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If y'all are looking for something to do the Chapel Hill Town Council meeting is starting in 25 minutes.
Chief Blue is here. I stopped by to say hi and pass on my strongly positive impressions of the CPAC meeting.
We also briefly discussed the importance of listening. There's 10s of people here about some zoning item and none are students.
Call me a cynic but ballpark 98% that means it will pass and my rent goes up. BTW, this isn't a full livetweet (still need dinner).
We (says Mayor Pam) are starting off with a celebrating success video, which is a way of forcing the public to watch propaganda for access.
This one is about Florence and maintenance. The last was "affordable" housing and notably included homes and tiny houses but not apartments.
Mayor Pam also apologized for scheduled on Yom Kippur and is now thanking the first responders for bravely handling Florence.
One may ponder whether all our first responders were protected by labor and union protections or working under economic duress.
Chief Blue is speaking about Florence response. "All hands on deck" for last few days preparing for danger.
Chief Blue thanks community for working with the government in terms of responding to messages, says it helped a lot.
We have 35 slides he said so uh, that's a lot. Just heard the phrase "response timeline". Says it was looking "really scary"
Flooding was caused by wet ground plus large amounts of rain, .95->1.47->2.33->4.45 inches on the 17th.
Public works director (Lance?) comes up. Talks about prep - clearing streams, contigency plans, pic of Bobby Brandon clearing streams.
Chapel Hill works because you do Bobby Brandon! We love our public employees!
Now describing an emergency operations call center opening on the 13th, same day as shelters at middle schools. Picture of a puppy.
Saying Florence was a good way to do things and they'll use this model going forward. Basically having many people in one room.
Now plugging something called "see click fix" I think, some kind of app. Allowed Ops to receive images which is obviously good.
20 employees at call center, ~94 calls, say the calls helped a lot. Feeling like a bad resident for not calling at this point.
389 lost power on Friday, a tree knocked a line by Gimghoul (sp?). Saturday worked with Duke and closed one middle school shelter.
Emergency ops ended at noon on Saturday but many crews stayed on, just not 24/7. Friday Center shelter (the big one) opened that day.
Maintained crew through Sunday but ended department coordination. Lots of talk of work, bravo workers!
I think the Emergency Coordinator is named Vince? I should not be allowed to live tweet. Talking about 6 evacs in Camelot apts.
They knocked on every door in Camelot until flood waters fell, then left. Came in and reopened call center (monday). Booker Creek flood
Lots of downed trees, collab with UNC. Talking about how many new followers they have #onhere now. 4 language call center.
94 calls
12 units chapel hill housing flooded
57 camelot village units "affected"
40+ evacs
3 water rescues
Focusing on rehoming people and reopening business today. My pet store flooded but was open today which the cats loved.
Says remaining issues are bridge undercut, parking lot, stream clogging and I forget what else. Another new person, missed name.
Talking about solidarity actions. 4 people and an engine to New Bern. Sent for structural firefighting support. Immediately responded.
Then helped clear streets to get access to neighborhoods. Mentioned collabs with Raleigh and Durham. Planned out until Friday.
They are the only swift water in Loremburg (sp?) done 14 swift waters. Also doing supply delivery.
Chapel Hill Transit (hell yeah) helped with moving evacuees between shelters as far as winston salem.
Next focus is gathering data for FEMA reimbursement. Normal country.

Talking about getting people home, back in business, getting grants.
Also mentioned learning. Now thanking the business community. "We're all a team here" I know the chamber of commerce is here.
Pam: "We just want to say thank you." Also mentions sending folx across the state.
Standing O from council. Pam went over to EOC once. Now thanking UNC and hospital especially. Red Cross Director shouted out.
Red Cross director loves us too apparently. Says we managed to maintain a jovial atmosphere. Taking care of pets, parakeet not happy.
ADA accessible mobile shower unit. Mobile washer dryer. Nurses on site. Movie nights. Many languages.
Peaked at 500 people, now down to 300, expecting more as other shelters close. Ours is open through next week.
"On a note of our businesses, and we know we have homes and people, but..." Pam

Asks us to go out to dinner, shopping.
Capitalism is weird AF.
Moving on to proclamations, 3x this evening. First is Ms. Anderson with diaper needs and the leader of the diaper bank.
Anderson mentions having kids in diapers. The proclamations are formatted as a photo op for obvious reasons.
"1 in 3 mothers experience diaper need"]
"No gov't assistance"
"Costs 6% of full time minimum wave salary"
"Diapers need for some early childhood activities"
"Chapel Hill home to diaper bank"
Proclaiming diaper need awareness week.
If you want to donate some diapers, check out the diaper bank or I know Mutual Aid Carrboro needs them mutualaidcarrboro.org
"78% of families recieving our products are working 1-3 jobs"
Talking about teachers can't afford diapers.
Now talking about diapers, feminine hygience, adult incontinence all across the state. Formula, toilet paper, etc.
Plugging a branch in Durham. I think this is it. sounds good to me, go check it out. ncdiaperbank.org
Next up we have Rachel Schaevitz talking about Constitution week. 231st anniversary of adoption.
I would perhaps describe the constitution differently. "Free and democratic society"
I can check but I believe everyone on this body was elected with single digit turnout in off year elections.
Daughters of American Revolution thanking us. Encourages studying historical events leading to signing.
"Promote Constitution's importance to our heritage and way of life." Also talking about defending it.
Now talking about the Bill of Rights which, of course, was not part of the original Constitution.
All of the member of the chapters are descendents of soliders in the American Revolution War.
They do a variety of service works, included volunteer for veterans at Durham hospitals. Some schools.
Participate in naturalization every year, welcome 27 new citizens this year. "Theme is tying past to present as gift to future"
Ah yes, also emphasizing the Constitutions importance a lot. Next is national walk to school day, or as I call it, everyday.
Karen Stegman. Plugging the ecological impacts. Chief Blue is up for this one by the way. Now talking about obesity.
Plugging cognitive benefits, talking costs of buses, talking traffic impacts. Now talking safety.
Proclaimed some day intl walk to school day which, ofc, I missed the day LOL. I promise I'll still walk.
The person receiving the proclamation, I believe with Go Chapel Hill, also recommends walking to work. Hey, I do that too!
Now time for petitions. That might be me but honestly I have no idea. We get three minutes.
Gonna cut the livetweet for a bit. Love you all.
Ok, Orange County Justice United talked about affordable housing Bravo. Then I said this, referred to Chief Blue.
Ok now we have NIMBY. Truly shocked that here, in my own home town of Chapel Hill, we have folx opposing development.
I'm not gonna tweet out NIMBY talking points because I (1) don't think poor people don't deserve homes (2) don't workers to be priced out
Now into announcements. There's a red ball at ackland. Neat.

It will be at south at 1:30. THis is a schedulin conflict.
Criminal Justice Forum coming up. I have the info written down somewhere and i'll try and tweet it out.
Alright got it. And that's it for our live tweet since I have to catch a bus.

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Sep 11, 2018
Gonna try to livetweet to CPAC meeting in this thread. We'll see how that works.
Before we begin, we have some of the outstanding activists of our community picketing outside with signs. I'm sure they'll be pictures.
The meeting is absolutely packed. The activists have come into the meeting room just ahead of the meeting.
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