This is the crap that pisses me off. The FBIAA has screwed so many agents over and they need to put out a statement that they are opposed to the behavior being alleged against a small group. Instead, they act like an extension of the corrupt “leadership”.
Here’s what has been told to me by numerous retired & former @FBI employees: The FBIAA contracts with a law firm in DC for legal representation of agents. What is not told is the FBIAA only pays part of the legal fees, the FBI pays the balance. Conflict of interest?
I for one wish I knew this 6-7 years ago. Actually, 20 years ago. I would have stayed with the @GLFOP chapter I had been in from my prior law enforcement. I would have put the dues I paid to the FBIAA to my FOP chapter. Many of those members are pissed at what was done to me.
They had worked with me and still support me. Unlike the FBIAA who was nowhere to be found when I was going through hell. I would not have taken an attorney partially paid for by the very people who were screwing me over.
I probably would have been putting my retirement papers in right now! I probably wouldn’t have lost everything I worked for. There are agents who have “eaten their gun” because they had no support. They were ostracized & alone. @GLFOP never lets you be alone.
The FOP chapter I belonged to retained an attorney for me when I was sexually harassed by one of my first supervisors. I haven’t put this out because it was so long ago. That SSA basically kidnapped me for over 3 hours. He had told me he took all his new agents to lunch.
Having been in law enforcement and had many meals with my superiors throughout the years I didn’t find it odd. What I did find odd is his comments that we’d make a nice interracial couple. And it continued on from there. He was driving, I was stuck.
He then said he needed to stop at a few apartments because he had not found a place to live. I think we visited around 3 complexes. Each time he referred to me as his girlfriend to leasing agents. I corrected him & took the cards of each leasing agent.
Finally, after around 3 hours, the Jersey chick in me told him this little lunch thing needed to end. I told him I was not his girlfriend nor did I want to be. I told him this was totally inappropriate and I needed to get work done at the office.
He got all sorts of ass burnt. Then he proceeded to go through the Arby’s drive through & told me I had to pay for myself. Classy huh? I had very little cash on me so I opted for a soda. The ride back to the office felt like it took forever.
You’d think the dude would have listened to me. How I told him him & I in any personal relationship made me nauseous. Nope! Walking into the office one day, as I parked in a lot a small distance from the office, I heard someone yell “Giiirrlllfrrrieeend!” Yup it was him.
There I am, in a public building which the Newark FBI leased floors in, having some douche bag call me girlfriend. Mortified. I ignored him & went to the elevator & he followed. Luckily there were other employees on the elevator.
I, again, had to explain to him to not call me girlfriend or anything similar. Told him it would be a cold day in hell before that thought would even cross my mind and it would be denied anyway.
I had told my prior SSA, a female, about what happened as well as two task force officers on my squad. I also notified the president of my FOP chapter, who said if anything further is said/done, he’d have an attorney retained for me.
A month later, I was sitting at my desk, when someone walked up and said “Robyn?” Unfortunately my back was to the door & I had thought it was the douche again so I said “yeah what now”. I turned around to find the Special Agent in Charge aka head of my Division standing there.
Shocked, I apologized & he laughed it off saying he thought he knew who I thought it was. He asked me to come up to his office. He explained OPR had received a complaint in which I was the victim. The SAC then told me I had to go to DC to be interviewed & give a statement.
I can’t remember if it was the next day or another day later, I was summoned to OPR. By this time, my FOP chapter had retained an attorney who specialized in discrimination & harassment cases. He told me not to sign anything before he approved it.
The night before I was to go to DC, I received a call from that SSA. He was calling me all sorts of names, and said he was going to come to my apartment. I immediately had the SAC paged to call me. When he called, I told him I was making sure I had plenty of ammo in my MP5.
The SAC said he would handle the SSA but asked if I could stay somewhere else for the night for safety reasons. This SAC, btw, was awesome throughout this. I decided to leave from Philly & stay at my parent’s house. I was thinking, what did I get myself into? I loved my prior job
Note I had only been in the Newark office for about 4-5 months, in the @FBI for not even a year. So my former employer, for NJ civil service reasons, had to hold my job for a year.
