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A-Z of #LabourAntisemitism to be used when @jeremycorbyn supporters & @UKLabour members try to tell you there is no antisemitism in their party!

Many of these abhorrent racists have been let off by Labour, are free to peddle their revolting views about Jews to the public.
1: Alan Bull, who was selected by @uklabour as a candidate, in the full knowledge he is a Holocaust denier. He was supported by @PeoplesMomentum Director Shawcroft.
2: Afzal Khan, then an @uklabour MEP and now the MP for Manchester Gorton, compared "Israel to Nazis". No disciplinary action was taken.…
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Spot the difference:
@Conservatives at their Conference promise the Jewish community their constant support. Soon to be banned: Iranian sponsored Hizbollah’s Al-Quds March. The Tories promote @TheIHRA definition of #Antisemitism and are true allies of #Jews in the #Uk 1/4
By contrast @UKLabour at their conference: sea of Palestinian flags. Bullying of Jews, @lucianaberger has to have a police escort (they even deny that!) and no balance, meetings denying antisemitism. This is @jeremycorbyn’s #LabourAntisemitism #CorbynAntisenitismOmnishambles 2/4
If you elect or even support @ukLabour you support what Labour MP @ChukaUmunna calls #InstitutionallyAntisemitic. You are supporting a party that bullies dissent, and has kicked 1,200 +complaints against #LabourAntisemitism into the long grass #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/4
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Probably like a lot of other folk who have been members a long time I've finally left @scottishlabour.
I feel sad, given how many years I've been a member, and the great folk I've got to know there.
For the avoidance of doubt on going #LabourAntisemitism was my main reason.
But add to that the treatment of @kezdugdale and the Aberdeen councillors, threats of deselctions, and censure of those complaining about AS, whilst welcoming a holocaust denier to conference.
The ( lack of) policy on #Brexit nearly made me tear up my card.
Derek Hatton apparently welcomed back, whilst a toxic atmosphere reigns at many CLPs, and labour forums.
So sad because the UK has never needed a competent Labour Govt more.
And its never seemed further away.
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1) Short thread on attendees experience at #LabourConference2018: However bad you think #LabourConference2018 was, it was worse. It started as we got off train when a woman asked if they were going to conference and they walked out of the station together. #LabourAntisemitism
The first thing she said was that anti semitism was a smear by main stream media.
They saw Luciana Berger there, she had an armed police escort during conference and while she was walking around people were hissing at her. #LabourAntisemitism
Not hissing as in Boo - Hiss, but hissing to make the noise of the gas chambers.
She was asked why she was there, she said if she didn’t attend, they have won. #LabourAntisemitism
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1/ This is an out and out lie. I was sent an email by @JennieGenSec Jennie Formby following the letter I signed regarding the IHRA definition of antisemitism, along with 67 other Rabbis.
2/ They promised that “The NEC working group will be in contact to discuss this consultation further.” This was on 19th July 2018 and I still haven’t heard back. I don’t expect to.
3/ They think that having adopted the IHRA definition with caveats, they don’t need to bother. They are wrong. #LabourAntisemitism is more than just an issue with their definition of anti-Semitism.
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I haven't tweeted for a couple of days about #Lab2018 because I had no words.
To put on here the depth of my anger over the last few days is a difficult task.
So here it is.
It started out bad. The decision by @UKLabour as a political party to portray @jeremycorbyn as the victim in all this was pretty clear from day one.
'Blame the Jews.'
I wonder if that was an actual directive.
Senior figure after senior figure absolved him of any wrong doing. It was all 'poor Jeremy.'
As they lined up to exonerate him, they simultaneously accused the Jewish community.
You cannot do the first without doing the second.
Not after this summer.
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We never expected to see what we saw yesterday. A sea of Palestinian flags inside @UKLabour Conference, chants of “Free Palestine” and of “From the River to the Sea” as if missing the rest of that makes it somehow less threatening, less antisemitic.
We never expected to see Holocaust deniers being granted passes to the secure area that enabled them to wander freely. We never expected party officials to deny that pass was ever given even in the face of photographs showing it was.
We never expected to be sitting in on the Conference floor as Labour members, as delegates, as Jews and feel as if we were not wanted there, to feel threatened, unsafe.
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Ben is not Jewish but he’s decided to respond to @jk_rowling using his Jewish heritage and at the same time lying about what happens in the Middle East. I’m going to post My analysis if Ben’s posts as a thread, since this is the kind of nonsense giving #LabourAntisemitism cover
From his surname, Ben is clearly the son of an Israeli man and a British non-Jewish woman. I’m assuming the latter, from Ben’s comment it seems that this is most likely; I’m sure he’ll correct me, should I be wrong. This is not a judgement of him, but an attempt to elucidate.
Here’s the second tweet. Racism against Ben cos he was born in Israel, classic #Antisemitism. Disgusting.
Ben uses this as his credentials. This tweet says “this is real antisemitism”, setting up the rest of this thread for credible abuse of his status.
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.@jeremycorbyn has repeatedly attempted to reassure those concerned about #LabourAntisemitism that @UKLabour’s disciplinary process would deal with the problem.
This revelation suggests that claim was a lie. The disciplinary process appears only in place to protect racists.
Mr Corbyn should be subject to the same procedure as every other member.
The report we submitted contained 21 separate instances that we felt justified investigation, including Mr Corbyn’s honouring of the Munich terrorists...
and his ‘British Zionists don’t understand English irony’ comments.
A source who previously worked in Labour’s compliance unit told us that under any other circumstances that body of evidence would lead to suspension and investigation.
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It's almost like Gaza Strip is not like the Warsaw Ghetto at all. It's almost like the Gaza Strip is run by a rejectionist, genocidally Jew-hating terror gang who divert all its resources to terror attacking Israel and keeping its residents in poverty. #LabourAntisemitism
The odd thing with these Western "pro-Palestinians" is how they're willing not just to overlook the suffering that Hamas brings down on innocent Palestinian heads, but also how they seem to desire it in their mission to prove Israel is the most uniquely evil state in the world.
These "pro-Palestinians" seem to forget that Hamas' immediate response to the signing of the Oslo Accords in '93 was a wave of suicide bombings killing hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians, Jew and Arab alike. These are not people interested in a peaceful two-state solution.
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@RabbiZvi’s #LabourAntisemitism roundup:

