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The Home Office will repeat the same mistakes - the #HostileEnvironment is not a mistake. It fosters discrimination against anyone who has no clear & easy to understand documentation. Despite residing legally in the UK many EU citizens will fall into that category from March 2019
The discrimination will be driven by poor Govt information to employers, landlords and service providers. The Govt must do more to inform them that EU passports & ID cards remain valid proof until the end of the official Settled Status application period in June 2021
And as our joint letter with @RLA_News points out, a digital document as proposed by the Govt, which creates further administrative checks & hurdles, will repel landlords & small employers from providing housing and jobs to EU citizens.
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Serious cognitive dissonance in @theresa_may⁩’s Op-Ed.

Citizens of nowhere, we remember.

Hard red lines without any respect to a deeply divided result, we see now.

A refusal to apologise for the #HostileEnvironment.

EU citizens rights, we care.…
May claims a “decent, moderate and patriotic programme that is worthy of” Labour support.

So patriotic it deprives us of jobs?

So decent it leaves British citizens in Europe stranded?

So moderate it strips us of our right to study, travel, live, love & work in 27 countries? /2
May boldly asserts “The British people are not bound by ideology”.

Brexit is nothing but ideology.

There are no proven facts. There is a preposterous belief that we can do everything, as all the evidence before he flees to Paris, Berlin, Dublin. /3
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Labour's Shadow Chancellor, @johnmcdonnellMP, has released a statement regarding the sickening news that single parents and families will lose £200 per month under #UniversalCredit.
His statement is in response to this.

#DWP boss Esther McVey admits millions to lose £200 a month on #UniversalCredit

McVey has been forced to admit single parents and families face a £2400 a year benefit cut next year…
Just the day before this came out;

DAMNING study shows Universal Credit to blame for dramatic rise in foodbank use.

#UniversalCredit to blame for a rise in claimants experiencing debt & #mentalhealth issues

Not to mention a 52% increase in #foodbank use…
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@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt Die Bürgerrechte der @The3Million sowie @BritishInEurope finden trotz allem zu wenig Gewichtung! Die EU hat nur dann eine Zukunft, wenn sie sich weniger von Lobbygruppen&mächtigen Wirtschaftsunternehmen leiten lässt&ein Bürgerparlament installiert,das mit entscheidet&konrolliert!
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw Another problem,UK democracy is hijacked by populists.@guyverhofstadt“Europe has a 5th column in its ranks:Putin's cheerleaders who want to destroy Europe&liberal democracy:LePen,Wilders..use Kremlin money&intelligence. Farage's friend Banks colluded with Russia 2deliver #Brexit
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw @julienfouchet1 “Our pan-European movement @Eu27K wants to mobilise people in all of the 27 states so that people understand why the UK is leaving the EU–they don’t know in the memberstates that this Brexit is illegal.We aim 2 create a support committee in each of the 27 states.“
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1/ on @BBCr4today Theresa May confirmed that Freedom of Movement will end on March 30th next year in case of a no deal Brexit. No transition, no implementation period. Plunging 3.6m EU citizens, despite continuing to live legally in the UK, directly into the #HostileEnvironment
3/ last week the Prime Minister promised to protect the #citizensrights of EU citizens no matter what Brexit outcome. Within the #HostileEnvironment this is becoming meaningless though.
4/ without a transition period for Freedom of Movement there will suddenly be 3.6m legal EU citizens - with their #citizensrights protected - unable prove to landlords, banks, the NHS and employers that they have the right to reside and work in the UK
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1/ "Cabinet ministers have been warned that the introduction of a new migration system [for EU citizens] could cause a '#Windrush-style' crisis." writes @SamCoatesTimes in @thetimes
2/ "[...]cabinet sources have revealed private warnings that the plans to change the rules for EU citizens who come in future could cause chaos." @SamCoatesTimes continues
3/ "Whitehall is trying to work out how to distinguish EU citizens born outside Britain who already live and work here, and are treated the same as UK citizens, from those who arrive after Brexit, who will not be." @SamCoatesTimes can reveal
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1/ Let's see how many of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK are going to get 'caught up in it [the #HostileEnvironment]' @10DowningStreet?
2/Private landlords already uncertain about extending rental agreements for EU citizens post March 2019 @@RLA_PEARL research shows…
3/ Employers are already uncertain about hiring EU citizens - this will only worsen during the transition period when many EU citizens will not yet hold Settled Status. And it will be absolute chaos under no-deal Brexit…
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@The3Million #TheLastMile event about to get underway at #Lab18 Looking forward to hearing the latest updates on the fight to secure #CitizensRights
@PaulBlomfieldMP confirming that the shadow #brexit team stance is that current settled status proposition is inadequate.
1. It should be declaratory- not by application
2. It should be free, not reasonable to charge to maintain current rights.
@SebDance speaking now, describes as "heartbreaking" the situation where so many people came to build their lives in UK in good faith and had no say over the decision that might destroy this. "For citizens in limbo this is a nightmare"...
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TUNE IN: on my @LBC show today we interview this man Tapiwa Matukutire who was a victim of a terrible false tip off, and a traumatic arrest by immigration officers. Hear him being arrested naked infront of his 18 month old baby below #HostileEnvironment
Read about it here:…
This is how to listen to my @LBC show LIVE… OR listen back via this archive… all available on the Global Player APP
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The Home Office has been broken by a public discourse that has gotten out of control. A xenophobic rhetoric that has become accepted by too many. The UKIPification of our newspapers, TV, and our politics.

