how come we are spied on in every possible way (#5eyes, #InQTel & hundreds others) and everything is valid to you (& me), the average guy to court, to get conviction, to... fucking it, everything is legal.
But 'we have everything', except that everybody is
2- #MakingADeal because we need to collect evidence in 'whatever legal way'?
Are you fucking kidding me?
None of you have a problem with that?
3-More venting later...
4-That compound that 'we blew up', did Trump speak out against that? If yes, please link me to it. If not, why not? Aren't the 'white hats' in control now? Why are we hiding evidence?
5-And if there is no condemnation and no talk, doesn't that mean that:
a) good guys are not in control
b) they are all part of #TheSwamp
6-Why is disinfo necessary? What good does it do to tell lies other than cause division?
7-If 'we don't want to telegraph our moves to the enemy', then why are fucking posting them on an open forum?
8-How come there is this 'question everything' except #Qanon?
9-Why is it that #Q people (most of them, not all) are becoming a cult? in the sense that either I trust q and #theplan, or I am a shill and there is no in between?
10-I mean, how could I possibly have good intentions
11-when i question what is being said and done to us?
12-A few fun questions, answer honestly, don't just give me the #Q said. I know perfectly well what q has said about everything. I followed the whole thing from the start. I was sucked as much as the next guy.
13-There are those of us that have known 'generally speaking' what has been going on for a while. We were #conspiracytheory ppl. Now you look up to us like we have some 'secret wisdom'. We don't.We read books instead of watching tv.
14-There are those who know/feel the uneasiness
15-This uneasiness has been increased in every side by the push of the trans-crap. While on a personal level none of us has any problem with what the next guy does with his body, we (most ppl with common sense) have an issue when our kids are brainwashed. That and the pedo
16-And normalizing #pedophilia. Nobody on either side of #left or #right wants that (except for the sick #MOFOS)
17-You are trusting blindly an entity that is causing every side to lose friends and families.Can u give me examples of how many times that happens in other elections?
18-The religious part of #QAnon. Look, on a personal level, each of us is allowed whatever beliefs (or lack of) you want. On a military level... are you telling me they don't know the lies from religions (all of them), how have they been changed across the centuries
19-to fit the agenda of the people in power. All religions are lies and all have truth in them. Yet... 'the one' is the one #qanon is telling is correct, right? I mean, aren't we lucky that we were born in the 'right place'? 🤦‍♀️
20-Everything about Trump for those who have faith is being sold to us as if he is 'a God-sent' a Messiah, a prophet a (insert your description here). Don't you guys feel that you are being played in this way so that a messiah can lead you... whatever it is? Which all just so
21-to fit with Israel... I mean...just for a minute, if jesus was just a common guy from a simple family, why do we expect our saviour to come from a reach family connected to zionism and jesuits and being in control?
wouldn't it make more sense to just be an 'average joe'?
22-Forget the religious stuff cos i honestly don't want to offend anybody (not today, I have my days 😂😜) but consider other things:
23-All this 'secret information' that was given to us... what part of it was secret? Cos all of it was public domain info. Let me give you example
24-Satanic rituals, pedophilia, stuff like that, I knew about for ages (like a lot of other ppl) cos we are nerds we no social life so we looked into it. 🤣
25-I didn't know about things like #5eyes of #InqTel or shit like that cos is not an area I cared for. So, while I always
26-knew that we are being spied upon in every concealable way, I just never knew the names behind it cos I never cared to look. Not cos the info wasn't there. Other ppl knew this while not knowing other things like #Alefantis/etc
27-But all the info was always there. Just that
28-Ppl with different interests looked at different things.
29-The military commands as in 'conf' 'exec' and crap like... Well, it takes just a couple of movies to figure the basic commands, so there is nothing there that we didn't know. Hell, #StarTrek has been telling us for
30-for year about the diff. meaning of stuff like #DefCon. So to me at least, 99% of it wasn't anything I didn't know. Nothing I had to look up to get this clear, amazing me of a #Q Clearance.. (Which, I also looked at... it isn't all that hard to obtain, just saying...)
31-#QAnon hooked me on the 'faith' part. Maybe not a 'god' 'faith' if that makes sense, but as in a 'hope' part of things.
It gave me hope that i wasn't the only weirdo out there pondering over things and seeing the evil in the world. It gave me hope that at least there are a
32-other 'weirdos' like me that forsook things like TV and getting drank every evening after work and every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday just because. Don't get me wrong, I like doing those thing. But a once in a while. That once in a while I love it. I talk to friends, I
33-I am bubbly and not just sociable, but the friking life of party (seriously, you wouldn't believe how well i can manipulate 'group behaviour') Its great. I just don't want to do it everyday as a reward for my 'hard work' (slavery). Nor every weekend. There is more to life than
34-Going to work & getting drank every single evening to drown the sorrows of how fact we truly are, how there is enough energy and free food to get us going, yet we are slaves to the masters that decided we should be slaves some 40-60 hours a week just so we can have a dwelling
*fucked (for those of you who hate me swearing, this is FUCK in past tense).
