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So here's how Brexit works out for those who will benefit (clue - it's not us 'ordinary' people):
Investors sell UK property at peak prices
Move their business & wealth into the EU, exchange their £ for Euros
Brexit occurs, so £ & property market crash
They short-sell Sterling
A certain point into the Brexit turmoil sees them buy back Sterling & property (both at lower cost after collapse) & they make a sh*tload of £££.
It's a disaster capitalist's dream scenario - no wonder they will stop at nothing to achieve it.
Meanwhile, the rest of us see inflation surge, our cost of living increases, our net worth decreases if we are house owners, those who are most vulnerable are at risk as public services decline further.
Any wonder we need to fight to #StopBrexit?
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OK. *sigh*

The EU currently has preferential trade arrangements with 52 countries. It's negotiating trade agreements with another 72 countries. That's 124 countries. There are 28 countries in the EU. That's 156 countries. There are 195 countries.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
So that's most of the countries and, as such, it has more trade agreements than pretty much anyone else. That's your first point done.

Now the second point...

*God, this is tiresome*

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
If you have £1 and you manage to grow it by £1, you have increased your pot by 100%. Yaaay!

If you have £100billion and you grow it by £1bn, you have increased it by 1%. Boooo!

Established economies grow slower.

Enjoy your pound.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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Right. I'm going to say it. Ready?

@theresa_may is right.

The #PeoplesVote is the Politicians' Referendum. And here's why ...
Different countries use referendums in different ways. At one end of the spectrum, we have the lovely Switzerland who have decided they want a system of referendums for just about everything... the other end of the spectrum, you've for Britain which, as a rule, doesn't do referendums.
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My story. I met a Spanish woman in 2001. I married her in 2012 in Spain. For work reasons she continued to live in Spain and I continued to live in England
This didn't matter because we were both European citizens and we travelled freely between our two countries sometimes living in England, sometimes in Spain and sometimes apart.
There was no need for either of us to seek residency in the others country. We simply travelled, stayed at each other's houses, went on holiday together to other EU countries, paid our taxes in our respective countries etc etc
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I have learnt 2 things about "how history happened" as a result of brexit-so-far. Both of them hit hard & if you are reading this - they apply to you to.
1) What were all the nice people in Germany doing when Hitler came to power & started persecuting various groups?
Those groups being the jews, disabled people, foreigners, people with alternate lifestyles, other political views?
(Use that as a ticklist - tick every one off - bc all are now happening).

bc what all the "nice" people were doing were what you are doing now. 1/n
1) Saying that "comic little man" Bojo or JRM or whoever - is unintelligent & just sooooo funny & won't get elected.

2) If he does get elected he is *BOUND TO* calm down a bit when given some responsiblity bc the world will not tolerate that kind of rhetoric...
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@theresa_may's awful government will not go the distance - it will fall and there will be an election - possibly even a #PeoplesVote. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW! Let's have our revenge!…
If you have been living abroad for less than 15 years, you can vote. All you need is your last UK address and your national insurance number. It's simple. No forms, no finding people to sign stuff or make declarations.

It literally takes two minutes.…
By the way, every time I mention voting, some gammon pops up and moans about British citizens overseas being able to vote. Well, here's the world's smallest violin just for you.

You didn't support us. You threw us under the bus. Now we get our turn. 👍

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@trinityb38 1/ Okay, well let's start with Consumer rights #24ReasonstoRemain
@trinityb38 2/ Then let's cover employee rights protections under EU legislation #24ReasonstoRemain #StopBrexit
@trinityb38 3/ Further to the employee rights, ban on discrimination at work ensures rights to equality in the workplace #24ReasonstoRemain #StopBrexit
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Let's learn from history.

Back in 1989/90, the Community Charge was introduced by Margaret Thatcher in Scotland and then England and Wales. You probably remember it as the Poll Tax. Despite it being hugely unpopular, Maggie pressed ahead with the policy.
Maggie's argument was that the people had voted for the policy - after all, it had been in the Tory manifesto that had given her another landslide - so she had to deliver it and they could not change their minds.
There were protests and some of them were pretty violent. Maggie said that there was no way that she would back down from the policy. Meanwhile, Tory MPs were hearing the upset from ordinary voters in their constituencies.
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If you are a UK citizen in the EU, REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE UK. There is an election coming up and we need to repay @theresa_may and the @Conservatives for everything they have done for us...… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
You can register to vote on this website. You are eligible at your last UK address provided you have not been abroad for more than 15 years.… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
There are hundreds of thousands of us in this situation (Coucou, @theresa_may! Having fun?) and, due to the slim majorities, we could change the results in literally hundreds of seats.

