1-The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss #SarahSanders (#WH press secretary) went for dinner with her family to this little place called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that she was unceremoniously kicked out &harassed some more all the way across the street to the next restaurant
2-It seems somehow this incident has created some sort of mob-mentality wanting to harass Miss Sanders that has gotten to a point in which she now needs protection.

3-What kind of person chases somebody down the street based solely on political opinions?
If u ever worked in a restaurant, u learn quickly that u have to deal with a lot of assholes &people you don’t like. You smile, curse them inwardly &hope you’ll never have to see them again
4-It also seems that harassment is working both ways, and The Red Hen is suffering a lot of backlash in the forms of protests (some more civilized than others) and bad reviews, which has forced the place to close down for a little while.
5-Originally I didn't pay attention to the whole incident. Brushed it off as just ppl being crazy &brainwashed. But I’ve started noticing people research & the dirt that was coming out of that little place. And something clicked in my head. This was a message. This was planned.
6-So I went to check on qanon.pub (#Q’s posts) and what do you know, Lexington is there as clear as daylight. It seems even there might have been further confirmation from #Potus himself.
7-The other night, while I was doing a thread about Mr. #Larson, ) it dawned on me that he was from Virginia, just like this little restaurant.
And somebody in my comments reminded me of Terry #McAuliffe, 72nd Governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2014.
8-Terry #McAuliffe. Where did I hear that name before? And what does he have to do with the #RedHen?

So my brain did this 😂
And I went digging.
Before I launch into a long explanation of Mr. McAuliffe’s career, let me point a few things about the Red Hen
9-Some things about this particular place are either untrue or I have been unable to verify the claims. One of such claims is that a man by the name of Barney Allen Frazier, who happens to be a #paedophile, is a ‘silent-partner’ in the business venture.
10-While he might have dined there or be friends with the other partners, legally speaking, he has no association at all with the Red Hen (as far as I was able to find).
11-This claim was made by a person by the name of Kevin Gardner, which I took the trouble to locate on #facebook and email him, asking him for further information. He has not reply, but if he does or new info comes to light, I will update this post with new findings
12-Health and Safety violations:
It seems there is a big fuss about this restaurant when it comes to health inspections. But this, according to what I found on healthspace.com, doesn’t seem to be the case. There were some minor issues that could be put down to human error
13-But in terms of food regulations, the place does seem to hold to high standards; otherwise #SarahSanders wouldn't have gone there with her family on the odd chance that she might have had to eat the food.

She is smart enough to do her homework. Believe me.
14-There are two main Red Hen restaurants. One in #Lexington, #Virginia, where the incident with Sarah occurred, and a second one in #WashingtonDC. They are unaffiliated (or so it would seem, or so they claim) and the Red Hen seems is NOT a chain of restaurants
15- (again, so they claim). But certainly they are registered under different business names (I’ve checked)

However, is there a connection between the two of them? You bet!

But most importantly, they are all in turn connected to #Charlottesville . Remember the violence?
16- Since the #chans are all busy making the connections to #Alefantis via the #RedHenDC, I choose to focus (for now) my attention on the #RedHen #Lexington
Let’s see why.
17- According to undocumented resources, there are 4 partners to this restaurant. However, my finding would suggests there are only 3 of them. I could be wrong though, since there were a lot of Virginia.gov websites that I was unable to access. (Problem on their end?)
18-The first person tied to Red Hen Lexington would be Mr. John Blackburn, Assistant Director Of Development at the College Foundation of the University of Virginia, which somehow also has the time to manage food joints.
19-He is also behind ‘Pure Eats’. Other than pricey food, I haven’t found anything wrong
It seems that he might no longer be a partner. But this is up for debate.
#Charlottsville is very important. Please keep noticing the connections in the images, even if I don’t point them ou
20-The second person, will be Chef Becca Adams (nee Becca Norris), which I presume, is the wife of Chef Matt #Adams, and took his surname after marriage.
I found this on #Lexington’s #facebook page

And third, the other partner, is Stephanie #Wilkinson herself.
21-Stephanie was the founder & publisher of ‘Brain Child magazine’ and also used to work at a Weekly #Charlottsville newspaper. She also co-owns the knitting business ‘House Mountain Yarn Co. (where I guess all the pussy hats come from)
22-Quick Fyi, the man on with the pink hat is Duncan J. Ritcher, a Ph.D philosophy professor at the #Virginia #Military #Institute.