The next day I went to OPR, got interviewed, & the SSA interviewing me told me she would write up my statement. Perplexed but hungry I went to lunch. When I got back to OPR, a statement was typed up for my signature. I reviewed the statement and it was obscenely incorrect.
Remembering what my attorney said, I told the SSA my attorney needed to see everything prior to my signature. You would have thought I kicked this chick’s cat. Off a bridge. Into a flaming volcano. After she calmed down, she got permission for me to show to my attorney.
Here’s the catch. When you go to OPR as a witness, victim or subject, you don’t write your own statement. They write it from their interview of you. How’s that for due process etc? I told the SSA the statement was extremely flawed & did not reflect what actually happened.
She began to fight with me that I needed to sign it. I told her nope! Being prior law enforcement & knowing I had a job if I was pushed out of the @FBI I demanded to write my own statement. That was denied. Yup they said nope to the victim writing her own statement.
So the SSA & I came to a negotiated agreement that there were certain points that had to be in my statement & there were points in the drafted bogus statement which had to come out. I was told to go enjoy FBIHQ for a little bit & she’d have the statement written up.
I walked aimlessly through FBIHQ. When I returned to OPR, a new statement, which was almost the same as the first statement, ready for my signature. By this time I was F’ing fed up. After advising my attorney, paid for by the FOP, not the FBI, I told the SSA I was not signing it
It was like I had gone out on the street with her cat covered in volcanic magma & threw it in front of traffic. Then lit it on fire. Omg! Knowing I was getting nowhere, I told her I needed to call my SAC to let him know about the statement issue... I wasn’t going to call him...
At this moment, this SSA led me to a computer so I could type up my own statement, almost 6-7 hours after I arrived. You see, OPR was not looking to punish the offender. They were looking to fire a probationary Agent because of a complaint someone else filed.
They must have already started their negotiations with the attorney representing my NK SSA, paid for partly by the @FBI They didn’t want the truth; The Truth Can Be Adjusted.
I typed up my statement, attorney reviewed it, I signed it & I went back to my hotel. I got a call from another SSA that night that I would be reporting to him on a newly established second terrorism squad. I would no longer report to douche bag.
Several months later, my now SSA said he was going to lunch with some people on the squad and asked if I’d like to join them. Sarcastically, I said I fell for that before. But then he said Fuddruckers & I was in the car waiting. He told me he needed to get me out of the building
My prior SSA was being notified he was being suspended without pay for 30 days for misuse of an FBI vehicle... and he was not taking it well. So bad SWAT members were monitoring the situation. Ok, misuse of an FBI car? How about kidnapping, sexual harassment and retaliation?
How about misuse of an agent? Lack of candor? Disruptive behavior while on duty? Nope, the bitch was getting off on all that & freaking out over the 30 days. He should have been terminated. Instead, after those 30 days, he returned trying to get me on time fraud and other crap.
My office was on the same floor as his. I was told not to go to his side of the floor... The photocopier was on his side. He was free to walk around on the entire floor & snicker derogatory comments at me. Finally, my new SSA confronted him.
He had to also be confronted by the other SSA because he decided to go through his squad area to continue to harass me. By this time I was kicking ass, taking names on my cases. I was not afraid of the idiot anymore.
I went to my SSA & told him I was filing an OPR retaliation complaint against the douche. My SSA gave me his support. A few months later, FBIHQ Inspection came to NK. During my interview, I asked the Inspector if he could check on the status of my complaint of retaliation to OPR
You see, the good SAC retired. We now had an SAC friendly with the douche... The Inspector let me know that there was no retaliation complaint on file with OPR!!! The Inspector asked me to write up the complaint again, stating it had been filed months ago but never went to OPR
The Inspector gave me his word that he would deliver it to OPR. Which he did. I remained friends with this Inspector & his wife, who I ended up working with as well. The Inspector said he had such respect for me being so strong. I guess it was the Jersey in me.