It's payback time.

Let's do this.

#stopbrexit #peoplesvote
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@redalphababe @chesterforeu So true! 👏👏
You’ve done it now, Pilar! I feel a rant coming on....
We’re all just people.
UK citizens, EU citizens, citizens of the world. People with families, businesses, jobs, mortgages, hopes, plans, dreams for the future.
We once believed we lived in a civilised,
@redalphababe @chesterforeu modern democracy, itself part of a
union, unprecedented in history, of sovereign European countries, weary of centuries of war & rivalry, working towards a better future for the coming generations of Europe than their forebears endured.
We’ve watched with growing horror as
@redalphababe @chesterforeu arrogant, nefarious politicians have sacrificed truth, integrity, decency, cohesion, & yes, respect, as they have played a mad game of Russian roulette with our lives.
With the diabolical assistance of a monstrously powerful, unregulated gutter press, this unprincipled
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My blood pressure is through the roof as rejection of #ChequersPlan means No Deal Brexit is more likely.
1. Cameron should never have gambled with the UK's future to appease Tory Eurosceptics, nor should he have said the decision of that advisory vote would be implemented.
2. May did not need to trigger A50 when she did.
3. She should have commissioned thorough impact reports & allowed full consideration & debate in Parliament & engaged with business/NHS etc.
4. Labour (together with other parties) should have acted early on as scrutineers.
5. If we hadn't had 8 years of Austerity, many of the reasons for people voting to leave wouldn't have existed.
6. We should have insisted that lies & propaganda in the mainstream media were tackled.
7. The Electoral Commission failed in their duty.
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It's get your ducks in a row hang your socks on a line to dry KEEP ASKING MORE QUESTIONS OF YOUR INSTITUTIONS & PUBLIC RECORDS #Brexit day #StopBrexit #Border #Borders #DUP #Ulster #Tories #Scottish #Conservatives Whose COLOURFUL £$Es 've been 🔁🔀💢⚠️🚸 #Fiancial #Transparency
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I rarely directly share stuff from the British expat groups on Facebook as they are closed groups but I wanted you to see this. This is what we are up against.

In France, we have no effective consular support. @UKinFrance is awful.
The Ambassador himself does nothing to protect the interests of British citizens living here. The staff have been holding utterly pointless meetings where they parrot the UK government line without listening.
The UK embassy in Paris is the cushiest job in the diplomatic service. Great offices, well paid, plenty of receptions, dinners and events. The lot. Once you are in it, you are on Easy Street, riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels. No need to DO anything.
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Remind me again why Brits deserve to be treated as a special case in relation to employment and living in the EU? 🤔…
...because, unless I'm much mistaken, I made this exact point against British exceptionalism a few weeks ago and got attacked for it.…
There's only one way to sort out this whole sorry mess and that is #StopBrexit.

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to celebrate 6000 followers (LOL, madness) i'd like to give a shout-out to some of my favourite EU nationals! we are all EU citizens, but these people are not in the same boat as we Brits, and it's important we acknowledge that; the UK is their home & Brexit puts that at risk! 1/
obviously, i must mention the wonderful @cliodiaspora, who should not be in the position to have to fight for her rights and those of other EU citizens, but does so regardless, and gets targeted & abused for it. i'd understand if she'd given up by now, but on she fights. hero. 2/
i love seeing @DamnAlex1978 pop up in my feed (and trying to translate his italian tweets lol), he's always got something funny or interesting to say! 😊 @AnneIdaForest is a brilliant photographer and so lovely in real life! 3/
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1/12 I studied law which included UK constitutional and EU law. I had a fair understanding of the implications of #Brexit. 2 years on and becoming a volunteer legal writer for @infacts I have learned SO much more thanks to #Brexit
2/12 It’s been a lot of fun going back to the laws and refreshing my memory as well as building on that.
3/12 It is very important to note that the subject of the UK and EU is very complex and it’s reaches are vast. There were areas that we all were not aware of (#Brexiters and #Remainers) until #brexit became a reality.
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I am a doctor in the #NHS.
Every scrap of evidence I’ve seen points to total disaster if #NoDealBrexit comes to pass. We must #StopBrexit - here is why. /thread
Thus far I’ve tried to focus solely on the facts, and the facts alone. Informed consent is the bedrock of medicine- I don’t believe anyone knew the consequences of leaving EURATOM or the EMA for example when they voted. Feel free to prove otherwise. /1
It’s not my job to tell people what to do. And I am not. If you still think Leaving with No Deal will be good for the NHS after absorbing all of the above, then that is your decision. You are wrong, but it’s your right to be wrong. /2
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New #BrexitDividend Stealth Tax!