35-Let ma ask you some other honest questions for those of you that, like me, had digged the fuck out of #Qanon, because believe me, I have. And if you are 1 of those that has been there with me from
36-the start, you will know what i mean. You will also remember my in-depths q searches. Big shout out to this Canadian girl i met (awesome woman). I am not linking you cos I suck at remember handles (1 of many reasons I keep my following count low). Hope you know who you are
37-So let me ask you a few more things, my friend, but let me also expand on a few ideas.
38-I know Q & Trump work together. Seriously, I have no problem believing that after so many lurking & researching nights/days/weeks (I lost so much over weight, you guys wouldn't imagine)
39-Again,what I question, is their intentions.Why? If you are close to Trump then anybody can post a pic of AF1 or flying over 'Chinese' sea or whatever.Seriously, it isn't that hard. Probably the guy that goes and does the cleaning can get a picture of it. That is not the point
40-Hasn't any of you q followers (and I used to be the biggest fan) noticed how every single 'dig' isn't about exposing or cleaning #theswamp, it is about getting rid of the oppositions. How come nobody is talking about Roger Stone's connection to #NXIVM ?
41-How come none of u is taking about #IvankaTrump being #BFFs with #RachelChandler when #QAnon told us about it?Is it because Miss Ray is involved in underage human trafficking & we don't like the 'first daughter' implicated on that?
I cannot be the only 1 who came across that🤔
42-None of my questions are meant as an attack to any #Q or #Qanon followers. Though I can see most of you are taking it like that. Questioning the questions does not imply an attack on your persona or beliefs or groups. But,Like point 41, there are plenty of others I came across
43-How come when we talk about #Trump being bffs with #Epstein...he was there to 'collect info for the good guys'.Just like that #Horowitz guy (can't spell that). So how come we trust the lady making rape accusations about Prince Andrew, but about Horowizts..she is making it up🤔
44-What I hear the most is that Trump... bla bla Epstein... bla bla.. banned him? For real? Have you looked deeper than whatever Qanon source told you about that?
What about Trump's rape charges? Sure, we discard the first one cos the girl (a kid, btw). was coerced and
45-threated and didn't have a permanent address at the time. So she withdrew cos she was threatened. Yeah. That is obviously #FakeNews. Trump's ex-wife accusing him of rape is also #fakenews How come anything we don't like from or #GOP side is #FakeNews but any other accusations
46-against the opposition is perfectly valid and acceptable? Except what we follow. Everything is obviously fake news against what we follow. What if I could come up with solid evidence? Would you guys trust a bored house wife from Czechoslovakia or am I making that shit up cos
47-cos I too have an agenda somehow? Even though I can't barely meet ends need?
What about (more solid) those accusations about Trump, Ivanka & brother et all where they literally got banned from being part of a 'charity' because... well, seriously, you should look into that
48-I have the docs (somewhere) in my pc. I can link you you to those.
49-So ok. Let's forget Trump's and his family connections to #Zionism. Sure, let's also forget about the reasons he truly run for office. And that, unfortunately for you, has nothing to do with being a 'super
50- 'super good guy' but it actually has to do with all the money that he owes the #Rothschild family. All those 'fire sales' from #Qanon? any Rothschild in prison yet? What about the Mayor of #Tucson, that (with a shitty computer can effectively link to child trafficking)
51-And I mean, beyond doubt of proof, not speculation. So, on a shitty pc that crashes every some 50 tabs or so open, i can get real proof of this, but all those NSA,CIA, FBI & other intelligences somehow can't figure with all the pc power in the world? Which (& I kid you knot, a
52-(a lot of it is draws on ur pc & my pc & everybody's else's pc for power, even if we never agreed to it. P.S, #TrueStory go search)
53-Are we really #drainingtheswamp or are we really draining the opposition? Because there are major differences there. Shall we look?
54-Shills are on full blast tonight. You'd think, seeing how I am allegedly part of them now we would get along 😂 but we don't.
55-Are the shills part of #Qanon that dislike me questioning the movement or are they shills that dislike general questioning of things? 🤔
56-I guess all this 'questioning' shit somehow has led none of you to question Julian Assange either. Nor his every connection to Rothschild and perhaps... just perhaps, the single possibility that him being were he is is nothing but a clever ruse...
57-Can't possibly be, right?
58-Nothing to do with Trumps timely 'winning' and the fact that everything ever released favored trump but OMG, no #GOP member ever did anything wrong ever...
