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1/ on @BBCr4today Theresa May confirmed that Freedom of Movement will end on March 30th next year in case of a no deal Brexit. No transition, no implementation period. Plunging 3.6m EU citizens, despite continuing to live legally in the UK, directly into the #HostileEnvironment
3/ last week the Prime Minister promised to protect the #citizensrights of EU citizens no matter what Brexit outcome. Within the #HostileEnvironment this is becoming meaningless though.
4/ without a transition period for Freedom of Movement there will suddenly be 3.6m legal EU citizens - with their #citizensrights protected - unable prove to landlords, banks, the NHS and employers that they have the right to reside and work in the UK
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We need your support
September is almost over and our team has been extremely busy this month fighting for the #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK.
But we do need your continued support to keep us going. You can help us here
September 1st marked #800DaysInLimbo for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK & 1.2m @BritishInEurope.
And we started the month by writing a letter to @MichelBarnier & @DominicRaab - telling them that #EnoughIsEnough - asking them to finally commit to #citizensrights by ring fencing the already agreed rights no matter what Brexit outcome
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1/ What does no-deal Brexit mean for EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope?

@ecas_europe in collaboration with @EuropeStreet have put together a comprehensive summary of which #citizensrights will be affected in case of both orderly & no deal Brexit…
2/ UK Govt promised no-deal notes on #citizensrights but none materialised. We now know how to market fertiliser but not what will happen to EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope. Anthony Valcke from @ecas_europe & @Claudiacomms fill some of these information gaps
3/ the reciprocal #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope are complex and go way beyond just the right to stay and work as it often portrayed by senior UK Govt officials. It is not as easy as simply 'not turfing out' citizens.
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@The3Million #TheLastMile event about to get underway at #Lab18 Looking forward to hearing the latest updates on the fight to secure #CitizensRights
@PaulBlomfieldMP confirming that the shadow #brexit team stance is that current settled status proposition is inadequate.
1. It should be declaratory- not by application
2. It should be free, not reasonable to charge to maintain current rights.
@SebDance speaking now, describes as "heartbreaking" the situation where so many people came to build their lives in UK in good faith and had no say over the decision that might destroy this. "For citizens in limbo this is a nightmare"...
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1/ At @labourleave fringe event at #Lab18, following a question by @NicolasHatton on #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK in case of no deal Brexit, MP Graham Stringer made the false claim that 85% of EU citizens already have automatic right to reside in the UK now.
2/ it shows how little comprehension there is on the legal complexity around EU #citizensrights among some politicians. EU citizens have the right to reside in the UK through EU law implemented into UK law via the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016
3/ The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016 have been carried forward into post Brexit law via the Withdrawal Act 2018. This means the 85% of EU citizens MP Graham Stringer classes as 'secure' are only so until this EU law is repealed.
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When I boarded the train to London early this morning I knew my day would be focused on the rights of @The3Million: today I am pleased to announce the publication of “Endangered Rights: The Impact of Brexit on EU Citizens” with @FES_GB.
Little did I know how topical I’d be!
My thanks to @FES_GB for publishing this as part of its Perspective series to help raise awareness of the still unresolved #citizensrights concerns of @The3Million & @BritishInEurope. Thanks in particular to the Director of the FES London office, Christos Katsioulis. 2/
The publication will be available from the FES website later this week. It will be publicised in the UK and throughout the EU, including in Brussels, by FES offices to help make sure that no @The3Million nor @BritishInEurope citizen is left behind because of Brexit. 3/
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1/ Theresa May on fears of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK: "[...] even in the event of no deal your rights will be protected..."

This is a positive step but many of our #citizensrights are of a bilateral nature, such as access to social security and pension rights.
2/ Now is the time to truly ring-fence the Draft Withdrawal Agreement chapter on #citizensrights , which has already been agreed with the EU.

Simply follow the Article 50 procedure, even if it is the only deal that remains after two years of Brexit negotiations.
3/ only this way, our future as EU citizens in the UK will be under the protection of a treaty between the UK and the EU. Otherwise, these are just words from a Prime Minister who is running low on trust. /end
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1/ Really? Do we need a video game playing with the worst fears of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK? This is just tasteless and disgusting. @BBCClick should be ashamed to even give this a platform.
2/ EU citizens have been #inLimbo over their #citizensrights for the last 2 years. Confronted with dehumanising language on the front of newspapers, on social media & on the streets. Do we really need a game that is set around rounding them up in Ghettos & used as slave labour?
3/ The game is meant to be satirical. Satirical? Being left #inLimbo over #citizensrights is definitely not a laughing matter to the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK.
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1. Great to hear @thomasbrake and @SarahLudford confirm that the Lib Dems will continue to fight for full protection of and ringfencing of #citizensrights for @BritishInEurope and @The3Million #peoplesvote #LDconf #ExitfromBrexit
2. .@SarahLudford also reminds the audience that 80% of @BritishInEurope need free movement not just the right to remain in the EU27 and that this is far from guaranteed at this stage
3. Thank you to both - we agree with the former CBI boss that it’s a scandal people have not been given the certainty to get on with their lives.
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After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"Surcharge-free roaming when you travel to the EU could no longer be guaranteed."