Just when you thought that @Theresa_May's government couldn't get any more shifty, they've introduced a cunning stealth tax by reducing the validity of your passport when you renew it. (Great spot @MoneySavingExp !)…
Before, if you renewed your passport within the final 9 months, the unused portion would be added to the length of your new passport so you got what you paid for. Now, they have decided stop that - so you will lose any time between when you renew and the final validity date.
This may not seem like a big deal but, with #Brexit looming, passports are a huge deal to the over one million British citizens living in the EU. As the UK does not issue ID cards, UK citizens have little in the way of official ID other than a passport.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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I've mentioned this before and I got a tirade of "but why would they do that? More Project Fear!"

And lo! It came to pass...

But, before I go, let's have a detailed breakdown of why mobile companies will reimpose roaming charges.
Firstly, mobile companies are there to make a profit.

Secondly, removing roaming charges meant that a key bonus revenue stream was greatly curtailed.

Thirdly, see 'Firstly' and 'Secondly'.
I keep getting Quitlers screaming at me "what makes you such an expert?". Well, newsflash, I'm not. I just have a good grasp of the bloody obvious. The second you remove a law that helps consumers and stops companies fleecing them, those companies will milk it.
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"Right, who wants to go to dinner? Hands up for yes.... Hands up for no... OK, 52 of you want to go to dinner so we are all going!"

NO VOTERS: "Wait a minute! We don't want to go!"

LEADER: "Tough. We're all going on Thursday!"
HALF OF YES VOTERS: "Erm, we don't want to go on Thursday."

LEADER: "Shut up. Everyone voted to go to the Italian on Thursday."

*Leader rings Italian restaurant*


LEADER: "Hi, I'd like to book a table for 100 on Thursday."
ITALIAN RESTO: "Ah, sorry. We are shut."

LEADER: "But we will be coming on Thursday"

ITALIAN RESTO: "But we are shut"

LEADER: "We are still coming. We voted to come."

ITALIAN RESTO: "That's nice. We're still shut though. So you can't come."

LEADER: "I'll call you back"
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Dear @leovaradker, you may have seen this letter from @Jacob_Rees_Mogg. I understand he has a business (Somerset Capital Management or SCaM for short) domiciled in Ireland. I have some concerns regarding this.
As you will know, @leovaradker, Directive 2016/1164 laying down rules against tax avoidance practices that directly affect the functioning of the internal market is due to come into force on 1 January 2019.
I am unclear as to how the Directive may impact on Directors, shadow Directors & significant shareholders of SCaM (and related companies). In any event, in the interests of transparency & the functioning of the internal market, could you please ensure that a full investigation...
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Right. I'm ready to call it! The UK government is aiming for the #Brexit negotiations to lead to:

- A Norway deal
- A 'Norway' v '#Remain' referendum.

I'll show my working below!

#stopbrexit #peoplesvote
Why Norway?

Well, the answer to that lies on the island of #Ireland. Due to the GFA, there are not many ways of squaring the circle of having the hard border that is required by the WTO, Northern Ireland remaining in the UK and the UK being outside the customs union.
So the options faced by HMG are:

1 - call a border poll and let Northern Ireland and the Republic reunite as a single entity. While the Conservatives are nominally the Conservative & Unionist Party, there are many who would not share a tear at the loss of NI....
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A little thread here about potential problems for SME's in a No Deal scenario.

We import some components from the Far East and receive these 5 to 10 times every year. We have to pay import duties and VAT when they arrive, which can cause serious cash flow problems /1
We pay our domestic VAT quarterly in arrears. It also means we have to be able to pay this immediately as soon as the ship docks, otherwise the shipping agent will not release the goods and will charge storage charges. /2
The shipping agent can defer the payment of the upfront VAT, but we are still asked to pay it to the agent upfront, so that doesn't help. We can ask to get a deferment account, a DAN, with HMRC which means the VAT will be paid quarterly, with domestic VAT, so we did that. /3
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This thread is to arm fellow European British with essential info about our POSSIBLE future relationship with the WTO and what it would mean for the UK in a no deal situation. Use it to rebut Brexiteer disengenuity and nonsense on the matter - facts matter. /1
WTO RULES state that you can’t treat other nations more favourably in trade deals. So, the EU be in breach of their own international Treaties to accept the Chequers Accord. This is highly unlikely; they’d have to make these same allowances for more than 50 other countries. /2
Central to WTO rules is, to trade favourably, then a country must have a hard border to control good entering & leaving the country (as ratified by all 164 WTO members). S.10 of the EUWA18 makes this impossible: the UK can’t create a hard border in Ireland (protecting the GFA)./3
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