Ben is not Jewish but he’s decided to respond to @jk_rowling using his Jewish heritage and at the same time lying about what happens in the Middle East. I’m going to post My analysis if Ben’s posts as a thread, since this is the kind of nonsense giving #LabourAntisemitism cover
From his surname, Ben is clearly the son of an Israeli man and a British non-Jewish woman. I’m assuming the latter, from Ben’s comment it seems that this is most likely; I’m sure he’ll correct me, should I be wrong. This is not a judgement of him, but an attempt to elucidate.
Here’s the second tweet. Racism against Ben cos he was born in Israel, classic #Antisemitism. Disgusting.
Ben uses this as his credentials. This tweet says “this is real antisemitism”, setting up the rest of this thread for credible abuse of his status.
Ben chronicles his cousin’s death in an RPG attack. We feel sympathy for him. Not that sure why this is relevant, and his analysis is “interested” and sets up next bit. Note, this is about 2006.
The next tweet simply nonsense. Apparently Israel seeks revenge on Hamas, in Gaza, for the Hizbollah war. Why lie? These three wars were in direct response to Hamas rockets and mortars raining down on Israel. Yes Hizbollah did the same, Lebanon not Gaza.
What Ben means is that he is disappointed that the media don’t pedal the Hamas line exclusively. I get that he supports them - this thread is designed to push the “Ben’s impartial” line, but let’s be clear, he’s not. He’s unreasonably bent to one side.
Chutzpah: he complains that extreme pro Palestinian activists don’t get huge air time, and then says he doesn’t want to get traduced for supporting Hamas, then blames Israel for Hamas’ (and actions of H) all the time showing his support. 🤔
Here Ben complains there’s no anti-Zionist critique. But of course there are. He complains about the efforts of media to show balance. He also uses that “Jewish Heritage” card. He’s not afaik Jewish. He wants you to believe his tack as a Jew-ish guy.

Now Ben lies again. He says that support for a State of Palestine starts w @JeremyCorbyn. No, that would be with @EdMilliband I’ll post the link in the next tweet. Ben doesn’t pay much attention to the news, misses loads of articles pushing Palestinians…
Cos it’s a free press and you can find MSM saying almost anything. He just remembers feeling he has a minority hobby viewpoint, which is true up to @jeremycorbyn getting elected. Milliband pushed Palestinian statehood long before Corbyn Leader. Ben Lies.…
Cameron not blamed, they’re blaming @jeremycorbyn?! I call Brexit Cameron’s cock-up. Put here’s a typical selection in the next two tweets. Blaming Cameron.
This is typical, it’s Cameron’s fault he lost the referendum. @BanGaoren you’re making this up. I googled Fault, Brexit. The next tweet shows the first result.…
Here is your answer. Top is Cameron. Corbyn isn’t there. Next tweet shows youGov poll.…
Here in the YouGov poll it’s the government to blame for Brexit. Ben, you’re bunkering down here. @jeremycorbyn was poor and useless, as always, but he’s not blamed. You’re thin skinned, seeing ghosts.…
Now I don’t have much time to debunk the rest of this poor excuse of a thread but I’ll make a few more tweets on the most egregious nonsense here.
No, they agreed. He’s actually all of these too. Friend of Hamas. Supports £ Holocaust Denier.

Poor results, and loses in Barnet cos of a/s. Ask former Cllr @adamlangleben, you’re living in cloud cuckoo land Ben.

Dear me you can’t trust a word of what Ben says. He’s saying it’s sudden, that it’s all cos he “did so well in those elections”. What tripe.

When he was elected Corbyn was a great concern to most Jews. He’s always been a nasty little trot Jew hater. But in March he was outed…
For the second time for having defended an antisemitic cartoon. The media had, in fact, been ignoring #Jewish concerns about that nasty antisemite @jeremycorbyn because we’ve been trying to get him to accept he needs to change. This is what out Community do. We don’t just fling…
…random accusations like this. He’s always had an antisemitic bent, but we tried to help him off it. He refused for *THREE* years and then this came up again.
No, it was not sudden. It came cis he’s been brushing it under the carpet.
It’s been a constant attempt to cover it up. @labourUk keeps pushing his supposed opposition to antisemitism.

He’s actually a supporter and enabler. It’s out. And your support for him is nothing short of outrageous, Ben.

You can support Palestine w/out #LabourAntisemitism.
Your protestations that this is a smear are coming apart. The wheels are coming off your denials. The only people who believe you are your own supporters. And more and more people are saying you’re supporting a nasty antisemite called @JeremyCorbyn. He won’t do interviews.
He’s threatening to muzzle our free press, supported Putin’s Russia on Skripal, pushes conspiracy theory on Israel, bullies his internal critics.

