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1) Corbyn, control & democracy
The attempt to crush the #PeoplesVote initiative from Corbyn's team should ring alarm bells for anyone who values democracy
& transparency, inside Labour or outside. He is and will always be an authoritarian

2) you can argue back and forth on whether a #PeoplesVote is strategically good, bad or horrendous for Labour, or that Corbyn's offer to work with the Tories on #Brexit is "political theatre". The fact is the new Labour position is the exact opposite of what the members wanted
3) the reality is, 150 local parties submitted motions and the overwhelming majority supported a people's vote with an option to remain.

That has somehow completely transformed into a Labour offer to compromise the 6 tests for a Tory led Brexit
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[thread] I'm a big fan of nationalised utilities, universal childcare, green jobs,worker share ownership & other policies unveiled at #Lab18
...but the whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth. Here are some of the reasons why:
1/ The determination of part of the leadership to push Brexit, which will be disastrous for working class people:
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Very smart line from Corbyn. ‘We respect vote of British people, but not the conduct of British government.’ This is exactly how to frame it. The people thought they were making their lives better. When they see how gov is screwing them, they must have right to change their minds
So there it is. Corbyn didn’t mention ‘remain’ but didn’t have to. He praised Starmer. He kept Leavers on board by saying Lab would endorse a same-benefits Brexit, & Remainers who know it can’t be done. He doesn’t need to become full-throated Europhile. This was progress. #Lab18
Just 1 tiny Q. His first conditions were customs union & invisible border in Ireland. Technically that allows prospect of Irish Sea border or soft Brexit with SM/CU. But he also calculates May wouldn’t survive either of those. Still almost impossible Lab will back any Tory Brexit
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1) Great article on why #Brexit is insoluble
We can rail about respecting the vote, the EU being stubborn,May being incompetent etc all day long. The fact is it cannot be negotiated successfully, and anyone who believes otherwise is mistaken
2) reasons are very simple, and always have been. The deal that was promised & any feasible deal are so far apart as to be unrecognisable

Either Brexit will be so painful that it will destroy the party who implements or so meaningless that it would be embarrassing to implement
3) half the country do not want Brexit, the other half (apart from the hardcore) voted for the pain free, cake & eat it easy brexit that was promised.

There is *no* feasible Brexit that would gain a majority in the UK & non possible within the EU & UKs red lines
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1) Numerous Lexit commentators saying "Remain option will kill Labour"

*This* Brexit is a Tory program, just as austerity was. And austerity got a big vote in 2010 & an even bigger one in 2015.

If it's the wrong policy it should be opposed, even if it's "popular"
2) this Labour movement has criticised the last for being Tory-lite on austerity. Fair enough.
But how then can Labour be Tory-lite on #Brexit, which will also hit their voters as austerity did?
Because it won one dodgy vote?
3) "we can't fight austerity/repeal of gay marriage/the return of hanging/windrush deportations because they're popular in some key seats"?

The idea is ludicrous, so why is fighting for what you believe on #Brexit different?
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@The3Million #TheLastMile event about to get underway at #Lab18 Looking forward to hearing the latest updates on the fight to secure #CitizensRights
@PaulBlomfieldMP confirming that the shadow #brexit team stance is that current settled status proposition is inadequate.
1. It should be declaratory- not by application
2. It should be free, not reasonable to charge to maintain current rights.
@SebDance speaking now, describes as "heartbreaking" the situation where so many people came to build their lives in UK in good faith and had no say over the decision that might destroy this. "For citizens in limbo this is a nightmare"...
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Disgraceful from @JVoiceLabour , taking picture of Jewish delegates at the conference and announcing they're absolutely fine.

Could you imagine if this had been any other group on another issue!? Their presence isn't proof of being content.. #Lab18
There is no such thing as a 'right' or 'wrong' kind of Jew. All Jewish voices should be heard.

This is however trying to pigeon-hole certain Jews without even letting them speak. Without even showing their faces!
Not only do @JVoiceLabour invite *expelled* activists Tony Greenstein & Marc Wadsworth, but they go around creepily taking pictures of other Jewish members. This is the worst kind of identity politics, parading Jewishness as an argument for your politics The #AsAJew brigade...
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1/ At @labourleave fringe event at #Lab18, following a question by @NicolasHatton on #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK in case of no deal Brexit, MP Graham Stringer made the false claim that 85% of EU citizens already have automatic right to reside in the UK now.
2/ it shows how little comprehension there is on the legal complexity around EU #citizensrights among some politicians. EU citizens have the right to reside in the UK through EU law implemented into UK law via the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016
3/ The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016 have been carried forward into post Brexit law via the Withdrawal Act 2018. This means the 85% of EU citizens MP Graham Stringer classes as 'secure' are only so until this EU law is repealed.
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Is 'Corbynomics' popular?

