#Corbyn’s month:
August has seen @jeremycorbyn under increasing pressure due to his #antisemitism. It did not start well.

He kicked off August’s #Omnishambles with non-apology for his behaviour, inviting a Survivor on HMD to compare Israel to Nazis.

theguardian.com/politics/2018/… 1/n
The day after this was revealed in the papers @MichaelSegalov (who apparently blocked me for pointing out his rather craven behaviour) said he should apologise nicely. Michael is not doing anyone any favours by his behaviour, @jeremycorbyn is a racist.
theguardian.com/commentisfree/… 2/n
A reaction carrying over July’s @peterWillsman #racist #LabourAntisemitism, Segalov is focussed on shuffling off the inconvenience:
“But the best chance we have of quelling this is for Corbyn himself to guide his supporters. He can’t be accused of being a traitor to himself. 3/n
Rumours of the @JewishMuseumLDN hosting @jeremycorbyn for a speech on the Friday started circulating on Thursday. Everyone Jewish thought it was a poor idea, trying to use aJewish institution to get out of #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles.
independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi… 4/n
The #CorbynOmnishambles continued on the Friday, with acshockingly mismanaged move. @jeremycorbyn tried to hold a speech at the @JewishMuseumLDN only to be told no way. He then released an article on this day, just before #Shabbat.
google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theg… 5/n
Had you read the article you could see it was partly cut and pasted from another. #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles rumbled on. No serious person does this. He was taking the mick. Moreover, he released it at a time Jews would be starting Shabbat, it would not even reach them. 6/n
Another strand of thd #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles sputtered on with rumours of an offer to drop fabricated disciplinary charges against @margarethodge if she apologised - but why would she do that?
amp.theguardian.com/politics/2018/… 7/n
Ed Balls wanted Corbyn to find a way through by adopting the #IHRA examples in full. Of course, @jeremycorbyn resisted the sensible option cos #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles.

standard.co.uk/news/politics/… 8/n
Interesting that @JeremyCorbyn was exposed on this day Friday 3rd August saying to Iraqis on one of their tv channels that Balfour was not wanted by Jews.
thesun.co.uk/news/6928706/j… 9/n
Susana Mendonca, @BBCNews polItical correspondent saw that this was simply not enough and predicted a long sizzle for the #corbynAntisemitismOmnishambles row. “Expect this row to continue rumbling on through this long hot summer.”
bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-po… 10/n
Meanwhile, @ukLabour’s deputy leader @tom_watson stepped up over this #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles and said that Thd Party risked being sucked into a “vortex of eternal shame” over this mess
theguardian.com/politics/2018/… 11/n
The incompetence of @jeremycorbyn in this row can now be revealed. He was advised not to try the article on Friday, but this is the #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles and bears his name because he has made it his own.

thejc.com/news/uk-news/c… 12/n
Meanwhile two delights hit the news on Sunday 5th August 2018. First, it seems @JeremyCorbyn has been calling my former congregant @LouiseEllman the MP for Tel Aviv. How disgusting and #antisemitic. This is #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles after all.
pressreader.com/uk/the-mail-on… 13/n
And at the same time @Emily_Benn granddaughter of Corbyn’s mentor Tony a”h started cominginder attack from @jeremycorbyn’s mobsters. Cos she dared to speak out against the #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles, so damaging to Labour. She stood firm. 👍🏼
telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/… 14/n
@JeremyCorbyn posted this pathetic video on Twitter just after midday to try to mitigate the #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles but of course it wasn’t going to go away, because his chums were busy persecuting @margarethodge against wiser counsel.
@YvetteCooperMP and others including @wesstreeting tried to advise @jeremycorbyn on the #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles but his ever present tin ear refused to take heed. So it carried on
bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-po… 16/n
Then, that Monday, 6th August 2018, @JennieGenSec wrote to @margarethodge to close the trumped-up disciplinary. There was a to-and-fro on Twitter cod Formby mendaciously claimed thatDame Margaret had apologised. She hadn’t.

amp.theguardian.com/politics/2018/… 17/n
Wow, at this point I shall pause for some real life. But I’ve only covered one week of this #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles row and it’s exhausting. I’ll try to get to 15th August on this thread by Shabbat. 18/n
Ok just a brief bit of light entertainment.

This poem from the C18th about a man who was so poisonous and hypocritical that a dog died when it bit him. Note where he lives. 19/n

"An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog" (1766)

Good people all, of every sort,
Give ear unto my song;
And if you find it wondrous short,
It cannot hold you long.

In Islington there was a man,
Of whom the world might say
That still a godly race he ran,
Whene'er he went to pray.20/n
A kind and gentle heart he had,
To comfort friends and foes;
The naked every day he clad,
When he put on his clothes.

And in that town a dog was found,
As many dogs there be,
Both mongrel, puppy, whelp and hound,
And curs of low degree.21/n
This dog and man at first were friends;
But when a pique began,
The dog, to gain some private ends,
Went mad and bit the man.

Around from all the neighbouring streets
The wondering neighbours ran,
And swore the dog had lost his wits,
To bite so good a man.22/n
The wound it seemed both sore and sad
To every Christian eye;
And while they swore the dog was mad,
They swore the man would die.

But soon a wonder came to light,
That showed the rogues they lied:
The man recovered of the bite,
The dog it was that died.