After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"Your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the EU. If you move to another EU country to live, you may not be able to exchange your licence after the UK has left the EU."

After March 2019 if there’s no deal.

"If your passport does not meet these criteria, you may be denied entry to any of the Schengen area countries, and you should renew your passport before you travel."

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1/ Here is @Nigel_Farage on August 21st criticising UK Govt for wanting to guarantee #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK. Effectively calling for EU Citizens to be turfed out in case of no deal Brexit & for acquired rights to be cut. Which is remarkably different...
2/... from his position im March 2017 when he lambasted the UK Govt for not guaranteeing the #citizensrights of the 3.6m when Art 50 was triggered.
3/ in short @Nigel_Farage couldn't care less as long as he can use EU citizens & their #citizensrights as a weapon to criticise the UK Govt. Callous and nasty way to play with the lives of 3.6m people. /end
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As #OneOfThe3Million who has been #800daysInLimbo I fully support this letter.

Despite being profoundly affected by Brexit we did not have a say in the EU referendum.

We need legal certainty.
For ourselves and our families.


@MichelBarnier @DominicRaab
Many thanks to our amazing Cardiff MPs @JoStevensLabour, @SDoughtyMP and @AnnaMcMorrin for supporting this campaign. Your help is highly appreciated.

#800daysInLimbo #EnoughIsEnough

Many thanks to Julie Ward MEP @julie4nw for supporting @The3Million and @BritishInEurope.

We need legal certainty.
For ourselves and our families.

#800daysInLimbo #EnoughIsEnough
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1/ UK Govt has released 24 preparedness notes in case of no deal Brexit. Despite 2 years of telling EU citizens & @BritishInEurope that #citizensrights are highest priority there is nothing on rights. 791 days #inLimbo & again nothing to reassure us.…
2/ here are the areas the UK Govt apparently cares about:
- EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal
- Horizon 2020 funding if there's no Brexit deal
- Delivering humanitarian aid programmes if there’s no Brexit deal
- Nuclear research if there’s no Brexit deal
- Civil nuclear regulation if there’s no Brexit deal
- Farm payments if there’s no Brexit deal
- Receiving rural development funding if there’s no Brexit deal
- Trade remedies if there's no Brexit deal
- Trading with the EU if there's no Brexit deal
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Was: "You will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain and treated no less favourably than at present."

Now: "You will not be turfed out."

We need a law that guarantees our #citizensrights, not verbal reassurances.

@The3Million #inLimbo
Many @The3Million are fully integrated in British society, often with British spouses, parents and/or children.

They have jobs, mortgages, businesses, families.
They are at home here.
They have lives.

They can't just be 'turfed out'.

Nick Clegg's wife is Spanish.
Nigel Farage's children have German passports.

Which other UK politicians have parents, spouses and/or children that belong to @The3Million?

