(1) The extreme accommodations being offered by Grassley & Mitch are the greatest #BlessYourHeart in history.

They know she will NEVER repeat her allegations under oath.

They know the votes next week WILL be 11-10 then 51-49.

They know Kav will NEVER be impeached.

(2) OK I used a little poetic license in Tweet #1. They can't know exactly what the votes will be; there's more than one way to #ConfirmKavanaugh next week. Any judge *could* theoretically be impeached on a new issue, but IMHO Kav is the least likely person ever to commit crime.
(3) I've had it with all the shrieking over this confirmation. No, ongoing Democrat slime ball tactics to undermine Kav once he's on the SCOTUS are not going to succeed. Haven't you learned this by now?

The more they try, the more they show voters who they are. #WalkAway
(4) I have zero concerns about the way Grassley and Mitch are handling this. They're phenomenal. Every aspect of this has been brilliantly managed by them and their teams. The whole RNC is knocking it out of the park rn.

3 great GOP men in SC with POTUS this week:
(5) The time for crying "muh GOPe" is over, as far as I'm concerned. The Democrat McCain is gone. Others have fallen in behind Trump, whether because they see the joy on voters' faces, or they know he will spill the dirt he has on each one of them.

#Results are what matters now
(6) Trump is getting results for America. We're 50 something days out from election day and he's going to be non stop high energy rallying from now till then. On election night he's giving a victory speech.

Has anyone who seriously bet against him in the last 3 years won?
(7) I've seen Grassley and Hatch tweeting about the Kav confirmation just now, after midnight Eastern. That's how seriously they are taking this. They've served 40 years in politics and they've seen everything. They, & Trump & everyone else have gone ALL in for Kav. We will win.
(8) Of course the offer will NOT be met in good faith by the Dimms. Hatch knows that, so if you waste your time telling him, you're not keeping up with the play. The more they show how generous & reasonable they are, THE WORSE THE OTHER SIDE LOOKS. OK?

(9) This press release & quoted materials tell you everything you need to know about where things are at. Whoever drafted these documents is a political, legal and PR genius. Hat tip to them.

(10) Mitch said this today. He's all in for Kavanaugh and he is taking no crap this time.

While people dubiously supportive of Trump are calling Mitch & Grassley "cucks" or somesuch, these men have been fighting with everything they've got.

(11) Mitch McConnell is responsible for ensuring you got tax cuts, Gorsuch, Haspel, Pompeo, and pretty much everything (that was possible) that you could ever wish for out of this two year period.

He's even learned to meme.

I mean c'mon now.
(12) Every time this happens, EVERY TIME, I find out who is really for Trump & who's grandstanding. So have at it. Reveal yourselves... I know you will, you can't resist. Attacking Grassley tonight for giving the Dimms another extension shows me you don't understand any of this.
(13) The same people attacking Grassley have attacked Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, Haley, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Lindsey Graham, Mitch, Elaine Chao, Luther Strange, John Cox, Josh Hawley, and even the greatest VP in history, Mike Pence.

IMHO, you suck.
(14) The @drawandstrike thread linked below is not unrelated to all this.

Current events in Washington are so unprecedented and incredible that I almost feel sorry for those who refuse to accept how hard GOP leaders are working in support of POTUS.

(16) This is important.

While many of you have been talking as if the sky is about to fall on us, Ford's position has crumbled, as most of us predicted it would.

(17) Now the White House/POTUS is focusing in on this development.

See? The more the Democrats keep digging, the easier it is for the GOP to expose them for what they are. THIS is how to immunize the public against false sexual assault claims. #Think

(18) A special shoutout to @ABPatriotWriter for prompting me to find out these dates in response to the unfounded claim that Kav MUST be confirmed by Thursday or else he can't be seated before the midterms. This claim is just more FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt.)

Resist FUD.
(19) Here's my tweet. The committee can vote before any further hearings (as it did for Clarence Thomas). The Senate can vote to confirm, regardless of the committee vote result. There are more than two ways to win there, as well.

(20) I remain completely unconcerned about the vote being *postponed.* It is not cancelled. And, as shown in my tweet #18 above, there is plenty of time for the committee and senate votes to take place. The GOP gave the Dimms enough rope...

(21) The evidence is mounting that allowing the Dimms to drag this out has been good for the GOP.
(22) Unlike a lot of people on Twitter, I issue corrections when I make a mistake. I reconstructed this timeline from newspaper articles and got the swearing in dates wrong. They happened even sooner than I first thought. Here's the corrected tweet:

(23) Never forget. Never surrender.

A silver lining of this debacle is that a whole new generation are learning about both the greatness of Justice Thomas, and the same old tricks the Dimms have always used against Republicans, and America itself.

(24) These two men knew exactly how #ConfirmKavanaugh was going to go, and how it will end up. Just like #ConfirmThomas did.

POTUS chose to tweet this on June 23rd, just days before announcing Kavanaugh's nomination.

#Fighters #Justice #Goodness

(25) There's an old saying I use often.

"Don't be blown about by every wind."

Drudge claims Ronan Farrow will produce a second accuser. My response is "so what?"

I'll believe it when I see it. If it materializes, it will only damage Democrats further. Bring it on, I say!
(26) Trump has been fighting these battles since he came down that escalator over 3 years ago. When you allow Dimms to live rent free in your head, you are wasting time, energy & even your own wellbeing.

If the shenanigans are getting you down, take a step back for a while.
(27) I've now read the New Yorker story on Deborah Ramirez & her allegations.

It's even less believable than Ford's stories.

The more the authors say, the less credible it seems. They'd have been better to write one paragraph. But to them, facts & evidence are irrelevant.
(28) An excellent @ThomasWictor thread on all this. Says it much better than I could.