59-There was that one tweet from kim dot com.... he summarized it so nicely.
60-Any of you who grew up reading & questioning shit & later doing any digging into #Qanon would know things like #Lusitania, #Titanic, #SandyHook, #911 & other crap happens from your government. on 9/11 alone, there were 46 drills occurring simultaneously that day pull away all
61-resources like police/fire brigade/nurses/etc
Seriously elemifuentes.com/2018/07/13/how…
Do u realize the man-power of that, the capabilities, the planning for that shit? &the deception. Aren't we all still blaming the #muslims despite that, for once, at least, they had nothing to do?
62-If you ever looked past Trump's latests tweets that triggers the liberal media or what new botox whichever Khardarsian got, you will also realize that things like 6 million jews never died in world war 2. Sure, it was a war, ppl died. That was the number of WW jews &
63-You'll learn how it was all fabricated & how is the only event (the #holocaust) where you can actually get jail time in almost any country in the world just for questioning the narrative:
Doesn't that set red flags for any of you? So lets forget about
64-Hitler actually being part Rothschild (same family), or his escaping to Argentina or the fact that I checked scientific reports from the Polish government about the gas chambers...
65-Got sidetracked there. Point: the 'power bees' were financing both sides of the war. And if you look deep enough, at least in the media, you can see the conditioning was done for some 30 years previous to war.
66-We know from other aspects of history that the #mofos that
67-that see us as cattle are perfectly capable of planning shit some 50-100 years ahead in order to manipulate events, people, finance... whatever.
68-And yet, a 2-3 year plan using social media, brainwashing and pure conditioning to sway a bunch of people behind a leader
69-Which just so happens to have the best intelligence in the world behind (not American, nor any country, but #Israel), yet somehow, these people could never conceive of a plan to deceive us. And how is it whenever I mention this point to #Q-cultists I am 'wrong' &'deranged' &
70-& making it all up because...#Q said so? He said they are the good guys. So based on that inarguable 'evidence' and 'facts' that somebody i don't said on an anonymous forum, I mean, how could I possibly question their intentions? Of course they are good guys. 🤦‍♀️
71-Don't forget you are all putting your trust on your (allegedly at least) government or military. The same ppl that has stalked and killed or discredit and ruin a lot of you for sharing truths (new technology, aliens, etc). The same government that has been forever trafficking
72-opium and children. The same guys who created #LSD and purposefully released it into the streets to create ghettos along with shitty hip hop about rape/murder/etc in order to keep black population down and break their families apart
73-The CIA gives you drugs and traffic your kids. The FBI covers everything up and the NSA records everything about you including how many bowls movements you have a week (I honestly wish I was making this up).
74-And you are suppose to blindly trust them because? Good guys?
75-Why doesn't occur to anybody that the media outraged and all the trump attacks could be done simply to get more support behind him?
Is not like the same 6 companies own them or anything... Right? 🤔
76-The 'they never thought she would lose'. But what if they did?
77-What if they knew Hillary never had enough popular support and people would actually riot if she won? Plenty ppl knew about her evil deeds way before Q.
What if they installed a leader we all like and rally behind on purpose, so they can get on with the agenda while we
78-religiously and without question the 'leader' because, well, jeez, a couple of photos on AF1!! and Trump pointing at Q tshirts. That is enough evidence apparently to assume that, that's it, they are working for the people.
79-There was this great quote (can't remember &
80-(paraphrasing) 'never expect a billionaire to give their money away and never expect them to look after the people if that means giving his fortune away'.
81-lets talk about voting... that right you all exercise in hoards to give you the illusion of free will
82-I am going to go back and forth a few points that I keep forgetting, then remember, etc
83-Let's say Qanon is a distraction. From what? Glad you ask. Possibly nothing to do with even tighter surveillance laws being passed under our noses, with G5 & similar things. Nah
84-could be something else we are missing
85-We are all busy with the pedo stuff. Doesn't it set any flags for any of you that according to q, all the bad guys are the ones we don't like/want to get rid off, except for 'our guys'?
86-Our guys are always the good guys or they
87-changed teams. So hey, any rapes to kids or stuff like that, well, it doesn't matter now cos they are good guys now so they don't need to be punished for earlier crimes.
88-No issues there? Anyone? on that reasoning, why punish BHO? I mean, isn't that in the past?
89-No issues there with the fact that Trump himself used to be democrat and donate money to any of them, including Hillary herself. And while being a Democrat is not a problem per se, is the fact that I don't believe him being part of the swamp for years and only discovering
90-about it all when he became president. Are we really that naive or blind?
91-Election: swamp knew 'she' didn't have the popular vote. So they put Trump. #QAnon already told us that they hacked the already hacked elections that were supposed to give her the win. So...