Here is his full CV:
23-And lastly, and this is where the fun begins, She was also part of the leadership (executive director) of #Lexington local business group ‘Main Street Lexington’

Pay attention to the names here. They will come handy later
24- This Tina Miller from the 'Main Street Lexington' business group. Not RedHen
Her husband,owns the exact same address as were the Red Hen is located, but opposite. Tina's husband is W and #RedHen is E. 11E vs 11W

I found another 11 coincidence. 666 connections somewhere? 🤔
25-Since I couldn't check financial records on this places cos a lot of gov. websites weren't working for me, I had to get creative and went on land registry records. Phillip E Clayton is the owner. Has 2 business registered at his home address, but there is nothing unusual there
26-Nothing usual in terms of business. A lot of companies have secondary paper businesses for tax purposes.

They do, however, operate out of Mr. Clayton's house, which seems to be literally in the middle of nowhere.
27-Do I think in either of these restaurants are cooking kids? No, no I don’t. That stuff definitely happens, but at other locations.
It will be hard to bribe every health inspector and or have them kill.#HillaryClinton is already very busy woman 😂
Too suspicious. Too open
28-One last thing before moving on. Is Stephanie #Wilkinson, co-owner of #Lexington Red Hen cousins with Meryl Streep? According to anons that went digging (and a little confirmation on my part), seems a very strong possibility.

29-This is all I could dig on Lexington’s Red Hen. Before moving on to the one in DC, I have to make a stop and tell you about Terry #McAuliffe, Gov. of Virginia. &close associate with the #Clintons
Why? Because he is the key main and the connection between both restaurants.
30-Mr. Governor of #Virginia here restored the rights to vote and run for office of several thousand felons (50 to 60 thousands, according to diff. sourcers). How or if this affected Mr. Larson am not sure. in particular, I

31-However, It seems under US constitution he could have run for federal office, but under Virginia state law, he couldn’t have run for office there.

The move actually was highly illegal, though clemency can be granted in certain cases, but definitely not that many

32-It seems Mr. #McAuliffe original plan was to pardon some 206000 (read that again, not a typo) #felons, and that numbered was finally to some 60000. This was done in an attempt to sway/rig the election in favour of #HillaryClinton (already aided by #Soros-voting machines
33-It’s interesting to note a few things about Mr. #McAuliffe (but there are so many more):
First, his wife Dorothy McAuliffe attends "cooking with fratelli #Podesta’s" parties along with #Alefantis and the The #Cafritzs (from #NXIVM)

34-Does the man himself knows #Alefantis and attends the same social gatherings?

Well, yes, yes he does:

35-Secondly, Mr. McAuliffe was a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative, an organization that is notorious for its many crimes (including ‘crimes against children)

36-And thirdly, he was at some point under #FBI investigation for some dubious campaign donations (though I don’t know what happened to it all)


37-The #FBI investigations seemed to revolved around some $120000 received by Mr. Terry by a #Chinese Businessman by the name of Wang Wenliang. This man was a delegate to #China’s National People’s Congress, the country’s ceremonial legislature.

38-Mr. #Wenliang has also donated to the #ClintonFoundation some 2 million dollars.

Just so happen that Mr. Wenliang chairs the privately-held China Rilin Construction Group, which holds a majority stake in #Dadong Port Group, a #Chinese port near #NorthKorea

39-Virginia state so happens to be right by the sea, where a range of ports operate, both for tourism & commercial purposes. Could there be a connection there with #humantrafficking via Virginia’s ports?
Hold on, I am getting ahead of myself here.
Let me back up a little bit.
40- Just for the fun of it, take a look at Mr. #Wenlian bio and notice how Mr. #McAuliffe’s statement went from ‘I don’t know who this person is’ to ‘we might have met at social gatherings’.

