Thread: Prosecute Hillary! (A little pick-me-up for a Tuesday)

1. Ya know, @POTUS has been REALLY, REALLY good on delivering his campaign promises, but there’s an YUUUGE one that’s still dangling out there. One with its own hashtag: #LockHerUp
2. It’s also one on which delivering would go a LOOOONG way toward restoring the rule of law in America, not to mention the application of equal justice under the law while simultaneously serving as a deterrent to would-be future corrupto-crats in the system.
3. Others have written passionately about Hillary’s many crimes over the years, as well as the political corruption at DoJ and the FBI that have let her off the hook time and again. Me, too, for that matter!
4. Conduct a search on the phrase “list of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and scandals” and see what evinces: a seemingly endless number of links to her scandals and crimes.
5. I kind of like the list in this article, but it leaves out the biggie: sedition against a sitting US president (which continues unabated to this very day):…
6. As we all know, the FBI (Comey) let her off the hook by conducting a fake investigation of her email server. She almost certainly violated federal statues governing classified information handling, mail fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, ….
6A. …and the Espionage Act, not to mention violating her signed TS/SCI nondisclosure agreement at the State Department which itself is a felony.
7. There is plenty of evidence already on the public record to convict her; that she remains free and has not been indicted yet is a travesty of justice. It is also a threat to @POTUS ‘s presidency because it reflects the continuing influence of the Deep State in DoJ and the FBI.
8. A recent article at makes the case that she needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Here are some excerpts:
9. “More than two years ago, I first reported speaking with an FBI attorney who, when I asked about Hillary Clinton’s then emerging email debacle, told me the following:
9A “’I can’t discuss an ongoing investigation… But I can tell you this. We both know that, if you or I had ever been caught doing even a fraction of what we all already know that she did in mishandling state secrets, you or I would most certain be in federal custody by now.’”
10. “Even back then, for me this only confirmed the obvious. Thus, now over two years later, perhaps the President would be well advised to regain control of his DOJ by doing the obvious — remove the head of the snake that is attacking him:”
10A. “Order his DOJ to indict, prosecute and, if appropriate, convict Hillary Rodham Clinton forthwith — albeit belatedly — for her violations of the Espionage Act, together with any other felonies she may have committed in the course of the cover-up that ensued.”
11. “Simultaneously, also give notice that any employees of the DOJ and FBI who refuse to comply with this order shall be immediately dismissed and replaced; particularly including, if necessary, Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.”
12. “These two orders alone will concurrently reaffirm the rule of law, restore the public’s confidence in federal law enforcement, safeguard the legitimacy of our electoral process and put all the other corrupt below her on notice that their felonious behavior ….”
12A. “…will no longer be either tolerated or ignored under this President’s Administration — not to mention its fulfillment of a campaign promise he made that, in the minds of many voters, is on par with his building of a wall.”
13. Amen! Read the rest of the article here:…
14. There have been periodic press reports of ongoing investigations/re-investigations of the Clintons: their foundation, Hillary’s email server, Uranium One, pay-for-play at the State Department, campaign finance violations, etc., etc.
15. One or more of these need to be brought to conclusion and harsh justice dispensed. #LockHerUp , Mr. President – and the sooner the better for us all! ///The end.

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