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Speaking of white supremacists in Edmonton, who wants to meet more #yeg Soldiers of Odin?

Meet Todd Chatters.
Todd Chatters claims on his Facebook profile to be a labourer at O'Hanlon Paving. At @/trash_fabulous on Twitter he pinned a tweet of a rather nasty injury on his cheek he says came from a 5-inch grinder.
This same injury can be seen in his softsoap interview with Jeff "Definitely Not a Nazi I Just Hang Out with Them" Sharpe, uploaded by Youtuber user "Holy War" on September 4. The gash is better healed over, but still visible on his left cheek, which matches his pinned tweet.
Chatters is clearly identifiable in that video, apropos of nothing at all.
Todd Chatters helpfully befriended his own fake Facebook profile, the one he uses more openly to engage with Facebook Soldiers of Odin material: Todd White. This matches the nickname printed on his vest, "Whiteboy" (very observant)
Todd Chatters was at the Soldiers of Odin event, wearing sunglasses and a white baseball cap. The same baseball cap is present in Sharpe's interview, where he is flanked by two other Soldiers, one of whom we currently know to be "Ty Sonof Hunt" on Facebook.
"Ty" is fond of sharing implied death threats directed at queer and trans people:
And this is how much Todd Chatters loves helping the homeless:
Chatters also distributed a naked lie about the Edmonton District Labour Council's barbecue to feed homeless people in an apparent attempt to deceive people into attending the Soldiers of Odin event.
The EDLC did not "require a donation." The sentence itself is oxymoronic. It was a charity event, and the #yeg Soldiers of Odin resorted to lying about it to artificially boost their own attendance numbers.
And as a last reminder, VICE already did an expose on the Edmonton chapter. All this PR shit, from the mouths of their own leadership, is just buttering people up for when they get more extreme later.…
The Soldiers of Odin were there to use homeless people as props, and sniff out desperation to see if they can recruit. They lied about actual charity work to pull people away from it.
The #yeg Soldiers of Odin still traffic activity from their Finnish counterparts. Their last major internal conflict was over their ties to the explicitly neo-Nazi chapters.

They chose to maintain those connections.…
The community will not be fooled. #Nazi punks fuck off.

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Oct 3, 2018
Reminder that Canada's publicly funded religious schools earn us a black eye from the United Nations every time they do a human rights review.
That is also connected to the residential schools, a euphemism that perhaps fails to properly capture the incomprehensible cruelty behind these genocidal programs.…
But yes, an allegedly developed democracy has an entire class of schools who can just throw up their hands and go "nah" every time the public tries to protect human rights in their systems.
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Oct 2, 2018
I'm extremely cynical about what's really being said in these cheesy "should trans people have rights" polls, and I'll walk you through a local example as to why.
Back before it was devoured by The Star, a local paper called Metro News conducted a poll they claim was about Bill C-16, a law that amended federal Canadian rights to include gender identity. I say "they claim" because they failed to interpret a very important gap in their data.
They asked first a more general question, along the lines of "do you support adding trans Canadians to human rights law." You'd think answer no to that question would make you look like an asshole, yet a whopping 25% were comfortable saying as much anyway…
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Oct 2, 2018
Euro-colonial cissexism was never a system rooted in logic, trying to use it as a tool to make declarations on validity of identities derived from it is a fool's errand. #TransRational
Rationalism is important, but as is often the case with people who self-identify as rationalists, it's an important ideology being bastardized by people who wouldn't pass a single fucking philosophy essay.
Of course when you put trans identity under the microscope it's not going to make sense. But the exact same is true of cis identity, because the entire pretext of cissexism is convergent folklore, not a meticulous theory of existence. Physician, heal thyself. #TransRational
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Oct 1, 2018
I felt tempted to try a good faith attempt to engage with this honestly but all that came out was "fuck off, tosser"
"Starvation is honourable and dignified" --person who has never eaten peanut butter for a week to make ends meet
Me: *takes a second look at this take*

Me, 3 seconds later:
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Oct 1, 2018
Now that I think about it, no right-winger has actually justified to me *why* their policies should be imposed against popular will, other than "we won."
Democracy to them isn't a means of achieving consensus, but rather a means of acquiring power to enact their will. They will (and do, and have, repeatedly) cheated in that vein.
Very few Conservative policy positions even have a basic majority (51+%) of popular support. Abortion? Even in the USA it's like 80% who support at least some access, and the ones who want unconditional access outnumber the ones who want it banned 2:1.
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Sep 25, 2018
I'm really tired of the way most people conduct gender "socialization" discourse so I'm going to hammer this out:

Everybody is socialized into all euro-colonial gender roles.
Mistake #1 is conceiving of gendered socialization as something you strictly receive.


Part of this process is teaching you how and when to apply this pressure to others.

Mothers can and sometimes do teach their sons toxic masculinity.
Girl peers can and sometimes do berate boys for not adhering to said toxic masculinity.

They couldn't do that unless they also received messages on what boyhood "ought" to entail.
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