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@redalphababe @chesterforeu So true! 👏👏
You’ve done it now, Pilar! I feel a rant coming on....
We’re all just people.
UK citizens, EU citizens, citizens of the world. People with families, businesses, jobs, mortgages, hopes, plans, dreams for the future.
We once believed we lived in a civilised,
@redalphababe @chesterforeu modern democracy, itself part of a
union, unprecedented in history, of sovereign European countries, weary of centuries of war & rivalry, working towards a better future for the coming generations of Europe than their forebears endured.
We’ve watched with growing horror as
@redalphababe @chesterforeu arrogant, nefarious politicians have sacrificed truth, integrity, decency, cohesion, & yes, respect, as they have played a mad game of Russian roulette with our lives.
With the diabolical assistance of a monstrously powerful, unregulated gutter press, this unprincipled
@redalphababe @chesterforeu bunch have turned our people against each other, embraced the worst elements of nationalism & fascism & plotted against the interests of our country for their own vanity, ideology or greed.
Many of our people were fooled by the eloquence of the well-educated, well-modulated
@redalphababe @chesterforeu voices of these true “elites”. Day after day they have delivered their vitriol, lies & hate, not only in print, but on the BBC (so it must be true mustn’t it?), their shady, f/r-leaning think-tanks & “economists” presented as respected expert authorities, instead of the
@redalphababe @chesterforeu self-serving charlatans they are, urging us to “take back control”, to blame “them” for taking our jobs & making us poor, “bleeding us dry” & preventing the children of the great, proud British Empire from forging forward to take rightful place on the
@redalphababe @chesterforeu glorious “sunlit uplands”!
So far, so much propaganda.
As the months, indeed years, have rolled by, as lie after lie has been exposed & the evidence of the catastrophic damage that Brexit will inflict on our country becomes clear, more & more of us, Leavers & Remainers alike,
@redalphababe @chesterforeu have a part in the last act of this drama.
We’ve had enough of the Tory AND Labour parties & a supine Parliament. They have all served us very, very badly, & we won’t ever forget.
The simple truth is that we, The People, must sort this out for ourselves.
@redalphababe @chesterforeu You can all it a #PeoplesVote, a 2nd ref, a ratification vote, a #StopBrexit vote or Opportunity Knocks, it really doesn’t matter what we call it!
What does matter is that this is OUR country, it isn’t a plaything for wannabe despots or idealogues, it is precious and
@redalphababe @chesterforeu and we DEMAND a once & for all vote to #StopTheChaos.
There must be #FinalSayForAll with an #OptionToRemain
There IS no other way.
End & apologies, but I feel better now, FWIW!

• • •

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Sep 9, 2018
I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems to me, as the Brextremists’ vicious attacks on anyone questioning or opposing their insane project become more & more outrageous & hysterical, you can just smell the fear.
They are watching with mounting horror
as the narrative is spinning out of their control. Instead of passively accepting their entirely fabricated vision of a far-right, deregulated, privatised, nationalist utopia, whipped up by ideological snake-oil salesmen & delivered in a nefarious referendum,
outrageously claimed as a mandate to do as they pleased, a majority of the British People are now revolting.
We are a famously phlegmatic people & slow to anger, but we are also known for our good, old-fashioned common sense & we have a keen nose for the unmistakable scent
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Aug 26, 2018
A rant thread, because I am pissed off.
I’m tired of being told that I must “respect” a gerrymandered referendum won by wealthy bigots with backhanders, bullshit, #bots, the BBC & Boris Johnson, a man of no principles whatsoever, whom I despise with all my heart.
those who happily take our taxes & our votes to uphold & protect our democracy as Parliamentarians, have instead stood by wringing their hands, as it is dismantled. With very few honourable exceptions, they have not only ignored & tacitly accepted the law-breaking uncovered
by the Electoral Commission, but have meekly prostrated themselves before the very worst elements in the Tory & Labour parties, & wannabes like Farage & Banks. All in the name of “respecting” that which they should condemn.
The extremists, radicals, racists & reprobates
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