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@andrew_lilico Okay @andrew_lilico, you need to download the tables from the Ipsos Mori survey you cited in reply to @Sime0nStylites. You need Table 43 and Table 46 from here:…


@andrew_lilico @Sime0nStylites Let's look at the detail with some carpet charts. All are prefaced with "If Britain votes to leave the European Union, to what extent do you think it would be better or worse for each of the following, or would it make no difference?"

@andrew_lilico @Sime0nStylites We're testing if voters voted for Brexit, despite expecting to be worse off after 5 years and about even after 20 years. So we're looking at the Leave breakdown.

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‘We’re leaving EU at 11pm on 29 March,’ booms the funereally unamusing Attorney-General like an MC at a golf-club auction. Cut to a stony-faced Philip Hammond. You tell ‘em, Phil #CPC18
Geoffrey Cox would have made rather a good general in a 1950s British war film. Sadly in this case the war is on the British economy, but the compliment stands #CPC18
That was the most resonant enunciation of the word ‘differences’ since about 1943. This man is pompous-Tory central casting. I’m honestly astounded he actually exists
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Re-issuing, but as single thread, 11 tweets from over last 3 days, each one linking to different commentator, but all justifiably criticising May's Tories for their abject failure to come up with any ideas to counter hard-Left Corbynite-Labour.

Judge for yourselves. . .

Yet another VG diagnosis of May's Vichy-'Conservatives' combined political ineptitude & ideological vacuum, by Janet Daley.
Corbyn's apparent supporters are inveterate consumers, not marxists, but Miliband-Lite May Tories have totally failed to notice it.
Another who totally understands the political cul-de-sac in which the Vichy-'Conservative' Party has voluntarily trapped itself.
Dominic Lawson in @thesundaytimes on the impossibility of their credibly opposing Corbyn policies which are also their own.
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1. All the solutions to the various technical #Brexit concerns are to an extent sub-optimal, complicated and require a degree of compromise. Tories, though, would rather queue up round the block to be told life is simpler than it is.

2. Anyone can blether about sovereignty and self-determination but in the real world, regulation and rules are the WD40 of trade and without agreed norms trade simply doesn't happen. All trade agreements to one extend or other place constraints on sovereignty.
3. Brexit requires of us that we seek a balance between isolationism and subordination but since the EU is the regional and global regulatory superpower in this equation, to a larger extent it will call the shots. This is a simple fact of life. They are bigger than us.
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.@sajidjavid told his story at #CPC18 and discussed the "word 'home'". Personal stories and home--both very important, yes. So I'm going to tell you mine @sajidjavid: my story as an EU migrant exercising freedom of movement and that of the place I considered my home, the UK. 1/
It's a story that according to you and @theresa_may shouldn't exist. Why? Because based on your immigration proposals the UK would not be my home. Had the rules you set out today existed when I was thinking of making the UK my home, I would not have been able to come. Because 2/
when I was offered my first job here, PhD in hand, I was paid £26k p.a., so well below the salary threshold you think should determine who can or cannot come to the UK, define who contributes to life here. Based on that I would not be here. That's where my story would end. 3/
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This makes me really angry. @britishineurope have been screaming into traffic for months that the removal of our free movement via not getting it into the withdrawal agreement was simply the first wave. Why are the media only waking up to it now?

#freemovement #cpc2018 #cpc18
@BritishInEurope @SavLocal - as per your thread x
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At our #CPC18 fringe event #Brexit Secretary @DominicRaab tells @HenryNewman that there is "no such thing as pure independence," and the UK recognises its interdependence with EU in trade and security
Raab says there is a distinction to make: does the EU reject Chequers because it cannot separate goods and services or because it does not want to? #CPC18
Raab on possibility of extension of CU beyond 2020: We recognise the need for backstop as a bridge to future arrangements...but it would need to be short and time-limited... If this is a ruse to keep UK in a CU, that's not acceptable #CPC18
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90 minutes before @BorisJohnson speaks and he’s already got the biggest queue of any #cpc18 event. Hundreds here!
I reckon you could fill up the main conference with all the people waiting for Boris #cpc18
Everyone wearing #StandUp4Brexit and #ChuckChequers badges, natch.
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What's happening in #Brexit...lots of noise about on the post Salzburg plan... here's what I know, with inputs from both sides.

