THREAD: Through all of the revelations around #Kavanaugh, I have been feeling anger, but also (oddly) gratitude that I have never been assaulted. And then, I was reading a friend's post about her assault, and realized, I'd repressed mine.
Let's be clear- this isn't a "recovered" memory. It's just that I didn't even THINK of it. It was just so normalized. For those who are victims of assault thinking, "how did she forget, I can't ever seem to forget," let me explain./2
In my 30's, when I was married with 2 kids, I went out for an 80's night at a local bar. I was meeting a couple of girlfriends there. It was the first time I had been out without my husband or kids in literally YEARS. I arrived at the bar early, and was waiting at the bar./3
2 guys were there and they started talking to me. I am a friendly person and I talked back. I mentioned that I was waiting for friends, that I was excited to be out for 80's night and that my kids were home with my husband. They chatted back./4
One was in between apartments and staying at his friend's house. As they were talking to me, I ordered a beer. They offered to pay. I declined and paid myself. It was a bar where they didn't give bottles, but put things in plastic cups. /5
The bartender passed the cup to the guy to pass to me. He passed it to his friend who handed it to me. At that point, my friends arrived. I said good-bye to the guys, wished them luck and went over to my friends. I drank about half my beer & went to the dance floor with them./6
I never went back to the beer, because I'd heard stories from my students. As I danced with my friends, the guys came over and were sort of leering. It made my friends nervous and we moved over to another spot. We were having fun./7
And then I got hot. The room was swimming. I felt sick. And strange. I needed air. I went outside to catch my breath and ended up sitting on the disgusting sidewalk outside the bar (something I would ordinarily NEVER do.) My friends came out./8
I felt disoriented and I just wanted to go to sleep. I told them I just wanted them to take me to the back of my MINIVAN so that I could sleep there until I felt better. It was a crazy thought but made sense in my addled state. Instead they took me to the ER./9
They knew something was wrong. The doctors assumed I was drunk. I told them I had consumed HALF of a beer. They didn't believe me until my friends backed me up (probably helped that we were all in our 30's). /10
The doctor nonchalantly informed me that someone had probably put something in my drink-- that they saw it all the time- and that they could test me for it, but that the guys change the substances all the time so the tests aren't really accurate. /11
He told me that the drug would be out of my system soon anyway. I was devastated. I cried. I cried that someone had done this to me. I cried that my daughter would grow up in a world like this. I cried that I was kicking myself for having a normal conversation w/those guys./12
I wondered why they would have thought I was interested in anything. I had been SOOOO clear. Of course, a guy who slips something in your drink doesn't care if you're interested. That's the whole point. /13
This was 5 years ago. I went home to my husband and kids and really never thought much about it because despite the best efforts of those assholes, nothing happened to me. My friends were there. They had my back. I was OK./14
I didn't forget it. I've used it as a cautionary story for students about always covering your drink and not letting anyone else even handle it. But until just now, I honestly didn't even think of it as an attempted assault/rape. Which it was. /15
So- #MeToo. #IBelieveChristine . And I am so mad! /END

• • •

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Jul 19, 2018
THREAD: This @NYtimes story nicely captures the absurdity of media coverage of #TrumpRussia. At first glance, it seems like a big deal. "Oh my god," we say, "he knew TWO weeks before the inauguration." Except, it's based on a bullshit premise.
The bullshit premise of news articles like this is that trump has been told about Russian attacks and yet inexplicably keeps pretending he wasn't told or doesn't believe it or doesn't remember it. But OF COURSE he knew. He was part of the conspiracy. /2
If you look at the headline on the main page, you see a pure distillation of this narrative. "Trump let his self interest away his view of Russian meddling." It wasn't "meddling," it was a cyber warfare attack against our country. /3
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The decision to pardon Arpaio was a prelude of what was/is to come. Remember that Arpaio was charged w/contempt of court for failing to follow the Court's order that his office cease racial profiling. Trump was signaling that contempt of court was fine for HIS SIDE. /2
With today's #HammondPardon, trump lets right wing militias (& his right wing base) know that they are free to break the law w/out fear of consequence. At the same time, the Trump admin is actively disobeying the Courts on #FamilySeparation. /3
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Jul 8, 2018
THREAD: Another horrifying component of #ICECheckpoints is the fact that the state department is purposely slow rolling Visa applications/extensions. Thus, people who follow immigration law are being turned into law violators b/c gov won't proces requests. /1
Although legally they have a right to stay in the us while their claim is being processed, not all ICE agents know this. Now state department is asking people to pay $ monthly to stay in the country if their requests have not been processed after expiration of the visa./2
This incentivizes state to slow roll the process. If people leave the country b/c they can't pay and dont want to risk deportation while the gov processes their request, their application is forfeited. /3
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Jun 27, 2018
THREAD: Ok- so they have the Senate, House, & Executive and #Kennedy just gave them the Judiciary for the next 30 years. Now what? In 2004 Obama said there was no Red or Blue America. He tried to govern that way. He lost. WE lost.
With #SCOTUS set to eviscerate civil rights, it will be all about the States. One set of restrictive laws for Red America and one set of progressive laws for Blue America. We tried to protect all Americans. They wouldn't let us. So now what?
If they plan to defund everything, let's outdo them. Let's vote to cut federal income taxes. They can cover only military. Divide Social security up by population and give it to the states. Let each state administer it. Same with Medicare & Medicaid.
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Jun 27, 2018
THREAD: My somewhat nuanced take on #SCOTUS #Union decision. Obviously- it's bad for unions & thus working ppl. If you like your 5 day works week, 8hr day, min wage,& worker safety- thank a union. Unions are good for the country. That having been said..../1
I get why some ppl had a problem w/paying union dues. Writ large, unions do great things. But there ARE problems at many unions. I worked at a public college as an adjunct for several yrs. Unions dues were deducted from my meager paycheck. At first, I didn't mind. /2
But I eventually grew to resent the hell out of it. You see, the union didn't actually represent MY interests. It represented full time/tenure track faculty. The faculty actively undermined the working conditions of adjuncts. They voted against offering benefits & raises. /3
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Jun 25, 2018
THREAD: It occurs to me that while Trump retains high approval ratings among R's, his policies are much LESS popular. I think in terms of messaging, it makes sense to focus on policies, not Trump. Let's talk:
As long as issues get easily interpreted through party heuristic, trump keeps winning. Take it out of the partisan lens- let's talk about how
#TradeWar will hurt your business/job/home expenses.
#separatingfamilies offends your values
#Medicare helps you/your parents /2
Let's talk about how:
#SocialSecurity is your retirement plan that YOU PAID for
#GOPTaxScam gave money to the rich & at best put less than $20 in your paycheck
Yes- the election is a referendum on trump- but it should be about his POLICIES b/c those are the true horror. /3
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