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c i t i z e n @The3Million #PeopleB4Politics @DiEM_25 @BHforEU Brighton&Hove for Europe @InLimboBrexit In Brexit Britain we are all #Windrush
Jul 21, 2018 7 tweets 9 min read
I am #OneOfThe3Million
3.7M Europeans in #BrexitBritain have intentionally been kept #inlimbo about their future lives here for 2 years
The state of #HumanRights as set by @ukhomeoffice for #Immigrants should send shivers down our spines
#highlyskilledmigrants #windrush "Repeated warnings about the developing Windrush scandal were made over the course of several years to both the Foreign Office and the Home Office but no action was taken" by @ameliagentleman