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So the key @WhiteHouse access reporter from the @nytimes doesn't see today's events as #BREAKING.

That is hard to fathom.

.@maggieNYT stood with @PressSec against @Acosta during the #TrumpUKVisit.

Haberman also supported SHS after the #WHCD and the #RedHen incident. In 2017, Haberman said the cast of #Hamilton was rude to @VP Pence and that it was unseemly, as he was VP.
.@maggieNYT was primary reporter on the Hillary Clinton email beat. MH was personally bylined on 53 stories related to Clinton's emails.

No newspaper or reporter had more detailed coverage--incl the front page after the #ComeyLetter which NYT's own Upshot said cost the election.
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All I do is tweet out pics of my lunch and say how wonderful it is... I get asked where and direct all that respond to @BillySimsBBQ... Having lunch today I discover my favorite restaurant I promote for free BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT!!! I'm pissed TBH. @billysims1978 please fix this.
I highly suspect my political leanings, that I do not impress upon when discussing my delicious pulled pork sandwiches, perfectly smoked @BillySimsBBQ, are the sole cause of the block. Mini #RedHen seemingly. I'm shocked to say the least. I'll wait to hear from the big guy...
This is the kind of stuff that makes the news these days... I do have media connections #justSaying
I really hope this is an employee acting on own and the owner @billysims1978 can step in and correct. I'm going to give Billy time to respond out of respect for him. 👍
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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1-The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss #SarahSanders (#WH press secretary) went for dinner with her family to this little place called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that she was unceremoniously kicked out &harassed some more all the way across the street to the next restaurant
2-It seems somehow this incident has created some sort of mob-mentality wanting to harass Miss Sanders that has gotten to a point in which she now needs protection.……
3-What kind of person chases somebody down the street based solely on political opinions?
If u ever worked in a restaurant, u learn quickly that u have to deal with a lot of assholes &people you don’t like. You smile, curse them inwardly &hope you’ll never have to see them again
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Thread- My family has lived in CA since before Columbus. One thing I've noticed is how many of us who ARE here, haven't/don't actually GO there - ie, tourist attractions.
My Grand-Uncle spent WWII with a group of RCAF, RAF, ANZAC, and Army Air Corps pilots flying cargo over the Hump of India. In later years he became a pacifist and a world traveler.
One of his great pleasures was to travel to a place where one of his old flying buddies had retired, for a visit. Amsterdam, Goa, Oslo, etc. We never knew until long after he died, that these trips were part of a mission.
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It is just not right that @PressSec used her government twitter account to cause this small business problems. Protestors threw shit at the building, hurled insults, and trashed up their @Yelp site. The right talks about civility, what a joke.
SHS never should have named the restuarant. She is a government employee this should never have happened.

But wait, she must think it's ok since trump does this all the time- Amazon, Harley-Davidson & others. This can not continue.
This regime can not be the arbiter of who stays in buiness. This kind of attack must stop. Private businesses should not be harrassed by the government. We should all be angry!

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RED HEN PROTEST: Opponents of the Red Hen owner's decision to ask Sarah Sanders to leave the restaurant over the weekend were outside today.

These signs say 'Homos are full of demons' and 'Unless they repent Let God Burn Them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6'
Protesters were also seen outside of the #RedHen in Lexington today holding @CoreyStewartVA signs and a @realDonaldTrump flag
More people have started showing up to the #RedHen and ABC reports a man was arrested for throwing "chicken s**t" at the restaurant
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Will the real leader of the Democratic Party stand up and tell their liberal party followers violence is never acceptable under any circumstance. #MaxineWaters #RedHen
Obama is as quiet as a church mouse over his party's promotion of violence.
Harassment isn't civil discourse its harassment and wrong.
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Interesting Items! From the board!! President Trump Tweet/Decode! #WalkAway #RedHen #MondayMotivation @realDonaldTrump
Interesting Items! From the board!! President Trump Tweet/Decode! #WalkAway #RedHen #MondayMotivation @realDonaldTrump
Interesting Items! From the board!! President Trump Tweet/Decode! #WalkAway #RedHen #MondayMotivation @realDonaldTrump
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#RedHen has gotten more than 15k "reviews" since Trump and @PressSec Sanders attacked the tiny 26-seat restaurant on Twitter.

The "reviews" all rank the restaurant, but none of the people has been there.

RedHen is now closed for the 3rd day.…
If you scroll the photos, you'll see actual posts of meals and interior #RedHen. The food looks good and the atmosphere sweet. Those reviews are all 4☆.

There are also pics uploaded by Trump supporters of cross burnings, Obama as a devil and Hillary as a vampire eating babies.
Also, there have been 12k Yelp "reviews" since Trump tweeted about #RedHen this morning.

@Yelp is unconcerned and has not closed off the link.
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@RepGoodlatte @Cline4Virginia @GovernorVA @PressSec @parscale @DineshDSouza @GovMikeHuckabee @LexVAGov @RedHenLex @MainStreetLex
Press Sec for the President of the Unites States was asked to leave Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington VA b/c the owner(s) reportedly don't like Trump.
Conservatives and others who supported @realDonaldTrump have been experiencing this rude behavior for three years. We have repeatedly turned the other cheek. We have held our tongue. We have used restraint. But it needs to end here.
Reportedly, Stephanie Wilkinson, an owner, was the decision maker. Perhaps she feels invincible, untouchable, unaccountable because, according to reports, she is Meryl Streep's cousin. She is a leader in the town and thought she could do what she did without consequence.
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Taking a page of the Left's playbook.

If David Hogg can go after everyone's advertisers, then I suggest we go after The Red Hen Restaurant's suppliers.

Maybe mutually assured destruction can dissuade Leftists from making everything in our lives a political death match.

The Red Hen Restaurant:

Stephanie Wilkinson (Owner who kicks out conservatives)
Chef Matt Adams (one who calls to kick out conservatives)
Chef Becca Norris (one who doesn't feel safe around conservatives)
Jaike Foley-Schultz (one who informed the world by bragging about it)
The Red Hen Restaurant:

11 E Washington St
Lexington, Virginia……
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#RedHen owner Stephanie Wilkinson is also the Executive Director of Main Street Lexington. Main Street Lexington exists to enhance the economic prosperity and cultural vitality of their community.
How ironic that she has just thrown her restaurant and Lexington into the fire!
Clearly, Stephanie Wilkinson's personal agenda goes against the mission of Main Street Lexington. The group (and the town) needs to be contacted and demand that she is forced to step down.
(540) 319-4181
Email Us:
To be so anti-Trump and to not support our @POTUS!

Stephanie Wilkinson will be shocked to find so many negative #RedHen reviews on Yelp & other restaurant review sites. This restaurant will lose many of out-of-town weekend customers from the DC region. It's a tourist area!
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