Like so many of the #DeepState illegalities, they get old before we learn the truth. I know @TheChillum has linked this to #FionaHill but I’m holding to my theory. Here’s why.
The @nytopinion appeared at a pivotal moment. Kavanaugh’s hearing was just part of it. Spike Lee’s BlackKlansman came out that weekend. This is perhaps the most racist, vindictive feature film ever produced, disguised as “equality” & “social justice.”…
In it, are direct & oblique references to @POTUS #MAGA. In one klan meeting, the audio picks up the phrase “Make America Great Again.” That should make every American angry, but not for the reasons #Spike thinks.
Before I leave Spike Lee to finish my thought, I will add that his representation of White People speaks of a level of hate that I have never seen. Don’t call it dramatic license. It’s a propagation of evil that pits man against man. He belongs in Hell IMHO. #LetGodDealWithHim
The character of Paul Walter Hauser is presented as a mentally “challenged” drunk, confused & dangerous w/ a loaded gun. Can’t find pic of that w/ a search warrant online. However, Spike gets a pass because he’s “outing” racists. Let’s not judge his method.
Why does it matter? Because it is part of the ongoing, coordinated efforts to undermine our vote. A work in progress since before @POTUS took office. Those who support @realDonaldTrump are fat, uneducated, WalMart racists who answer to a dog whistle. Judgement Much? #Deplorable
Those in the resistance are intelligent, erudite ppl from solid, affluent families & they know better. It pisses them off that the Republic worked against them. The narrative has been @POTUS is unhinged, ammoral & racist. Wait for #Moore who’s up next.…
How does this tie into an essay? Perfectly. The @nytopinion is a regurgitation of every talking point in the #MSM. There is nothing new or authentic about it. It answers a prompt like this one from #USC Freshman application for cinematography. Surprise! 👇…
Fiona Hill May be a rat. She might even be a paid Soros political thug. But she didn’t write the essay. I’d stake my Mac on it. A staffer would write A Letter. Not an essay. Words Matter. #TuesdayMorning

• • •

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Sep 28, 2018
@ThomasWictor I slept on it & realized the full scope of what Lindsey Graham did last night. It was completely out of character & showed more bravery than anyone knows. #Kavanaugh knew he had to go in strong, but that venue was tough for him & the accusations scorched him.
The only way to mitigate the #Kavanaugh display was to match it & minimize it. That’s what Graham did. It was no doubt difficult. Practical, even-tempered people hate going off like that. It’s unsettling & incredibly uncomfortable for them.
Kavanaugh gave a guttural expulsion of air when he spoke to DIFI. She almost had him, too. She asked, “Do you want to tell us more?” in her most neutral, even voice. That was the voice of the Devil—a deeper kind of evil than I have ever seen:
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Sep 27, 2018
“Thanks to the United States military, and our partnership with many of your nations, I am pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as isis have been driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria.”
”We will continue to work with friends and allies to deny radical Islamic terrorists funding, territory, or support or any means of infiltrating our borders.”
“But those days are over. We will no longer tolerate such abuse. We will no longer allow our workers to be victimized, our companies to be cheated, and our wealth to be plundered and transferred. America will never apologize for protecting its citizens.
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Sep 17, 2018
The people who act in the most horrific and baneful way are literally calling for the assassination of a @POTUS & killing conservatives.Republicans in power standby & do NOTHING but continue to lobby for our $upport as Dems destroy the country. #Kavanaugh #KavanaughConfirmation
Meanwhile, men & women in #FBI exhibited judgement so malleable that they bypassed professional ethics to orchestrate & support a coup. Think carefully: is this a quick strike, coordinated & just pulled together in haste? I think not. #NotTheirFirstRodeo #FISADeclassification
I shudder to think what I could find if I had the time or inclination to sit down & apply the methodology of this present chaos to events in the past. God knows this level of Clinton, DNC, Coie & MSM coordination DID NOT JUST MATERIALIZE IN THIS ONE PERFECT #CrossFireHurricane
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Sep 13, 2018
@ThomasWictor 😉I know a man, I’ll call him “Bill.” Bill is a diehard Democrat & a successful entrepreneur. He began mowing lawns as a kid to earn spending money. When he worked late, his father would shine the lights of his old pick up on the yard so Bill could finish
Bill fell in love with stacking his dollar bills in a box. He worked before school, after school & all summer long. He had built a million dollar company by the time he was 22 and sold it at 31 for millions more.
When the economy took a downturn, Obama gave him a 0% loan, earning his unswerving devotion. I’ve frankly never understood the love affair with Obama. It’s akin to the affinity some people have for ferrets or Nordic mythology. Interesting, but too strange for me to appreciate.
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Sep 10, 2018
I let this percolate today, hoping something would break free & we would get to the bottom of it. The more I read everyone’s DMs & look at the logistics of it, the more certain I am that it came from USC teaching staff. Whoever wrote it failed to think it completely through.
The whole article begs the question of how safe is it to allow a subversive staffer who’s taken the “safety of the nation” into her own hands to remain lingering in the shadows? What if she’s another Reality Winner with delusions of grandeur who suddenly snaps?
However, I don’t think that’s the case. I think this was a coordinated effort to undermine the Administration, using the writing resources of Op-Ed writers & USC to create an essay that would get the nation’s attention & boost flagging sales. Trump was right. They suck.
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Sep 9, 2018
After sleeping on this, I’ve unearthed a couple of salient points.this Op-Ed-as I said-is actually a more brilliant piece of writing than anyone has noticed. It’s incredibly hard to write with this much precision on a topic about which you ultimately divulge no information.
This is also a verifiable masterpiece of spinning language, worthy of its own Pulitzer Prize. You’ve noticed how the Democrats echo each other. Here’s “kids in cages” to refresh your memory but there are a thousand loops of this-all the same. They have 0 creativity changing words
That’s what makes this @nytopinion so astounding. It repeats every BS narrative of the last two years without using any of the same language. To tell you hard that is: imagine making a Land Rover without using any of the original parts, but making it even better.
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