Ooh @jeremycorbyn 23/n
Hello, I’m now going to detail another couple of days’ #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles: having reached the end of 6th August Dame @margarethodge tweeted as below. Corbyn’s team ineptly tried to make it look like apology. 24/n
7th August. A recording emerged of @JeremyCorbyn suggesting Israel pressured the BBC into saying had right to exist politicshome.com/news/uk/politi… #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 25/n
Aimed at Director General Mark Thompson ((jewish f-in-law) and Corbyn was on @PressTV the slavish mouthpiece of #Iran’s nasty Islamist regime. The recording was from 2011 and appears directly to contravene IHRA which says its #Antisemitic to say Israel has no right to exist. 26/n
Meanwhile Dame @margarethodge and @IanAustinMP caused a stir because of what they said was an attempt by the leadership to gag @ukLabour MPs. Dame Margaret said @JeremyCorbyn wants to purge the party of dissent. 27/n


Also 7th August @IanAustinMP , like his colleague Dame @MargaretHodge published his lawyers’ letter to Labour. To date they have but yet dropped this foolish bullying approach, but that’s #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles for you. Lawyer letter later. 28/n
@jeremycorbyn however was not listening. With his characteristic tin ear he decided today was the day to condemn *both sides* in Venezuela, where the increasingly violent autocratic Madurai regime has reduced the country to poverty.
amp.theguardian.com/politics/2017/… 29/n
Also today - the UK delegation to IHRA intervened to confirm that the examples are integral to the definition.

Corbyn’s supporters were quick to try to minimise this. 30/n


• • •

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Oct 5, 2018
Hey look guys, these are @UKLabour @JeremyCorbyn’s “friends” in Gaza. You know, the people we Jews should be embracing. Cos they’re so very peaceful and open to cups of tea and discussions. 1/5
@UKLabour became the Party of Palestine because it’s such a central and major issue: it has to be sorted out. That’s the claim. Our sin is it’s all our British fault. Jews are colonialists. Broke out the flags at the Party Conference this September.
google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.… 2/5
Palestine, this burning issue that enflames the Middle East, is (say @UKLabour)more important than British issues such as the NHS, poverty, and Education. This must be the first time a foreign flag was fered at Labour Conference.
This gesture misses a major fact \/ \/ \/ 3/5
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Oct 4, 2018
Spot the difference:
@Conservatives at their Conference promise the Jewish community their constant support. Soon to be banned: Iranian sponsored Hizbollah’s Al-Quds March. The Tories promote @TheIHRA definition of #Antisemitism and are true allies of #Jews in the #Uk 1/4
By contrast @UKLabour at their conference: sea of Palestinian flags. Bullying of Jews, @lucianaberger has to have a police escort (they even deny that!) and no balance, meetings denying antisemitism. This is @jeremycorbyn’s #LabourAntisemitism #CorbynAntisenitismOmnishambles 2/4
If you elect or even support @ukLabour you support what Labour MP @ChukaUmunna calls #InstitutionallyAntisemitic. You are supporting a party that bullies dissent, and has kicked 1,200 +complaints against #LabourAntisemitism into the long grass #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/4
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Sep 15, 2018
Ben is not Jewish but he’s decided to respond to @jk_rowling using his Jewish heritage and at the same time lying about what happens in the Middle East. I’m going to post My analysis if Ben’s posts as a thread, since this is the kind of nonsense giving #LabourAntisemitism cover
From his surname, Ben is clearly the son of an Israeli man and a British non-Jewish woman. I’m assuming the latter, from Ben’s comment it seems that this is most likely; I’m sure he’ll correct me, should I be wrong. This is not a judgement of him, but an attempt to elucidate.
Here’s the second tweet. Racism against Ben cos he was born in Israel, classic #Antisemitism. Disgusting.
Ben uses this as his credentials. This tweet says “this is real antisemitism”, setting up the rest of this thread for credible abuse of his status.
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Sep 13, 2018
@RabbiZvi’s #LabourAntisemitism roundup:

It’s 5 months and a half since the first demonstration of the Jewish Community against @jeremycorbyn’s obvious antisemitism. How is it going?
This thread is a position document referencing #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishsmbles in @UKLabour
Corbyn has been outed as an obvious antisemite, sneering at Jews, laying a wreath on the grave of a Jew-killer, supporting a 9/11 conspiracist, calling Jew-killers brother and pedalling Israel conspiracy theories on @PressTV #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 2/12
@ukLabour Party is now outed as an institutionally #antisemitic organization due to the exposure of @PeterWillsman ranting paranoia and smears against our @BoardofDeputies and others as “Trump fanatics”. Levers ofpower are being used to avoid #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/12
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Aug 30, 2018
This troll of a union rep @EddieDempsey went on Sky to slag off @rabbisacks for being extreme right wing. He’s with the RMT, Rail Maritime and Transport Union. I wouldn’t trust him to drive a train on the tracks.

Here’s the video:#labourAntisemitism

That this racist thug thought that this was any kind of response is shocking. To the great consternation of my community we have seen the Leader of the Opposition outed as an antisemite. Yet all these supposed anti-racists in @UKLabour shout us down because alleged Tory slurs.2/9
They have such a tribal Manichaean view of this that if anyone not if their precise political shade calls foul against one of their troopers, they shout about their politics, bring in Israel and scream smear - anything but deal with the problem raised. 3/9
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Aug 3, 2018
It’s not about @jeremycorbyn


He’s merely a symptom of a mindset. It’s a peculiar infection of Far Left.

In this thread we shall be examining the nexus of racism and hypocrisy that allows people to trumpet their own alleged anti racism whilst being utterly racist.
Let’s start with @johnmcdonnellMP. He’s Jeremy’s comrade. But he joined with Jeremy to try to change @HMD_UK to be renamed “Genocide Memorial Day” in 2011. He hasn’t repudiated this idea, nor havevthe others who did it.
mirror.co.uk/news/politics/… 2/6
This was prompted by International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, who pedal the conspiracy theory that Jews gain from Holocaust Memorial. They imply that HMD is about separating the Nazi genocide from humanity. No, HMD explicitly includes all genocides. ijan.org/category/proje… 3/6
Read 7 tweets

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