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Trump never built his vanity border wall—though after promising Mexico would pay for it, he tried to steal money from our troops and everyone else to do it (and men linked to him stole money in its name).

But America *will* ultimately have to build the Trump Virus Memorial Wall. Image
PS/ Thanks to @OlphertJustin for the image. I personally measured it to confirm that the lengths are accurate.

I hope people don't think I'm joking. I wouldn't joke about this. I believe America owes it to our pandemic dead to #BuildtheWall—the Trump Virus Memorial Wall—in D.C.
PS2/ This pandemic has been the greatest public health disaster in our history. The death toll alone would put it in the conversation—but what puts it first among America's historic tragedies is that nearly all the deaths were preventable. That's why a Memorial Wall is justified.
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1) Columbus Day 2018 is half time at the 2018 Mid-Term Bowl. The score is GOP 17 and Democrats 16. Let’s recap the first half.

#BlueWave #RedWave #2018MidTermElections…
2) Going into the game the Democrats were riding their #BlueWave of enthusiasm. They were so confident America was tired of all the lies and sordid behavior of Coach Trump that the Democrats could win the game easily.
3) They laughed at their good fortune every time a GOP player would pledge to work closely with their coach; such easy pickings.

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Yesterday @LAPDHQ was looking for more victims of this Lyft driver accused of rape, today he was released and no one knows why? Let’s take a wild guess #SanctuaryCity @ICEgov care to explain @AGBecerra why rapists are being let out of jail after days? #TakeBackCalifornia
This is absolutely nuts? How do you go from $2.2 million bail to just “released” and @911LAPD doesn’t know why? We need more than that @JerryBrownGov @DHSgov anybody?…
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Ominous VHS kot
Soundcloud rapper kot
Kot vs. Dog (on stairs)
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@LindaWesson @bonmarche946 @HeshmatAlavi @JohnKerry @realDonaldTrump @ThomasWictor @drawandstrike @HNIJohnMiller @Ann__Kelly @almostjingo @rising_serpent @DebbieAAldrich @steph93065 @LVNancy @JacobAWohl Well I traveled thousands of miles photojournaling @POTUS, met him twice. The fact he is doing all he can too protect & reestablish Our Constitutional Republic & American Sovereignty is the greatest gift one can give. It's about protecting our Liberty of Conscience..... & (1/3)
@LindaWesson @bonmarche946 @HeshmatAlavi @JohnKerry @realDonaldTrump @ThomasWictor @drawandstrike @HNIJohnMiller @Ann__Kelly @almostjingo @rising_serpent @DebbieAAldrich @steph93065 @LVNancy @JacobAWohl @POTUS Inherent birthright! I study these things. His connection to We The People & as one, is incredible. Day in & out I watched him connect to people like no other. a past public servant in AZ, I have been on the scene of violence, drug wars (shootings), gang rape...& (2/3)
@LindaWesson @bonmarche946 @HeshmatAlavi @JohnKerry @realDonaldTrump @ThomasWictor @drawandstrike @HNIJohnMiller @Ann__Kelly @almostjingo @rising_serpent @DebbieAAldrich @steph93065 @LVNancy @JacobAWohl @POTUS For a @POTUS to deal with those who enter illegally, who the past Prez & Representatives allowed,its invasion & extinguishing American Sovereignty, & human trafficking! PLUS, he has put a stop to this !
Millions placed him for great reason!
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(1) @BarackObama just said "It did not start with Donald Trump. He is a symptom, not a cause" You're right Barack, YOU are the problem! YOU are the reason the country is so divided! YOU are the reason! You promote domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa
(2) You support Anti-White racism! YOU are the bigot! You alienate half the country then stand there and give us this sanctimonious shit! #GimmeABreak! We're not buying it! You want to see a demagogue look in a mirror! It's not about Democrat or Repubublican, it's about #MAGA
(3) Voter ID laws are not about making it harder for the poor or minorities, it's about ensuring the integrity of the election and making sure illegals aren't voting in our elections! And don't get me started on radicals. @Ocasio2018 @BernieSanders, need I say more?
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Meet @Ohio_Buckeye_US, a Twitter user who appears to be very effectively trolling the right by being a total cliche IWNJ. (Or is that "RWNJ?")
We stumbled upon @Ohio_Buckeye_US while digging into traffic for the #BuildThatWall (as opposed to #BuildTheWall) hashtag, which experienced a surge in volume last night. @Ohio_Buckeye_US is the largest node in the retweet network.
What does @Ohio_Buckeye_US tweet about? 41.4% of the account's tweets contain one or more of the terms shown in the chart. This political independent dutifully checks the major #MAGA propaganda boxes. Tweet schedule is high volume and bursty.
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1) Illegal Alien, Christhian Bahena Rivera, arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder in the abduction and murder of beautiful Mollie Tibbetts! #JusticeForMollie #MollieTibbets #ChristhianRivera #WednesdayWisdom #BuildTheDamnWall #CloseOurBorders #EVerify
2) Mollie Tibbetts was murdered at the hands of an Illegal Alien all because of our weak immigration system. Another beautiful life lost that could have been prevented! #MollieTibbets #ChristhianRivera #WednesdayWisdom #JusticeForMollie
3) Christhian Bahena Rivera was in this country Illegally for 4-7 years! WHY??? He literally sought her out, stalked Mollie like an animal, abducted herb and then killed her! How many more Americans are going to have to die before this stops! #JusticeForMollie
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Let us NOT forget the victims of illegal aliens, & the crimes they committed on Americans! #DemsLibs do you see brought against us? #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#DominicDanielDurden Sheriff Dept, 911 dispatcher, 30. His death is d/t the failure of the Obama immigration system, according to his mother.
Grants life was worth 2 packs of cigarettes to 1 dreamer.
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Hey you insane deranged Open Borders Progressives: yoo hoo!