41-Now, Mr. former Governor here wouldn't happen by any chance to have business ties with #China, right? 🤔

My, he does. 🤦‍♀️

What did #Q say ‘America for Sale’? #China, China, China!
42-Just throwing it out there, but it will be relevant later. 👇

Do you know the state of Virginia ranks the 15th in the whole of US in terms of

Ok, ok, From the beginning. My bad
43-McAuliffe helped found the Federal City National Bank. And later he went to become the youngest chairman in The US Federal Reserve Bank’s charter association. The bank later merged with Credit International Bank, and he became Vice-Chairman there.
44-What’s interesting about this bank (Credit International Bank - the merger), is that it seems to have a history of money laundering and other financial crimes, and Mr. McAuliffe was right there in the thick of things when investigations where going on that
45-eventually led to forced closure. I am sure that as Vice-Chairman, he knew nothing about it all.

Since banking and finance is a subject that is really lost to me, read the article and read this as well. I am sure there is plenty more dirt in there.
46-Back in 2009, Mr. #McAuliffe here founded #GreenTech Automotive, a holding company which purchased #Chinese electric car EU Auto #Mycar.
And somehow, Anthony Rodham (aka #HillaryClinton’s brother), is also involved with this company. 🤦‍♀️

47-Tes company #Greentech was apparently sued by some 32 Chinese citizens on the basis that the company was swindling money out of investors, no cars or nothing came out of them except a bunch of shell companies


48-The families that came to the US under EB-5 visa programs were being deported ( extra expenses to them &families) on the basis that, according to #DHS, Greentech did not generate the jobs required to sustain the EB-5 program.
Read whole complaint here:
49-Just throwing it out there, McAuliffe was all pro the #TTP agreement with China and backing Clinton in the process. Even though Podesta et all claimed this wasn't so, I can totally see Hillary flipping on it all if she would have won the presidency.
50-When he was part of the Clinton Global Initiative (&also chairman of the #DNC at some point articles.latimes.com/2000/jun/09/lo…), he helped raised some $275 million dollars for Clinton causes
Sure that went a long way to help with ‘crimes against children’

51-I mean, hey, all of this so far could be all down to misunderstandings, right? Is not like the guy holds a Juris Doctor degree or anything, right? 🤔

Oh wait… 🤣🤣🤣

52-Let’s talk about some conflicts of interest there.#McAuliffe guaranteed the #Clintons' $1.35 million mortgage for their home in #Chappaqua, New York. This literally means that if the Clintons defaulted/didn’t pay, he would be the guy to foot the bill.

53-This only raises more questions than it answers.
Could he possibly be connected to the #Clinton’s #Chappaqua Fires?

I mean, the very selective fires that just so happen to affect the servers there? I guess #BleachBit didn’t do the job properly. 😂
54-So, did #QTeam smoke them out or did they purposefully created the fire?

Ah, the mystery!

And just for the fun of it 👇
55-What happened in #Charlottsville?
I didn't pay attention at the time, simply because at a quick glance it looked to me like sponsored violence. So I figured either #Soros, or #Podesta or the #DNC would be behind it somehow to further some political agenda or another.
56-But at a closer inspections, it turns out that C#harlottsville was in fact orchestrated by Michael #Signer (mayor of Charlottsville) and Governor Terry #McAuliffe, all nicely backed by #Soros.

Imagine my shock! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Let me explain:

57-Mr. Signer (Mayor of #Charlottsville) does indeed work for #Soros via Center of American Progress. Where did I hear that name before? 🤔

58-Isn’t that the centre founded by J. #Podesta (& funded by #Soros), whose #CEO is none other than Neera Tandem, who, alongside Oliver Willis, from #Shareblue/#Mediamatters (owned by #DavidBrock) have been creating a counter-campaign of #fakenews to
59- to attack Trump, and whose most notable achievement was to spend some 16 billion dollars to discredit #pizzagate? 🤔

Just for the fun of it, do you know who else is also associated with the center for American progress?
60-Joel Davis. One Hillary Clinton campaign officials, and the very same man that was arrested for possessing child pornography and was attempting sex with a bunch of minors (and also have boasted previously of sex with infants)

61-Mr. Michael Signer here is also a close associate of former governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe and John Podesta; both working closely with the Clinton Family.
According to UCLA (American Civil Liberties Union), the police were told to stand down in #Charlottesville and
62 -did nothing as the war broke out on the streets.
Ask yourself why? Could the violence possibly help some political agenda? 🤔

