1) Before this day is over, the seditious plot to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States of America will be revealed.

It’s coffee time.
Friday, August 24, 2018.
2) God Bless America.
3) What is sedition?
4) What is a seditious conspiracy and what is the penalty for it in the United States?
5) Who is this man?
6) What did this man say in reference to the 45th duly elected President of the United States, our sitting President, Donald J. Trump?
7) “We’re coming for him.”

—Who is “we?”

8) Who is Philippe Reines?

Who is his most famous client?

9) What did Mr. Reines say to then-national security advisor and retired United States Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, who served in the U.S. Army 1981-2014, and his son, on the day Flynn resigned from his job last year?

10) Mike Flynn is an American Patriot. He speaks the truth. And he says bluntly, to the shadow government that has nearly destroyed our Nation with its seditious plot to take down the President: “You’re all going down.”

11) What did Mike Flynn say to provoke such a vengeful statement by Mr. Reines?
12) On November 2, 2016, General Flynn pointed his followers to the NYPD’s alleged possession of evidence that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails would contain information about “sex crimes with children.”
13) A month later, General Flynn’s son backed up the original Tweet by associating it with the scandal then known as #pizzagate.
14) Hillary Clinton says “falsehoods about me,” like #pizzagate, are part of why she lost in 2016:

“They believed the most outlandish, ridiculous stories: that I was running a child sex-trafficking ring out of the basement of a pizzeria.”

15) The @TheJusticeDept Inspector General Report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation (issued this year) showed that investigators found evidence of “crimes against children” that never were discussed in public. P. 294.

16) Here is a link to the report. justice.gov/file/1071991/d…
17) @true_pundit reported the story back in November of 2016, a week before the election. General Flynn had been referring to it in his tweet. truepundit.com/breaking-bombs…
18) So now we have a motive for sedition.
19) I admired Hillary Clinton all my life.
20) I did not know how very ill she was. (If she is actually not ill someone please correct me). dailycaller.com/2016/08/29/huf…
21) I would never have believed she was the kind of person who would have female sex slaves brought to her for “consumption.”
22) The allegations: “kill list,” evidence destruction, even domestic violence against a sitting President, Bill Clinton—I just never in my life would have believed it.
23) I share all this to explain how bad I feel in a very personal way about this seditious plot. For I do not believe Hillary has that much power.

Someone behind her is behind all this. And she is fully their tool.
24) I also liked President Obama, at least at first.

Do you see how they use our highest aspirations against us?
25) So when Michael Avenatti says “we’re coming for him,” who is the “we” in that statement?

All of us want to know.

26) When Michael Avenatti, a two-bit whore of a lawyer, is on the news all the time, is it the journalists themselves who deliberately put him there?

I do not believe it.

27) I do believe that the journalists are constrained (controlled) by their bosses, who are in turn constrained by something else. It isn’t money - CNN ratings are down by 25% since last year.

28) This is a pretty long article explaining in great detail what kind of person Michael Avenatti is. zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-1…
29) July 17, 2018.
Politics makes very strange bedfellows indeed.
30) I hypothesize that Hillary Clinton’s handlers have recruited the financially desperate and morally crippled Michael Avenatti to participate in their orchestrated effort to unseat President Trump.
31) I hypothesize that this is the Russian collusion we’re looking for.
32) Who is @BernXmas and why is his story so important? Cc @LaTanster

33) Ben Szemkus came out of nowhere to state, over an over, and before a polygraph test takes (he passed) that Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford), Avenatti’s client in 2018, was present at a 2007 “mixer” for alleged sex trafficking cult #NXIVM.
34) Szemkus says Hillary adviser Huma Abedin took attendance with a clipboard. Anthony Weiner and former NYS AG Schneiderman there too.
35) It is possible she got branded (like the other slaves) at this event.

The supposition of her membership has been waved off as “conspiracy” thinking.

36) What did they do to this man that he looks like this?

37) I used to respect Wolf Blitzer.
But it looks like they got to him too.
38) As a woman, I feel bad for all the women used to further this ridiculous plot. They have been shamed and degraded in every possible way. Including Stephanie Clifford.
40) As a voter I do not particularly care who adult politicians sleep with as long as they aren’t hurting anyone to do it.
41) I do care that the government has squandered $16.7 million that could have gone to feeding hungry families on an investigation known by the investigators to be fraudulent. washingtonpost.com/news/post-nati…
42) I accuse Russia of directing this plot to unseat the President.
43) I humbly ask our @POTUS to arrest the enemy combatants associated with this plot, try them and sentence them appropriately.
45) This 45th Tweet is dedicated to the 45th President of the United States, and his family, who have given up everything so that we may be free.





• • •

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