Brexit, all that’s happened since June 2016, has no benefits. But after #PeoplesVoteMarch let me say that I consider it my privilege to have been able to meet so many amazing people because of Brexit. They are what keeps me going. All of you are. Together we can #StopBrexit 1/
So here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were ... told through some events, activities ... and wonderful people. 2/
24 June 2016 ... it was a sad day. But still the message is unchanged ❤️ 3/
I couldn’t go to the first big march as I was away, but been to every one since. And after yesterday I will be at the next one with a million+ of you 💙🇪🇺 4/
And just as an aside ... because it’s all far too connected: I’m not so fond of the orange fascist either. 5/
No matter the weather and all that ... 6/
But, thankfully, in all this time, I only had the idea to go with blue lipstick once ... phew 😅 #StopBlueLipstick 7/
I have no idea what happened here ... 8/
And then there are all those incredible people and things we did ... Speaking on Parliament Square alongside other great speakers such as @JolyonMaugham was one such thing! 9/
Meeting the wonderful @Scotkraut — I’m so glad we did. 10/
Getting this beautiful #EUbeanie from @solsikke66 11/
The amazing March for Europe in Edinburgh earlier in the year. 12/
It’s also where @mikegalsworthy and I learned the hard way what happens when you don’t pay attention and take a selfie during the group photo shoot ... but at least we got a result 🤳 13/
EU migrant girl power with @Elenauk & @maikebohn 14/
Nope. 15/
🤔 16/
Tried the Brexit unicorn 🦄 glasses. Didn’t work. 17/
Speaking in front of the Brandenburg
Gate. 18/
Knowing that the future will be better talking to these amazing girls. 19/
✊✊ with @SODEMAction 20/
More girl power with @citizen689, @Elenauk, @albawhitewolf ... and @Femi_Sorry 21/
Much love for the Young European of the Year @albawhitewolf 22/
A lot of rebel nails. 23/
#WomenAgainstBrexit like @cos_detoma & @_anjaheilmann and the men standing with us like @seanjonesqc & @theCaveDweller2 24/
There also appear to have been a good number of pints 🍺 25/
Al fair bit of DIY. 26/
Meeting so many great politicians and activists everywhere. 27/
I remain inspired by younger activists like @NinaParker — my privilege to speak in Parliament alongside you. 28/
And of course the other amazing women, including @thatginamiller, @JMPSimor, @eloisetodd, @tessmillsy, and @GottgensJess. Thanks to @RupaHuq too! 29/
This is what my home looks like all the time now 😜 30/
The amazing @DemarcationDSGN who did these brilliant t-shirts. 31/
This is my fridge. It knows.
PS: I totally never swear on Twitter like. 32/
Brexit — it’s all about perspective and of that @antoni_UK keeps me on the ball, as it were, for citizens’ rights. 33/
And that’s why I do all I do. They are why I do all I do. We are. Because we are the people too. @The3Million & @BritishInEurope 34/
All of us. Even those not there at #PeoplesVoteMarch 35/
Because #BrexitIsPersonal 36/
And because #BrexitIsPersonal it’s about people. Like all of us fighting for citizens’ rights. 37/
All of our stories like @mccanntb’s story he told us last night. A story about Brexit and the threat it poses to peace in Northern Ireland and what it will mean. A story straight from the heart that made me cry. #BrexitIsPersonal 38/
#BrexitIsPersonal because of how it has turned us into activists. Like the amazing @NicolasHatton 39/
Activists, friends, who inspire each other and look out for each other because #BrexitIsPersonal Or perhaps @ottocrat, @GuitarMoog and I are really just Dan Hannan’s worst nightmare? 40/
Speaking of that ... 🤔 41/
#BrexitIsPersonal because of all the shit it’s thrown at me. And after a day of men discussing my (apparently non-existent) breasts on Twitter, can I just point out that this sign actually belongs to @DemarcationDSGN 🤣🤩 So I guess we reiterate what we said together before: 42/
Two years of this. The bad. The ugly. The beautiful. The love. The standing together. A ride one cannot forget. It’s why #BrexitIsPersonal and that’s why @nickynoo007 is my hero — no matter what else she tells you. 43/
... The ride isn’t over ... so let’s make the a “to be continued” so we can add the part of the story where we made a better future possible. ...

