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The alpha version of the CBC #GamerGate Archive has now been assembled. It contains audio, video, articles, screen captures, and related documents covering 97% of all known material from Canada's national broadcaster referring to us and weighs in at around 4.6 GB. 1/2
Some tentative statistics (covering all CBC media):
- Hit pieces or significant mentions: 29
- Gamedrops: 10
- Ombudsman reviews: 8
- Related incidents: 3
- Trivial mentions: 4
- Missing hit pieces with no known archives: 2
More material will be slowly added. #GamerGate 2/2
Some more statistics courtesy of the CBC:
- Number of Brianna Wu interviews: 4
- Number of Anita Sarkeesian interviews: 3
- Number of Zoe Quinn interviews: 1
- Number of Ashley Lynch interviews: 1
- Number of Felicia Day interviews: 1
Poor neglected @GMShivers. ;_; #GamerGate :(
The reward for widest reaching anti-#GamerGate CBC smear artist goes to pop culture analyst @KimLinekin, who did three hit pieces on us and @AdamBaldwin (for CBC Yukon, CBC British Columbia, and CBC Ottawa) ALL ON THE SAME DAY (October 17, 2014).…
Quick update: I've recently started creating transcripts for the CBC's audio and video segments for #GamerGate supporters to use to make searching and quoting things easier for #OperationCanadianBacon II. Once I finish compiling existing stuff, I may recruit some help. :) 1/2
It should also help make things more inclusive for any hard-of-hearing or deaf supporters we have, such as @Ryona_Violet, who might otherwise not be able to take full advantage of our extensive non-text archived resources due to a lack of closed captions or subtitles. ^_^; 2/2
Though, good lord, some of the smug, arrogant shit and bald-faced lies that I'm being forced to type out writing these transcripts makes me want to punch these people in the face. #GamerGate
For everyone on Reddit/Twitter who're not Canadians and want to help with #OperationCanadianBacon II, we can always use help with archiving, researching, and digging. The above hit piece has questionable claims about BioWare and "Civilization" that need fact checking. #GamerGate
Hey Canada, here're your tax dollars at work, courtesy of the @CBC. @AdamBaldwin, @draginol, and @grummz take note. Maybe @AlecBaldwin as well.
And, yes, @Ryona_Violet, they actually PAY some adults to act this juvenile. #GamerGate
🤔 #GamerGate
I'm not sure what's more amusing here: Kishonna Gray assigning a deeper meaning to what is essentially exploiting a game mechanic in "Grand Theft Auto V" or watching CBC radio documentary producer Nicola Luksic's head asplode in slow motion trying to make sense of it. #GamerGate
You know, repeating buzzwords like "rape culture" over and over doesn't automatically make your argument more coherent.
Also, is it just me, or does using the word "body"/"bodies" as synonyms for "person"/"people" sound WAY more dehumanzing than anything else? o_O
This is going to be the most white knight-like thing I'm ever going to say, but I'M genuinely offended for female gamers here, because statements like this by an academic REALLY make them look bad. Any thoughts on this, ladies? @Mombot? @ZetsubouNigga? #GamerGate #NotYourShield
The first two options are the ones most people choose, regardless of race or gender. But the third one...punishing ALL gamers in general for the behavior of a few douchebags just to make themselves feel better? This is how bad female gamer stereotypes are created. #GamerGate
So some idiot in "WoW" succeeds in driving you off, but your OCD when it comes to screenshotting stuff that triggers you leaves you with a permanent souvenir of it. Oy.
@Grummz, you haven't worked for @Blizzard_Ent for a while, but wouldn't the mods crack down on this? #GamerGate
The next time someone claims that "SJWs aren't trying to destroy games/gaming culture", remember this. They clearly want to raze existing gaming culture (which evolved naturally) to the ground and replace it with an artificial construct that better suits their needs. #GamerGate
Yeah...I think I can safely that the vast majority of straight male gamers have no problem with the idea of more female gamers. They'd probably be quite enthusiastic about it. They do, however, have problems with ideologues, agenda pushers, and troublemakers. Like you. #GamerGate
.@Brad_Glasgow @draginol @stillgray @mombot @GamingAndPandas @WilliamUsherGB You know, I think that if there's ever a contest to find the most disingenuous and dishonest description of #GamerGate, the award would go to @_TomHowell and @NicolaLuksic here. So many lies of omission.
