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This is @CorEyPTownsend, clear your calendars and grab your best bereavement garment because today's the day we pay some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the #QueenOfSoul: #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
Our Editor-in-Chief @blacksnob is live at #ArethaFranklinFuneral and you’ll all be pleased to know that they did our auntie RIGHT.

The #QueenOfSoul is draped in a long gown, gold sequins and gold red bottom shoes. #ArethaHomegoing
They knew that they had to do the #QueenOfSoul right, because she would’ve been ready to tell each & every one of us about ourselves if we had her up there looking any type of way. #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
Cicely. Legendary. Tyson. 🗣DID NOT COME TO PLAY WITH ANY OF YOU WITH HER BEREAVEMENT ATTIRE! #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
#ArethaHomegoing is a marathon not a sprint.

Gather your snacks, get comfortable & charge all your devices because we’re going to be here ALL day.
The correspondents are surprised that they changed Aretha’s outfit THREE times. Aretha will not be out here looking like yesterday. That’s not how any of this works. #ArethaHomegoing
The family is touching the casket at #ArethaHomegoing
“Black funerals follow the spirit and not a schedule.” #ArethaHomegoing
Pastor just said that this was going to be a lengthy service, so you’ve been warned by a man of God.

Turned to your neighbor & say 🗣NEIGHBOR! Get comfortable. #ArethaHomegoing
“The world has lost the #QueenOfSoul. The Queen was ordinary and extraordinary and has attracted the same all over the world. We come to pay tribute to a once in a lifetime talent, whose voice was a soundtrack to our lives. Aretha was real.” #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha’s music captivated our minds and hearts. She started with us and stayed with us and stuck with us through thick and thin. Aretha was first Detroit’s, then America’s and then the world’s. #ArethaHomegoing
“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”
The entire black community waiting to judge the performances at #ArethaHomegoing
“Please come when your name appears on the program.”

Translation: We are behind schedule, so do not waste anymore time. Stay blessed. #ArethaHomegoing
We all know that we are all grieving, but you can’t enter #ArethaHomecoming and give a tribute that’s off-key. That’s not how this game works

Jesus: How did you feel about Faith Hill’s tribute?

Y’all better give Aretha all of her THINGS! God bless all that Aretha Franklin contributed to the world. #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha Franklin is reminding you all to 🗣KNOW YOUR WORTH! #ArethaHomecoming
King of Soul? #ArethaHomegoing
Ariana really wore this shirt skirt to a black funeral? She couldn’t find a beautiful gown?! These elder black woman are not having it #ArethaHomegoing
This is very uncomfortable. Ponytail has delivered some great vocals with her new album, but her mumbling her way through “Natural Woman” is unacceptable. #AreathaHomegoing
“I thought Ariana Grande was something from Taco Bell.”

No one can shade you like an elder in the black church. #ArethaHomegoing
Rev Al was not amused. #ArethaHomegoing
“Last week I misspelled respect and a lot of you corrected me and now I want you to correct President trump to teach him what it means”

Aretha never took orders from nobody, but GOD! #ArethaHomegoing
The woman providing the ad libs for Rev Al Sharpton’s speech is all of us.

All these “YESSSS” and “You better say that” are appreciated #ArethaHomegoing
Even when the pastor doesn’t have anymore time, there’s ALWAYS someone in the congregation going “take your time pastor.” #ArethaHomegoing
“This funeral is so black. I knew I was ready for CHURCH when I saw kitten heels and stockings.” - @DeeRene_ #ArethaHomegoing
...And I’m gonna love you forever. #ArethaHomegoing
Finally. Some. Real. Singing. #ArethaHomegoing
A legendary singer deserves a legendary tribute and The Clark Sisters are ushering in the way for real singing to honor our #QueenOfSoul

IS MY LIVING IN VAIN?!?! #ArethaHomegoing
The Clark Sisters took us to CHURCH. That breath control is nothing but favor and we all know favor ain’t been fair today. #ArethaHomegoing
@EmilWilbekin said I’m happy for you Ariana and Faith, but The Clark Sisters took us to CHURCH. #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha was a feminist before feminism was popular. #ArethaHomegoing
There are technical difficulties with the feed that streams #ArethaHomegoing. Please take this time to replenish your snacks and stretch your legs.

Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint.
These technical difficulties could’ve happened during earlier performances, but we’re BACK and LIVE at #ArethaHomegoing
We LOVE how people are catching the spirit and turning into track-stars for Christ! Y’all better ran around this sanctuary and give praise! #ArethaHomegoing
Y’all they done broke out the tambourine. No games are being played.

Y’all get on that 2,4 and show out! #ArethaHomegoing
“Who is now graduating from @HowardU.”

Come through 🗣HU! #ArethaHomegoing
“Love is a verb. You can tell a person you love them, but it’s how you show them that matters.” #ArethaHomegoing
We applaud these children for having the strength to get on stage to pay respect to their grandmother, the #QueenOfSoul. That’s not an easy task #ArethaHomegoing
.@RepMaxineWaters got on this screen and reminded us #WakandaForever

A maverick. An icon. A mood #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha Franklin and John McCain do not belong in the same sentence. Aretha was not yours she was OURS. #ArethaHomegoing
We have had an actual FIRST Black President, so let’s stop throwing that title around with Bill Clinton...

