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Sonia Gandhi went to Moscow in April 2018. The excuse was ‘Indira Gandhi exhibition’.
The exhibition was by ‘Federal State Archives’. A Russian government Federal institute. Here’s the interesting part...…
Indira Gandhi was PM of India, and the exhibition was by a Federal body of Russia. Despite this, Indian embassy in Moscow or Russian embassy in India kept silent about this. There had to be some protocol about government contact, right?
Indian news papers report Sonia Gandhi’s visit to Russia but they miss one detail. Look at the list of organizers of the event.…
Then I went to the website of Russian Federal State Archives and they report the Indira Gandhi exhibition. If you open it in Chrome, it will translate the page for you.…
The Indira Gandhi exhibition was organized by, among others listed in Indian newspapers, Government of Karnataka. @siddaramaiah provided the cover for Sonia.
This was deliberately engineered to hide from embassy channels and state government was used as a tool.
Where is Sonia Gandhi right now when the air is hot about #Rafale in India, you ask? She’s with her handlers in Russia, of course! She’s apparently attending Eurasian Women’s Forum.…
Sonia Gandhi is sure on the list of ‘speakers’ for the Eurasian Women’s forum but it appears her contribution is significantly overrated by the TOI report.…
In this 40 page document, save your time and see page 26. Sonia Gandhi has single speaking session on a high-school essay grade topic: ‘Positive energy of the youth’.
The KGB may have plans for rest of her schedule.…
So, Sonia Gandhi , who doesn’t travel much due to her health reasons, went to Russia in April, then she and Rahul both went ‘abroad’ (unspecified in all news. Assumed US but not declared) for medical checkup in May, then she’s in Russia again in September.
Interesting bit:
@siddaramaiah helped organize the April Russia trip for Sonia Gandhi but then in May he lost elections and during the Jugaad of Kumaraswamy in May both Sonia and Rahul disappeared ‘abroad’ for a medical check up, delaying formation of Karnataka Govt.
In 2005 Sonia was using Reliance jet to fly to Moscow and meet Putin.…
Despite the fact that Sonia overstepped Manmohan Singh and did ‘diplomacy’ with Putin directly without holding a ministry or an office, she kept all her travels off the books and secret.…
Sonia visited Russia on dubious arrangements once in 2005, twice in 2018 and her travel records during the UPA decade have been a secret.
Earlier, she went to Russia with Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 in a ‘sudden unplanned’ visit breaking the then prime minister’s state visit schedule.
In 2005 Sonia visited Moscow to meet Putin in a Reliance jet, discussing Sukhoi deal when she had no official government ministry.
CIA reported in declassified file that in 1985 when Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi paid unplanned visit to Gorbachev, Members of @INCIndia as well as communist parties of India were on Russian payroll. 40% of Congress Members of Parliament were bought off.…
Before that, Indira Gandhi received regular ‘party funds’ from Russia. In 1973 about 10 Indian media houses were on KGB payroll.
Full report of KGB infiltration into Indira Gandhi Government here. It’s in Telegraph, not in a ‘Sanghi’ news portal, if you had to know.…
Although KGB paid Indira and lots of her MPs, they didn’t quite control Indira, reports suggest. They had to infiltrate deeper.
CIA and KGB knew Sanjay Gandhi won’t be Indira’s political heir somehow.
We know what happened to him.…
and viola! Rajiv, the political heir that KGB had chosen for Indira had somehow already ‘fallen in love’ and married Sonia, the daughter of a KGB asset!! All coincidence, I’m sure!?
This thread ended up in a flashback design but if you put the timeline straight, it becomes apparent how Russia’s infiltration into Indian political system slowly grew from expensive to increasingly controlling from Indira to Sonia Gandhi.

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Sep 22, 2018
I believe @RahulGandhi , being the blathering idiot that he is, has actually lost the advantage @INCIndia has in the #Rafale issue by speaking without thinking. #Thread
So far, #Rafale discussion has been about the cost to the nation. Although even that was all hot air and faff, as a confusion and misinformation tactic it was effective.
Although BJP could well explain the cost figure differences like that fact that the cost Congress keeps talking about was just a bargaining point and never agreed upon in a contract, it’s quite well known BJP has been ineffective in communicating this to the masses clearly.
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Is that 'Thomson Reuters' survey saying India is the worse country for women being discussed in Indian media much? Its a pile of rubbish. Here's how. #Thread
First- the data didn't come out of any of the real parameters. This was completely 'Perception based poll'. Here is the methodology on their own website.
Worse than pseudoscience. #ThomsonReuters
For about a month, they sent questions to 759 'Journalists, Academics, NGO workers, Social commentators' out of which 548 (72%) responded. Even those who responded didn't respond to all the questions. Sampling and bias in sampling make #ThomsonReuters data worse than rubbish.
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Apr 13, 2018
#Kathua twitter activity- how this is social media manipulation and trend management. #Thread
This is the last three months twitter activity of #Kathua hashtag. The crime was discovered and first arrest made on 19th January- so it takes in account the whole timeline. See when the interest peaked?
The Twitter activity started with This tweet according to analysis. The handle belongs to a journalist who works for @ThePrintIndia - which is run by @ShekharGupta #Kathua This was the kindling.
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Apr 13, 2018
I checked the Twitter Trend statistics for #Kathua and found that it peaked interest late on 9th April 2018. The day @RahulGandhi ‘s farce of a fast was ridiculed.
The Kathua case happened in January 2018.
This is the world map of #Kathua tweets on trend analysis. Interesting?
I’m not discrediting or denying your emotions and rage about the #Kathua case. You are right to feel angry, I feel much the same.
But what exactly are you angry about? Who are you letting use your anger?
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The seat of power for the Christianity.
Now let’s see this city in a slightly different light. #Thread
#Rome is a city engineered to display the ruins and destruction of the polytheist Romans and the victory and glory of the Christians.
The stark contrasts are not mere a product of time, they are a statement.
This is the #Pantheon
‘Temple of all Gods’. It predates Christ. The polytheist Romans worshipped Gods of forces of nature here. The central occulus- a hole in the ceiling- is the entry of all forces of nature inside. #Rome
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Yes, India's position in the Global Hunger Index is truly appalling, but let's school Mr. @ShashiTharoor a little bit. Thread.
Position on a list with 119 countries is a variable that's affected by how other countries behaved too. Not India's movements alone.
India's position on hunger index should be assessed against itself, while congratulating other countries for doing better. Let's see...
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