1) It’s Bible study coffee time.

—We will review yesterday’s Torah portion, with special attention to the enemy.

—And we will incorporate a basic prayer lesson from Pastor @KeithBattle:
Worship God.
Surrender to His will.
Have faith.

Sunday, September 23, 2018.
2) For those of you who are following the #KavanaughConfirmationHearing threads, more on that will follow and I appreciate your stamina as we trudge through this challenging but necessary process.
3) Yesterday we read Parshat Ha’azinu, which consists of the entire Chapter 32 in Deuteronomy.
4) The Haftorah (supplemental reading) is Samuel Book II: Chapter 22:1-51.
5) The Bible I use has Hebrew-English translation including translated commentary. You can get it for about $50 at Amazon (or shop wherever you want, I am not promoting them). smile.amazon.com/Chumash-Stone-…
6) In this Torah portion, we watch as Moses delivers his last sermon to the people. It is a “song,” but really a sermon, a promise, a warning and a prophecy combined.
7) As a leader, Moses was unique in that he was completely for the people.
8) Everything Moses did, every breath he took, every thought he thought, was for them.
9) How many times did Moses argue with God. I’m not worthy, he said. Don’t punish them. If you hurt them people will say you have no power, that you failed.
10) Jewish people say: There was no one (no leader) like Moses.
11) He is about to die, and he will not enter the Promised Land, even though he stands on its precipice. For that one time he didn’t obey God’s command exactly.
12) Moses is still all about them.
13) The difference between Abraham and Moses is a difference in framework, in orientation.
14) Abraham was totally focused on God. He smashed the idols: He testified to God’s omnipotence. He brought Isaac to the brink of being a human sacrifice, just because God said so.
15) Moses looked at the people. He had an unprecedented ability to prophesy. But he fundamentally focused on their needs, all the time. His formative experience as a leader: killing the Egyptian who attacked a Jew.
16) Moses’ focus on the people made him the right man to deliver the Law.
17) Without the Law, we have no way to relate to one another in society, except by our individual conscience and whim.
18) Without the Law, we easily go overboard in serving God, or abandon Him altogether.
19) America is a blessed nation, meaning it is blessed by God for its good deeds and its commitment to the Law.

America is sanctified by its God-fearing citizens.
20) The opposite of Law is chaos.
21) Anytime you see someone fomenting chaos, you know they are the opposite of Godly.
22) The purpose of obstructing, delaying, hindering, frustrating and impeding all attempts to confirm Judge #BrettKavanaugh is precisely to create and perpetuate destabilizing chaos.
This is the meaning of the term “resistance.”
23) The real purpose of “resistance” is to make it impossible for our government to function under President Trump’s direction. As such it is sedition in the most obvious sense of the term. It is a “conspiracy to overthrow.” law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18…
24) So Moses speaks to the people about how to conduct themselves in the future, knowing that as they take possession of the Land and become comfortable, they will forget the Lord.
25) It is here that I want to stop and interject Pastor @KeithBattle’s sermon from this morning (95.5 FM in the #DMV). These are practical tips you can use, to cope with the current battle in this Second Civil War, and in other matters.
26) Pastor Battle talked about reorienting our thinking about God, to be more accurate in our perceptions and as a consequence to reduce our stress in life.
27) He was expounding on the Lord’s Prayer.
28) The first part of this wisdom is to dwell on the words “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”
29) We do not realize how great God is.
30) Whatever the problem, God can handle it.
31) If you really stop for a moment to consider God’s infinite strength, love, compassion, patience... His omnipotence...his greatness beyond any human being’s limited ability to describe — well you would never worry for a minute.
32) Stress, says @KeithBattle is when you think your problems are big — you “worship your problems,” they’re what you mention first and think of always — but you fail to see that God’s capacity is far, far greater.
33) God owns Satan.
34) Moses says to the people (Deut. 32:3-5):
— God is perfect.
— His ways are the definition of justice.
— Corruption belong only to man. Man who is “perverse and twisted.”
35) When you see people pushing perversion, just because it’s perverse, that is the opposite of Godly.
36) Pastor @KeithBattle in his sermon this morning talked about submitting to God’s will.
37) It is easy to ask for what you want. It is harder to say: “I accept Your answer.”
38) It is hard to say: “I’ll do what You tell me to do, the way You tell me to do it, because You are God and I serve only You.”
39) Last week @SaRaAshcraft was asking about the Jewish attitude to magick.
40) If you look carefully at the sources, at times the Rabbis of ancient times paid attention to omens. We know they cared about the meaning of dreams.
41) Now you might say, hey Dannielle, I thought you said Jews don’t do witchcraft at all! What about the Bible verse condemning witches to death.
42) The bottom line is, yes witchcraft and sorcery (divination) are forbidden, insofar as they ascribe independent power to any source besides God. We may never follow or mimic practices that smack of such beliefs.
43) But where the ancient Jews were simply using the existing knowledge available in the world, that was not forbidden.

