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how come we are spied on in every possible way (#5eyes, #InQTel & hundreds others) and everything is valid to you (& me), the average guy to court, to get conviction, to... fucking it, everything is legal.
But 'we have everything', except that everybody is
2- #MakingADeal because we need to collect evidence in 'whatever legal way'?
Are you fucking kidding me?
None of you have a problem with that?
3-More venting later...
4-That compound that 'we blew up', did Trump speak out against that? If yes, please link me to it. If not, why not? Aren't the 'white hats' in control now? Why are we hiding evidence?
5-And if there is no condemnation and no talk, doesn't that mean that:
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1- I don't trust the @CIA because they are the muscle of the cartel families that truly rule our governments behind the shadows.
They are in charge of trafficking humans and moving drugs. They are also tasked with training future terrorist.
2-I don't trust the @FBI because they are the ones in charge of making evidence disappear and changing history. They are the ones moving money on the higher spheres of society (see #MCAuliffe-#MCabe among others)
3-But I am suppose to trust the @NSAGov. The agency in charge of recording every conversation you ever had. Every email and text message you ever sent. Every keystroke you ever typed, even if you delete it.
They can triangulate your position in anywhere in the world as long as
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1-I need to look into what triggers shills to come to my account and why. Because when they do, they all seem to concentrate in the same posts and have (allgegdly) no connection to each other.
What's more, #memes seem to trigger them and not posts per se.
& specific #hashtags
2- @CIA and other shills are DICKS. you know why? Cos you are all morons enough to come at the same time and concentrate in the same FUCKING post?
Are you seriously that dumb?
I don't need a degree to teach u the basics of stealth and concealment,but apparently you need a lesson
3-So here is the lessons:
-If you want to seem genuine, you need to come at me at different times and concentrating on different posts.
-If you all come at me at once (pretending not to know each other) and talking about the same post, I know are all FUCKING SHILLS

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1-I have received a lot of emails, DM's etc in the last few months. A lot of them expressing concern about the research I do and to be careful. Even further, some of said emails do explicitly tell me that I am exposing powerful people, and that they are beginning to take notice..
2-My response was to redouble my efforts. I made the website you all know by now and I am working my ass off to update as often and thoroughly as possible.
What's more, I purposefully uploaded there a few pictures of myself to prove I am not afraid. Here are some more.
3-I am not the one usually to share pictures of myself (not to take selfies). However,, 'fear is the mind killer'. I am not afraid of 'them'. I am not afraid of anybody. Is anybody going to send a hit team to a remote Czechoslovakian village to take out a housewife?
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1-While I still have a lot of info coming up on #McAuliffe, I plan to already upload some stuff about #Abramovic this coming week. Should be faster cos most of the research is done.

2- I have disable direct messages (DM) because I get way too many and I get easily distracted.
3-More often than not, I reply to everybody here. If there is anything else you want to contact me about
4-You can use the form in my blog I receive and read all the messages
5-If you are sending me resources, don't send me videos. I don't watch videos.
6-No videos, live streams, periscopes, whatever. I never watch any of those.
7-If you sending me articles, please say something about it. A simple link or 'dig'+ link doesn't want to make me click on anything.
8-Most of the 'breaking news'people send I already seen a 100 times
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1-The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss #SarahSanders (#WH press secretary) went for dinner with her family to this little place called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that she was unceremoniously kicked out &harassed some more all the way across the street to the next restaurant
2-It seems somehow this incident has created some sort of mob-mentality wanting to harass Miss Sanders that has gotten to a point in which she now needs protection.……
3-What kind of person chases somebody down the street based solely on political opinions?
If u ever worked in a restaurant, u learn quickly that u have to deal with a lot of assholes &people you don’t like. You smile, curse them inwardly &hope you’ll never have to see them again
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2/13 Peter Kadzik lobbied for Marc Rich's pardon, a classmate of Skippy and represented Skippy regarding Monica's that deep #QAnon…
3/13 Kadzik is a longtime friend of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta #QAnon…
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When government #Corruption involves an #AttorneyGeneral, #SpecialCounsel, former #CIA agent, former #FBI agent, & dozens of govt officials...shouldn't the media be interested?

They were w/#Watergate. Why not #FISAGate?

1. To translate for those blocked from #TRUTH in the #LSM bubble, the above tweet references media silence on MASSIVE state-level #Corruption. Synopsis of key people involved in #DeepState #Treason is in this thread.

For more info, read this mini novel:…
2. Chapter 1: #Treason involving spying+ on Americans and #POTUS.

Cast of characters:
DOJ: #LorettaLynch, #EricHolder, #RodRosenstein. #JohnCarlin
FBI: #Comey, #McCabe, #BillPriestap, #LisaPage,
#JamesBaker, #AndrewWeissmann, #JeannieRhee, #BruceOhr
CIA: #Brennan
DNI: #Clapper
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