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1.) Something that has bothered me for quite some time now is how drastically our country changed after 9/11/2001 & the events leading up to & surrounding 9/11.
The Great Lie & NATO Legal framework to start the now 17 year Afghan War in which I lost many Brothers in Arms! 😔
2.) Most of us including myself, can remember exactly where we were & the emotions we faced on September 11th, 2001. These images were forever etched into our minds & filled many with pure horror & rage! The thing we don't hear about is what events led up to this attack.
3.)The dust hadn't settled from the day prior at ground zero & the North Atlantic Council / @NATO's Secretary General Lord Robertson issues a statement from Brussels.…

4.)Frank Taylor- US Ambassador briefed the North Atlantic Council @NATO's top decision making body on October 2nd, 2001 on the results of investigations into the September 11th terrorist attacks against the U.S.
Sec Gen Lord Robertson briefed the public…
5.)The North Atlantic Council- NATO’s principal political decision making body agreed that if it determined that the attack was directed from abroad against the United States, it would be regarded as an action covered by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty…
6.)What's interesting about this NAC statement is that in 2009
@intelwire obtained this @StateDept
cable that is the talking points for every US Ambassador around the globe & US Ambassador Frank Taylor's briefing outlines this classified cable.…
7.) This Frank Taylor briefing with the Invocation of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty was 100% the Moral & Legal framework & Justification for going to War with Afghanistan / Al Qaida due to them being protected by a government regime called the Taliban…
8.)Rewinding just a few years to 1997, Individuals who shape US policy had already been writing about how an area they called 'Eurasia' was the new geopolitical prize due to Oil & Mineral resources in the region. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book called 'The Grand Chessboard'.
9.) In Zbigniew Brzezinski's book on page 30 & 31 it is very clear where & what the end goal is in the Eurasia region.…
10.) So who is this guy & why is it important?
Zbigniew Brzezinski was one of the most influential thinkers, actors in setting US global policy, advised President's Kennedy, Johnson & Reagan, recruited President Carter into the Tri-Lateral Commission.…
11.)NEOCON think tanks like PNAC, which included Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowicz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney & a host of other “neoconservatives” collaborated on the “Project for the New American Century.” That produced, among other documents, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”
12.) This document 'Rebuilding America’s Defenses' was authored by Thomas Donnelly in September of 2000 & once again outlined their Military Industrial Complex driven agenda & moto: 'War Is Good Business'
Absent a catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor…
13.) The 2 war standard & strategies to maintain Large wars was the goal while focusing on Southeast Europe & Southeast Asia.…
14.) To become more familiar with Thomas Donnelly & his work look no further than Sourcewatch & the documents within. Particularly his Memorandums on "Defense" as well as his PNAC documents.……

15.) Moving on.......
In December of 1997 the Taliban traveled to Texas to sit down with UNOCAL about securing the rights to a gas Pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan, through Afghanistan.…
16.) In 2002 it was revealed that the US was actively negotiating with the Taliban in securing these rights on the Pipeline. The Senior US negotiator was quoted as saying to the Taliban delegation, 'You have a choice, a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs'…
17.) The book where this information came from is a book called 'Ben Laden: La vérité interdite'
& was released in November of 2001 in France.…
18.) Confirming the previous information outlined, Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October.…
19.) Mr. Naik told the @BBC that at the meeting the US representatives told him that unless Bin Laden was handed over swiftly America would take military action to kill or capture both Bin Laden and the Taleban leader, Mullah Omar.…
20.)When the Bush Administration came into office its 1st major National Security Directive was NSPD-9…
21.)This document was created in the summer of 2001 & the rough draft was given to President Bush on September 4th, 2001, 7 days prior to 9/11. This is documented in Donald Rumsfeld's own 9/11 Commission Testimony on March 23rd, 2004.…
22.) Condoleezza Rice, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs testified as well that NSPD-9 was prepared well in advance of 9/11.…
23.) As you can see, the Invasion of Afghanistan was not about Al Qaida, it was 100% a geopolitical rouse in search of the legal justification to go to war & the excuse for the entire war on terrorism!
24.) The result of the Taylor Report was a Blank Check drawn around the events surrounding 9/11 & the sustainment of the Military Industrial Complex.
25.) As I have stated in the past, none of this factual information is meant to take away from the victims & heroes of 9/11, nor is it meant to take away from all of my Brothers & Sisters in Arms who died or were permanently disabled & forever changed after 9/11.
#RLTW #SinePari
26.) On a side note...
Knowing what most of us that are awake now know, it's interesting to see once again a government official calling anyone who questions the official narrative a 'Conspiracy Theorist'. Classic CIA Operation Mockingbird playbook action!…
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1.) Iraq War Chronicles:
Picking up where I left off on the events surrounding the start of the Afghan War.
I will lay out the events that recap what we now know about what led the U.S. into the Iraq War.
#Iraq #IraqRegimeChange
#IraqWar #NEOCON
2.) About 10 days after the attacks of September the 11th, General Wesley Clark took a trip through the Pentagon & an unidentified general informed him that a decision had been made to go into Iraq.…
Full Video: 👇🏼
3.) But 3 years before this was mentioned to General Wesley Clark, @BillClinton had made that decision with help of the Neocons at CPSG in October of 1998 with the signing of H.R.4655 - 'Iraq Liberation Act of 1998'……
4.) The Iraq Liberation Act came to pass because of a Neoconservative Group "Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf (CPSG)" Calling on the US to Help Overthrow Saddam Hussein in an open letter to President Clinton on January 26th, 1998.…
5.) On December 16, 1998, President Bill Clinton ordered execution of Operation Desert Fox which was a four-day air campaign against targets in Iraq to soften Iraq's defenses & infrastructure, citing Iraq's failure to comply with UNSC Resolutions.…
6.) From 1998 to 2001, Operation Southern Watch was still operational
ensuring Iraqi compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 688 (UNSCR 688) following the end of Operation Desert Storm with a constant buildup of Military assets in the region.
7.) Just 2 weeks into George Bush becoming President, The National Energy Policy Development Group was created by Executive Order on January 29, 2001.
Dubbed the 'Cheney Energy Task Force' was chaired by then Vice President Dick Cheney.…
8.) @JudicialWatch obtained documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under a March 5, 2002, court order as a result of their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force.…
9.) The documents contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries & terminals, as well as two charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects.

