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Okay all, let's talk about this real quick and it's implications for the so-called #SocialJusticeStatement .

Let's start by noting that the name "Stan Hannon" is a misspelling.

As can be seen at this link (fbcbelleview.org/stan-hannan-se…) his name is, in fact, Stan *Hannan* (thread)
First, let's talk about Stan's biography a bit.

The scant details given on the church website about his military service (fbcbelleview.org/stan-hannan-se…) along with what @JustinPetersMin has said give us enough info to research exactly what Stan's role was in the Rhodesian military.
Also, real quick shout out to @C_Stroop and @anxiousoracle for their work researching this.

@anxiousoracle did most of the legwork on the research front, and I am building off that work here.

Now, back to our friend Pastor Stan.
First, here is the biography attached to a movie Stan made for the Rhodesian military in the 1970's.

Here: snaccooperative.org/ark:/99166/w6d…

And here:

From this we learn a couple of important things.
1. Stan served in the Police Anti-Terrorist unit of the Rhodesian military.

His job was to enforce the rule of law of an illegitimate white supremacists apartheid state and suppress black rebels fighting for independence from an oppressive white minority dictatorship.
2. *After* becoming a Christian, Stan chose to return to the military as a Chaplain. He did not see this service as in conflict with his faith.

This is crucial, as we will see in a minute.

But first, if you need to learn a bit about Rhodesia, see here:

Now, let's take a look at some statements made directly by Stan regarding his military service:

Here, for instance, Stan directly states he worked in conjunction with the stare propaganda wing of the Rhodesian government and that he believed in their cause.
In case you don't know what that cause was, here it is in the words of Ian Smith himself (source: en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/Ian_Smith)
That is, as a Christian, Stan Hannan explicitly believed in supporting Ian Smith's apartheid regime.

So much so, that he made a movie equating the Chaplaincy of the Rhodesian army with that cause.
Here is Stan reflecting on his second propaganda peace.

He makes it clear, his goal was to gain international favor for the Rhodesian apartheid state by portraying the war as a war against communism.
Notice the entitlement.

Despite the fact that white persons in Rhodesia had land only because Cecil Rhoades stole it.

If you need to know the monster that Rhoades was, see here:

Stan portrays black natives fighting against an apartheid regime to regain what was stolen from them by a war criminal, Rhodes, as an invading force.

The land is "our" land and he believed in defending it.

Stan Hannan is 100% a white surpemacist from these words.
But wait...some random person is about to claim...maybe he repented.

Well...sorry folks, that's a huge NOPE!

Here is a 2003 interview with Stan. Note his words about his experience in Africa.

Note, Stan still sees himself as the victim here.
Here is the link for that interview BTW:

Now let's return to the church website for a spell.

There is a lot going on here.

First, notice Stan is quite proud of his military service still.

Notice specifically, they note he received the GSM.
The GSM (General Service Medal) was commonly awarded to members of the Rhodesian military to honor them for their help fighting "terrorists" (AKA black national freedom fighters).

*ON THE CHURCH WEBSITE* his medal for helping an apartheid regime maintain white minority rule in Rhodesia is listed as an honor.

Stan isn't hiding folks.

That is important for what comes next.

Note the offices Stan has held, or currently holds.
First, he served on one of the most central and powerful Committees in the Southern Baptist Convention.

If you don't know what the COC does, see here for a brief description.

(Source: bpnews.net/5738/committee…)
That committee, BTW, is appointed by the President of the SBC.

Stan wasn't even in the US until 1985.

That means, sometime in the past 33 years, an unabashed white supremacist had a crucial role in a key committee of the SBC.
And make no mistake, they knew exactly who they were choosing.

As we've seen above, Stan isn't hiding.
He also served on the guiding committee of the Florida Baptist Convention and on the Board of Directors for a Christian Counseling group.

Which is to say, dude is connected.

This isn't some random dude, even if you don't know his name.

Peters invoked dude for a reason.
Now, let's return to Peters tweet.

He is specifically mocking the common claim "I can't be racist, I have a black friend."

This is a blatant jab at persons calling the #SocialJusticeStatement and it's signatories racists.
If you're not familiar with how "but I have a black friend" is used, are here:

What Justin Peters is doing, BTW, is using invoking a white supremacist to mock people calling him racist.

He is literally invoking the apartheid state of Rhodesia to mock those calling him a racist.