Example: doing someone’s astrology chart is okay. Reading astrology for a prediction of the future is not.
44) Moses tells the people to remember that God is the only source of life and sustenance in this world. Deut. 32:10-12:
—The Jews were alone and in desperate danger
—God picked us up and carried us on His shoulders LIKE AN EAGLE 🦅
—Only God. Only God.
45) Pastor @KeithBattle talks about not wanting to look stupid for submitting to God.

It’s not funny. A lot of religious Jewish people have this issue of not wanting to be made fun of for being and looking observant.

Muslims too. Christians too.
46) Our minds are not always to be trusted. We fear people when people have absolutely zero real power.
47) Moses predicts that the people will abandon God in time.
48) Deut. 32:15: “You became fat, you became thick, you became corpulent...deserted God...contemptuous of the Rock of...salvation.”
49) Hand in hand with abandoning God, predicted Moses, the Jews would submit themselves to “abominations”—specifically, “demons.”
50) The Bible is the Word of God.
51) Deut. 32:16-21. Measure for measure God shows us the results of our deeds: Those who serve the demon world (yes, this is a real thing) will be tormented by those very same demons.

Let’s review this carefully.
52) Keep in mind here the third part of Pastor @KeithBattle’s message for today: Trust God. (He notes: If you trust God, you don’t even have to ask for anything specific — He knows what you need.)
53) Moses told the people that they would get rich, and complacent — and stop trusting in God.

Instead, they would start to worship “non-Gods.”

Yes, the Bible literally says this. Deut. 32:21—“They provoked me with a non-god, angered me with their vanities.”
54) You want to worship a non-god?

Deut. 21: “So shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them.”

Satanic pedophile cannibals.
Not only non-Gods.
They aren’t even human.
55) Where is the Justice? victims often ask.

I mean isn’t that what Dr. Ford is about?

56) I was thinking about this and I continue to believe Dr. Ford was traumatized by an attack at a house party. I don’t believe her husband is just making this up at all. Or that she is pushing abortion pills.
57) I believe however that we don’t have the full accounting of her story. A real investigation would be televised. We would have her going with a documentary TV crew and a good therapist, maybe an expert in trauma recovery, through the physical place it happened.
58) The Nation needs to know the real story here because our God-compass demands it.
59) The issue is not even the original attack. It is, as they say, the coverup (the perception of one).
60) Our God-compass is that part of our soul that, in serving God, demands His will be done on earth.

It is the part of us that sees an abused child and screams on their behalf.
61) This portion of the Torah emphasizes that justice is a little bit like karma, and it is administered not out of hatred but as medicine for our own development on this earth.
62) Don’t become rich and complacent. Don’t worship money. Don’t go to spirit cooking parties with big name celebrities wearing those trademark red cannibal shoes.
63) If you live by demons you will die by them — God says: “I shall hide My face” (Deut. 32:20).

“I shall accumulate evils against them, My arrows shall I use up against them, bloating of famine, battles of flaming demons...the teeth of beasts.” (Verse 24.)
64) When you consider how bad the child sex trafficking industry is in this country alone, how long it’s gone unchecked, how it has been perpetuated by corrupt elements of the state—is it any wonder we are facing God’s wrath?