Pay attention to what I'm about to say to you.

IOWA IS NOT CALIFORNIA. You *can't* count on Democrat/Progressives to get this guy off & minimize the fallout from this.
Progressives are right now struggling to defend the usual weekly bloodbath in Chicago by screaming about the NRA. It's not working any more.

And now this.

This was the LAST thing you needed.

You *chose* to go 'all in' in Open Borders Lunacy and Sanctuary Cities & undermining the immigration laws passed by our elected representatives.

Now you will reap what you've sown.

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Police say the suspect in the homicide of Mollie Tibbetts, Rivera, is an illegal alien who has been in the area for 4-7 years.

Apprehended via CCTV footage.

She was found on 385th St, just outside Brooklyn, Iowa.
I'm watching this live:…

Suspect has been charged with first degree murder. No one else believed to be involved.

Autopsy scheduled for tomorrow.
Christian Bahena Rivera, 24. believed to be a Mexican national, has been unlawfully in the US for 4-7 years, now charged with the murder of Mollie Tibbetts on July 18, 2018.
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A lot of attention has been attracted to this reddit post:… because Q linked to it today. The post attempts to implicate certain FBI officials in corruption due to their positions during certain time periods.
But, it’s a rather sloppy post that plays fast and loose with the facts. This is an ongoing problem with some on the right. They’re so convinced that everyone is dirty that the look for “evidence” to prove it. This is known as confirmation bias.
It’s a constant problem when researching. One’s beliefs help to steer one’s interpretation of facts, and then you don’t look for offsetting facts that may weaken your case. I try to avoid it, but it’s difficult to do.
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Listen up you leftwing nuts and #FakeNewsMedia, including # FakeNewsCNN, #OmarAmeen is the reason we say no to sanctuary cities, yes to travel bans and yes to #BuildTheWall and STFU to you. We MUST protect our borders!
He was a time bomb waiting to explode and one the #FBI would have missed. #BuildThatDamnWall!
I hate to even imagine the innocent lives that would have been lost. I hope some liberal judge doesn't let him walk as the dumb judge in New Mexico did. #JudgeSarahBackus
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Because of #CatchAndRelease a sexual predator was let go because of #KeepFamiliesTogether they could not separate him from the 13yr old he claimed as his daughter and because of #SanctuaryState CA he won’t be deported for raping her. This is the #OpenBorders legacy #BuildTheWall
Congratulations @TheDemocrats you enabled a thirteen year old girl to be brutally raped and abused but don’t worry, he’s safe in California and will be released into our communities because #AbolishIce right? You are all sick.
Cover your ears liberals, @ChuckGrassley AND @SenFeinstein have requested an investigation into abuse at detention centers that went IGNORED during the Obama admin😱Including detaining children in handcuffs where was everyone? The complaints started in 2014 #KeepFamiliesTogether
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[Incoming Tweet Storm]
1. We are now just 91 days from the most important midterm election of our lifetime.