92-If we know (at least I know), how easy elections have been swayed in US in previous terms via combinations of Soros-machines, social media, and amazing things like #McAuliffe restoring the right to vote to felons elemifuentes.com/2018/07/16/ter…
(& Spain & South American via Indra)
93-isn't it just possible that if Hillary didn't have the popular vote, neither did Trump? And Qteam faked the results and then got going with a psyop to in fact, rally ppl behind a leader?
94-Nah, that could never happen either. Because #Q are the good guys
95-Expect me to continue this soon. I have plenty other questions about North Korea and things like that.
I just noticed is 3am here. So I am going to bed. Night y'all!

• • •

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Sep 11, 2018
1-Remember that one time when thermite was found as a residue in the colums and main structure of the towers?
Thermite is not hard to make at all. Really, One of the many weird jobs i had was overseeing/managing/i.e doing literally everything/ in 3 labs for a school
2-There are many ways of doing thermite, but the easiest way is to mix iron oxide (rust), aluminum powder, and a thin strip of magnesium. If you think that is 'hard to get', but any a chemistry set for children. Everything is there.
3-Many ways to do thermite.I racked my brains
3-at the time to figure how kerosene and aluminum would actually combined to make thermite. I am no chemistry genius, but the fact it, it was not possible at all.
4-The thermite was planted there along with the bombs to cause a demolition and go for a 'grand effect'
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Sep 9, 2018
9/11 is approaching...
It is one of those dates that we all remember where we were.
I remember. I am considering writing about it from my own recollection of that day, and what other info i come to learn since.
It was a great American tragedy. But the whole world saw &
2-& the whole world stood by you and mourn the lives of those who perished.
The world remembers the people that were lost and the people that were there to help.
3-We remember. We always will & stand in solidarity with you.
4-But we also remember those who for the sake of
5-Truth & honestly gave their lives in order to expose that, not matter what we were sold on it, the fake terrorism and the excuse to enlist youngsters to go to war; we remember that it was the #DeepState behind it all.
6-We remember it was planned by #CIA 7 #Bush & #Zion empire
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Sep 5, 2018
1-I keep hearing so much about this 'North Korea Liberation' ever since Trump visited Asia.
I would love to do an article about North Korea. But, since I cannot afford a trip (which I am guessing now I can travel to), I would like some first hand accounts from people there.
2-I am particularly interested on how it feels to NK ppl to have free access to internet and information without limitations.
3-I will also like to hear 1st hand accounts of all those 'dissident camps' that are no longer and experiences of the people being freed
4-I would like to know if they no longer have to pretend to worship Kim or if they can still get killed if they don't.
5-I imagine they are super excited about upcoming elections and democracy. So I would like to hear about that too.
6-And lastly, how does it feel for them to
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Sep 2, 2018
I am behind #pizzagate 100%. I know #HumanTrafficking happens and I know #Rape and #Torture also happens.
But can we please stop crucifying every single person that ever made a reference to #pizza or every company that has a #spiral on their logo?
2-Not everybody knows about those connections. & it doesn't mean everybody is complicit.
Guys, we need a little more solid evidence other than somebody just posting a picture of themselves on a night out with friends.
I am 100% behind #pizzagate. but at times, it gets ridiculous
3-That being said, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have pageants for kids that can't barely say their names? How the fuck is not this child abuse?
When I see stuff like this, this is actually what I see 👇Sexualized kids to please #pedophiles
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Aug 24, 2018
1-While you/me are off on a wild goose chase looking for the #KeyStone (#Q) that we all believe to be #SES, do you know about the other Keystone? The #Trump-#Abramovich keystone (Russian oligarch, not Marina).
No? I thought so.
Do you know what else you don't know?
2- Abramovich's links to pedophilia

3-Ray #Chandler being friends with Zhukova, aka Abramovich's wife.
4-Which just so happen to hang around the exact same parties as Ivanka #Trump

5- Zhukova also bffs with Ivanka


Zhukova, Ivanka, Rachel they all hang around at the same parties.
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Aug 19, 2018
1- I don't trust the @CIA because they are the muscle of the cartel families that truly rule our governments behind the shadows.
They are in charge of trafficking humans and moving drugs. They are also tasked with training future terrorist.
2-I don't trust the @FBI because they are the ones in charge of making evidence disappear and changing history. They are the ones moving money on the higher spheres of society (see #MCAuliffe-#MCabe among others)
3-But I am suppose to trust the @NSAGov. The agency in charge of recording every conversation you ever had. Every email and text message you ever sent. Every keystroke you ever typed, even if you delete it.
They can triangulate your position in anywhere in the world as long as
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