It’s 5 months and a half since the first demonstration of the Jewish Community against @jeremycorbyn’s obvious antisemitism. How is it going?
This thread is a position document referencing #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishsmbles in @UKLabour
Corbyn has been outed as an obvious antisemite, sneering at Jews, laying a wreath on the grave of a Jew-killer, supporting a 9/11 conspiracist, calling Jew-killers brother and pedalling Israel conspiracy theories on @PressTV #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 2/12
@ukLabour Party is now outed as an institutionally #antisemitic organization due to the exposure of @PeterWillsman ranting paranoia and smears against our @BoardofDeputies and others as “Trump fanatics”. Levers ofpower are being used to avoid #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/12
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1/ I’m feeling a profound mix of emotions. I’m still buzzing from the phenomenally inspiring #RoshHashanah services we had at the @NWESynagogue. But I am trying to take in the mood among some of my congregants and want to genuinely reach out to you.
2/ I did not believe that I would hear my own community members talking about leaving the country they love out of fear from #LabourAntisemitism. I did not think I would hear people tell me they were considering their options if @jeremycorbyn becomes Prime Minister.
3/ But I did. And these were not misinformed, uneducated reactionaries. These were intelligent, successful professionals who have significant ties both personally and professionally to the UK. But they are genuinely going to leave if @UKLabour under #Corbyn gain power.
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A thread about the antisemitic hate campaign spilling onto the streets.

We’ve started to see intimidation and violence relating to #LabourAntisemitism and it’s only going to get worse >>
Looking at a small dossier of Labour antisemitism cases, the ex-head of hate crime for the met police said nearly half should be prosecuted. >…
What about the thousands who’ve already been reported to Labour? 1200 alone by @labouragainstas. Labour has become a party that harbours and protects hate crime against Jews >
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The effort that is being put into the rights of anti-Zionists to say racist things in Labour over the right of Jewish people to feel at home in Labour is sickening! #LabourAntisemitism

The Jewish community made it clear and simple to Labour: pass the IHRA definition in full – no caveats, no compromises. Jeremy Corbyn and the Momentum-dominated NEC have just failed the most basic test.
A ‘right to be racist’ protection when debating the Middle East is not just wrong, it is harms the cause of peace but it will also continue a culture where Jewish people cannot feel at home in Labour #LabourAntisemitism
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But just Jews, hey? Not a *proper* minority. They're all rich, White, straight, able-bodied, Netanyahu & Trump fanatics, amirite? I mean it's not like anyone has ever *harmed* Jews on the basis of false stereotypes about wealth, power and politics. Oh, wait... #LabourAntisemitism
The absolute state of this. Those of us who knew the Far Left, knew of Corbyn and his fellow travellers, spoke loudly in 2015. And were ignored & belittled by people looking for something *different*. And now the hate has been unleashed, still the moderates ignore & belittle us.
It's just "Zionists" they have a problem with, the moderates say. It's not really hatred. Except that Corbyn and Willsman talk of Jews behind closed doors, separate us from 'proper' English people, at the same time as maintaining we're just White people.
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#Corbyn’s month:
August has seen @jeremycorbyn under increasing pressure due to his #antisemitism. It did not start well.

