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I haven't tweeted for a couple of days about #Lab2018 because I had no words.
To put on here the depth of my anger over the last few days is a difficult task.
So here it is.
It started out bad. The decision by @UKLabour as a political party to portray @jeremycorbyn as the victim in all this was pretty clear from day one.
'Blame the Jews.'
I wonder if that was an actual directive.
Senior figure after senior figure absolved him of any wrong doing. It was all 'poor Jeremy.'
As they lined up to exonerate him, they simultaneously accused the Jewish community.
You cannot do the first without doing the second.
Not after this summer.
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After yesterday I cannot walk back into the conference floor.
I’m here inside the secure area and I cannot walk inside the hall.
Sitting through the debate yesterday was harrowing.
Sitting through the debate yesterday was harrowing. The antisemitism from one speaker on the floor, the unfettered hostility, the union leaders taking the floor and dismissing AS all as a smear (yes I do mean Len and Tosh)
being called a “child killer” because I voted against that motion yesterday I cannot come in to the hall.

I’m a CLP delegate. I am a @UKLabour member. I am Jewish and I feel unsafe at our own party Conference.

#Labour #Lab2018
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We never expected to see what we saw yesterday. A sea of Palestinian flags inside @UKLabour Conference, chants of “Free Palestine” and of “From the River to the Sea” as if missing the rest of that makes it somehow less threatening, less antisemitic.
We never expected to see Holocaust deniers being granted passes to the secure area that enabled them to wander freely. We never expected party officials to deny that pass was ever given even in the face of photographs showing it was.
We never expected to be sitting in on the Conference floor as Labour members, as delegates, as Jews and feel as if we were not wanted there, to feel threatened, unsafe.
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% of British adults who "have not heard of them"

Barry Gardiner = 87%
Angela Rayner = 66%
Keir Starmer = 58%
John McDonnell = 50%
Tom Watson = 49%
Emily Thornberry = 49%
Shami Chakrabarti = 47%

Never overestimate how much ppl tune in

YouGov Sep19
#LabConf2018 #Lab2018
As I sit here in Twitter Land, I find it rather sobering that 47% of LABOUR voters have not heard of John McDonnell, 46% have not heard of Tom Watson, 56% have not heard of Keir Starmer, 48% of Shami Chakrabarti and 80% have not heard of Barry Gardiner
I'd also like a sit down with the 3% of 18-24 year olds who claim to have never heard of Jeremy Corbyn

Here are the crosstabs if anyone wants to dig around:…
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Is 'Corbynomics' popular?

A thread

#Lab2018 #Lab18 #LabourConference2018
I get a lot more calls about Corbyn than I do about Brexit

Britain is about to transition from a debate about 'Brexinomics' to a debate about 'Corbynomics'

Lots of people in the City are already having that debate
And usually the same question comes up - what do ordinary people think about Corbyn's policies?
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With the Brexiteers at the Labour Leave fringe. #Lab2018
The FBU’s Paul Embery says the EU “is an explicitly anti-socialist institution” #Lab2018
Embery says Labour flirting with a second Brexit referendum is “disturbing” and “electoral suicide.” #Lab2018
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