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Here's my #NewMoonInVirgo oracle card reading, from The Moon Deck. Three oracle cards from The Moon Deck
And, I love it! ๐Ÿ˜ So let's get into it.

The first card is about expansion. This is something I've said before, but being ready to receive what you've been asking for and working towards is just as important as that work.
So be prepared because the card is a good omen, that things are shifting for the better, that you can take that leap of faith and land right where you want to be. Doesn't mean it's not scary to do it--but you can do it. You are supported.
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#Virgo Keywords critical, reliable, work, perfectionism, neurosis, compulsion, health, detailed, thourough, helpful, melancholic, nitpicking, and cautious
#Virgo rules the 6th house in #astrology home to health, work -our daily work-things we do on a daily basis; so going to the gym, our health habits, things that are almost ritualistic
The #Virgos I know are often children of military parents-not all clearly-but it isnโ€™t an uncommon manifestation. I often wonder if all that moving around and instability is what makes them strive to control and micromanage the environment as an adult
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SO, since I'm trying to break into astrology twitter (and I've had bourbon), let me tell you what I'm working on. I've been working on an app that will match people according to compatibility, astrological timing, "fate", and more. BUT, it's gotten especially interesting...
...because I've realized that timing is not just incredibly important for relationships--it's also much more codifiable than natal/synastry charts. Programmatically speaking, it's really easy to look at progressions/transits/solar arcs and extract the themes from a set of charts.
So I'm working on seeing if I can build a forecasting system that can tell you things _specifically_ like, prepare for successful endeavors at this time, be careful of car accidents here, your partner is probably pissy today. Using both Hellenistic and modern methods.
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NOW. For the fourth thread in my #essentialdignities series, let's talk about what happens when a planet is both debilitated and dignified on different tiers at the same time. Let's take, for example, Venus at 23ยบ Scorpio in a day chart. #astrology
(As an FYI, I'm using Dorothean triplicities.) In this instance, Venus is both in the sign of her detriment, as Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus, one of the signs that Venus rules. Yet, at 23ยบ in a day chart, Venus has dignity both by triplicity and by face (decan).
So in this instance, Venus is functioning as the UN advisor for the watery triplicity, and is in her own little Venus-flavored corner of Scorpio where she can do something really interesting. Her weird Venus superpower gets activated by being under duress.
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OH YES I was going to talk about peregrine planets as my third little spiel on dignities and debilities! Basically, a peregrine planet is a "stranger in a strange land:" it is in a zodiacal position where it has absolutely no dignity. #astrology #essentialdignities #peregrine
A planet that is peregrine is like a vagabond, depending on the hospitality of the planet who rules the sign through which it sojourns. Peregrine planets tend towards opportunism and overstaying their welcome, looking for ways to get what they need and move on.
The word "peregrinus" in Latin means "stranger," "vagabond," or "pilgrim" depending on the context. And a planet can manifest as any of the three when he or she is peregrine. Benefic planets are more like to tend towards "pilgrim," while malefics tend toward "vagabond."
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OKAY SO. On to debilities! *Why* certain planets are debilitated in certain signs is a different thread, there's an easy way to remember which signs given planets are debilitated in (which has to do with why certain planets rule certain signs) #essentialdignities #astrology
There are two forms of debility: detriment and fall. When a planet is in one of its debilities, it is in a place where its natural tendencies cannot express themselves normally. A planet in debility is literally "out of its element," but there are two different flavors of this.
Imagine, say, someone like Kim Davis in a place like San Francisco. That's the kind of diametric opposition of natures we're talking about here. What flies in Trumplandia isn't going to go over well in the Castro (and vice versa).
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Alright, I promised I was going to do a thread on essential dignities that was KIND and GENTLE and not me raging about misinformation. If you want to know what the heck dignities are and how they work beyond just "Mars in Aries = good!" So buckle up! #astrology #essentialdignity
To understand what we mean when we say "dignity," we need to look first at what the term meant in the Greco-Roman world. A "dignity" was something intrinsic to public offices: it carried a particular honor and a particular responsibility.
Let's consider the lowest level of political "dignity" in the Roman political world: the quaestor. If you got elected for a quaestorship, you had certain honors and responsibilities
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Todays thread about combination of Foreign Travels #TravelBloggers #Astrology #travellife
Sun in Lagna or Ascendent
Mercury in 8th
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