He kicked off August’s #Omnishambles with non-apology for his behaviour, inviting a Survivor on HMD to compare Israel to Nazis.… 1/n
The day after this was revealed in the papers @MichaelSegalov (who apparently blocked me for pointing out his rather craven behaviour) said he should apologise nicely. Michael is not doing anyone any favours by his behaviour, @jeremycorbyn is a racist.… 2/n
A reaction carrying over July’s @peterWillsman #racist #LabourAntisemitism, Segalov is focussed on shuffling off the inconvenience:
“But the best chance we have of quelling this is for Corbyn himself to guide his supporters. He can’t be accused of being a traitor to himself. 3/n
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This troll of a union rep @EddieDempsey went on Sky to slag off @rabbisacks for being extreme right wing. He’s with the RMT, Rail Maritime and Transport Union. I wouldn’t trust him to drive a train on the tracks.

Here’s the video:#labourAntisemitism

That this racist thug thought that this was any kind of response is shocking. To the great consternation of my community we have seen the Leader of the Opposition outed as an antisemite. Yet all these supposed anti-racists in @UKLabour shout us down because alleged Tory slurs.2/9
They have such a tribal Manichaean view of this that if anyone not if their precise political shade calls foul against one of their troopers, they shout about their politics, bring in Israel and scream smear - anything but deal with the problem raised. 3/9
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1/ The most chilling thing I’ve heard in relation to #LabourAntiSemitism is from the child of a survivor who told me that her father said that he remembers the same climate of hatred in the 1930s and said, “This is the moment that we should have gotten out the last time.”
2/ I am sure there will be people who lambast me for comparing 21st century Britain to pre-war Europe, so bring it on. But just remember, Jews living across Europe in the 1930s also never thought anything terrible could happen.
3/ Our community has a better understanding of history than @jeremycorbyn ever will. It is he and his followers who need to learn. This is serious.
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Some stats on the coverage of #LabourAntisemitism in UK national newspapers:

• In seven years from 2009-2015, there were just 212 articles with the words #Labour and #Antisemitism appearing in the same sentence
• In the three years since there have been 2,053

• In those same three years, there have been a total of 3,740 articles containing the word #Antisemitism
• So 55% of all articles mentioning #Antisemitism have mentioned #LabourParty in the same sentence (since 2016)
• 2009-2015 it was less than 7%

On the flip side:

• 2009-2015 there were just 41 articles with the words #Conservative and #Islamophobia appearing in the same sentence
• In the three years since this has risen, but only to 92

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For what it's worth, this is a short thread about Corbyn's Labour Party and Jews. I'm a Jewish man in Britain and I'm terrified about what's happening in front of our eyes. I've also just seen a document in which the 'Jewishness' of specific people working in the BBC is noted.
Things are moving fast now and most people (who aren't on one side or the other) have turned away, because they're a bit bored. But this isn't just another political farrago - this goes to the root of who we are and what we stand for.
Labour is not a 'racist' Party. Labour is not an 'antisemitic' Party. But Corbyn's version of Labour is now both of those things. Of course we are dealing in generalisations, because we're talking about a mass-movement - but the numbers are great enough to delineate intent.
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This is The Word newspaper.
It’s a Hard Left publication published by a guy called Alan Davies aka Peter Loo.
This is the August edition.
It’s pretty bold dog whistle antisemitism. It’s not the first time this ‘newspaper’ has published a front page like this....
This was another recent edition. It asked ‘Which Side Are You On’ and presented Jeremy Corbyn and starving African children on one side and, prominently, a photo of the ‘Enough is Enough’ rally on the other. It was nakedly antisemitic.
Mr Davies, the man behind ‘The Word’, was reported by @LabourAgainstAS to Labour’s compliance unit for a number of antisemitic messages he posted on social media (not just the ‘Which Side Are You On’ cover).
He was suspended.
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A four tweet thread. a lot of words but bear with me. It's illuminating, increasingly so, as more comments appear. Andrew is a good guy so I've redacted his name.
Usual dismissal of a/s, that it's a ploy by someone or other with vested interests in something or other. Don't go away; there's more. but you can skim this image if you like.
Here we have The Lobby explained at length and an attack on Andrew, who is actually - unlike me - a Corbynist, but he's against #LabourAntisemitism .
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'Taking the world by the financial throat.' Just criticism of Israel of course. Jeremy Corbyn's fan base.
The steady emission of #LabourAntisemitism is a lubricant for Corbyn's supporters.
They like to vindicate Willsman's rant. 'This furore is being created by the other 87% who don’t support Labour.'
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Labour high command has been accused of letting off allies of Jeremy Corbyn accused of anti-semitism by claiming that leading activists in the firing line are not even members of the party.
@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn…
LAAS has reported more than 1,200 accusations of anti-semitic abuse by suspected members over the past two years. In several cases those with close links to the leadership have been exonerated because party bosses claim they cannot find evidence that they are party members.
Euan Philipps, a LAAS spokesman, said:
“It is deeply troubling that the Labour Party appears to routinely reject complaints against members on the grounds that they cannot locate their membership information.
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