Alberta's story is a reminder of why we need to 🚮 the #HostileEnvironment
You can watch my full speech on the treatment of people under immigration control here:…
4 months after they first met with @ukhomeoffice, 2 of my Windrush constituents are still waiting for essentials like residence cards, suitable accommodation and the right to a bank account.

The problem is not solved just because the news cycle moves on.…
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Absolutely right that @UniversitiesUK and @UUKIntl should put pressure on govt to change visa requirements for overseas students. For the last 15 years my academic role has included recruiting students from overseas. Here are a few of my thoughts. /1…
Most of the attention in this debate is the money that overseas students inject into the national, and local, economies. That is only part of the story. UK Universities have a proud tradition of being international - it is not just about the money. /2
Being international exposes UK students (and staff) to different ways of thinking. All of which are increasing required in a global working environment (even if you never leave home). /3
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I am sorry to hear about that, but making EU citizens lose rights *retroactively* will not help any other immigrant. All should be treated fairly and with respect. The root cause for all problems is the #HostileEnvironment and we need to stand against that together. 1/
As for the other points you make I am afraid that they are simply not true. Thousands of EU citizens have already been deported; many more have had their PR applications rejected. We have to apply to stay in our own home. We are #800DaysInLimbo ... and counting. 2/
We have no guarantees in the event of no deal, and even the best case outcome will see us lose rights, get a special ID on a special register, and be faced with eternal limbo as key legislation will be implemented through secondary legislation only—which can be changed easily. 3/
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1/ The UK Govt has published more details on the digital documentation that will be issued to EU citizens for the new immigration status, Settled Status. We have been criticising the digital format as we believe this will lead to discrimination. But...…
2/... yesterday's information provides even more reason for concern in regards to potentially even greater discrimination. The deadline for applying for Settled Status according to Govt website and in line with the Withdrawal Agreement is June 2021.…
3/ but according to the information provided by the Govt yesterday only Settled Status documentation, not passports or ID cards will be valid as proof of residence from 1st January 2021.
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Hi + thanks for tuning in to this @docsnotcops takeover so far tonight, here from 7-9pm. Now we’ll be talking about the public health impacts of charging migrants to use NHS services #PatientsNotPassports
This @docsnotcops takeover has health workers, activists, campaigners bringing the real stories of the harms of charging to Twitter - I’m a doctor in central London and can't stand how distressing and harmful the charges are @TheBMA #PatientsNotPassports
Even though patients with HIV are not required to pay, the fear factor means migrants who are HIV+ are delaying seeking treatment - according to the @Nat_AIDS_Trust @ACTUP_LDN @lgsmigrants…
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1st- So we can actually say the home office is not fit for its purpose!

2nd-Well v hav been saying this since a long time now!
Time to do something actually about it!
Why is everyone lying & misleading everyone!
HM #Inspectorate of #prisons -
found immigrants were being restrained for up to 17 hours.

