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1) Short thread on attendees experience at #LabourConference2018: However bad you think #LabourConference2018 was, it was worse. It started as we got off train when a woman asked if they were going to conference and they walked out of the station together. #LabourAntisemitism
The first thing she said was that anti semitism was a smear by main stream media.
They saw Luciana Berger there, she had an armed police escort during conference and while she was walking around people were hissing at her. #LabourAntisemitism
Not hissing as in Boo - Hiss, but hissing to make the noise of the gas chambers.
She was asked why she was there, she said if she didn’t attend, they have won. #LabourAntisemitism
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Is 'Corbynomics' popular?

A thread

#Lab2018 #Lab18 #LabourConference2018
I get a lot more calls about Corbyn than I do about Brexit

Britain is about to transition from a debate about 'Brexinomics' to a debate about 'Corbynomics'

Lots of people in the City are already having that debate
And usually the same question comes up - what do ordinary people think about Corbyn's policies?
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1) Thread - Corbyn, #Brexit & Labour democracy - let's just be honest, it's dead

Saddened but not surprised by this reversal by Labour Leadership.

Labour members overwhelmingly support a People's vote, and they have been comprehensively overridden

2) so, full disclosure, I'm not a Corbyn fan but I was absolutely prepared to "lay down arms" if something approaching a pro people's vote motion came out of last night's horsetrading. It didn't. A fudge came out, and that fudge was hardened into a pro brexit position
3) so what happened, and what does it mean? Quick summary
Well, clearly there is a growing pro remain/people's vote position in Labour - 9 out of 10 members support it & 150 CLPs sent in pro vote motions.

That's a staggering number and shows the concern of members
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1) Calm thread on #PeoplesVote & #LabourConference2018
I'm not a fan of Corbyn, but I'm going to try to keep this fair

It's fair to say the campaign for a people's vote is a major force for this week's conference
100s of motions from the CLPs
Corbyn said he'd respect conference
2) Now, obviously politics is complex however Corbyn did say he came into the Leadership to empower the members - yes, Blair & other leaders probably played dodgy tricks in these "compositing" events but Corbyn specifically said he would be different & far more democratic
3) Spreading democracy outwards is a core belief of Corbyn, into CLPs, communities, businesses, everywhere.

Obviously as well, going for a #PeoplesVote carries some risk for the Labour party, in terms of how the press might react.

But this shouldn't, in the end, matter
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.@LenMcCluskey reveals he looked “pretty cool” in 1960s with hair down past his shoulder. He saw The Beatles live in the Cavern Club and is now a big fan of Oasis. #LabourConference2018 #Britain2022L
McCluskey says he was hoping for a “damage limitation” in the 2017 election. Instead he wooped, enjoyed many beers and a good celebration. #Britain2022L #LabourConference2018
McCluskey says there will be a “vibrant” debate on Tuesday about a “very fluid” issue (Brexit). He’s not sounding supportive of a People’s Vote, doesn’t think there’s been a great shift in opinions. #Britain2022L #LabourConference2018
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1) Thread: "We knew what we were voting for" & #Brexit
This shouldn't really need saying but no, we didn't, we couldn't, because of the dishonest campaign ran by the Vote Leavers
History has been rewritten but the following are some edited highlights
#Lab18 #LabourConference2018
2) Firstly, what did Vote Leave promise?

Well Gove said there'd just be a few "Bumps in the Road" in a pre ref debate…
3) Leadsom stated that in her expert opinion as a former city worker that there'd be no impact on the British economy…
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