(1) The only time Democrats care about the US citizens of Puerto Rico is when they can make political hay out of them.

At all other times they ignore the territory & it's extreme poverty, economic dependency, & rampant political corruption.

Hurricane Maria deaths estimate.
(2) Watching hurricanes #Katrina & #Harvey from afar was an experience that radicalized me to become a Hurricane Watcher, focusing on storms affecting the US. Harvey had the potential to be another Katrina. Thanks to sterling work at all levels, Katrina-level tragedy was averted.
(3) The fact is, #Harvey, #Irma, & #Maria were handled well by local, state/territory, & federal government. Far Left Democrats FEEL that Maria wasn't, but Far Left Democrats feel a lot of things, especially since the #TDS pandemic outbreak on 11/8/16.
(4) I don't look to Ms Ocasio-Cortez for advice on basic economics, so I'm hardly likely to look to her for advice on best practices in hurricane prepping, response & recovery, or epidemiology, statistics, & political science. Topics I happen to know a bit about.
(5) "The admin's response to Puerto Rico has been a disaster."

Which admin?

Governor Rossello's? The city/county admin? The householder?

"Lack of proper cleanup." Whose job is it to clean up a home after a hurricane?

"Don't be a victim-blamer!" I hear them say.
(6) Far Left Democrats haven't the slightest interest in hearing the easily-verifiable #facts about #Maria in Puerto Rico then, or now.

Like the fact Gov Rossello said before the hurricane >110,000 shelter beds were available around the island. Not many people used them.
(7) I wrote several threads about #Maria & and will link some of them below. Right now I'm again (happily) volunteering my time to share safety information ahead of #Florence & other storms. Like this liberal woman in Texas last year, I ensure there are #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat.
(8) Today, when all Americans (& allies) should be honoring those lost on 9/11/01🇺🇸 & recommitting themselves to the fight against terrorism in all its forms, Far Left Democrats have tried to bait the President & his supporters with a faux controversy about Puerto Rico.
(9) The Maria death toll in PR is a faux controversy because it's based on a false premise, logical fallacies, and science denial. Standard operating procedure for the Left.

This disingenuous, self contradictory CNN story is a prime example.

(8) This earlier CNN story is similar. A mish-mash of distortions and half-truths that add nothing to a serious discussion. Ricardo Rossello has the most challenging job of any governor in the USA.

(9) I do not accept the preliminary estimate of 2,975 deaths in PR being attributable to hurricane #Maria. As noted in the above article, the university itself said that further work is being done to better understand the cases.

Is President Trump responsible for these:
(10) And how about this case, is President Trump responsible when individuals do not take up the resources offered for a week before the hurricane?

In every storm there are people who decline offers to take them to safety beforehand, who fail to prepare with what they have.
(11) I have the utmost sympathy & empathy for those who suffer the consequences of their poor decisions (unlike others, who are worn down by decades of watching the cycle repeating itself. Their opinion is not unreasonable.)

I won't sit by while responders are smeared, though.
(12) Like the first responders in the photo above resting between shifts after #Harvey, I respect anyone who worked to help Puerto Rico survive and recover from #Maria. That includes the federal government, which is meant to be the last, not first resort in disasters.
(13) When Democrats lie about the household, local, territorial, & federal response to Maria in Puerto Rico, they don't just smear President Trump. They smear hundreds of thousands of people who made & are still making sacrifices to serve.

The fact is, the response IS historic.
(14) The #facts can be found at this website: fema.gov/hurricane-maria

The above excerpt is from this press release, which is rather instructive: fema.gov/news-release/2…

Democrats can't win on the facts, so they try to smear the President instead. And they fail.
(15) Here's a thread I wrote on 9/25/17, just five days after Maria hit Puerto Rico. It covers a number of relevant points.

(16) This is a general thread about disaster preparedness that I wrote in January 2018, after Hawaii experienced a false alarm of a nuclear attack alert.

(17) I guess the New Normal is that in addition to #prepping for major disasters like #Florence, we have to waste valuable time dealing with political smears from the Left. Bless their hearts.

• • •

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