This ridiculousness about accusing everyone you don't like as being part of the alt-right ends until someone starts filing lawsuits for libel/slander/defamation. I kinda wish @BreitbartNews or Stephen Bannon would sue Anita Sarkeesian's ass off. Would be fun to watch. #GamerGate
Speaking of Anita Sarkeesian, based on these comments, I'm still trying to figure out if she was one of those mean bitches who picked on nerds and geeks in high school or a spoiled brat who was kicked out of playgroups in kindergarten for being an insufferable wretch. #GamerGate
"I dunno, but just by reading some of these things here in your thread, I feel like I'm reading a SNL skit or something.
What does gamer culture have to do with politics?"
An excellent question, @TheRoxxus! Here's the answer given on the show (which makes no sense). #GamerGate
Any politics that MIGHT be in "World of Warcraft" are subtle and the player is engaging with them by choice. SJWs FORCE identity politics on you whether you like it or not. That's the difference.

Also, the demons and gnomes hate your filthy human privilege. XD @grummz #GamerGate
I hope this warning's one that @grummz, @draginol, @mombot @HuniePotDev, @AlphaOmegaSin, etc. can help spread. While Kishonna Gray "merely" wanted to tear down and replace gaming culture, Emma Vossen wants to do it with the ENTIRE GAMING INDUSTRY. Beware, @riotgames. #GamerGate
In my personal headcanon, Megan Williams is secretly pro-#GamerGate and deliberately trolling Brianna Wu with this question. XD
.@RealPeerReview @0K_ultra @TheMercedesXXX Any thoughts on this? I can't help but think that there must be some kind of massaging of the facts here...
You know, this whole Internet tough guy routine about having IP addresses and connections to the police would sound a lot more impressive IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO REGULARLY CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL TEAM ABOUT ONLINE NEGATIVITY. 🤦 #GamerGate
@4chan The @CBC: Asking those hard-hitting questions that define modern journalism. #GamerGate
You know, I think this is the most obfuscated, roundabout way I've ever seen of someone trying to say "@4chan's filled with a bunch of unemployed weeb losers who live in their parents' basements." #GamerGate
Apparently, 4chan also created the terms "win" and "fail". No one ever used those words in that way until they came along. :P #GamerGate
>"Remind us what #GamerGate was."
Good lord, where the hell did the CBC find this guy and why does he sound a tinfoil-hatted, tweaking hobo you picked up off the nearest street corner?
moot: "@4chan...I am moot. Thy god. Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
#GamerGate: "Hold my beer."
First of all, I don't think anyone on the right uses the term "bourgeosie". That's pinko talk.
Second of all, could you sound any more arrogant and disdainful of the working class and those who're down on their luck, you pompous little shitweasel?
#GamerGate @Haunted_Backlog
Okay, for everyone who's been reading this so far and thinks I'm making this up, here's the actual audio.
"Okay, Mr. Crazy Adjunct Professor Cartoonist, please psychoanalyze @4chan and @realDonaldTrump for me." >_< #GamerGate
"Now superimpose your psychological analysis of @4chan with the evolution of Pepe the Frog into a hate symbol as per the Anti-Defamation League's classification." o_O #GamerGate
"I lost to Donald Trump because my strategists failed to make a timely and accurate analysis of the 'Pepe the Frog' meme." - Hillary Clinton (probably)
"Milo Yiannopoulos used a pro-NEET, antifeminist, pro-gay lifestyle platform to engineer a failed takeover of @4chan with #GamerGate supporters."
JFC, where did you hell did find this lunatic, @CBC?

@LibertarianBlue @archon @CHSommers @CathyYoung63 @mombot @GamingAndPandas
You know, given the number of sex pests and offenders on @mombot's list, this questionable description of #GamerGate might not be so inaccurate after all. XD
.@Brad_Glasgow @WilliamUsherGB What's really interesting about this dishonest description of #GamerGate by @PortiaClarkCBC and Anita Sarkeesian is they explain EXACTLY how SJWs framed us: By using the infamous tactic of redefining words with existing meanings to cloud the issue.
Anita Sarkeesian: "My all-time favorite game is 'Gone Home'."