Resolution is near. So is the investiture of the 114th Associate Justice of the SCOTUS.

(29) My instinct has been to read allegations, make up my mind, then try to ignore the noise & wait patiently for the resolution I fully expect is coming. I had a read of some of the comments from a large group within the MAGA/GOP movement who want the vote held today...
(30) IMO they make a valid point; that the sooner Senate #ConfirmKavanaugh the sooner the sane, silent majority can get on with everything else that is important to the country. I estimate less than 20% of Americans are still pushing these ludicrous 2nd & 3rd accuser stories.
(31) I've read things like "the cold civil war is about to turn hot" & "the next SCOTUS nominee will end up assassinated." I take those concerns seriously, I don't dismiss them out of hand. However. I have more faith in the current Senate GOP than those commenters do. & security
(32) Domestic terrorism is MEANT to make us worry that the lives of our nominees, elected officials & their civilian families are in imminent danger. It's hard to resist that anxiety. All I can say is that the LE agencies that protect them are very, very good. & properly funded.
(33) The great Judge even said today that threatening dear little Liza and Margaret won't dissuade him from serving his country.

He and Ashley considered all this before he agreed to accept the nomination.

Thousands of other officials feel the same way about the USA.
(34) Here's Kavanaugh saying it.

Of course he fervently wants to clear his name.

He also fervently wants to serve the country despite the physical and psychological domestic terrorism of America's enemies. He is like so many who served before, from George Washington on down.
(35) Democrats love seeing GWB at funerals & other events, sneaking candy from Michelle & so on.

I bet they're wishing he hadn't said this about Kav. And of course he knew Kav would be Borked in the worst ways imaginable. He's not dumb & he's NOT a traitor, either.
(36) With McCain (D-AZ) gone, Bush 43 endorsing Kav as a fine man & friend, Grassley holding the line, Mitch staking everything he has on this confirmation, & Flake, Collins & Murkowski increasingly backed into a corner bc of Ds overplaying their hand yet again, I'm not worried.
(37) Mitch's thread about #BrettKavanaugh today. New Mitch is not Old Mitch, thank God! #MAGA

(38) Kav's letter in full. It's so good.

(39) Grassley's letter to Ford, responding to her comments about his actions as Chair.

It's (of course) accurate & appropriate but it's also extremely fair, friendly & reasonable. Which is exactly the Chuck Grassley I know. An interesting read.

(40) The full 20 minute interview that screened at 7pm Eastern. In 2016 I analyzed the Clintons' interview from Jan 1992 & explained how we could tell they were lying. The Kavanaughs are telling the truth. If we'd stopped WJC we wouldn't be here rn.

(41) That interview and this one are as different as night and day. Very instructive about Democrats, and the Clintons in particular. To this day, those two have promoted and upheld the very "rape culture" Democrats claim is in perpetual existence.

(41) After watching the Kavs' interview (linked above):

If I were a defense attorney, BK is the best defendant I could ever wish for.

And for me, Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh are now elevated to equal first place with Mike & Karen Pence in character, integrity & parenting. ❤️
(42) It's so hard for me to express how excellent these four (the Kavanaughs & the Pences) are as role models: academic, intellect, professionalism, character, service, leadership, patriotism, friendship, as parents, hope, love and faith.

Just, wow. Are we blessed or what?
(43) I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn more about the Kavanaughs through this interview, repugnant as the reasons for it are. Brett showed incredible restraint. They both must be absolutely enraged. Ashley is obviously very hurt by what the Ds have done. I found out that
(44) Ashley Estes Kavanaugh served in the Bush 2000 campaign, during his Governorship of Texas, & then as personal secretary to the POTUS from 2001-2004.

Imagine the things she had seen & heard, even then. She's obv. smart, & effective at work.

Now she's one mad Momma bear.
(45) Because about 20% of Americans refuse to accept they lost an election fair & square, this Mom & Dad had to speak to their little kids "obviously only in broad terms" about this fictional garbage. Margaret & Liza will read about it when they're older. They too will be angry.
(46) IDGAF if these lying scumbags come at me for mentioning the Kavanaugh children.

I live in reality. Actions have consequences, and the sane silent majority (80%) of Americans who HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this bullshit are going to remember what was done to these individuals.
(49) The President was asked about Judge Kavanaugh today. Watch his responses here:
(50) "But but muh Grassley is weak!" STFU, morons.

• • •

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(2) Brett M. Kavanaugh will soon be the 102nd Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA. He has earned this highest honor throughout his life, inspired by his trailblazing mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh.

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(3) Sen Grassley is 85 years old. (Democrats have senators around that age, too.)

Today he had to hold onto a Capitol Police officer to reduce the risk of a reporter knocking him over. This has to stop. Senators must return to being able to walk around freely at work.
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(3) FLOTUS left Joint Base Andrews in her trademark high heels and arrived in Ghana wearing practical flats. She still looks sensational, whatever she happens to wear!
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(1) Live tweeting the Senate tonight. @SenateMajLdr has to file cloture by a deadline tonight in order to hold the #ConfirmKavanaugh vote Saturday.

Watch the livestream and videos here:

(2) Cloture in the Senate is a procedural step that you can learn more about at the link below. The senate.gov website is the best resource for learning about Senate procedure and a lot more. Same for house.gov.

(3) Watching live Senate floor proceedings is boring as hell, as they pass bills for naming Post Offices, & so on. But every now & then, they confirm a SCOTUS judge. And this time, they will affirm our great #BillOfRights #DueProcess & the hard-won #RuleOfLaw. Seriously. 🇺🇸🦅
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