The douche SSA ended up being assigned to another squad outside of the building. He was the subject of another OPR for having porn on his work computer and misc sexual harassment instances.
I also found out in his prior FBI Division, he would go to a bar, follow women out, get their license plate number, call it into the switchboard, and then make a visit as the local hero FBI Agent. The switchboard caught on and reported him. No disciplinary action was taken.
No disciplinary action was taken for the porn on his computer & misc instances of harassment. A few months later, he posted for a GS-15 job at FBIHQ & got it, a promotion! He ended up in a west coast division & retired. Btw, no FBIAA person gave me any advice during this ordeal
None. Only my FOP chapter was there for me. I should have never stopped my FOP participation but we got strong armed into just belonging to the FBIAA. Useless as $&*% on a bull. #ReinstateRobynGritz

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
@emrata Hmmm While I felt that the letter should have been turned immediately over to law enforcement when received & I believe Kavanaugh to be innocent, I definitely know the words of fragile or emotional being flung at a women is common practice, at least in my case.
@emrata I was an @FBI agent for 16 years. I worked the worst terrorism cases 1997-2013. I had innovative operations & stopped more terrorist attacks than the average FBI agent can say. Because I was good at my job. However, in 2012, I worked for two male chauvinist pigs.
@emrata @FBI The boss, who stated I was too fragile after my divorce & remarked I was emotional. Further, he said I held myself & others to extremely high standards. He meant that as a negative. I guess he hated a strong woman kicking ass while he shoved french fries in his fat mouth.
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Oct 8, 2018
A little explanation of an @FBI background investigation: The person under investigation is usually going to be having extensive access to very sensitive and possibly classified information. The MSM is playing it like the background investigation is a minor thing. It’s not.
It is a thorough investigation that goes back a few decades. In light of the recent issues with the Bu, I doubt Wray would let anyone dictate what amount of time was sufficient. The time was most likely discussed before it was announced.
I know if it was my squad, as an FBI SSA, I would have already been pulling the files and reviewed them for how thoroughly they were done and had any questions been ignored or not followed to a logical conclusion.
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Oct 5, 2018
This is huge. The McCabe memos, if typed on a computer, should also have the full metadata info with them. The Woods file is where each & every “fact” in the FISA application is justified with a document. No skimping! I had one of these done on a 5 yr wire. Each application!
Every application must have this. Renewals included. On an USPER, it was every 90 days when I had a “Woods Review” & a “minimization review”. DOJ came to Newark with around 3 attorneys. When I brought an actual shopping cart with just the 1st year, another 5 showed up from DOJ
What is hysterical is my OGC attorney to defend anything was none other than @FBI OPR AD Candice Will. We got along great! She heard about the obnoxious hours I worked. She saw my work ethic. She must have amnesia because she went after me with venomous letters. @mgdick7
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Oct 1, 2018
Just reading the messages people have sent me on Go Fund Me! is so helpful. I am stressing over trying to get a law firm/lawyer to take my very complicated case is tough! If I have to file this Pro Se and go to law school while waiting for the process, I just may do it!
I’m not supposed to stress or I could end up in the hospital like before. My primary care doctor said in his 31 years of practice, he has never seen anyone survive 4.1 hemoglobin. My last test has me at 11.2!!! I’m not sure but I think this falls into the normal range for women!
I wasn’t amused by getting the notification that EEOC OFO ruled in favor of the FBI on pure lies! Goes to show you who is running the government deep state!
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Sep 30, 2018
Note this is a 2017 case. If you are a federal employee, you can count on filing in 2012 & getting an EEOC OFO ruling in late 2018, citing actions not taken by me but proof the actions were taken in case file aka didn’t read the case but ruled against me!…
Yup, look at the motion for discovery filed in 2014 Your Honour! It specifically requests an UNREDACTED ROI. Why in the hell should that be necessary to have in my case. That should have been given to me in the original ROI.
You see, the @FBI redacted so much of the Report of Investigation, My Attorney & I had to guess what the accepted issues were. @fbi @TheJusticeDept over-classify Information they don’t want you to see, with no regard of guidelines for classification.
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