Comprehensive, Point-By-Point Summary Of The Many Times That Judge Kavanaugh Misled The Senate Under Oath.

SC Justices can be prosecuted.

Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kav WH docs White

Amazon Says 3rd-Party Seller Got Some Customers’ Email Addys

NY Regulators Examine the Trump Family’s Tax Schemes

WaPo Vote ‘no’ on Kav

USA TODAY Editorial Board: Vote no on Kavanaugh's confirmation
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