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The ancient philosopher scientists found that the body is a *programmed* entity. Its various organs are *devices* programmed to operate. And this great finding paved the way for the realization of the highest truths of mankind.
Realization of the *nature* of things, the philosophy of the body.
Indeed it is through the body primarily that God is discovered in the ancient philosophico-scientific world. It is the "veda patha, " the way of the senses. The external universe may be abstracted simply as "vishaya," the world of sense-objects. It consists of dead matter only.
In fact, most of the "gods" and "goddesses" within Hinduism are anatomical entities (more on this later).
Ananta or Sesa, the great snake, is actually the *diaphragm*, the primary muscle of inspiration in the human body.
#Microcosm #Puranas
The snake is a symbol of respiratory muscle / pleura in Puranic Hinduism.
The (respiratory) diaphragm is one of the primary manifestations (creations) of Paramatma which make the life of the jiva possible. It enables the breathing of the jiva.
The diaphragm is zoomorphized as "Ananta" or "Sesa." It supports Visnu, the *purusa* or the spiritual personality (now connected to mind and body and known as jiva).
Suddenly raising its hood up and then descending it is the characteristic behavior of a *sarpa* 🐍. If one notices the (upwards and downwards) motion of the thoracic diaphragm, we can see that it is a "sarpa!"

Now, Ananta (the thoracic diaphragm) rests on Kurma, the Great Tortoise in the Puranic plan of the "universe" (brahmanda).

In the human body, we find that the thoracic diaphragm rests on the *vertebral column*. Therefore, the vertebral column is, without doubt, Kurma. Ananta rests on Kurma. <br />
Precious Light — Riyaz Udin | Minyatur | Pinterest | Paintings ...Diaphragm supported by Vertebral Column. Human Anatomy Image.
Let us continue with this absorbing discussion on the microcosmic code embedded within the #Puranas! I am convinced that the "turtle🐢- snake 🐍-elephants 🐘" model of the "universe" contained in Puranas such as the #Bhagavata pertains to the *body of man*.
(pic: @India_Atelier)
So, as we have seen already, it is the *vertebral column* that is Kurma, the great "turtle" 🐢, on which the "snake" Ananta 🐍, the *thoracic diaphragm*, rests. Ananta rests on KurmaThe Diaphragm rests on the Vertebral Column
According to the #Puranas, 8 of Ananta's 🐍 hoods have 8 “direction-elephants” (dik gajas) 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘 perched atop them!
We have already determined the identity of Ananta but what on earth are these "eight elephants?"
Let's see what structures lie atop the diaphragm! Lungs on the Diaphragm
These 8 “direction-elephants” 🐘are nothing but the 8 *bronchopulmonary segments* of the lungs--the basal ones, 4 on either side (the anatomist should know😀 ). These rest on the diaphragm 🐍! These segments are virtual "anatomic compasses!" ↗️↘️ Bronchopulmonary Segments of the Lung
They represent the various "directions" within the body. In this case, the 8 directions represented by the 8 dik-gajas ("direction elephants" = broncho pulmonary segments) would be "anterior," "posterior," "lateral" and "medial" (on each side).
The motif of the "elephant" 🐘in Hinduism is therefore related to the lungs! The snake 🐍, we have seen, represents respiratory muscle. So we have a nice picture of the *respiratory framework* of the human body building up!
The elephant can also have the more specific meaning of "visceral pleura." In that case, the 8 "hoods" of Ananta on which the elephants are perched would mean "parietal pleura." That would be fine because the (diaphragmatic) parietal pleura lies always adhered to the diaphragm!
In case you are wondering why, in the pic below, the snake is biting its own tail, don't! The diaphragm 🐍connects to *itself* via its own central tendon!😀

(BTW this image doesn't accord perfectly with the Puranic description.)
But let's go higher still!
According to Puranic conception, 8 "direction-elephants" (dik-gajas) 🐘(perched on Ananta perched on Kurma!) are holding 8 "mountains" ⛰️on their backs!
So, the plan of the "universe" is:
What could these "mountains" ⛰️ represent?
Well, in this context, the "mountains" ⛰️refer to the *bronchi*. There is one (tertiary) bronchi in each of the bronchopulmonary segments. The visceral pleura (🐘) in each segment "holds" one bronchus. Thus, ⛰️s= bronchi!

The respiratory model is about to complete! This manuscript painting depicts the mountain ranges of Niṣadha and Nīlavanta . Source: JAINpediaBronchi
Finally, above "mountains" ⛰️is situated the "earth" 🌎!
It surely refers to the Aorta! Or the central region of the body, Mediastinum, that contains the Aorta!
The Aorta, after all, contains the "fruit" of the respiratory tree! Oxygenated blood is the "nectar" of all churning! The Innermost Body

• • •

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