Thanks for coming to our TEDTalk #ArethaHomegoing

@TasiasWord doing us proud!
Hillary was sending telepathic messages to bill to wrap it up #ArethaHomegoing
This is SANGING worthy of the ancestors. Great is thy faithfulness! #ArethaHomegoing
This woman is pointing to every note she’s about to hit so you can see her stay every single word #ArethaHomegoing
“Shirley is problematic, but she is also here for praise break, speaking in tongues segment of the audience.” - @panamajackson #ArethaHomegoing
Shirley Caesar came to usher in the “Christian Cardio” portion of #ArethaHomecoming
It’s been 1,591 days and Flint still does not have clean water. #FlintWaterCrisis

“Death does not hurt, life does. Dead people don’t cry and they don’t have pain. Aretha has been granted the freedom she needs to soar. Aretha has lost her fear of flying and she has had a status change.. she is now counted among the ARRIVED.” #ArethaHomegoing
“Scoot your chair up and stay awake.”

Well, preach on preacher. #ArethaHomegoing
.@ChakaKhan’s fan is not only functional, but instrumental. She’s not about to get on this stage & embarrass herself while she honors the #QueenOfSoul

Sing Chaka! #ArethaHomegoing
No homegoing service is complete without these three songs:

His Eye is on the Sparrow
Total Praise
Going Up Yonder

Each one of these songs are hits that stick like grits. #ArethaHomegoing
When in doubt sing a gospel song because no matter how bad you may sound, no one can shade you for honoring God... #ArethaHomegoing
Rev. Jesse Jackson is using this as a teachable moment. 🗣GET OUT AND VOTE! #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha Franklin’s funeral is the Coachella of homegoings and we really hope you’re adequately prepared #ArethaHomegoing
“There was some GAWD in her musicology. Before Obama said YES WE CAN, Aretha said that we can conquer hate forever, yes we can” #ArethaHomegoing
Where is Fantasia? #ArethaHomegoing
Fantasia has kicked off her shoes. She’s about to go in at #ArethaHomegoing
Fantasia starting off this tribute barefoot is exactly what we needed #ArethaHomegoing
Fantasia and her anointed voice just walked off that stage knowing that she did the #QueenOfSoul proud. #ArethaHomegoing
The temperature in Aretha’s dressing room was set to double hell and everyone will deal, because WHO is going to check a legend #ArethaHomegoing
Protect Cicely Tyson at all cost! #ArethaHomegoing
Cicely Tyson came dressed to shut it down, equipped with stories, monologues and a song on her heart. #ArethaHomegoing
#ArethaHomegoing is the Beyoncé of funerals.
“I got my money from black people and I want to use it to help them.” - Aretha Franklin, the philanthropic #QueenofSoul

“The ultimate 🗣NATURAL WOMAN!” #ArethaHomegoing
.@YolandaAdams and her blessed and high favored vocal chords just took us to church! #ArethaHomegoing
“The loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room.” #ArethaHomegoing
“Aretha has remained relevant for sixty years. Trends come and go, but Aretha Franklin remained relevant.”

WHEN has your fave?! #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha didn’t Facebook her cars or her blessings... Aretha used her blessings to help other people #ArethaHomegoing
Just in case anyone is wondering where we are in #ArethaHomegoing
To President Clinton and her husband Bill. #ArethaHomegoing
“Aretha Franklin was #BlackGirlMagic before it was a thing. She was black without apology or excuse. She was American without argument or exception.” #ArethaHomegoing
Get. Your. Preposition. Right.

@MichaelEDyson dipped into his vernacular and dragged Tangerine Mussolini for FILFTH. #ArethaHomegoing
Lugubrious Leach
Orange Apparition

The accuracy. #ArethaHomegoing
Effie White, give us an AMAZING GRACE! #ArethaHomegoing
This eulogy was slated to end at 2:35 and it is now 5:42.

Again, black homegoings follow the spirit and not the schedule. #ArethaHomegoing
#ShoutOut to black mothers doing the best they can to raise great black men! We see your hard work and we respect and honor you! #ArethaHomegoing
What happened to talking about Aretha Franklin? This isn’t the time to use this platform to push your personal agendas. #ArethaHomegoing
Misogyny AND Homophobia?! We did not sit SIX hours for this man to get up in this damn dancery to NOT speak about the #QueenOfSoul

Sir, you can leave. #ArethaHomegoing
FYI: You don’t need a man to make you “whole.” #ArethaHomegoing
You can’t turn Black America around by thinking that someone needs another person in their life to make them feel whole and complete.

You also can’t turn anything around with misogyny or homophobia. #ArethaHomegoing
Pretty sure Aretha is in heaven yelling “KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH” #ArethaHomegoing
This eulogy was painful. #ArethaHomegoing
They put Gladys Knight on the screen to calm our souls after Pastor Respectability Politics got off stage.. #ArethaHomegoing
Crying will ensue whenever or wherever Stevie Wonder is present #ArethaHomegoing e
Fix it Stevie! #ArethaHomegoing
Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream

God bless Aretha, the #QUEENOfSoul. #ArethaHomecoming
Whoever put Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight after Pastor Respectability Politics really deserves an award. We needed that #ArethaHomegoing
“We therefor commit her body to the ground....” #ArethaHomegoing
Aretha Louise Franklin was a woman of and for the people. Her gift touched lives in ways we can’t describe and for that we will forever R-E-S-P-E-C-T and honor her!

She gave back to the community that made her the #QueenOfSoul & such spirits will live on forever #ArethaHomegoing
16 out of the 19 hashtags/terms belong to the #QueenOfSoul. Aretha, we love you! #ArethaHomegoing

• • •

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