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@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt Die Bürgerrechte der @The3Million sowie @BritishInEurope finden trotz allem zu wenig Gewichtung! Die EU hat nur dann eine Zukunft, wenn sie sich weniger von Lobbygruppen&mächtigen Wirtschaftsunternehmen leiten lässt&ein Bürgerparlament installiert,das mit entscheidet&konrolliert!
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw Another problem,UK democracy is hijacked by populists.@guyverhofstadt“Europe has a 5th column in its ranks:Putin's cheerleaders who want to destroy Europe&liberal democracy:LePen,Wilders..use Kremlin money&intelligence. Farage's friend Banks colluded with Russia 2deliver #Brexit
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw @julienfouchet1 “Our pan-European movement @Eu27K wants to mobilise people in all of the 27 states so that people understand why the UK is leaving the EU–they don’t know in the memberstates that this Brexit is illegal.We aim 2 create a support committee in each of the 27 states.“
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So @uklabour Front Bencher @barrygardiner in this tweet (to fellow Labour MP @BenPBradshaw) seems to think there aren't really any leave voters who are pushing to reconsider #Brexit with a #PeoplesVote

Why don't we examine why that's completely false.

A #remainernow Thread

So Barry could start here,…

This is the stories page of which (so far) has four excellent longer videos of leave voters who are now passionate about a #PeoplesVote and want to #StopBrexit

Alternatively @BarryGardiner could go here

Here is the #remainernow in the news section, where we upload stories regretful leavers get on print media. This is just what we have uploaded since launching last month but some great articles. #PeoplesVote

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We saw this last week with the snark aimed at #PeoplesVoteMarch; the Brexiteers on both sides KNOW they lost the argument months ago, so the only thing they can do is try to disqualify the opinions of Remainers by dismissing them as “middle class” (as are they, for the most part)
Now it’s easy to throw shit like that at me; university educated BBC Radio trained smart arse that I am (also working class parents, state school & non-Oxbridge & chronically skint, but whatever) but someone like Eddie poses a problem…
He’s too obviously NOT some sort of bourgeois fop to be dismissed; he might even - horrors - be taken seriously when he points out that Corbyn is gleefully sacrificing the well-being of the working class on the altar of his ideology...
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Exactly! This is the kind of thing that needs to happen throughout the UK now. Stalls are a good thing, the #PeoplesVoteMarch was amazing. But it’s not enough and neither is waiting till party conferences etc. Make no mistake: the next three months are absolutely critical 1/
And so no time can be wasted. So talk to local groups and get some things off the ground that are bigger and not the traditional stuff. If you haven’t been so involved, now is the time to become involved. My advice is to focus on one and one thing only: that #BrexitIsPersonal 2/
And if you’re wondering why I’m so happily lecturing everyone on doing stuff rather than do that stuff: watch this space ...
#TanjasSecretSummerProject 3/3
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Here come some thoughts. Haven't actually talked about my own feelings for a while so bear with. I think especially since the #PeoplesVoteMarch at the weekend, and the sad spate of infighting that came after, I'm taking stock. 1/
When I first saw the Brexit referendum result, I didn't know anything about the dark money, the gerry-mandering, the manipulation. I just knew that many people had suffered too long from UK policies, and felt they needed to send a message. For better or worse. 2.
At that point I was actually willing to accept the result, I felt that the government would take the lack of a clear majority as a sign that things needed to be discussed, and a compromise reached. I had way too much faith. 3/
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Brexit, all that’s happened since June 2016, has no benefits. But after #PeoplesVoteMarch let me say that I consider it my privilege to have been able to meet so many amazing people because of Brexit. They are what keeps me going. All of you are. Together we can #StopBrexit 1/
So here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were ... told through some events, activities ... and wonderful people. 2/
24 June 2016 ... it was a sad day. But still the message is unchanged ❤️ 3/
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Let me tell you a story about this clip. Not the clip itself, but the man in the blue shirt on the left. It’s @JesmondDavid, a fantastic @NE4EU campaigner who got to be on stage at #PeoplesVoteMarch. And there he did something that is very special, something that made me 1/
very emotional right now. To show his solidarity with us @The3Million and our situation in limbo, @JesmondDavid wore @The3Million t-shirt. David, thank you so so much. This was a beautiful statement and I will remember it forever. 2/
The clip is well worth watching too! 3/3
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1) Thread - Corbynites FFS wake up!
I did resolve (again) to stop attacking Corbyn & to focus on the government in fighting #Brexit
But the last few days have given me a reality check again
Yesterday's #PeoplesVoteMarch was a triumph, over 100k people all over the news
Then this
2) so really I have 2 questions for Corbyn supporters
Firstly, yesterday's march was undoubtedly a progressive march against something a majority of Labour party supporters agree would be damaging for the majority

A #PeoplesVote may not be everyone's ideal, but ...
3) least the march raises the profile of the anti #Brexit movement and shows people it's not settled.

So how did the Labour movement, which is supposed to be about exactly this kind of action, find it's Leadership officially against this and standing with the government?
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The day after ...
The bag reference is explainable with a photo shared. The flag isn’t (at least not to my knowledge). But one way or the other, it’s now another one I just can be 100% sure about. I hate this. Truly.
I appreciate kind words of support. But as a PS: can I please note that it is nobody else's place to take actions. I know it's all well-intentioned, but I have seen what's best described as half-vigilante type behaviour. Can I please ask this stops: it's not helpful. Thank you.
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Two years on from #Brexit referendum vote, UK growth has slumped. Lowest of any G7 country. Lower than Eurozone. Likely to fall further (c. Airbus). But hey, no worries, it's all #ProjectFear say the #Brexiteers (graphic @WSJ)
Still, young Brits can always pick fruit - rather than look forward to careers in high-tech industries like Airbus. Well done #Brexiteers (but hey, no worries it's all #ProjectFear isn't it?)
Consumer spending slumped after Brexit Referendum #PeoplesVoteMarch 🇬🇧🇪🇺 (Well done #Brexiteers. But hey, no worries it's all #ProjectFear isn't it?)
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@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView You do know that the referendum was not intended as a binding instruction, yes? That the referendum was enabled by an act that explicitly laid out its advisory nature?
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Yes, Cameron said he'd enact it but that's all he did, say. Theresa May said she would not hold an election in 2017, but she did. Should the current government dissolve itself because of what she said? (Don't answer that)
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Do you know what's damaged our vote?

The ref may have been advisory but it was a legitimate democratic exercise, governed by electoral law.

The leave campaign broke all kinds of electoral laws.

If a GE was won after a corrupt campaign, for how long would the new govt last?
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