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1) This is exactly like @ThomasWictor just talked about. Judas Goats.

See, 4chan had a prank back in February 2017; make liberals think the 'ok' hand signal was a white power symbol.
2) Even the fucking ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, has stepped in to say that its a prank meant specifically to fool liberals into looking like idiots.…
3) "The OK hoax was actually just the most recent in a recent series of hoaxes in which 4channers have tried to take innocuous items, symbols or gestures and falsely attribute white supremacist meanings to them in order to fool liberals and get them to spread such false messages"
4) So how do you cap off hearings where 70 liberal protesters including Linda "Cockroach" Sarsour were arrested for trying to disrupt the hearings, Kavanaugh's family had to be escorted out for their own safety, and the Democrats inadvertently admitted to setting the shitshow up?
5) Take Zina Bash and have her make a prank 'ok' symbol for the cameras that the left will go absolutely apeshit over.


6) See, Zina Bash has been working with Kavanaugh for quite a while. She's part of the team working to get him confirmed.

Strategery time.

How do you get Kavanaugh confirmed through stiff liberal opposition?

Destroy the left's ability to actually oppose Kavanaugh.
7) Now, they did a PRETTY good job of that themselves already, but like the US in WW2, why settle for one nuke when you can drop two?

And so, the Batman Gambit was set up.
8) How would idiots on the left react to seeing the 'ok' symbol? They would hyperfocus on it and claim it was a white power symbol, and shout from the rooftops claiming that alone should disqualify Kavanaugh.
9) So put Zina Bash in line with one of the cameras behind Kavanaugh, and have her make the symbol. As predicted, the left goes APESHIT. This is just now trending.
10) Even Seth Abramson is falling for the trap.
11) So what's the line going to be tomorrow?


"Ok, what was the sign?"

12) "Aaaaaand this disqualifies Kavanaugh?"


The rest of America: "Da fuq?"
13) This is a trap. This is a clearly marked trap. There's a sign with Bugs Bunny leaning on it that says "THIS IS A TRAP."
14) @SethAbramson: 'I know its supposed to be a prank, BUT I KNOW ITS LEGITIMATE THIS TIME! SHE IS A RACIST!'
16) Yes, ADMIRAL AKBAR HIMSELF has come back from the dead to proclaim, "Based on my vast military experience commanding fleets in complex extended campaigns, this is indubitably an ambuscade."
17) And like the lemmings they are, they are diving right into it. We are watching them dive right into it live. We are watching them actually say, 'I know this is a prank, but damnit I'm going for it anyways because she's a racist!'
18) This is it. This is what our opposition has been reduced to. All that's left now is for November to roll around and for us to electorally exterminate these idiots and remove them from office wholesale for being mentally incompetent.


"Sir, its a trap."


Seriously. This is how absolutely retarded the left is.

She knows the cameras are on her.

She was making funny faces at the cameras the entire time.
So what seems more likely? "I'm going to make a secret white power signal to all my racist buddies (who fucking hate me for my background btw) to let them know I'm on their side!" Orrrrrr "I'm going to fuck with liberals and make them to apeshit."
See, this is what people have to realize that makes this entire fucking Batman Gambit all the more perfect:

Twitter is not real life.
What we see, what we 'know', what we say, what we hear on Twitter... it isn't real. Its distorted like a carnival house of mirrors. That's just how it is. There are certain things that seem to be an omnipresent fact in Twitterland which in the real world... just isn't.
There is apparently a minority of people on Twitter who are aware of the ok symbol being a 4chan prank.

There are even less people who have heard the prank of the ok symbol being racist in real life.

Most people look at Twitterland and think it is insane.
So when someone from the real world gets told "SHE MADE A RACIST HAND SIGNAL!!!!" and they get shown a picture...

They're going to think that liberal is fucking insane.
Her husband claims it was just how she was resting her arm. He's gone with all barrels blazing at people pushing the idea that his wife's racist.
Now, was this really a prank or was she just resting her arm that way?
The question is: does it matter?

The ok symbol being racist was originally a prank.

Figures on the right have used that prank repeatedly to make the left look dumb, to the point the AD FUCKING L had to step in and say it was part of a series of pranks to make the left look dumb
Liberals have shot themselves in the foot, and the 'o' you make with your fingers for this white supremacist hand signalling dog whitle is a target that hovers right over their other foot. They literally cannot help themselves.
And when they're presented with indisputable evidence that they're being fucked with?

We have witnessed idiots like Abramson and Goo twist their minds into logical loopholes about how this prank was really a cover for white supremacists to signal each other.
Again... this is it. This is peak insanity. We've won by doing the impossible: we convinced the Democrats to destroy their own ability to oppose us.



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Oct 8, 2018
1) This is the single dumbest take I have seen. EVER. You are literally defying fucking reality right now.
2) You are DEFYING the fact that Rosenstein got off of a plane right with Kelly and Trump laughing his ASS OFF. Publicly. No Lady Gaga poker face shit.
3) You’re straight up IGNORING anything Rosenstein has ever said in public explaining the stuff going on around him. Seriously. Go read some of the transcripts of hearings and watch some of the talks he’s given, @GodlessNZ has threads dedicated to the topic.
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Oct 7, 2018
1) Aaaaaaand here we have the dumbest comment of the fucking year, folks! People learning how our government works means that the government is not in a good place. WOW that leap in fucking logic.
2) Really, people started learning how out government works the minute Trump got elected. Its how we found out the DAG, not the AG, is in charge of the FBI.
3) We learned how convoluted and twisted the system for turning bills into laws were. It involves a lot of fucking ping pong.
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Oct 7, 2018
Did Infinity War get you down? Did you skip Ant-Man and Wasp because of that Marvel funk?

Go see Venom.

Seriously. Go see it.
The villain is basically a more affable version of Elon Musk. It is fantastic.

Not as much poop and needle piles in San Francisco as in real life, but I’m ok glossing over that bit of the setting.
The only connection to the MCU is the only connection it needs.

Stan Motherfucking Lee cameo.

Beyond that, its self-contained, which does itself credit.
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Oct 7, 2018
QUESTION! I have a question!

Why should anyone kowtow to a mob who called them a woman drugging alcoholic gang rapist? What does that do besides giving into an angry mob that could be on your doorstep next? That HAS been on your doorstep since day 1 in @jordanbpeterson’s case?
@jordanbpeterson I mean, should Jordan Peterson stop writing books, step down from teaching, and completely withdraw from his social life and career because an angry mob is calling him a sexist racist homophobic transphobic superbigot?
@jordanbpeterson Seriously, I can’t understand the mindset.

And you know what? I’ll come out and say it.

Jordan Peterson is Canadian. He doesn’t understand the American mindset when set upon by adversity. He stood up and defended himsef because that was the natural reaction. But now?
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Oct 7, 2018
1) There’s that word again. ‘Legitimacy.’ Mark my words: every ruling the Supreme Court makes the left doesn’t like from this point on will be declared illegitimate.
2) The left will use this as an excuse for further lawlessness as they proceed to act AGAINST the rulings of the SCOTUS.
3) Nationwide injunctions will continue until they’re labelled unconstitutional to some degree, at which point the SCOTUS will be ignored and liberal judges will continue to use them.
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Oct 6, 2018
So, I’m going to try something. I’m going to attempt to dilute the unspoken rules of conservative Twitter into a few easy to follow guidelines.
Rule 1) Thomas Wictor did nothing wrong, much like every other conservative Twitter has ever banned.
Rule 2) If @Debradelai asks you to hold his beer, its because he wants to make sure your hands are occupied for when he punches you in the face with a block.
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