65) The issue with Dr. Ford is not the past, but the present.

What do we do with the fact that child victims of sexual assault had nowhere to go and even today are victimized a second time?
66) Parity demands that we apply the same standard consistently. If we are going to kick Brett Kavanaugh off the bench for an unproven allegation of an almost-rape 30+ years ago —

What will we do to the elite ACTUAL rapists of much younger children, then and now?
67) Moses prophesies that God will save the Jewish people in the end, if only because their “tormenters” would “misinterpret” abandonment as the victory of the non-gods.

Basically because they are stupid. (“Bereft of counsel” - Verse 28).
68) How does God win?
69) Let me stop here for a second and then I will share the answer.

From the story you will see why.
70) A lot of my Facebook friends are child advocates.
71) To a person they are convinced that Dr. Ford is a real victim, being victimized again, by a bunch of privileged white male Republican bullies....on and on and on.
72) I respect these people for their sincerity and dedication. But the truth is they are totally and completely brainwashed.

The enemy is sophisticated. You can’t blame the victim for the crime.
73) You can try to argue with them on Facebook.

Nobody has ever won an argument on Facebook.
74) King David was a pure soldier of God.
75) The Jewish people believe that David is the progenitor of Messiah.
76) Young David had only a slingshot against the mighty Goliath.

77) David slaughtered him.
Because he did as God commanded him.
And God took command.
78) The supplemental reading to this week’s Torah portion is from Samuel Book II.

David is praising God.
79) Samuel II, Chapter 22, Verse 2. David says:

“God is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer.”
80) We understand that this is many years after Moses’ warning, that the weight of sin has left its mark on the Jewish people, and that David represents a pure heart and repentance.
81) Verse 5:

“For the pains of death encircled me, and torrents of godless men would frighten me. The pains of the grave surrounded me, the snares of death confronted me.”
82) Verse 7:

“In my distress I would call upon HaShem (“the name,” aka God)...from His abode He would hear my voice”

In other words, when we cry out to God in true faith and repentance, God “unhides” Himself - a hiding which was done as a punishment.
83) Verse 9:

“Smoke rose up in His nostrils, a devouring fire from His mouth, flaming coals burst forth from Him.”
84) Verses 14-15

“And HaShem thundered in the heavens....He sent forth His arrows and scattered them, lightning and he frenzied them.”

85) 11 Sep 2018 - 7:33:17 PM
“Rats running.
Timing is everything.
Enjoy the show.

86) Regarding the Universal Law of karma, the Jewish people say “midah keneged midah” - “measure for measure.”

God repays a man in kind.
87) Ari Fuld (RIP), murdered by a teenage terrorist, is mourned by Jew and Arab alike.

In his life he was a proud Jewish settler, an activist. Despite any political disagreements, he is universally remembered as “Ari HaGibor” - Ari the strong. A lion.

88) A good man or woman is remembered for their goodness after their death.

A wicked one is remembered with scorn, hatred and anger.

That is karma.
89) David, the forefather of the Messiah, applies the measure of “midah keneged midah” to the enemy.

And this is what I want to leave you with today.
90) The Torah portion says the fallen man’s stock in trade is “reversals.”

Deut. 32:20: “For they are a generation of reversals, children whose upbringing is not in them.”
91) @SaRaAshcraft has described very explicitly how “reversals” were used to indoctrinate her into an intergenerational child trafficking cult.

Like a gang rape after which they blew the holy shofar to signify the initiation rite was over.
92) You can see the concept of “reversal” in the sick appropriation and exploitation of basic human decency by the Left, eg holding out Dr. Ford as a human sacrifice and then (Valerie Jarrett) saying that we are “bullying” her.
93) How do you handle venomous, lying, poison snakes who lie, distort, exploit and demean the word “truth” at every turn?
94) King David says: (Samuel Book II, Chapter 22, Verse 27):

“With the pure You act purely, WITH THE CROOKED YOU ACT PERVERSELY.”
95) I promise you, when it happens...
96) They will never see it coming.
And God is going to shatter their plans.
98) Have a good rest of the day everyone.

99) End

• • •

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