He isn't hiding his racism, he is fucking reveling in it.
In case you don't know that significance, Peters is one of the architects of the #SocialJusticeStatement

A blatant and unabashed racist was a part of forming this statement.
Not only that, but there is a also a very familiar name among those who endorsed the statement.

If you don't know who Wilson is, see the next tweet.
Wilson is a white supremacist and white nationalist.

He once wrote a book defending Southern Slavery with the founder of white nationalist hate group League of the South.

1. natesparks130.com/2017/10/12/a-t…

2. twitter.com/i/moments/8407…
If you don't know LOS, they were involved in Charlottesville and their members were involved in the beating of Deandre Harris.

In this tweet thread, I connect Wilson to some of the most powerful Evangelicals in the world.

And also among the names, there are the obvious names if @johnmacarthur and @Phil_Johnson_ .

If you somehow don't know who they are, they are involved in all sorts of stuff.

Think Grace to You ministries, Grace Church, and The Master's Seminary
Ever heard of the MacArthur Study Bible?


Yeah, that John MacArthur
You'll also note the name of Gavin Peacock.

Gavin has very deep Evangelical ties as well, especially within the Neo-Cal groups associated with Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (those behind Danvers and #NashvilleStatement)
I've connected a lot of those dots here:

What I'm saying is simple.

This is Evangelicalism.

Evangelicalism is white supremacy.

They aren't even hiding it.

It is Impossible to be a part of White Evangelicalism without being complicit in white supremacy.

#EmptyThePews #HowToEvangelical #exvangelical
//End Thread//

• • •

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Oct 1, 2018
Okay all, it's a quiet night and I happen to like this topic.

So...I'mma do a thread.

Specifically, I'm going to talk for a minute about patriarchal interpretation and why inerrantist readings of Scripture stifle imagination and uphold systems of oppression.
Our test passage for this is going to be John 8.

For those not familiar, this is the passage traditionally given a heading about "Jesus and the Adulterous Woman."

You can read the passage here if you need it for reference:

Also, I'm gonna be talking about the Greek of this passage a little toward the end of the thread.

If you're interested in doing your own digging regarding that, you can start here:

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Jul 27, 2018
Next time anyone from @TGC claims to be pro-life, cite this article.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews (short thread)
Notice 1st that in this article Leeman openly endorses the view that there is a "race gap" in abortion statistics.

This of course is pure myth.

The so-called "race gap" is a product of white supremacy.

The systems which cause black and other non-white to have higher abortion rates are directly tied to systems of systemic racism.
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Jul 8, 2018
In case you forgot that Evangelicals like to rip passages out of context in order to prove their own moral superiority...
Notice that motive and faith are literally all that matter in Castleberry's system.

If you're a great person with good motives doing amazing justice work and helping lots of people, but you aren't a Christian, then it's all against God.
But if you're a Christian who is trying to honor God and practice your faith as you best understand it but end up doing a bunch of harm instead, well congrats you're still a good person because at least you tried.
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Jun 29, 2018
Al Mohler is speaking at a Classical Christian Ed event. CCE and white supremacy go hand in hand.
Society of Classical Learning's explicit purpose is to preserve "Western Civilization" and its benefits.

That is coded language for white supremacy and preserving white privilege.
And here are some breakout sessions from their 2018 conference.

1. A breakout literally saying that students having self-esteem is a bad thing.
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Jun 26, 2018
White male theological mediocrity at its worst.

1. The divine is repeatedly referred to as a mother in the OT.

2. Elohim, a common name for the divine in OT, can be rightly translated goddess.

3. El Shaddai depicts the divine as a protective and nurturing mother.

4. Ruach (translated "wind") is the word for the divine spirit in Hebrew. It is feminine.

5. The OT sapiential tradition depicts divine wisdom as personified in the goddess Sophia.
6. In the NT, Jesus is repeatedly referred to both directly and by implication as the embodiment of Sophia.

7. Jesus regularly refers to self with feminine metaphors, most notably as a protective mother hen protecting her offspring.
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May 5, 2018
Reminder, Paige Patterson isn't from fringe person, he is a major Evangelical thought leader with serious connections.

Patterson has deep ties to TGC:

He used to sit on the council of CBMW, his wife still does.

He is the president of a major Evangelical (SBC) seminary.

In the late 90's he was president of the SBC.

It's also interesting that the backlash against Patterson is so recent.
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