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Update: In #FamilySeparation case, fed. Judge Sabraw calls for more detail on reunions of immigrant parents of 366 children. Those parents are now outside U.S. Issue: Will family reunions happen in Cen.America or U.S.? 1/
.@ACLU’s L. Gelernt says some parents didn’t understand forms they signed re their children as parents were deported. Judge reserves on this issue “of whether some parents who have removed should be returned to the United States to pursue their asylum claims w their children.” 2/
‘This is an enormous undertaking involving a situation of the government’s own making. But we will never be able to come up with a process that is perfect or that restores all rights as if this incident never happened,’ says Judge Sabraw on family reunions. 3/
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1/6 Before confirming Kathy #Kraninger to head @CFPB, Senators need to determine if she bears respnsibility for the #FamilySeparation policy. If so, they should vote NO
2/6 The Family Separation Policy was not only cruel and racist and illegal, but would also show that she is uniquely unqualified for America's top federal job of protecting consumers
3/6 A key point of Dodd-Frank was that CFPB is to be independent, apolitical, like the Fed or other banking regulators. Family separation was a POLITICAL policy, using children as hostages to get $ for Wall
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THREAD: We are witnessing the collapse of our Constitutional democracy. Much has been made of the GOP's unwillingness to be a check on Trump. It's a true abdication of their constitutional duty. But Trump's recent interactions w/the Courts bring this to a new disturbing level /1
The decision to pardon Arpaio was a prelude of what was/is to come. Remember that Arpaio was charged w/contempt of court for failing to follow the Court's order that his office cease racial profiling. Trump was signaling that contempt of court was fine for HIS SIDE. /2
With today's #HammondPardon, trump lets right wing militias (& his right wing base) know that they are free to break the law w/out fear of consequence. At the same time, the Trump admin is actively disobeying the Courts on #FamilySeparation. /3
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I’m disappointed at the number of people in Aura Bogado’s mentions who are giving her a hard time about not reporting #FamilySeparation content that is told to her off the record. A note about how journalism works:
First of all, Aura is one of the people who has been at the forefront of breaking stories about abuse of children during these family separations. She’s a goddamn national hero (yes immigrants can be those too!), and she and her team deserve a Pulitzer for it.
Second of all, just because the NYT basically says “we protect off the record sources and also on the record sources” doesn’t mean that’s how journalism is supposed to work. When someone is off the record it means the journalist is giving their word not to publish what’s said
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We're here in Montgomery, Alabama rallying to say that #FamiliesBelongTogther & to call to #EndFamilyDetention
At the bus stop where Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabamians protest an injustice of our time - the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families all across America. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether
Separating families is wrong and today in Alabama, #TheMarchContinues for immigration reform. #EndFamilyDetention
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I have been digging around to try to better explain what the Flores Settlement is all about.

Yesterday I stumbled across something that stopped me in my tracks.

#FamiliesBelongTogether /1
Jenny Lisette Flores, 15, fled civil war in El Salvador In 1985. When she was apprehended at the US-Mexico border she was held for months in an #immigration detention facility together with unrelated adults. /2…
During litigation the government conceded that conditions were "deplorable." Kids were jailed together with unrelated adults in facilities ringed with barbed-wire. They had little to no education, recreation, or visitation. This lasted months or longer. /3…
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THREAD: It occurs to me that while Trump retains high approval ratings among R's, his policies are much LESS popular. I think in terms of messaging, it makes sense to focus on policies, not Trump. Let's talk:
As long as issues get easily interpreted through party heuristic, trump keeps winning. Take it out of the partisan lens- let's talk about how
#TradeWar will hurt your business/job/home expenses.
#separatingfamilies offends your values
#Medicare helps you/your parents /2
Let's talk about how:
#SocialSecurity is your retirement plan that YOU PAID for
#GOPTaxScam gave money to the rich & at best put less than $20 in your paycheck
Yes- the election is a referendum on trump- but it should be about his POLICIES b/c those are the true horror. /3
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The GOP ties #FamilySeparation to #ImmigrationReform b/c the families they're terrorizing are immigrants. But those are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES. That's like tying #UnlawfulPoliceShootingsofBlackPeople to the #OpioidEpidemic because you know people feel icky about addicts. 1/
The GOP is using public distaste and bias against immigrants to force our acceptance of state violence. What if your postal carrier pepper sprayed you if you parked more than 18" from the curb? I hate bad parkers. We all do. The campaign could catch on. #ParkingSpaceFaceMace 2/
They say, "We can either keep families together at the border or fix immigration." By marrying these two DIFFERENT issues under single category of "Immigrant problems," the GOP forces a conversation in which cruel family separation is treated as a reasonable option. IT'S NOT. 3/
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Pursuant to Trump's #FamilySeparation Executive Order, @TheJusticeDept asked a federal court to let the government out of the Flores settlement. This binding settlement is the only law preventing the horrific caging of children apprehended by ICE. Here's what you should know:
The DOJ "motion," asks for two "narrow" exceptions to the Flores settlement:

First, to be able to detain families together.
Second, to make family jails exempt from licensing requirements, which govern the minimum standards of care in these jails.

So that our government can more efficiently detain families together in preparation for deportation.

Again: This is to make deportation easier, faster, cheaper, more efficient.
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Trump Justice Dep't to federal court on Thurs: #FamilyDetention deters future migrants, just look at our statistics.

Professor @adambcox and me: Actually your statistics prove the exact opposite (and the policy is unethical)…
Full picture with ALL the official data shows "devastating evidence" government’s claim is false. The federal court's putting a stop to #FamilyDetention in 2015 had no proven effect on migration rate.

Upshot: Trump-Stephen Miller policy wouldn't even achieve their stated goal 2/
Trump Justice Department cited in its brief to the court—three times—a 2015 declaration from an ICE official.

That declaration was discredited in prior court proceedings.

One expert: "offer no valid or reliable empirical"
Another expert: "unreliable and invalid" 3/
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Trump signs Executive Order undoing a crisis he created himself.…
Trump blames Congress and the courts for forcing him to separate families.

Trump tries to make his evil, white nationalism-infested administration look better by continuing to jail children, just with their parents.
Trump stands to violate the 1997 Flores settlement, the only (thin) legal protection for unaccompanied children seeking asylum, forcing the issue into court where he will fight to gut it completely (with an increasingly right-wing judiciary), then claim it was the Dems fault.
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THREAD: How do you respond when a Trump supporter says the administration is simply enforcing the laws? You can’t simply point to a single document and saying “see, it’s right here. They’re lying.” So, here is my attempt.
When asked for evidence of policies that require the separation of families, the White House refers to laws determining what happens to unaccompanied immigrant minors.
The thing is, none of the children in question would be deemed unaccompanied if the Trump administration did not decide to prosecute their parents. This is a policy created by Trump administration.
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This is the ICE detention center for women in Taylor, TX, outside of Austin. The facility is operated by Core Civic, a for-profit prison operator listed on the NYSE under the ticker-symbol CXW. This particular detention camp holds 512 women. 1/12
Last year, Core Civic made about $180 million dollars, and paid out 90% of that as dividends to its investors. The company is classified by the IRS as a Real Estate Investment Trust, which means it doesn't pay federal income tax on most of its earnings, nor do its investors. 2/12
In its annual financial statements, one of the company's metrics for success is "occupancy rate." This is the same metric hotels use. Some of these women are being detained for over a year without a hearing, legal representation, or charge. 3/12
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