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1/ UK is going to guarantee #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK without the EU, one sided - unilaterally - in case of no deal Brexit leaked papers show. Claiming the moral high ground over the EU.
Yet again, too late, too little.…
2/ The time for unilateral guarantees and claiming the moral high ground passed a long time ago though. Together with the @BritishInEurope we pleaded with the UK Govt to take that moral high ground for months after the referendum. It fell on deaf ears.…
3/ instead UK Govt reduced EU citizens in the UK & the @BritishInEurope down to Brexit negotiation capital. Made us a #BargainingChip. Unilateral guarantee would have been the right until triggering Article 50. It would have created much needed goodwill.…
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1/ EU citizens allowed to stay in case of no deal Brexit because of labour shortages - UK Govt claiming moral high ground.
Moral f'ing high ground my fat German derriere. I really feel valued now. 20 years on this island and I am 'allowed to stay' because of labour shortages?
2/ there have been plenty of opportunities to claim moral high ground over the last 2 years. Proper moral high ground that both @The3Million & @BritishInEurope have asked for. The UK Gov has ignored those pleas.
3/ now with no deal Brexit looming, something I had zero say in and wasn't even allowed to vote in, they realise that the economy needs us. Bloody late. And bloody insulting.
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1/ Warning:
Many EU citizens in the UK are looking for reliable information on what they need to do to secure their #citizensrights. The Govt has failed to provide sufficient information & private initiatives fill that gap. @HereForGoodLaw are great, but some are questionable
2/ it is crucial to find reliable sources of information, that are updated on a regular basis. Running such a website is time and resource intensive. And though they do not necessarily provide legal advice, they require legal oversight.
3/ We have been made aware of a page that looks quite professional but is questionable. How can you tell a good from a questionable source for information though? Here are some tips what to look out for.
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Sadiq Khan: London planners must prepare for no-deal Brexit
London mayor said the government was dragging its feet and leaving businesses and EU citizens #inLimbo by refusing to guarantee their #citizensrights in the event of a no-deal Brexit…
"The Gvt's offer of settled status relies on a successful outcome of the Brexit negotiations,” Khan said. “If talks were to break down, the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK [..] would have no guarantee that their rights to stay and work would be protected.
"Businesses regularly report the difficulty they face in getting the talented workers they need, and to now threaten the Europeans they currently employ is completely and utterly reckless." London mayor @SadiqKhan continues /end
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1/ here is @LilleyPeter writing nonsense about no-deal Brexit and #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK & 1.2m @BritishInEurope. How can rights that rely on bilateral agreements be granted unilaterally?…
2/ Maybe, as a politician should, Mr Lilley would do well by reading Directive 2004/38/EC & especially Regulation 883/2004 - the basis of the current #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK and the @BritishInEurope before making ludicrous remarks like this.
3/ #citizensrights is far more than the right to stay. What Peter Lilley is advicating is that to guarantee EU citizens not to be kicked out. Pretty low bar. /end
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1/ We agree with @cliodiaspora - we need the British public not just to agree with us on #citizensrights for the 3.6m EU citizens but to stand up for us. That means taking action rather than pity. Some of these actions take very little effort.
2/ Action 1: Follow us
We are very grateful to the 21k very active followers here on Twitter. But to put this into context there are 13 million UK users on Twitter. 21k followers equal just 0.1% of the UK Twitter base.
3/ Action 2: Tell your followers to follow us
As simple as quoting one of our tweets you really like and just write: "follow @The3Million"
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1. Some numbers from France on why the @EuropeanCommiss refusing to provide any dedicated local legal support for @britishineurope (who are still EU citizens) matters.

Particularly in the event of a #NoDealBrexit
2. There are an estimated 150,000 Brits living in France. I say estimated because France is like the UK and doesn't require EU citizens to register. Many are trying to get permanent residence (carte de sejour) in case there's no deal and therefore no agreement on #citizensrights
3. There are 5 (yes 5) FCO staff dedicated to providing consular support for the citizens' rights aspect of Brexit. That's 5 for the entire EU 27 or 1.3mn @BritishInEurope (yes I know many are taking a new nationality but it's still a tiny number of staff to help the rest).
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1/ The Road Haulage Association (@RHANews) not not holding back opinion on #citizensrights for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK & 1.2m @BritishInEurope. Calling the current behaviour of the UK Govt and EU "small minded, petty & childish"
2/ "The current situation, where citizens have no certainty over their future status, is unacceptable. Agreement has been reached between the UK and the EU on citizens acquired rights, delaying implementation is punishing citizens who have done nothing wrong."@RHANews writes
3/ "Regardless of the wider political landscape around Brexit, the 'nothing is agreed until it is all agreed' approach which is being applied to the citizens who have moved between the UK and the EU is small minded, petty, childish." @RHANews continues
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1/ In April we shared #150questions on #citizensrights & Settled Status for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK with the Home Office. The immigration minister @carolinenokes promised to provide answers on all questions by the end of June. The deadline passed & we received ZERO answers
2/ The Home Office then promised to provide us with answers to all of our #150questions on #citizensrights & Settled Status by the end of July. You guessed it, we again received ZERO answers.
3/ Instead the Home Office published a Statement of Intent on #citizensrights & Settled Status for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK. Instead of receiving the pronised answers to our #150questions we were forced to painfully fish answers out ourselves from that document.
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1/ important article on the legal implementation of Settled Status that is meant to protect the #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK. Worrying flaws...…
2/ the white paper contained the surprising announcement that Govt will use the Immigration Act 1971 to legislate in detail for the EU settlement scheme and not the Withdrawal & Implementation Bill (WAIB).
3/ it means that at least two pieces of primary law (Acts) will now deal with EU citizens’ rights, increasing the scope for confusion and mistakes. This is despite the fact that a number of important issues concerning EU citizens’ rights remain unresolved.
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