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Policy voting part of #CPC18 is about to get underway! Lots of excitement as delegates get in place. There'll be debate on @ErinOTooleMP's fav: CANZUK agreement and @denisebatters will speak in favour of resolution on MAID/euthanasia. Also on agenda: abortion, Energy East, etc.
@ErinOTooleMP @denisebatters Of course, a Tory favourite, delegates will be asked to weigh in on Liberal plan for a national price on carbon. Not to prejudge the outcome, but that one might be as sure a thing as any of them ;)
There are 30 policy proposals to get through so @CandiceBergenMP says they're going to run this "like a really tight ship," not a lot of time for chit-chat. #CPC18
@CandiceBergenMP Fredericton, riding sponsoring Energy East resolution, is hoping for unanimous consent. I didn't see one person vote against it. So, yeah. Tories want the pipeline! #CPC18
.@HonEdFast says no Conservative should ever endorse a tax hike. There's one speaker who says he believes the wording of this is too strong. But delegates pass it as written with only a handful (at best) opposed to the anti-carbon tax resolution.
Next resolution, a proposal to give all three territories 100 per cent of all resource royalties generated in the territories. "Decisions in the North should be made by Northerners." Virtually all delegates, save for about 10 by my count, vote for it.
Next up, a resolution on interprovincial trade of alcohol. Resolution calls for the elimination of all trade barriers. One delegate says it's a fantastic proposal they just wish it included supply management #CPC18
That resolution passes. Cheers of #FreetheBeer!
Another resolution, this one on simplifying the tax code. Many folks are in favour but one says they're against the line that calls for the elimination of *all* "deductions and credits." Delegate says if CPC passes this it will be used by the party's opponents. #CPC18
"We don't want a bunch of Liberal tax credits," Calgary Centre delegate says. "Lower flat tax stimulates investment, stimulates growth." #CPC18
This one is much closer. They'll go to the machines for this one. Looked pretty evenly split to me.
By a vote of 57 per cent to 43 the resolution is defeated. So, tax credits and deductions will live on. #CPC18
Another resolution, calling for a simplified Quebec tax form (Quebecers file both provincial and federal income taxes, with different forms.) @AndrewScheer has big a backer of this one. #CPC18
Passes overwhelmingly. About 5-6 people opposed. #CPC18
Next up, a resolution on "interprovincial harmonization of professional and trades
certifications and training to encourage more labour mobility and portability of qualifications within Canada." It passes.
Next up, a @MaximeBernier favourite, a resolution calling for "eliminating subsidies to for-profit businesses to the greatest extent possible," or the "corporate welfare" resolution so gov't doesn't "pick winners or losers." #CPC18
There's a bit of a split on this one. Couple delegates say some companies need a leg-up when they're getting off the ground, or when there's an economic meltdown like '08.
Motion is carried. No more corporate welfare! #CPC18
Next up, a call for more competition in "airlines, banking, cell phones."
That passed with considerable support.
Next up, a resolution that calls for "a comprehensive non-partisan, independent review of the Income Tax Act and Canada’s fiscal framework." Delegates say last time this happened was '66. #CPC18
A little bit of confusion over whether an amendment to this one was passed, or not.
.@GarnettGenuis speaks to the resolution, as amended. They've taken out "non-partisan, independent" review of the tax code. So, now it's just a review — and partisanship is a-OK. Passes overwhelmingly. #CPC18
@GarnettGenuis Now, we are into the social policy part of the convention. Hint: Abortion, euthanasia, Summer Jobs Program, etc.
First resolution, eliminating the "government values test attestation," which is in reference to the Summer Jobs Program controversy. Lots of talk about how 1,500 applicants were denied federal funding because organizations wouldn't sign attestation.
Every #CPC18 delegate is in favour of the resolution. Not a single no vote. Under a Tory government, no "thought police" for Summer Jobs Program.