A thread

#Lab2018 #Lab18 #LabourConference2018
I get a lot more calls about Corbyn than I do about Brexit

Britain is about to transition from a debate about 'Brexinomics' to a debate about 'Corbynomics'

Lots of people in the City are already having that debate
And usually the same question comes up - what do ordinary people think about Corbyn's policies?
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1) Thread - Leavers "bored with the details" on #Brexit
Fascinating poll which reveals 66% of Leave Voters are uninterested in exactly how we leave the EU, they just want to leave. This brings into question - exactly *what* are we achieving pushing for Brexit?
2) the main point here is that only 1/6 of the country, at most, actually care whether we leave on WTO terms or Norway+Single Market or anything in between. The rest either want to Remain or are uninterested in the details of leaving. This leads to several conclusions
3) Firstly, no-one, least of all Rees-Mogg & the ERG, speaks for everyone or even a majority of Leavers.

When various right wing commentators say "give us the #Brexit we voted for" or push for no deal, they speak for almost no-one but themselves

No deal has very little support
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Jewish Labour/Co-op MPs left the ASLEF/Co-op party at #Lab18 because Marc Wadsworth was inside.

Luciana Berger left & Ruth Smeeth turned around at the door. The event was invite only.

Source says she asked Co-op staff to ask him to leave, but they didn’t as he was ASLEF’s guest
Source tells me Wadsworth was there with ASLEF boss and Labour NEC member Tosh McDonald.
Wadsworth was expelled from the party after he heckled Smeeth at the launch of an anti-semitism investigation.

He claims he did not know that she was Jewish, but he was expelled for bringing the party into disrepute.
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With the Brexiteers at the Labour Leave fringe. #Lab2018
The FBU’s Paul Embery says the EU “is an explicitly anti-socialist institution” #Lab2018
Embery says Labour flirting with a second Brexit referendum is “disturbing” and “electoral suicide.” #Lab2018
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Heaving fringe event for Stop the War coalition with Chris Williamson, Andrew Murray, Owen Jones, Richard Burgon and more. Free wine and sandwiches may have helped. #lab18
Chris Williamson kicks off by saying Jeremy Corbyn is the best leader Labour has ever had and he’ll be the best British prime minister ever. Predicts his government will surpass the achievements of Attlee. #lab18
Chris Williamson attacks Denis Healey for going to the IMF in 1976 and having to cut public services as a result. #lab18
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I am still a bit bleary eyed after the #Brexit compositing meeting at #Lab18 last night, but it's vital that we establish what really happened. As you read this, a reminder that I was in the room as a delegate and John McDonnell was not.
Firstly, the leadership did make concessions. After four hours it was clear that the original text put forward by Keir's team would not satisfy the room, especially all the grassroots supporters of a #PeoplesVote. Thanks to the case we made, a new text was proposed at 11ish.
The second text was a step forward and formed the basis of the final motion. However, we were able to secure further concessions and move Labour policy on #Brexit firmly in the right direction.
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I'm a strong and committed Remainer.

But I also think it's a mistake to force Jeremy Corbyn to commit to a second Referendum on Brexit. Labour members shouldn't go down that road.

Here's why:
If Corbyn says he is committed to a second Referendum *before* Theresa May's deal has been voted on, it will be a disaster.

Why? Two reasons:
First, May will immediately accuse him of helping the EU and trying to wreck Brexit. It will unite all Tories (ensuring her deal goes through).

Secondly, it will allow her to say Labour were always angling for No Deal, and are to blame from fallout of No Deal.
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1) Thread: "We knew what we were voting for" & #Brexit
This shouldn't really need saying but no, we didn't, we couldn't, because of the dishonest campaign ran by the Vote Leavers
History has been rewritten but the following are some edited highlights
#Lab18 #LabourConference2018
2) Firstly, what did Vote Leave promise?

Well Gove said there'd just be a few "Bumps in the Road" in a pre ref debate…
3) Leadsom stated that in her expert opinion as a former city worker that there'd be no impact on the British economy…
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1) Thread on asking the same question over & over on #Brexit

This is the main argument against a #peoplesvote from Brexit supporters - "we already voted, we knew what we were voting for"

The problem with this argument is that the evidence shows Leavers saw the wrong question
2) now, hard-line leavers will say "rubbish, we knew what we were voting for" however there's no evidence whatsoever that the majority did. Vote Leave lied to them, comprehensively, completely & effectively
This is actually the real question, and always was
3) the (old) blog post following gives the evidence for this, the duplicity of the Leave Campaign ("a few lumps & bumps" Gove said) however this graphic from a post ref Telegraph poll (that famous Remoaner paper) illustrates just how mixed up the Leave vote was
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