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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
I’m pretty sure most of you reading this aren’t fooled by the heavy-handed propaganda, but let’s stick a scope into the #rabbithole and see how this is built so we can look out for the next one.
It started in May by Brandon Straka, a self-described “gay hairdresser” NYC Dem who saw the “hellscape” of a gov’t NOT drowning in lies & corruption & thought “NO, fam: OPPOSITE THIS” & #walkedaway…
Brandon on Twitter is @usminority, created in 2009, Obama’s 1st “Year of Terror” that unleashed his fears about liberalism something-something-something-pure-evil, can’t I just be #Himmler & have the #cosmopolitan vermin let me eat?…
Be cool to see Brando’s dawning realization on that caused him to #redpill, wouldn’t it?

Let’s go back to the account’s earlier tweets, since it’s been live for almost 9 years…
2009, nothing.
2010, nothing.
(You get the gist)
Wait: 2016, 1st hit…after the election.
Hunh, weird - he kind of “came on the scene” ready-formed in 2016 after Trump’s win…didn’t really get to read his "dawning realization" between when he made the account in ’09 and his "#greatawakening" in 2016.

Odd that he was so dark for so long.
Even if he wasn’t under THAT username, he must have…existed somewhere online between the "Dawn of the Internet" and Trump’s Election, yes?
Where he shared his conversion and doubts as he experienced them...?

FB? Insta? Something?

I'm being a bit sassy - it's actually, not shocking, as RU trolls regularly reserved Twitter handles (or buy them used), then sit on them for years (like Brandon’s), then activating them when it's #marketing time.…
So Brandon was “born” in Nov 16, was a #maga nut for the entire time (his #walkaway moment coming prior, in silence and secret, lol), then in May starts drumming up #walkaway to shrugs but not much traction.
Then in June…
So, wha hoppen?

Well, IRL, @presssec (aka #theincrediblehuck), got kicked out of #redhen in Alexandria. She, “respectfully,” tweeted from her official account (not personal) about the incident, triggering a potential ethics violation (long list)…
And so Sara’s (and then her fat, orange f*cking boss’s) tweets light up the restaurant, causing them to close for a few days and making the unaffiliated #RedHen in DC and #RedHen press company insane since, you know, #maga doesn’t/can’t read.
But while THEY were in hell, #walkaway took off and became a focus of the same Russian troll/bot machinery that brought you such winners as the ones listed above.
(shout out to #spygate, y'all! Where my #QAnon at!)
And then, Brandon HIS-VERY-OWN-SELF encountered “they stole my baby and kicked me out of the country” level bigotry at his local camera store where his week of notoriety made him so famous that the staff didn’t want to work w/#altright.…
He was “shaking” (aww) and “didn’t want anyone to get into trouble” but publicized it so…no one got into…trouble.
Some folks at Reddit smelled the fix (and THEY were from The_Donald of all places!)

When #The_Donald calls BS, you know you're full of 💩
And per the #reddit comment above, Brandon has an #IMDB page…
Not as a hairdresser or photographer but as an actor...…
Apparently he became disillusioned with the progressive movement while filming something called “The Record Deal” where he started as “Reporter” (a vital role, I’m certain).
Please note, HE has an IMDB page, yet @davidhogg111 doesn’t.
#whostheactoragain ?
@RVAWonk (who is F*CKING BRILLIANT – you should follow her if you’re not, already) breaks #walkaway down thoroughly, accurately, and thusly:…
Brandon got wind of her work, and tweeted arguing how the hashtag supporters weren’t bots & asked folks to post selfies…which was interesting, but kind of a mixed bag:
Either long-term #maga nuts, or animated gifs


Others smelled what the rock was cooking because we’ve all seen this movie before:…
And still others explained that we’re only going to get more of this fake movement/conflict/outrage garbage (yay):…
@WaPo cynically (and accurately) writes about how easy it is to do this……
How do we know this RU #bots, not "patriots"? Our friends @ #hamilton68 – at the bottom, you'll see the only thing they care about more than #walkaway is Trump's #SCOTUS pick…

Gotta admit, the President + antagonistic foreign powers = a great team!
While Bots do a lot of amplification, it’s also trolls - mainly paid foreign, w/some domestic. And sad IRL dupes don't realize they're paying for Trump University RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and the straight c*nts.…
Aside from bots/trolls, #walkaway = pushed on RU outlets, unsurprisingly, as it’s a #psyops tool they use regularly to inject crazy narratives into our social media sphere.

