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Regina—Qu'Appelle MP. 2nd Conservative Party Leader and 35th HOC Speaker. Principled Conservative. Defender of economic freedom and human rights.
Sep 7, 2018 15 tweets 33 min read
Today, I’ve made some changes to the @CPC_HQ Shadow Cabinet. As we head into the fall session, your new Conservative team is focused squarely on holding the Trudeau Liberals to account and helping more Canadians get by and get ahead. (1/15) @CPC_HQ I'm pleased to welcome @StephanieKusie, MP for Calgary-Midnapore, to the team as Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions. Stephanie is a former diplomat who has worked in developing and established democracies. Her skills and experience will be welcomed to the table. (2/15)
Aug 24, 2018 36 tweets 5 min read
Sharing my positive Conservative vision for Canada where taxes are low, government is limited, opportunity is equal, freedom is shared, and people are put first.

Canada’s Conservatives are strong, ready and here for Canada. #CPC18… Thank you to the dozens of conservative leaders and elected officials from all parts of the country who are here.

We are certainly one big, strong, united, national Conservative party.

And next year, we will be a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government.
Aug 20, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
By sweeping away legitimate questions on his failed border policy with vile personal insults, it is Trudeau himself who is guilty of polarizing the debate. No one has done more to divide Canadians than he has. 1/5 This is not the first time Trudeau has responded to criticism with demonizing attacks. 2/5
Feb 9, 2018 39 tweets 6 min read
It’s great to be here at the annual networking conference of the @manningcentre for Building Democracy. #MNC2018 There are obviously different reasons why people join our movement. But I believe that there are certain core principles that we can all agree on. Conservativism emphasizes individual and political freedom, free trade, and the universal benefits of a free economy.