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
Earlier this week, as I was doing some prep for my @CakeWatchCast debut, I realised that today would, for me, mark *1250 days* of public pro-EU campaigning - since the EUref obviously also against Brexit and for citizens' rights. That is a long time and worth some reflections. 1/
What many of you probably don't know as you weren't following me at the time: it all began with a focus on HE and academia as the first thing I did was set up a pro-EU group for Academics. 2/
Since then a lot has happened and many things have changed - not least the number of my followers. I am very grateful to you all for taking an interest in what I have to say. 3/
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Oct 2, 2018
.@sajidjavid told his story at #CPC18 and discussed the "word 'home'". Personal stories and home--both very important, yes. So I'm going to tell you mine @sajidjavid: my story as an EU migrant exercising freedom of movement and that of the place I considered my home, the UK. 1/
It's a story that according to you and @theresa_may shouldn't exist. Why? Because based on your immigration proposals the UK would not be my home. Had the rules you set out today existed when I was thinking of making the UK my home, I would not have been able to come. Because 2/
when I was offered my first job here, PhD in hand, I was paid £26k p.a., so well below the salary threshold you think should determine who can or cannot come to the UK, define who contributes to life here. Based on that I would not be here. That's where my story would end. 3/
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Oct 2, 2018
.@theresa_may So it’s freedom of movement and immigration again. Ok, but then let’s talk about what your words *really* mean.
➡️ This really means that 65 million Britons will lose the right to freedom of movement and if you want visa for us, they’ll have to have them too. 1/
➡️ This really means that 65 million Britons, for the first time in decades, will not be able to freely choose where in 30 countries they want to live, work and love. 2/
➡️ This really means that 65 million Britons are being lied to yet again about the impact of freedom of movement—and after the govt’s own report made it clear that the contribution of EEA citizens is very positive. These lies won’t help “ordinary working people” one bit. 3/
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Sep 27, 2018
I have long since expressed concerns about how migration is being taught at schools in the UK. This is from a Year 8 'knowledge organiser' used by an Academy; it confirms why there is every reason to be concerned.
[I am sharing this with permission from a pupil's parent]. 1/
Some parts of the organiser are ok -- it starts off, for example, with points about why migrants might leave their country of birth, referring to push and pull factors. But what follows then (the bit on the image above) is profoundly worrying and simply shocking. 2/
To single out one group of EU nationals - Polish - is problematic enough. But what is extremely concerning is that the points then made RE: problems are factually incorrect, Moreover, to cast this in terms of "unsustainability" is also a grave misjudgement. And to suggest that 3/
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Sep 23, 2018
As promised, here is the link to 🔺Endangered Rights: The Impact of Brexit on EU Citizens🔺published with @FES_GB/@FESonline. If you want to help raise awareness RE the situation of @The3Million & @BritishInEurope, please read it and share it widely.… 1/
People often ask me what they can do to help: sharing this publication is one concrete step you can take. As it’s available electronically, it’s easy to do. You could email it to your MP, for example, and ask them to support the recommendation I make at the end. 2/
The publication will be publicised in the UK and throughout the EU, including in Brussels, by FES offices to help make sure that no citizen of @The3Million nor of @BritishInEurope is left behind because of Brexit. 3/
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Sep 21, 2018
When I boarded the train to London early this morning I knew my day would be focused on the rights of @The3Million: today I am pleased to announce the publication of “Endangered Rights: The Impact of Brexit on EU Citizens” with @FES_GB.
Little did I know how topical I’d be!
My thanks to @FES_GB for publishing this as part of its Perspective series to help raise awareness of the still unresolved #citizensrights concerns of @The3Million & @BritishInEurope. Thanks in particular to the Director of the FES London office, Christos Katsioulis. 2/
The publication will be available from the FES website later this week. It will be publicised in the UK and throughout the EU, including in Brussels, by FES offices to help make sure that no @The3Million nor @BritishInEurope citizen is left behind because of Brexit. 3/
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