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The GOP ties #FamilySeparation to #ImmigrationReform b/c the families they're terrorizing are immigrants. But those are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES. That's like tying #UnlawfulPoliceShootingsofBlackPeople to the #OpioidEpidemic because you know people feel icky about addicts. 1/
The GOP is using public distaste and bias against immigrants to force our acceptance of state violence. What if your postal carrier pepper sprayed you if you parked more than 18" from the curb? I hate bad parkers. We all do. The campaign could catch on. #ParkingSpaceFaceMace 2/
They say, "We can either keep families together at the border or fix immigration." By marrying these two DIFFERENT issues under single category of "Immigrant problems," the GOP forces a conversation in which cruel family separation is treated as a reasonable option. IT'S NOT. 3/
Individuals make choices; governments create policies. Those policies have the power to be far more impactful (either for good or for harm) than one person's action to cross a border, use heroin, or park 19" from the curb. And with that power comes, you guessed it... 4/
GREAT FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY. If you are running in 2018, you have the power and the RESPONSIBILITY to force these devastating "policies" off the table. Call them what they are: NO, they're NOT "another option to mull over." They are terrorism. They are child abuse. NO. 5/
Gov'ts are made up of individuals who make choices. While bad parking is a problem, state-sponsored macings would be a BIGGER, DIFFERENT PROBLEM because we (voters & lawmakers) signed off on policies around it. 6/
While the opioid epidemic is a problem, unchecked police violence against black people is a BIGGER, DIFFERENT PROBLEM because we (citizens, voters, and lawmakers) continue to sign off on policies that enable it on a large scale. 7/
While immigration needs reform and is a problem, widespread kidnappings and child abuse performed by OUR GOVERNMENT IS A BIGGER, DIFFERENT PROBLEM because I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS. 8/
The next time a GOP rep makes a statement that "Family separation is terrible and I support full immigration reform," know that what they're saying is, "I am willing to hold toddlers hostage in order to ensure my political survival." 9/
Candidates and MOC's, we wanted you to show up hard and fast. The "fast" part is over. If you're not on the train, you missed it. But it's not too late to catch up. Cut the bullshit about how "ALL immigration needs work," and stop this nightmare. 10/
Voters, they can't be trusted to get there themselves. We're going to have to chase them down the track. Individuals make choices. Make your choice. Silence is a choice. Withdrawal is a choice. Engagement is a choice. Noise is a choice. 11/
Make no fucking mistake: This is one of those moments that your grandchildren will ask you about. "What did you do about Family Separation, Nana?" "What did you do about those babies, Grandpa?" 12/
If ur reading this, you have the power AND THE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY to change it. Get in the game. We need you. Put the reminders in your phone. Program the numbers so it's easy. #CallYourSenator #CallYourRep #CallTheDOJ #CallDHS #CallTheFuckingWhiteHouse #DoEverythingYouCan

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Sep 15, 2018
THREAD: Just discovered an op-ed from 2002 in the @guardian, a FASCINATING* piece about giving the benefit of the doubt to priests who collect child porn! Let's take a close read at some quotes here, shall we?

1. "Adults who use their authority to press children into having sex with them have to be stopped... But there is no evidence that O'Kelly ever did anything of the sort. As far as we know he abused only himself, with the help of his 18,000 images, in the privacy of his own room."
1. Adults who use their authority to press children into having sex with them have to be stopped... and adults who use their dollars to create a demand for an industry in which children are raped for entertainment MUST ALSO BE STOPPED.
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Sep 13, 2018
THREAD: Politically active women and POC are not a silver lining. We are the last line of defense because it became clear in 2016 that our humanity was negotiable.
In fact, it's important to note that a silver lining doesn't defuse a storm cloud. It only comforts the people who are looking at that storm from the outside.
The overwhelming number of chances to resist Trump's agenda is only good news if you don't value the mental health, dignity, and freedom of the people who rise to resist.
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Sep 3, 2018
Such an interesting day at @NewYorker. Some takeaways:
1. You need more diversity on your editorial board if you green-lit this idea in the first place. This was not a subtle gaffe.

2. Good for you for changing your mind. Now you need to change your approach.
3. What happened here was: someone announced their intention to do a terrible thing, everyone was like ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME THAT THING IS TERRIBLE YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US ANYMORE and that person said, "Upon reflection, I have decided that it the thing is terrible. May I sit?"
4. What happened here was NOT "We unequivocally reject Bannon's violent Nazi ideology & refuse to lend him our platform. We made a principled choice to focus on rigorous reporting of the harm done by white supremacy, rather than to focus on humanizing white supremacists."
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Aug 28, 2018
OK so let me check and see if I got the 3-act arc right for Louis CK's career:
Act 1:
1. I worked hard.
2. I got famous.
3. I sexually harassed co-workers.
4. I worked more.
5. I got more famous.
6. I sexually harassed more co-workers.
7. I worked more.
8. I got more famous.
9. I got caught.
Act 2:
1. Wait for it
2. Wait for it
3. Wait for it
4. Wait for it
5. Wait for it
6. Wait for it
7. Wait for it
8. Wait for it
9. Wait for it
10. Wait for it
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Aug 9, 2018
Watch #DocumentingHate #Charlottesville from @frontlinepbs and @ProPublica. Then read this short thread with 3 key takeaways:
1. The press is not the enemy of the people. The press is the enemy of fascist people. Neo-Nazis are mad about free press because journalists have the intellectual stamina and ethical rigor to accurately report on the crimes that these racists committed ON FACEBOOK LIVE.
2a. Would you try to “come to the table” with a child molestor who went from state to state going to public pools? No, you wouldn't. It's easy for us to reject people who hurt kids... less easy for us to reject racists who joyfully beat POC in broad daylight in front of cameras.
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Aug 3, 2018
Trump supporter refuses to engage with others about why they support the president because, "by the tone of your responses, you would be quick to discount my intelligence, knowledge and/or my values and choices."
1. It’s impossible to have a “respectful” conversation about supporting Trump bc his agenda and administration respects nothing but the private financial successes of its own members. Not children’s healthcare. Not long-standing asylum procedures. Not families. Not women.
2. Not gay people’s right to have families. Not trans people’s right to serve their country. Not veterans. Not the environment. Not teachers. Not students who want to live through the school day. Not the press, whose job it is to hold our lawmakers accountable.
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