Here’s a “thought-provoking” feature from, for ex.…
And, apparently, according to @breitbart, it’s “gone viral” as of July 1st…but I’d guess the virality is a bit more engineered than organically thousands of Dems jumping ship to join the party of #babyjail, #trumptaxscam, & #racism…
They’re also hitting up reddit and the usual highly-trafficked bulletin boards to drive up SEO.…
And daily, new content, esp from the usual #maga suspects, crops up on youtube & the like – lots of people talking about how they “#walkedaway” and have been Trump supporters ever since…even though they’re mainly new accounts & have only been active since Trump announced…
Like Kevin here – who kind of half-assed @Youtube until about a year ago, when he posited “Why Black people should vote for Donald Trump” and has never looked back from #maga land…you can almost FEEL his discomfort with his new awakening.
Their goal seems to be driving ppl to, where they feature “testimonials” from Dems who were appalled at the LACK of pussy grabbing, baby-snatching, 1% tax breaks, affordable HC, drops in unemployment & decided to…#walkaway.
And LOOK at those TESTIMONIALS: most of them are PRETTY good looking people! Almost actors or models!

It’s a rainbow! White Gay Guy, Black Guy, Hispanic Guy, E-Euro Dude, Apache-Mexican Woman, A Latino-American (1st Gen!), White Woman, Old Veteran Dude....
A Drag Queen Who left because of the backstage racism against their Black husband (he’s totes safe now, thanks), and a “Union household” person…

It’s like the Superfriends of Stereotypical Democrats, there to "show you the way," so you know you're not alone...
Oddly? Didn’t see one straight White Guy. I guess they’re made of stronger stuff and won’t recognize their Liberal Awfulness as quickly as these other groups.
Kitty Demure is pretty findable - let's see if we can find out more about her past to see who she came to the realization that #liberals were evil and #maga was the way she had to #walkaway...toward...and fr--

Ah…their Youtube account started in May 2018.
Only 2 videos,
Both about #walkaway.

Well, these things DO strike SUDDENLY, and then you decide, for the FIRST time in your LIFE, to have a social media presence…
Bringing it back to the nuts-and-bolts of your daily "Twitter-Life," 🤮
you’re going to keep hearing about this “movement” for awhile,
at least until they have another campaign to try to divide #theresistance.
My instincts say this isn’t going to work – most of us are here because we’re horrified at REAL WORLD actions, not internet playtime. Real people are being hurt by #maga garbage and they are emboldened to be #racist daily
Like this @$$hole.
Yeah, you wanna walk away from Democrats “corruption and division” toward THAT beacon of hope and unity, #amirite?
And don’t even get fooled even by the “selfies” – this came from @GregNorberg, who has 33K sheep—I mean, followers.

He’s trustworthy, right? Cute family, lots of an scowling old wannabe despot in his wallpaper.

But I digress.
Link below, but screenshot in case he blocks me:

Really pretty right? 31, & wide-eyed shocked at the depravity of Libs, which she was a part of until she decided to....#walkaway.
I mean, GREG=moved by her “testimony” (theocra-speak for testimonial):
But then, as with most of these, a little digging gets you a lot.
Let’s do a reverse image search on this attractive woman, shall we?

Whoa, she gets around, enh (I wish!)?
Wrapping it up: it goes w/out saying this is all BS: they’ll move onto another thing (where’s #spygate at?! 🤔), but THIS IS TO DEPRESS DEM TURNOUT in Nov.
We’re going to get a lot of “Progressive vs estab. Dem” infighting too:
just push through it: it’s noise and BS.
Tools to help keep you sane: aside from reverse image search, #hamilton68, I’m loving #botsentinel – it’s a browser extension that automatically flags bots and trolls, as well as fake news accounts.
Then, PROTIP: if #botsentinel is flagging a Bot/Troll, just mute them – they’re stupid, gullible or paid to aggro you.
Life is short.
Organize in October
Do what you can to get every human you know to the polls in Nov
Be ready to hit the streets on Mueller/SCOTUS
Always remember: we show up, we win. EVERYTIME.
This is why they're doing all of this - prying at the cracks in our consensus, amplifying our differences - poor enough salt in the wound, and they hope we'll stay home, like we did in '16.

Trouble with that is...
Take a break NOW if you need to (I sure am), because Aug-Nov is going to get WEIRD.

And feel free to follow, as I #FBR; we’re in this together, and we can do it.


• • •

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