This isn’t about the Israel Palestine issue. It’s about an undemocratic trot who is antisemitic. And he has no clothes on.
Here’s the @threadreaderapp version. Enjoy. If that’s the right word.

• • •

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Oct 5, 2018
Hey look guys, these are @UKLabour @JeremyCorbyn’s “friends” in Gaza. You know, the people we Jews should be embracing. Cos they’re so very peaceful and open to cups of tea and discussions. 1/5
@UKLabour became the Party of Palestine because it’s such a central and major issue: it has to be sorted out. That’s the claim. Our sin is it’s all our British fault. Jews are colonialists. Broke out the flags at the Party Conference this September.… 2/5
Palestine, this burning issue that enflames the Middle East, is (say @UKLabour)more important than British issues such as the NHS, poverty, and Education. This must be the first time a foreign flag was fered at Labour Conference.
This gesture misses a major fact \/ \/ \/ 3/5
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Oct 4, 2018
Spot the difference:
@Conservatives at their Conference promise the Jewish community their constant support. Soon to be banned: Iranian sponsored Hizbollah’s Al-Quds March. The Tories promote @TheIHRA definition of #Antisemitism and are true allies of #Jews in the #Uk 1/4
By contrast @UKLabour at their conference: sea of Palestinian flags. Bullying of Jews, @lucianaberger has to have a police escort (they even deny that!) and no balance, meetings denying antisemitism. This is @jeremycorbyn’s #LabourAntisemitism #CorbynAntisenitismOmnishambles 2/4
If you elect or even support @ukLabour you support what Labour MP @ChukaUmunna calls #InstitutionallyAntisemitic. You are supporting a party that bullies dissent, and has kicked 1,200 +complaints against #LabourAntisemitism into the long grass #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/4
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Sep 13, 2018
@RabbiZvi’s #LabourAntisemitism roundup:

It’s 5 months and a half since the first demonstration of the Jewish Community against @jeremycorbyn’s obvious antisemitism. How is it going?
This thread is a position document referencing #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishsmbles in @UKLabour
Corbyn has been outed as an obvious antisemite, sneering at Jews, laying a wreath on the grave of a Jew-killer, supporting a 9/11 conspiracist, calling Jew-killers brother and pedalling Israel conspiracy theories on @PressTV #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 2/12
@ukLabour Party is now outed as an institutionally #antisemitic organization due to the exposure of @PeterWillsman ranting paranoia and smears against our @BoardofDeputies and others as “Trump fanatics”. Levers ofpower are being used to avoid #CorbynAntisemitismOmnishambles 3/12
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Aug 31, 2018
#Corbyn’s month:
August has seen @jeremycorbyn under increasing pressure due to his #antisemitism. It did not start well.

He kicked off August’s #Omnishambles with non-apology for his behaviour, inviting a Survivor on HMD to compare Israel to Nazis.… 1/n
The day after this was revealed in the papers @MichaelSegalov (who apparently blocked me for pointing out his rather craven behaviour) said he should apologise nicely. Michael is not doing anyone any favours by his behaviour, @jeremycorbyn is a racist.… 2/n
A reaction carrying over July’s @peterWillsman #racist #LabourAntisemitism, Segalov is focussed on shuffling off the inconvenience:
“But the best chance we have of quelling this is for Corbyn himself to guide his supporters. He can’t be accused of being a traitor to himself. 3/n
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Aug 30, 2018
This troll of a union rep @EddieDempsey went on Sky to slag off @rabbisacks for being extreme right wing. He’s with the RMT, Rail Maritime and Transport Union. I wouldn’t trust him to drive a train on the tracks.

Here’s the video:#labourAntisemitism

That this racist thug thought that this was any kind of response is shocking. To the great consternation of my community we have seen the Leader of the Opposition outed as an antisemite. Yet all these supposed anti-racists in @UKLabour shout us down because alleged Tory slurs.2/9
They have such a tribal Manichaean view of this that if anyone not if their precise political shade calls foul against one of their troopers, they shout about their politics, bring in Israel and scream smear - anything but deal with the problem raised. 3/9
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Aug 3, 2018
It’s not about @jeremycorbyn


He’s merely a symptom of a mindset. It’s a peculiar infection of Far Left.

In this thread we shall be examining the nexus of racism and hypocrisy that allows people to trumpet their own alleged anti racism whilst being utterly racist.
Let’s start with @johnmcdonnellMP. He’s Jeremy’s comrade. But he joined with Jeremy to try to change @HMD_UK to be renamed “Genocide Memorial Day” in 2011. He hasn’t repudiated this idea, nor havevthe others who did it.… 2/6
This was prompted by International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, who pedal the conspiracy theory that Jews gain from Holocaust Memorial. They imply that HMD is about separating the Nazi genocide from humanity. No, HMD explicitly includes all genocides.… 3/6
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