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Sharing my positive Conservative vision for Canada where taxes are low, government is limited, opportunity is equal, freedom is shared, and people are put first.

Canada’s Conservatives are strong, ready and here for Canada. #CPC18…
Thank you to the dozens of conservative leaders and elected officials from all parts of the country who are here.

We are certainly one big, strong, united, national Conservative party.

And next year, we will be a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government.
If we can win a fair fight on our principles in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, there is nowhere in this country we can’t win!
Folks, this weekend is about a lot of things.

It’s about celebrating how far we’ve come in the last year.

It’s about affirming our principles and articulating our vision.

But most importantly, it’s about all the people we fight for every single day.
But here’s the real problem. Justin Trudeau has no idea what she or any middle class Canadian family is going through because of him.

He has no concept of how to stretch a dollar. How to make it to the next payday. How to stick to a monthly budget.
My mother was my hero. She passed away last year – right before I was elected leader.

But I like to think she passed away knowing that she instilled in me a lasting obligation to make life even just a little bit better for the people around me.
To raise my three daughters and two sons with the same strength and optimism she showed me. To give of myself so the burdens of others might be lighter. Just as she did her whole life.

That is her legacy to our family. I want it to be my legacy to this country.
This country that has bestowed such fortune and opportunity on my family that I stand before you running to be the next Prime Minister one generation removed from having nine kids in a two-bedroom bungalow along a dirt road.
That, right there, is Canada, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s worth fighting to protect.
I think it’s a disgrace that some are allowing extreme voices in this country to erase our proud heritage.
If we look back on our history and our leaders and only see the blemishes, we miss out on a beautiful story of a country that has progressed into one of the safest, freest, and most prosperous in the world.
A year ago when I met people, it was a polite handshake, a smile, and a “best of luck.”

Now it’s the two-hand grasp, the serious square look in the eye, and a “Andrew, you just have to beat these guys.”
The tax-hiking, rule-breaking, perk-loving, deficit-spending, debt-mounting, virtue-signalling Liberals Canadians have come to know and despise.

Justin Trudeau says Canada is back? I say the Liberals are back.
From coast to coast I hear the same thing.

People are getting by, but they aren’t getting ahead. There’s only a little left at the end of the month. And everything keeps getting more expensive.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t get it.
As Prime Minister, I’m going to make sure the government takes less money off every paycheque so you can get ahead, not just get by.
Ladies and gentlemen, this kind of out-of-touch, elitist thinking is typical Liberal arrogance.

Millionaire Liberals like Justin Trudeau may want to pay higher gas prices, but the hard-working Canadians that we are fighting for don't!
Under Justin Trudeau, Canada’s international trading prospects have never looked more grim.

And that’s a problem, when one in five Canadian jobs rely on free trade.
We need to stop pumping cheap fuel into the American economy. We need to get our resources to new markets. And we need to compete with other countries on taxation and regulation instead of rolling over.
In October, I’m headed to India to do the same. And don’t worry, I don’t dance and I’m not bringing a celebrity chef.

The point is, international trade is a serious endeavor requiring serious leadership. It’s time for the grown-ups to be in charge again.
Every year that we’re in a deficit, we’re borrowing money from my kids and from yours. Deficits today mean higher taxes tomorrow. It really is that simple.

Not one of us – not a single one of us in this room – would leave a credit card bill to those who come after us.
What Justin Trudeau doing is robbing from our and it’s just wrong.

Under my leadership, the deficits will come to an end. We will balance the budget and once again and put Canada’s fiscal house in order.
Now speaking of pointless gestures that will cost Canadians a lot of money and do nothing for the world’s climate…

The carbon tax!
Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals in Ontario are gone – thank you Ford Nation.

Jason Kenney and the UCP are about to take care of the NDP in Alberta.

Even Liberals are running away from it. PEI’s Liberal government will submit a plan this fall that won’t include a carbon tax.
There is a carbon tax revolt brewing.

And I can tell you the reason more and more Canadians don’t support a carbon tax is precisely because we do understand it!
And that’s why, come 2019, my first act as Prime Minister will be to get rid of the carbon tax – once and for all!
Liberals always try and wrap themselves up in good intentions, but their policies invariably hurt the very people they claim they want to help.
They try and convince people that they are moved by compassion. But we all know that there is nothing compassionate about their policies.
There is absolutely nothing compassionate about allowing thousands of people to cross the border illegally from a safe place like upstate New York, jumping ahead of those in refugee camps fleeing violence and tyranny and waiting for Canada’s help.
There is unity in our diversity.
Ladies and gentlemen, Conservatives are united.

Across provincial borders, conservatives are coming together and winning.
Conservatives know that people – all people, no matter where they live or what they do– are best served when governments stand down and allow individuals, families, and communities to determine their own destiny.
But as you’re out there, knocking on doors and talking to your neighbours, I want you to allow yourself to dream.

To dream about the country we are building.
What if we had a government that understood that a free people making free decisions was the best way to improve quality of life and create prosperity?
This is what the Conservative Party will offer.

A country where people aren’t just there to pay taxes to a big government, they’re there to be served by a good government.
Where we work with First Nations as partners in our shared prosperity, instead of talking down to them with empty gestures and symbolism.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is my positive Conservative vision –

Where taxes are low, government is limited, opportunity is unlimited, freedom is shared, and people are put before government!

• • •

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