Read this 👇

FYI, Just so you know, Mr. #Soros was also behind the ‘occupy Wall Street’ (I know, cos I've researched before
63-Didn't the mayor declare #Chalorttsville the capital of the #Resistance? 🤔


You might also want to read this as well

64-Forgive me for not going into further detail about #Charlottsville, but, since I didn't pay attention to events at the time, I can only report findings without going too deep. Research and confirm (or rebuke) my findings.
But, you ou can bet the whole thing was engineered
65-Terry #McAuliffe was in favour of the Appalachian Trail pipelines.T
here is something noteworthy here, but I wasn't able to find a lot of information.
Here is what I got:
I know #Q keeps talking about pipelines...
66-The Appalachian Trail covers some 3540 km along various states of the US border.
Is interesting here for several reasons, but mostly due to proximity from #Charlottsville.
What is also interesting here is the amount of people that go missing every year.
67-Sure, I can put down some to being lost and died of hunger and/or eaten by animals. As I trekker, I totally get that. That’s why I use things like ‘bear bells’ and so on.
But the amount seems extremely high considering how many people are venturing into the woods.
68-What if, and this is important, there were tunnels all along the trail to move people? What if, somewhere along the routes where passages to smuggle people from the border into the mainland continent? As crazy as that sounds, it turns out, there are a lot of caves and wells
69-and mountain passages (some natural, some man-made), that connect this remote areas of the country to more civilized areas.
So what if people were smuggled via Virginia state ports (Norfolk, most likely) and moved around through these passages along the Appalachian trail? 🤔
70-I have mentioned in passing about human trafficking done in shipping containers in previous threads. I will get back to this at some point, but in the meantime, read some of the posts in this this thread to get an idea.
71-And another quick fyi, this year alone, #Virginia has 54 reported cases of #humantrafficking.


Cases does not equal people, could be dozens if not hundreds involved. And obviously there are the plenty of unreported cases.
72-It seemed there were proposed plans to build a natural gas pipeline along the Appalachian Trail, with the backing of Terry #McAuliffe.
The pipeline is an ideal cover to build and/or dig even more tunnels/passages to move people around without anybody raising an eyebrow.
73-Seems at some point something got build in there, because there have been reported explosions, and even seems a hiker might have lost a hand.
The pipeline of natural gas was went up in flames (isn't that just great for the environment)
74- Continued from previous, these 2 articles

75-Remember that #GOP train crash sometime back in February? What if it was related? #amtrak

Weren't all the coming back from a cosy retreat at the #Greenbrier resort/ bunker? 🤔
And wasn't this retreat right next to the #Appalachian Trail?
76-Currently Mr. Jim #Justice owns the #Greenbrier resort and bunker. Though I don’t fully understand the implications of that. 🤔
77-Unrelated but, there is this guy by the name of Allen H. Loughry II, from the West Virginia Supreme Court Justice, who is facing some 395 years in prison due to some serious charges: wire fraud, lying to the FBI, witness tampering, etc. I wonder if he knows the #Clintons?
78- From previous, You can read the whole indictment here

79-Quick conspiracy stuff: #Cryptozoology

What if there were hominids/humanoids that feast on… well, human flesh? There is a lot of biology (along with history) that has been hidden from us. This could be one of such things,
80-if we consider that not all dinosaurs went extinct (i.e jellyfishes, crocodiles, etc), there might be a possibility of something else lurking in the mountains? 🤔
Could it be related to #adrenochrome?

Ok, so enough of the conspiracy stuff. Back to facts
81-The whole point of this thread is #humantrafficking networks via #Virginia ports and moved into the country on trains/tunnels etc via the #Appalachian trail (I think).
But there is a lot more to it that I will come back to later step by step.
82-So I was going to follow right after this with some #Soros-voting-machines and rigged elections in #Virginia. And I will.
But there is something that has been bothering me for days and I need to get it out of my chest.
83-Now I am just going to talk about it, but proof will become evident as the thread moves along. But also, if you have been following my other threads, you will see how this is relevant and hopefully make the connections
84-Everybody so far that I’ve mentioning in connection to the #RedHen is in turn, connected to the University of Virginia. Some of the people aren't necessarily nobodies, especially if you take a look at their backgrounds and studies.
85-And just so happens that Mr. #McAuliffe here was appointing people to the University.