The documents are dated March 2001.

The areas in RED were believed to be unexplored & have enormous oil reserves.
10.) To get into Iraq, Bush had to start lay out the legal justification to do so.

September 18, 2001-
The @AP reported the US had received info from a Foreign Intelligence Service that Mohamed Atta met earlier that yr in Prague with an Iraqi intel agent…
11.) Several attempts to make this connection between Saddam Hussein & Osama Bin Laden were made between 2001 & 2002 until it had been debunked. Vice President Dick Cheney even went on Meet the Press in December of 2001 to continue the rouse.…
12.) On October 21, 2002 The @nytimes reported the Czech president, Vaclav Havel, quietly told the @WhiteHouse he has concluded that there was no evidence to confirm earlier reports that Mohamed Atta, met with an Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague.…
13. When this narrative fell through the Bush Administration went to the next one. Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD's) They started with information they had received from a defector code named 'Curveball'.…
14.) This defectors information was directly injected into the CIA's classified report on Iraq's WMD program in 2002 was declassified in 2004. This is also where the 'Aluminum Tubes' BS came into the picture.……
15.) Colin Powell presented this information to include the Anthrax claim to the U.N. in a speech on February 5th, 2003.…

Full Video: 👇🏼
16.) In the end, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi code named 'Curveball', became the main source for Colin Powell's case for the Iraq war in 2003. He eventually admitted it was false info & done to topple Saddam Hussein from power…
17.) Rewinding a bit: Remember........on September 18th, 2001 the Anthrax attacks began! Even John McCain got on board with this & said Iraq may have been responsible for the attacks.……
18.) Eventually, we discovered that the guy that was being blamed for it after the War had started was a former Army scientist, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill. He was never charged after being smeared in the press. He won a major lawsuit against the US DOJ.…
19.) After that didn't produce any fruit they went after another Army Scientist at Fort Detrick, Dr. Bruce Ivins. He 'SUPPOSEDLY' killed himself as the FBI was closing in to charging him, so they say. 🙄

The FBI closed the case...……
20.) Even Israel got in on making the WMD case in 2002 to our own Congress. We all know that it turned out to be not true!! This was all Deliberately Distorted Intelligence!…
21.) As the war waged on & many of my Brothers In Arms had died or been permanently disabled in Iraq, Netanyahu says that the 9/11 Terror Attacks Are Good for Israel.
22.) After all of this what did we learn? We found out according to Paul O'Neill that Bush decided to remove Saddam Hussein from day one, use the 9/11 attacks for legal justification & ordered his staff to 'Find An Excuse'!!…

23.) If you want to see a great 'Iraq War Lie' Timeline this one seems to be the most comprehensive & very accurate. This is back when Mother Jones actually reported the truth.…
24.) Just as I had presented the timeline & legal basis that the Bush Admin used to go to war in Afghanistan, I did the same with Iraq. I leave it to you to make up your own minds as to what we were sold by billionaire snake oil salesman.
Rest in Peace to ALL who have perished🙏
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