Next, a resolution so that "Abortion should be explicitly excluded from Canada’s maternal and child health program in countries where Canadian aid is delivered, since it is extremely divisive – and often illegal." #CPC18
"We do not need to cherry pick what services a woman needs," a delegate says standing against resolution. A few "Hear, hear!" from the crowd. #CPC18
Delegate from Etobicoke-Lakeshore says she doesn't want to keep dealing with these social issues, like abortion, during election time, makes it hard for the party to pick up seats in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. #CPC18
Delegate in favour of this resolution says maternal health program should be focused on non-controversial things like food and water. Delegate is worked up Trudeau is sending $ abroad to pay for abortions. #CPC18
This is a tight one. Going to the electronic voting machines. #CPC18
Machines aren't working for some people. @CandiceBergenMP patiently explaining how the device works. They'll do it again now #CPC18
That abortion resolution is *carried* So, abortion will be explicitly excluded from Canada’s maternal and child health program in countries
where Canadian aid is delivered. Lots of cheers from some parts of the room. #CPC18
Next resolution, opposing euthanasia and medical assistance in dying and "the extension ... to minors, to people who are not competent and people who live with psychological suffering." #CPC18
.@denisebatters speaks in favour. "We must preserve safeguards for minors, the mentally ill," she says.
We're going to the machine! Here we go.
The motion is carried. No medical in assistance dying for minors, people who are "not competent," and people who live with "psychological suffering." #CPC18
Next up the abortion resolution. It would delete "A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion," making it possible for a Conservative government to pass anti-abortion legislation. #CPC18
A delegate from Pontiac says he doesn't want to focus on these divisive issues. "Big government should stay the hell out of people's private lives!" (Big cheers I must say.) #CPC18
.@lraitt speaks against this resolution. "Our leader promised he would not bring in legislation with respect to abortion..." #CPC18
They're going to the machines for this abortion vote. Stand by.
So, a victory for pro-choice Conservatives. Anti-abortion activists were pushing members to "Delete 65." So, there you go. #cpc18
53 per cent voted against the motion. 47 voted in favour.
Next up, a motion to "support legislation to ensure that any child born alive shall receive the full benefits of life-saving
care, and neo-natal intensive care to give every opportunity possible for the child to sustain life." #CPC18
Next resolution, it's on declaring pornography a "public health risk." They've gone to the machines because it's a close vote.
The pornography resolution is *defeated* 724 to 632. So a majority of Conservatives do not believe porn is a public health risk. #CPC18
Next up, a resolution on palliative care. "The gov't should work with provinces and territories and professional medical groups to develop a National Palliative Care Strategy & adopt appropriate legislation to provide timely and equitable access across Canada to palliative care."
The resolution is carried.
Next up, Safe Third Country agreement. "The Conservative Party believes in stopping all illegal entries in Canada. To ensure the safety and the
respect of our borders, the Party commits that a Conservative government will take the required steps
to renegotiate the STCA." #CPC18
Conservative members have backed a resolution that "recognizes and accepts unreservedly the existence of a Social Covenant between the Government of Canada and those who have served in the Armed Forces of Canada." #CPC18
Next, a resolution to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. #CPC18
Big cheers from a young delegate who says supporting Jerusalem as the capital is all about supporting Israel. #CPC18
The Jerusalem motion *passes*. #CPC18
Next up, Conservatives call on the government to "re-establish the Office of Religious Freedom in order to promote the universal right of religious freedom internationally and to advocate for persecuted religious minorities around the world."
Delegates have *passed* the CANZUK Treaty overwhelmingly, calling for "Visa-free labour/leisure mobility for citizens, including retirement relocation." #CPC18
Next up, a resolution to "promote
policies and legislation designed to protect freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Canada." #CPC18
Next up, a controversial one: a proposal to "enact legislation which will fully eliminate birthright citizenship in
Canada unless one of the parents of the child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada." #CPC18
They're going to electronic voting machines on this one. It's close. #CPC18
Delegates are concerned there are a lot of "passport babies" — people coming here to give birth to get a certificate for their kids. #CPC18
Resolution has *PASSED* 61 to 39. #CPC18
The last one! Resolution: "gov't will undertake regular reviews of all government spending programs and 12 terminate those programs whose objectives are no longer valid or have already been met or whose objectives are not consistent with the objectives of the Government." #CPC18

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