I never knew this was possible. I was under the impression that universities will recruit and promote their own stuff, and not that appointees were done by the governor.
86-This finger-appointing people, looks a lot like what they do with civil positions in Spain, and all that leads down is to corruption and having incompetent people doing a job they don’t care about or aren't qualified for.
87-However, I found this little explanation from a different university. I don’t know whether this is federal law or state law, or just that they like their governors choosing their governing bodies. I don’t know. But definitely something interesting to ponder here

• • •

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Sep 11, 2018
1-Remember that one time when thermite was found as a residue in the colums and main structure of the towers?
Thermite is not hard to make at all. Really, One of the many weird jobs i had was overseeing/managing/i.e doing literally everything/ in 3 labs for a school
2-There are many ways of doing thermite, but the easiest way is to mix iron oxide (rust), aluminum powder, and a thin strip of magnesium. If you think that is 'hard to get', but any a chemistry set for children. Everything is there.
3-Many ways to do thermite.I racked my brains
3-at the time to figure how kerosene and aluminum would actually combined to make thermite. I am no chemistry genius, but the fact it, it was not possible at all.
4-The thermite was planted there along with the bombs to cause a demolition and go for a 'grand effect'
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9/11 is approaching...
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2-& the whole world stood by you and mourn the lives of those who perished.
The world remembers the people that were lost and the people that were there to help.
3-We remember. We always will & stand in solidarity with you.
4-But we also remember those who for the sake of
5-Truth & honestly gave their lives in order to expose that, not matter what we were sold on it, the fake terrorism and the excuse to enlist youngsters to go to war; we remember that it was the #DeepState behind it all.
6-We remember it was planned by #CIA 7 #Bush & #Zion empire
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Sep 5, 2018
1-I keep hearing so much about this 'North Korea Liberation' ever since Trump visited Asia.
I would love to do an article about North Korea. But, since I cannot afford a trip (which I am guessing now I can travel to), I would like some first hand accounts from people there.
2-I am particularly interested on how it feels to NK ppl to have free access to internet and information without limitations.
3-I will also like to hear 1st hand accounts of all those 'dissident camps' that are no longer and experiences of the people being freed
4-I would like to know if they no longer have to pretend to worship Kim or if they can still get killed if they don't.
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Sep 2, 2018
I am behind #pizzagate 100%. I know #HumanTrafficking happens and I know #Rape and #Torture also happens.
But can we please stop crucifying every single person that ever made a reference to #pizza or every company that has a #spiral on their logo?
2-Not everybody knows about those connections. & it doesn't mean everybody is complicit.
Guys, we need a little more solid evidence other than somebody just posting a picture of themselves on a night out with friends.
I am 100% behind #pizzagate. but at times, it gets ridiculous
3-That being said, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have pageants for kids that can't barely say their names? How the fuck is not this child abuse?
When I see stuff like this, this is actually what I see 👇Sexualized kids to please #pedophiles
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Aug 24, 2018
1-While you/me are off on a wild goose chase looking for the #KeyStone (#Q) that we all believe to be #SES, do you know about the other Keystone? The #Trump-#Abramovich keystone (Russian oligarch, not Marina).
No? I thought so.
Do you know what else you don't know?
2- Abramovich's links to pedophilia

3-Ray #Chandler being friends with Zhukova, aka Abramovich's wife.
4-Which just so happen to hang around the exact same parties as Ivanka #Trump

5- Zhukova also bffs with Ivanka


Zhukova, Ivanka, Rachel they all hang around at the same parties.
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Aug 21, 2018
how come we are spied on in every possible way (#5eyes, #InQTel & hundreds others) and everything is valid to you (& me), the average guy to court, to get conviction, to... fucking it, everything is legal.
But 'we have everything', except that everybody is
2- #MakingADeal because we need to collect evidence in 'whatever legal way'?
Are you fucking kidding me?
None of you have a problem with that?
3-More venting later...
4-That compound that 'we blew up', did Trump speak out against that? If yes, please link me to it. If not, why not? Aren't the 'white hats' in control now? Why are we hiding evidence?
5-And if there is no condemnation and no talk, doesn't that mean that:
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