Also, I'm pretty sure that fans of Japanese visual novels would strongly object to the idea that "there was nothing like that at the time". @mombot @GamingAndPandas #GamerGate
.@Ryona_Violet @mombot @WilliamUsherGB @GamingAndPandas I can't convey to you the sheer hilarity of someone asking Anita Sarkeesian what her favorite MALE character is and watching her suffer a cross between a mini-aneurysm and a mild stroke. 😂#GamerGate #NotYourShield
For everyone who wants to listen to Anita Sarkeesian choke on her own disgust at the idea of a good male protagonist, skip to 5:25. XD #GamerGate…
There WAS a time (way back in 1982) where the CBC was capable of engaging in reasonably accurate journalism concerning video games.
Bonus: Check out the proto-SJW shrew who says that porn is among "all the worst things in society that we would like to eliminate". #GamerGate
On a side note, rag on Mystique and the questionable taste of "Custer's Revenge" all you want, but I will say this about them: those faux leather cases with silver lettering for their video game cartridges were pretty nifty looking. :D
"Hello, I'm a feminist/religious busybody/killjoy from the 1980s who wishes to suck the fun out of video games and life in general. Also, I have a haircut that makes me look like the head of a penis."
.@Brad_Glasgow @stillgray @WilliamUsherGB @nickmon1112
*does Paul Joseph Watson impersonation* "Well imagine my shock."
Care to comment on this, @CBCNews? What about you @theprovince, @HuffPost, and @CTVVancouver? #GamerGate
One of #GamerGate's most persistent and annoying critics at the CBC is @CBCStephenQuinn, who's had anti-GamerGate guests on his (former) show "On The Coast" on no less than four separate occasions - including Ashley Lynch and Anita Sarkeesian - and said the following about us:
Fun fact: When you whisper "#GamerGate's about ethics in video game journalism" in Anita Sarkeesian's ear, she makes the Chewbacca noise.
"It's not wise to upset Anita Sarkeesian... she's known to pull people's arms out of their sockets when they don't follow the narrative." #GamerGate
You know, it might just be my imagination, but even though Sarkeesian proceeded to make Quinn her bitch for the rest of interview, I got the distinct impression that she let the mask slip a bit towards the end of her fake #GamerGate origin story. Like she KNEW it was bullshit.
.@CHSommers @CathyYoung63 @shoe0nhead @mombot
Stephen Quinn: "This whole #GamerGate explanation makes no sense. Why are gamers so pissed?"
Anita Sarkeesian: "BECAUSE PATRIARCHY! *LOL*"
People, Anita Sarkeesian has officially shed her mortal shell and become a living meme.
For everyone who this I'm being hyperbolic when I claimed...

Stephen Quinn: "This whole #GamerGate explanation makes no sense. Why are gamers so pissed?"
Anita Sarkeesian: "BECAUSE PATRIARCHY! *LOL*" assure that I'm serious. I'm merely paraphrasing. Listen for yourself:
Yes, Anita Sarkeesian, that's right. In the nine years you've been pulling this "Feminist Frequency" snake oil saleswoman act, you haven't had a single legitimate critic. Not a single one. They're ALL harassers. Christ, the sheer arrogance of this woman. #GamerGate #NotYourShield
First, no one's bothered by female gamers, Sarkeesian, We hate YOU. YOU SPECIFICALLY.
Second, notice how she barely manages to catch herself from blurting out that she thinks "ALL male gamers think gaming's exclusively for men" before going with "SOME". #GamerGate #NotYourShield
Question for @brodiefenlon, @koretzky, @lwalsh, @LibertarianBlue, and @MrNashington: If a journalist has a previously existing ten month casual friendship (at the very least) with an interviewee and doesn't add a disclaimer acknowledging this fact, is this a COI? #GamerGate

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Aug 11, 2018
While it's still in its early planning stages, my proposal for "Operation Canadian BaCon II" is ready. Read more about it here:…
The CBC Boss Battle is coming in the Summer of 2019. Be prepared! :)
#GamerGate #ComicsGate #NotYourShield
The alpha version of the CBC #GamerGate Archive has now been assembled. It contains audio, video, articles, screen captures, and related documents covering 97% of all known material from Canada's national broadcaster referring to us and weighs in at around 4.6 GB. 1/2
Some tentative statistics (covering all CBC media):
- Hit pieces or significant mentions: 29
- Gamedrops: 10
- Ombudsman reviews: 8
- Related incidents: 3
- Trivial mentions: 4
- Missing hit pieces with no known archives: 2
More material will be slowly added. #GamerGate 2/2
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