So let's start with the post-Salzburg plan. Multiple versions about - I've written on Chequers 2.0, as has @SamuelMarcLowe and @JohnSpringford of @CER_EU whose paper is here:… /2
@SamuelMarcLowe @JohnSpringford @CER_EU The shorter version is this:

1) All-UK for customs on NI backstop, but accept SM checks unique to NI, with some de-dramatised checks (for regs) on NI-GB border.

2) To move to park the NI customs backstop stand-off by agreeing a "Temporary Customs Arrangement" /3
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We Conservatives want good jobs for British workers. And that's why were allowing skilled migrants to continue take the good jobs, leaving all the low-wage, low-skilled jobs for Britons to do.

And once we have an economy based entirely on British workers picking fruit and serving coffee to wealthy immigrants, we no longer need an education system, so we can cut that, and reduce our tax bill even further at your children's expense
And if, as a result of our social engineering, your kids have worthless jobs and dead-end lives and can't afford homes or families, they won't mind dying young. So we'll shut the NHS, and spend the extra money on union jack flags and bunting, and photos of the Queen
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Lots of ppl seeing the crass, belligerent pro-Brexit speeches at CPC18 as part of a strategy to engineer no-deal while shifting the blame onto the EU. I'm not sure: I think short-term polling is driving this. Keep the base fired up and unified; court the nationalist vote. #CPC18
As Trump & Brexit both show, in representative democracies with voting systems that can be 'gamed'*, the winner isn't whoever 51% of ppl would opt for if forced to choose between two alternatives: it's whoever can get most people fired up in support of the cause. Sad but true.
* By "voting systems that can be 'gamed'", I mean voting systems where you can win a disproportionate share of power/parliamentary representation by piling up support in certain areas e.g. FPTP, US electoral college. Contrast with variants of PR or French-style 2-round voting.
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There’s been a security breach at #cpc18. All conference venues in lockdown, buildings locked for duration.
Doors to the main building locked, no one allowed to leave.
There’s chatter going around there’s some very enthusiastic Pokemon Go players who are desperate to access the conference venue. Not a joke.
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Hi #CPC18, I’ve got a few thoughts for you.
All this shenaniganary about the border in NI is a wee tad confusing, so let’s chat.
As the Conservative *& Unionist* Party, you must understand the damage your doing to the Union with Brexit.

No form of Brexit is good for the NI situation. Brexit, in every form, puts the Union at risk. #CPC18
But then again, not much was thought of those outside Britain, was there? That’s why you called it British-Exit, instead of UK-Exit. (NI is part of the UK, but not a part of Britain.)
Basically words matter, & the semantics of this tell us you don’t care. But I digress.
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Philip Hammond: "The Conservative Party is and always will be the party of business"
What are your experts telling you Brexit does to UK business?
What have UK businesses been screaming at you about Brexit for 3 years?
Wow, Philip Hammond has been non-stop with the empty promises today. Sorry I'm late to the party. (Haircut) I'm going through it all now...
Philip Hammond: They say it won't work... Well they said that about the light bulb.

