#Virgo Keywords critical, reliable, work, perfectionism, neurosis, compulsion, health, detailed, thourough, helpful, melancholic, nitpicking, and cautious
#Virgo rules the 6th house in #astrology home to health, work -our daily work-things we do on a daily basis; so going to the gym, our health habits, things that are almost ritualistic
The #Virgos I know are often children of military parents-not all clearly-but it isn’t an uncommon manifestation. I often wonder if all that moving around and instability is what makes them strive to control and micromanage the environment as an adult
Senator John MCCain is a Virgo his father was a military man. I remember looking at Sean Spicers birthdate; the date could be either Leo or Virgo-when I ran the chart he is a Virgo. I thought I should have known he attended the Naval War College
I also find that Virgo’s have some sort of chronic health issues. This is a sign associated with the 6th house in astrology home to health. My uncle is a Virgo he has Acromegaly no one has that lol Generally speaking though I find they often have some ailment or issue
People with the sun and other personal planets in Virgo have a strong desire to feel useful; I have gone off like a lunatic at someone I work with but if I need help he jumps in no questions asked
A lot of virgos are nurses and I know 4 men that have moon in Virgo that have either a mother or wife that is a nurse. This is the sign of the caretaker
The 6th house is also associated with servitude, this is the house of service so you do find a lot of Virgos neglecting their own needs for the sake of others. Virgo is a complex sign that has an inherit belief in unworthiness; it’s important to remember you have needs!
Capricorn rules the 10th house so they are the boss, the one in power and Virgo governs the 6th house of daily work, the worker bee 🐝 it’s important to remember you don’t have to play small!!!! You can claim your place in the sun
Virgo “they tend to become invoked in occupations where they are overworked and underpaid” -Betty Lundstead
I work with a Virgo that gets to work 3 hours early every day and is actually working ...hashtag #HellFuckingNo They work themselves to death and wonder why they have stomach ailments, suffer from depression and pessimism
The Virgo and 6th house sun have a lot of ego identification with work. They can be slaves to the matrix. Work out at the same time every day, identify with a company that isn’t even yours
“Their problems begin when they start to find fault with everything & everyone around them. The motive is simple “if I can find fault with you before you can find fault with me, then everything is ok” -Betty Lundstead
Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising can nitpick someone to death in a second. They have the ability to zero in on flaws and imperfections. This can make it difficult to date for the Venus in Virgo person or descendent as well
“Children raised by highly critical parents are going to grow up to be highly critical adults”

This goes for Sun and Moon in Virgo
“perhaps the most difficult thing to understand about Virgos is that it’s normal for them to criticize people they are fond of”
I told you Virgo is the sign that can work 10 hour days, go to the bathroom at the same time daily but swing from chandeliers and have group sex on the weekends. They seek some relief from all those self imposed limitations
I want to take this time to remind you perfectionism is an assault on the soul!! It says I’m not good enough as I am; I have to live up to an ideal. That’s what inherently goes on inside of Virgo that they in turn project onto others
“If you have the Virgo will you know you can get whatever you want. The key is to use your will wisely, not just to accomplish some earthy task” -Linda Joyce
“Virgo can become obsessed with health, food, diet and exercise”
“Responsibility must be accepted and then expanded to include those who can’t help themselves. This is the sign of service and Virgos must learn to put aside their needs for another”
“The act of giving activates receiving and now you have the secret to abundance”
“Virgo produces saints and sinners though most are a bit of both” 🙌🏼
“In cancer 🤚🏼 you were asked to own your weakness and your wounds; in Leo you learned to use your strength . Now (in Virgo) you must become whole”
“Your challenge is to become whole through total self acceptance”
Remember Virgo is a perfectionist and they inherently feel unworthy and not good enough; they must learn to embrace themselves completely flaws and all
“The struggle with demons placed Virgo on the edge of madness”
I tell you all the time the swing is wide with Virgo you have Charlie Sheen, Cat Marnell, Amy Winehouse and Mother Teresa
“Virgo’s without an identity are either doomed to isolation or to losing themselves in the emotions of another and forgetting their own paths”
Virgo very much can be the Captain Save a Hoe of the zodiac, let me pick up this deeply flawed person and fix them so I dont have to concentrate on working on myself
#Virgo very much can be the person that needs the bed with hospital corners, the crust caught off of a sand which and have a spice rack organized while missing the big shit in life! Distraction tactics
“Judgement easily slips into the Virgo path afraid of the truth and reluctant to take responsibility, they try to justify their lives instead of leaving how to improve things”
Virgo is big into classification so they need to label things and sort things they need to learn this is not the path to love; it’s the path to separation. Ego classifies and divides, love embraces and accepts
“Virgos are psychic, intuitive and creative. When they tap their wellspring they find an endless supply of energy and creativity”
“Animals and pets in particular play an important role in the Virgos life”

I should have mentioned the 6th house the house naturally associated with Virgo governs small domestic pets
“You’re not Interested in someone who fits into your life. You want to cross boundaries, serve or feel superior” #Virgo
“If you’re the Virgo you can be either loyal or a playboy, you either avoid sex or becomes it’s slave”
“The confusing part for you is choosing between a siren or a saint. You love them both” #Virgo
“Ruled by Mercury, Virgos know how to organize almost anything better and faster than anyone else. They have an eye for separating the good from the bad and truth from illusion”
“Try not to get to annoyed at those who enjoy their lives. This self inflicted martyrdom will not make you happy”
I work with a Virgo the one that comes in 3 hours early and works for free, he carries over sick days and get mad when people use their sick days?! I always tell him mind your business.
“Workaholism is another popular choice for the Virgo. You are obsessed with a need to prove yourself to do a perfect job”
Sometimes I think of the Famous Virgo women and how they truly look flawless Michelle Williams 👗
Blake Lively
Sanaa Latha
Beyonce 🐝
“Virgo’s must embrace their imperfections. Because they struggle to do this, they believe that is a struggle for others to love them too”
“another way Virgos attempt to keep their desires under control is to be unhappy but safe. You choose a partner you care about but not enough so that he or she inflames your passions. It’s comfortable but not exciting”
💀 “torn between being too generous and avoiding gift giving their dual nature is often confusing to others. One minute they are giving you anything in their world and the next they’re charging you for using the bathroom”
I told you one of the cheapest wealthiest men I ever dealt with progressional wise had a Virgo stellium Sun/Venus and I forget what else -literally arguing over pennies

• • •

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