I have learnt 2 things about "how history happened" as a result of brexit-so-far. Both of them hit hard & if you are reading this - they apply to you to.
1) What were all the nice people in Germany doing when Hitler came to power & started persecuting various groups?
Those groups being the jews, disabled people, foreigners, people with alternate lifestyles, other political views?
(Use that as a ticklist - tick every one off - bc all are now happening).

bc what all the "nice" people were doing were what you are doing now. 1/n
1) Saying that "comic little man" Bojo or JRM or whoever - is unintelligent & just sooooo funny & won't get elected.

2) If he does get elected he is *BOUND TO* calm down a bit when given some responsiblity bc the world will not tolerate that kind of rhetoric...
The sort that the current leadership is expecting the world to tolerate.
So - that answers that question - a small group were protesting - a v large group were going to work every day hoping that it would soon be over bc they are "just sick of it" & another small group ...
buying into totally & using it to forward their extreme views.

& yes, there was a "Communist" party in Germany too - that took advantage of the move to extremism, to move the left way beyond any kind of idea of social democracy.

They fought openly on the steets with nazis
This one has been mentioned often, but it was one of the biggest puzzles to me as a student of modern history in the 70s. But the other one is important too. So, here it is.
It is why those top managers and middle managers kept silent & kept doing the same thing over & over again without speaking out. In a particular situation.

It is, basically.....
Why did all the educated middle & upper class people who joined the army as officers in WW1 keep on, for 4 years, sending soldiers over the top to their deaths?


And again

And again
Why did none of them protest that the tactics were madness?
Why did they keep silent?

And why oh why - did the generals keep saying "Just one more big push & we'll have this?"
I haven't answered this question. But I can see #remain ers doing it. The ones who keep telling me that we just need "one more big push" to get Corbyn onside.

I know that they are wrong. How ever many times we try it, we are not going to succeed.
& I know & have spoken to people who are still saying that we should keep doing this, despite having admitted that they know as well as I do that it won't work.

I have at least seen this group-think in action - even if I can't explain why intelligent people do it.
To stand a chance of translating the very real desire to #remain that there now is in the UK, into action, we need to have someone in charge who has the WILL to put that into action. Electing anyone who doesn't have that will - is not going to help.
I don't care which team you support or how much of your life you have worn their colours.

I don't care if you used to be a LibDem or a Tory or a Labour Voter - or a Green or SNP.
There is no point in having a strategy to put the #remain majority into practice which relies on someone being elected who is pro-leave.

There is no point in picking off single cabinet ministers - where they will be replaced by more extreme people ( Rudd with Javed for eg)

There is no point having a policy that relies on a leader that is about to resign within the next few months (Greens, LibDems)
But most of all - there is absolutely no point in wasting any part of this 6 months sending all the MPs we have got onside back to their parties to shut them up & do "party loyalty" for the duration of a GE.
That will waste 3 of the 6 months we have left. It is why the Labour Leadership so strongly want it to happen. It is why the extremists in the Tories are OK with it happening too. They need to waste the next 4-6 months.
Which is what Chequers was set up as, a massive "dead cat on the table" - to keep many people thinking they are trying to negotiate.

They aren't.

That repeal bill was a coup.

& it was a coup that Corbyn approved of, bc with those Henry 8th powers he can achieve his "impossible dream" - also one that involves dismantling democracy & doing things that most tolerant countries would not agree to.
So, to summarise, he is happy that happened, bc he still thinks he can step in & take over & use it to his own advantage.

Please stop thinking of him as part of the solution - he is part of the problem.
& constantly running after him & bigging up every vaguely pro-remain word from the Labour front bench, stops our huge movement from standing clearly in opposition to him & telling him that we are not being fooled. As a movement. Together. Not individually.
In my history book, if we lose this now, when most people wish to #stopbrexit - it will not be bc we "lost" a referendum in 2016, bc we actually know that we didn't.
It will be bc we couldn't let go of our tribalism & that is much much sadder!

21/21 <end
#FBPE #PeoplesVote

• • •

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