Sorry Phil... The light bulb works because it's backed up by the experts in the field. BREXIT IS NOT!!!
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To everyone who wants a vote on the Brexit 'deal'. Please stop blindly bashing Tories. Remember: Carrot and Stick! We need them to know that questioning Brexit isn't betraying the party. It's protecting the party from being blamed for destroying the country.
You must decide what's more important to you. Venting your anger at the Tories, or doing what is strategically necessary to protect the UK from harm. We regularly criticise those who won't accept there's anything wrong with Brexit due to personal emotion (pride). SO BE BETTER!
The only way this works is if we criticise / politically pressure MPs OF ALL PARTIES who don't support a People's Vote and we praise and support those who do.
Bashing the entire Tory party an expecting to win over Tories is just bad strategy. (I'm not innocent of this, but still)
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This is the whole story when I was slapped in the face during #CPC18
Fiona Bruce MP, chair of @CPHumanRights and @benedictrogers, chair of @hk_watch, cohosted a fringe event on Hong Kong’s erosion of freedom. Martin Lee QC, @yttai and @nathanlawkc were the speakers #CPC18 1/8
The event focused on China’s continued suppression of Hong Kong human rights and China’s breach of the Joint-Deceleration. @nathanlawkc told the audience how he was jailed and ousted from HK parliament, @yttai talked about sharp and hard power of China in HK. #CPC18 2/8
At the end of the event, a woman with a press pass, later learnt she works for Chinese state-controlled #CCTV, shouted at @benedictrogers from her seat, accusing him of trying to separate China, and the rest of the panel were puppets and fake Chinese. #CPC18 3/8
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At #greenerUK #CPC18 fringe, ⁦@michaelgove⁩ in conversation with WWF’s ⁦@TanyaMSteele⁩. Needless to say, the room is creaking at the seams!
First time we’re hearing more detail on PM’s promised #environmentbill. Gove: as well as addressing #AirPollution it will tackle waste & resources to move us towards a #CircularEconomy
At the time of #climatechange Act, people were worried its ambitious targets would harm economic growth - quite the opposite has happened, says Gove #cpc18 #greenerUK
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Mood #CPC18
Grassroots members who heard PM not convinced by Chequers, but want to stay loyal to PM and not impressed by Operation Boris and “deranged”, want to give her a chance after she said EU had to respond to her plans... one said “till October” - which is tomorrow.
Mood 2:
Two Tory MPs in Birmingham have now volunteered their fears about the effectiveness of that slick Labour ad/video on towns “Our Town” - being discussed on the Whatsapp group
Mood 3:
Surprised by presence of more than a few Tories at nearby “People’s Vote” march - thought it would be mainly Libdems... adamant what appears self evident - theyve entirely lost their party - can be overturned... Number of their MPs backing is creeping up, tho still small.
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.@BrandonLewis opens #cpc18 with an interesting pitch about how the Tories risk being left behind in a changing Britain.
.@BrandonLewis says he wants the Tories to become “the natural home for ethnic minority communities within a generation.” Not a small task. #cpc18
Lewis also announcing a “dedicated mentoring fund to support those who are under-represented in our party”. Something @IsabelHardman discusses in her excellent new book on how to get better MPs #cpc18
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At the “How can the Conservatives win back the under-45s?” Fringe. Average age of audience: 55. Number of bow ties: 2. #cpc18
Neil O’Brien says the Tories are now some 40 points behind Labour among young people. Says young voters were attracted by Corbyn’s offer of a “moon on a stick”. #cpc18
O’Brien says the Tories’ support among young voters is like a branch that has been rotting for years and has now finally broken. #CPC18
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1/ What does no-deal Brexit mean for EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope?

@ecas_europe in collaboration with @EuropeStreet have put together a comprehensive summary of which #citizensrights will be affected in case of both orderly & no deal Brexit…
2/ UK Govt promised no-deal notes on #citizensrights but none materialised. We now know how to market fertiliser but not what will happen to EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope. Anthony Valcke from @ecas_europe & @Claudiacomms fill some of these information gaps
3/ the reciprocal #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope are complex and go way beyond just the right to stay and work as it often portrayed by senior UK Govt officials. It is not as easy as simply 'not turfing out' citizens.
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It's the main event at #cpc18 — the policy plenary. I'm going to do a few updates as interesting things come up.
Policy 1: Bring back Energy East. Big endorsement.
2: No national carbon price, leave environment policies to the provinces, no "federal interference or federal penalties or incentives." Basically the entire room votes for it.
There's gonna be lots of other policies that are perfectly reasonable, but not terribly exciting — give the North more power to develop itself, simplify the tax code — if you want updates on those, I recommend watching CPAC.
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Policy voting part of #CPC18 is about to get underway! Lots of excitement as delegates get in place. There'll be debate on @ErinOTooleMP's fav: CANZUK agreement and @denisebatters will speak in favour of resolution on MAID/euthanasia. Also on agenda: abortion, Energy East, etc.
@ErinOTooleMP @denisebatters Of course, a Tory favourite, delegates will be asked to weigh in on Liberal plan for a national price on carbon. Not to prejudge the outcome, but that one might be as sure a thing as any of them ;)
There are 30 policy proposals to get through so @CandiceBergenMP says they're going to run this "like a really tight ship," not a lot of time for chit-chat. #CPC18
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Sharing my positive Conservative vision for Canada where taxes are low, government is limited, opportunity is equal, freedom is shared, and people are put first.

Canada’s Conservatives are strong, ready and here for Canada. #CPC18…
Thank you to the dozens of conservative leaders and elected officials from all parts of the country who are here.

We are certainly one big, strong, united, national Conservative party.

And next year, we will be a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government.
If we can win a fair fight on our principles in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, there is nowhere in this country we can’t win!
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