#HostileEnvironment doesn't stop! Why can't we stop all this!
#Immigrants are #human too.…
Around 20 #NHS staff in a letter told - Theresa May of their “great sorrow and shame” that “hostile environment” immigration policies which she initiated are leading to needless suffering and early death.…
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I am #OneOfThe3Million
3.7M Europeans in #BrexitBritain have intentionally been kept #inlimbo about their future lives here for 2 years
The state of #HumanRights as set by @ukhomeoffice for #Immigrants should send shivers down our spines
#highlyskilledmigrants #windrush
"Repeated warnings about the developing Windrush scandal were made over the course of several years to both the Foreign Office and the Home Office but no action was taken" by @ameliagentleman…
As #OneOfThe3Million I have become aware how some people in our society are subject to a catalogue of horrendous fees as well as harsh, illogical & often frankly inhumane rules @ukhomeoffice applies without any consideration of their circumstances & their established lives here
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Thread 1) In response to this petition shared by @simonbruni, people have said the solution #citizensrights is to Remain in EU. They are right, but meantime many EU27 and EFTA citizens in UK live with insecurity and uncertainty over settled status.…
2) This Perth for Europe member was given two weeks, during school holidays, to provide extra information to the Home office or have her citizenship application refused. Luckily she was only away for a week.…
We asked MP @PeteWishart to get involved. His office deal with this type of issue frequently – it's not a one off, but part of the #HostileEnvironment. And what of EU27 citizens who can't afford the £1300+ to get citizenship? Or from countries which don't allow dual nationality?
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1/ Some reasons why the Domino’s pizza dismissal case has some disturbing features for employers / lawyers / claimants.
2/ It shows that the lynchpin of Theresa’ May’s #hostileenvironment policy, (the ‘right to work’ system), is causing confusion for employers, staff and Judges.
3/ If Judges are confused about the 'right to work' system, what hope is there for employers who face potential fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker and potential criminal prosecution?
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@FabienneHurst @DW_GMF @docupy @DeutscheWelle @ICIJorg @FrankRHofmann @AbdihakimAinte #underreported @postcards_48 @DavidGuerilla“I’m making this film to show my fellow citizens of the other 27 EU member states that it’s far from a landslide decision, and to show them why so many of us Remainers are fighting to stay part of the EU.” Premiere, June,23rd @edfilmfest
@FabienneHurst @DW_GMF @docupy @DeutscheWelle @ICIJorg @FrankRHofmann @AbdihakimAinte @postcards_48 @DavidGuerilla @edfilmfest The suffering of millions of EU citizens @InLimboBrexit uncertainty about #citizensrights This is inequality in media not only by the“oh - so impartial BBC“, @acgrayling but also by European media. @BritishInEurope @BrexpatsHOV @BremainInSpain @The3Million
@FabienneHurst @DW_GMF @docupy @DeutscheWelle @ICIJorg @FrankRHofmann @AbdihakimAinte @postcards_48 @DavidGuerilla @edfilmfest @InLimboBrexit @acgrayling @BritishInEurope @BrexpatsHOV @BremainInSpain @The3Million We are not any longer talking about a #RoadToBrexit but about a #RoadOutOfBrexit @FrankRHofmann given the fact that it's @BestForBritain because #HostileEnvironment & manipulation by populists @EmmaLBriant @carolecadwalla A story to be told to whole Europe!
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Tomorrow, I will be presenting evidence on behalf of @The3Million to @CommonsEUexit with my colleague @citizen689, alongside @BritishInEurope. Despite being outside the media spotlight, the issue of citizens' rights is still acute, with many points outstanding 1/15
There are 14 main issues we want to highlight:
1. Draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA) - What is included; what it isn't… 2/15
2. Lifelong right to return (or rather lack of)… 3/15
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Ok so I completed the @ukhomeoffice survey about international students.

I do not know who advised you on the question wording, but here are some thoughts from a Romanian PhD "international student" trained in social research methods in three UK universities.
Operationalisation is key to any social research.

Students from the EU and from non-EU countries will experience their time at university differently.

Huge difference in fees&more pressures from the #hostileenvironment on non-EU as they constantly have to prove their activity.
What is the point of this? Universities have data on the number of international students.
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Charging drunks for NHS care (as discussed on radio 4 yesterday, I'm told) is such an idiotic zombie idea that I am almost lost for words... but let me try...
If you charge drunks because they cost the NHS money, then why not ski-ers, horse-riders, rugby players?
No-one talking about that ofc. But theyre already excluding people with other lifestyle habits - smokers & people who are overweight, for example, are already denied ops in some areas (blanket policy, strongly opposed by doctors). We can't normalise this assault on universalism.
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1/ After the #WindrushScandal media, politicians & organisations are worried that the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK might fall into the #HostileEnvironment after Brexit. The truth is that we are already deep in it.
2/ part of the #HostileEnvironment is the right-to-rent scheme. Threatening Landlords with £3k fine should they rent to someone undocumented. @RLA_PEARL research shows that as a result 1 in 6 landlords already reluctant to let to EU citizens.
3/ Employers are also already discriminating against EU citizens in fear of the £20k fine they face as part of #HostileEnvironment. Triggering @PaulBlomfieldMP to write to @DavidDavisMP last August
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Hello Britain! @ukhomeoffice, @theresa_may, @AmberRuddHR.

I want to talk with you for a second.

I'm an immigrant. No, don't send your skinheads to kick down my door yet, hear me out.

I'm actually English. A few months ago my family and I moved to Germany.
It was heartbreaking to do it, bit we didn't like what the UK is becoming.

A phone call, an email, and we got ourselves medical coverage. A visit to the bank and we've got a new account.

A trip to our local government office to register and we got... Well..
We didn't get threatened. We didn't get mountains of shit to fill in. We didn't get someone who was there to make it clear that there would be a #HostileEnvironment.


In fact we got a goodie bag.
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