Leftists have brazenly exposed the anti-American sentiment that lies at their core.

From the hateful racism of #SarahJeong to the fascistic rants of #MaxineWaters.

2. More than 500 supporters of President Trump have been assaulted since he declared.

We saw the lawless Hillary-campaign-coordinated Chicago riot.

We saw the coordinated assaults on Trump supporters in San Jose.

We saw the bigotry of #KinoJimenez attacking a young teen.
3. The #FakeNewsMedia has largely ignored these attacks, including the explosive truths uncovered by @JamesOKeefeIII and @Project_Veritas in their #AmericanPravda series of reports.

The bias of the #MSM is now incontrovertible to fair-minded people, their cover is blown.

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Thread: It’s a Crusade in the Truest and Best Sense

1. Okay, I’m going to “go there.” Enough of this PC bull-crap. The Crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims primarily during the 11th - 14th centuries for control of the Holy Land.
2. Yes, there were other crusades (so-named), but these were the main ones remembered and castigated by the secular Left today such that the word “crusade” is banned in (their) “polite company.” Pretty much like they condemn/ban/remove other Western historical references, too.
3. In thinking about the Donald J. Trump political phenomenon – and in particular his ongoing plan encapsulated in that most excellent slogan “Make America Great Again” – I would argue that he (and we) are embarked on a veritable Crusade ourselves.
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If you want to watch the pre-Trump parts of the rally, and him right after, you can see it all live here:

USA!! USA!!!
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1) Here’s my two cents about being a good citizen and American patriot. And what we can do, going forward.
2) Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of this commentary is acknowledging where the blame goes. It’s us. We sort of disengaged with politics, and well – maybe gave up. I’m not talking everyone here, but many of us put our heads down when Obama got into office.
3) A lot of damage was done during those 8 years . . . and before – including with Both Bushes and Clinton. So, for nearly 30 years we were asleep. NO MORE.
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Here’s what news won’t show despite data being provided to them via @SecNielsen and @DHSgov it’s how dangerous illegal border crossing is. While @TheDemocrats continue to say Trump Admin is “anti-immigration” the real truth is admin wants safety #keepfamiliestogether
Illegal boarder crossing is wildly dangerous @TheDemocrats put lives in danger by promoting it. People really do DIE what’s wrong with a united message of LEGAL IMMIGRATION? That’s the best way to protect families #keepfamiliestogether
STOP putting immigrants at risk, STOP pretending it’s okay for children to attempt the journey alone and STOP harassing #CBP they are saving lives and if we #BuildTheWall even more will be.…
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(19) Another violent leftist prosecuted for making death threats to a GOP Congressman. (One month after Scalise was shot). If anyone can find a photo of 60yo Sohail Rana of Louisiana I'd be grateful. It's a common name in Pakistan.
(20) There are so many cases of threats & harm directed at GOP figures I can't catch them all, but I add those I see to this thread.

Rep @SteveScalise is a good account to follow for updates on the more well known incidents.

(21) A teen in Seattle was harassed on the street for wearing a MAGA hat:

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#KeepFamiliesTogether do you still think we should #AbolishICE 22 children avoided a horrible future thanks to @DHSgov @ICEgov @HHSGov and @TheJusticeDept but you won’t here about it on @CNN
This is out of 103 children, in 2014 there were 70k children how many slipped through the cracks? #BuildTheWall
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Now this is interesting white nationalist rhetoric from our friends at @NumbersUSA.

They are so afraid of brown people they're brazenly advocating for a repeal of the 14th Amendment.

Is this a new position because they're emboldened? Hardly.
This group, NumbersUSA, was founded as the "grassroots" component of anti-immigrant mastermind John Tanton. It's president, @RoyBeck_NUSA has been communicating with the white nationalist sympathizer since at least 1990:
Tanton was obsessed with figuring out ways to preserve a white majority in the US. He saw immigration as an existential threat to the national identity of the US.

And he didn't like the 14th Amendment.

See this letter he wrote to a law professor in 1975:
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